Fade Out, smile (2022)

Fade Out, smile Best Download || [Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens] - Fade Out, smile, Fade Out smile Dark quirky and in your face Fade Out smile is an undeniable force Confessional poetry at its core knows no limits and always takes names This collection also explores visiting the other side of Fade Out, smile Best Download || [Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens] - Fade Out, smile, Fade Out smile Dark quirky and in your face Fade Out smile is an undeniable force Confessional poetry at its core knows no limits and always takes names This collection also explores visiting the other side of
  • Title: Fade Out, smile
  • Author: Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
  • ISBN: 9780976947684
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
Fade Out, smile
Fade Out, smile Best Download || [Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens], Fade Out, smile, Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens, Fade Out smile Dark quirky and in your face Fade Out smile is an undeniable force Confessional poetry at its core knows no limits and always takes names This collection also explores visiting the other side of the mirror into a reality of infinite possibilities to which one will never be the same

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  • Fade Out, smile Best Download || [Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens]
    478 Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
Fade Out, smile

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  1. I ve read this short poetry book twice now as it demands that time is spent with it and is not hastily digested and I m still struggling to know how to review it because it feels like any subjective interpretation I put upon it won t do justice to the meaning and context of the poems themselves So don t pay too much attention to my own thoughts just read this book and get to know the poet for yourself.What I can tell you is that this is a damn good collection I resonated a lot with some of the t [...]

  2. I received this book for free through LibraryThing s Member Giveaways.This was an interesting collection of poetry It was incredibly raw and unapologetic If you re looking for poetry that is a little different, quirky, and dark, I recommend this book.

  3. Beautiful and dark are woven together so well in this little book I savored and related to nearly every word.

  4. Being a Book Reviewer can get its toil and for me it has become my 2nd second career after that of being an author Occasionally I relish the opportunity to read review something which doesn t have any storyline which I need to be concerned about, or how helpful those self help books actually are One genre which I find useful in fulfilling my needs is poetry however poetry can get quite involved and at times rather complicated.I not only received Ms Kiser s today through a giveaway she held in Go [...]

  5. Won this Through First Read.This book is a collection of dark, weird and extremely quirky poems Casey s in your face writing style really draws you in, leaving you wanting I was sad to come to the end of this book.FADE OUT, smile was a quick read The 32 poems are roughly a page each in length The length and speed of the poems does not take away from the creativity on display In fact it may even enhance the emotional pull that this collection of poems has on the reader.Casey s writing is simple [...]

  6. I must say that I love this collection of intriguing poetry Kiser s blunt honesty and beautiful darkness within the poetic language is a treat for one s mind If your imagination tends to journey into the dark shadows that play upon the world, then this is the read for you The work is a haunting loveliness, macabre thoughts and witty dark humor We are invited into a wonderfully black imagination and its one he ll of a journey My favorites are Lay me Down , a striking confession that many may rela [...]

  7. I loved this book of poetry that to me is about the pain, disappointment, resentment and real or imagined failures that can hit us like a ton of bricks at certain times in our lives These emotions have all been translated in a beautifully dark manner here by poet Casey Renee Kiser.Some of my favourites were He Said I Do , The Breakdown, Gold Star, Grounded and The Parlor Recommended to all that like a dose of raw, uninhibited emotion.

  8. Poetry is a very personal form of writing where the author really bares their soul As such, I always find it difficult to review a book of poetry Much like music, how much you like the piece can depend upon your mood at the time.This is a book of confessional poetry , which I found to be very dark and at times difficult to read and digest There are lots of demons to be faced and internal struggles to overcome, which are not pleasant, and if one is not in right mood these poems will not resonate [...]

  9. A great collection of poetry throughout the book The author has a tone set to dark, reality, focus, truth, inside out, life, and whole lot A great read A must read for any and all book lovers everywhere.

  10. I was given this for free from LibraryThing for an honest review This is a collection of darker themed poetry that I enjoyed except for the cuss words that seemed to stop the poetic feel Cuss words are just not poetic to me, and when I read them in the poetry I felt like I had hit a brick wall The cuss words just stopped the flow of the poetry I know that poetry reflects life and life is not always pretty, but the cuss words robbed from the poems, making them feel stunted I did enjoy the actual [...]

  11. I received a copy of this book through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.This is the fifth book of poems I have read by Kiser I love her work and her unique way of depicting life These poems contain the same dark imagery and powerful emotions as Kiser s previous books This collection contains 32 poems, all about a page long, making it a quick read, but still one that makes the reader feel the emotions behind each piece The language is simple and easy to understand, yet creative and i [...]

  12. Fade Out, SmileKasey Renee KaiserWhat is poetry Words Whence cometh the words Synapse Electrical impulses brought on by stimulus light, emotion, interactions, life Synapse leads to desire To some, a desire to write Poetry Kasey writes who she is, what she sees, what she feels Kasey doesn t waste words, emotions, or time and space Read it once and smile or grimace or laugh or put it down and come back to it another time Sooner or later, you will begin to understand how her words relate to her syn [...]

  13. I honestly thought this book was a children s book til i realized by reading it, that it is a collection of adult poems All i was thinking was that these poems are weird but weird thing is it held my attention and end up having a good laugh My favorite poems is hooker 76 and mini skirt daze I will be looking forward to reading poems from this author.I recieved this book in exchange for a honest review.

  14. These poems aren t something you can just taste you have to swallow and digest them Casey Renee Kiser knows how to express emotion in her words I will say that I didn t understand every poem, but a few of them really made my soul quiver Her poetry style is blunt and sometimes harsh, which complements the dark themes All around, I enjoyed it Definitely worth reading.

  15. Hooker 76 all day, every day.These poems are gritty but here s the thing they are not without hope.These poems scream at the sky but they smile all the while likely to keep from crying.These poems scratch your face, drawing blood yet you find the blood tastes like cotton candy when it reaches your tongue.I like it.

  16. This is some powerful poetry, heavy on the feelings I see sorrow, anger and I especially enjoyed So, Goodnight Ladybugs Recurring and Miniskirt Daze While I couldn t relate to all of the poems, I appreciate what it must have taken to write this collection I received this in a giveaway.

  17. What a dark set of poems these are and I loved them.I like to go to both dark and light places and this was a short visit to the not so peppy side of life.We all have both within us and kudos to this author for expressing her feelings for everyone else to read and possibly relate to or learn from.

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