Heartfire (2022)

Heartfire Best Download || [Kate A. Boorman] - Heartfire, Heartfire This richly imagined alternate history will appeal to fans of Delirium Wither and The Forest of Hands and Teeth Emmeline and Matisa have arrived at the land of Matisa s people but the Dominion s tr Heartfire Best Download || [Kate A. Boorman] - Heartfire, Heartfire This richly imagined alternate history will appeal to fans of Delirium Wither and The Forest of Hands and Teeth Emmeline and Matisa have arrived at the land of Matisa s people but the Dominion s tr
  • Title: Heartfire
  • Author: Kate A. Boorman
  • ISBN: 9781419721243
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
Heartfire Best Download || [Kate A. Boorman], Heartfire, Kate A. Boorman, Heartfire This richly imagined alternate history will appeal to fans of Delirium Wither and The Forest of Hands and Teeth Emmeline and Matisa have arrived at the land of Matisa s people but the Dominion s troops are moving in Matisa s people have prepared for battle but the Dominion s weapons are brutal To secure their survival they will need something so important the DominiThis richly imagi

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  • Heartfire Best Download || [Kate A. Boorman]
    445 Kate A. Boorman

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  1. 3.5 StarsWhat a beautifully written book, Boorman certainly has a lyrical way with words This book was the perfect ending to the Winterkill trilogy, and I m a little sad to see it all go Whilst I didn t enjoy this one as much as Darkthaw the first 100 pages were a little slow the second half of the book was really riveting and highly intense, and overall I am happy with the ending.

  2. T et d l trilogie p inesl i docela ak n zvraty d je Bylo docela t k se od ten odtrhnout Konec trilogie de facto z stal otev en a nechal na ten ov fantasii, kter m sm rem se bude ub rat.

  3. This series for me was definitely a victim of the time taken between the books I just was not connected to the series in the way that I would have been had I been able to read the series closer together.I also found this particular installment very slow to get going.I will say that my favourite part about the series overall is by far Em s character development.

  4. Strong ending for the trilogy The last half of the book whipped by Emmeline is a great character, capable and strong yet emotionally vulnerable I love how she learned to ride a horse this book which made for a great cover Quibble The initial chase scene felt like a bit of a cheat.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could have loved this final book But sadly, I did not I even liked it less than book one and two Which is why I have to give this one a one star Ugh So disappointed And so sad too I had such high hopes for this trilogy I really thought I would love them all Instead I disliked every one of them Sniffs.I don t even know where to start It is not that I hated this book like crazy Because I didn t I simply felt nothing And that isn t a good thing I grew to dislike the writing a whole [...]

  6. 2 stars for most of the book but 3 stars for the ending celebrating solidarity in diversity.I found most of the book quite boring and the protagonist increasingly annoying This is a shame as I really enjoyed the protagonist s story in the first book I think the problem was that she didn t grow and change and she behaved badly with a lot of contrived conflict with her boyfriend, Kane, that was fairly idiotic There were reasons for her to be whiny in the first book she was living in a controlled e [...]

  7. It s been a long time since I read a series that was as consistently good all the way through like this series has been The books before have been a strong offering and Heartfire was no different Boorman does a good job of seeding things from the previous books into this one and it really makes a cohesive finale All of the characters are great I could have used Em and Kane moments, though and even though there s a journey aspect to the story like the previous book, interesting stuff is happeni [...]

  8. Una muy entretenida trilog a que nos presenta a Em una chica que vive en un asentamiento aislado pero con sue os de ver m s all sus sue os, sus viajes y las aventuras que la llevan a conocer nuevas personas y luchar por sobrevivir y llevar a su gente lo mejor Una historia muy recomendable, me gusto mucho.

  9. What an awesome book You never know whats gonna happen Wow, extremely happy that I read this book series 5 stars all the way.

  10. Pacing was a little stop and go but all and all an above average final book in a trilogy I enjoyed, with a very satisfying ending 3

  11. I felt that this final instalment of the series was very similar to Darkthaw It carried the same tone which was still unlike that of Winterkill and with that came the same kind of problems.The opening of the novel was probably the strongest part I liked seeing osanaskisiwak culture at long last and reading about Em s gradual realisation with regards to how the cure for the Bleed work However, the novel quickly lost steam once the party resumed their journey.Everything in the novel just felt so r [...]

  12. I just finished this book tonight and quite enjoyed it It is book 3 in the Winterkill Trilogy by Kate Boorman I found it to be a solid and satisfying conclusion If you enjoy dystopian YA, you might enjoy this trilogy very much it reads very Canadian and is inspired by narratives of the settlement of the North American West It is quite unique.

  13. This is the conclusion to the Winterkill books and I liked it as much as the other books I thought the book ended the trilogy well and story was so good I d definately read books by this author

  14. Absolutely loved it all the way through I ve thoroughly enjoyed this whole series the idea behind it is really interesting and unique not your typical dystopian Really, really loved it.

  15. i loved the setting the way everyone was thinking the battles it was a really good ending to the triliogy

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