Elise (2021)

Elise Best Read || [Ken Grimwood] - Elise, Elise Elise is a sweeping cinematically paced suspense story that follows its heroine through the passions and terrors of mankind s most elusive dream physical immortality Elise Travers is a beautiful and Elise Best Read || [Ken Grimwood] - Elise, Elise Elise is a sweeping cinematically paced suspense story that follows its heroine through the passions and terrors of mankind s most elusive dream physical immortality Elise Travers is a beautiful and
  • Title: Elise
  • Author: Ken Grimwood
  • ISBN: 9780385136310
  • Page: 317
  • Format: hardcover
Elise Best Read || [Ken Grimwood], Elise, Ken Grimwood, Elise Elise is a sweeping cinematically paced suspense story that follows its heroine through the passions and terrors of mankind s most elusive dream physical immortality Elise Travers is a beautiful and sophisticated Boston hostess whose husband Patrick is a wealthy young entrepreneur but this widely envied couple is bound by one dark secret their knowledge that unlessElise is a sweeping c

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  • Elise Best Read || [Ken Grimwood]
    317 Ken Grimwood

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  1. I was originally introduced to Ken Grimwood through Replay, which is just a fantastic book, one of my favorites of all time Elise is an earlier work, exploring a lot of the same themes that he perfected in Replay immortality, time passing, loss and the human condition While I didn t love Elise as much as Replay, I still enjoyed it very much It was a fascinating journey through time and history that begins with Elise s birth in 1683 and continues on to modern times I think it will probably resona [...]

  2. I heard about this book many years ago after looking up information about the author s other book Replay The book is out of print so it is very difficult to get a copy and the ones available online are very expensive After many years of looking for a copy I was able to get one through a library I have to say that I expected a lot from a book with such an interesting topic The book is rather short and sometimes the dialogue feels a bit too stiff Overall it was an interesting book but I feel like [...]

  3. Zaman ark , babas n birka g nde ld ren t bbi bir muamma nedeniyle l ms z olan Elise isminde bir kad nla ilgili Kitab n ba nda Elise 300 k sur ya nda, hastalanmad , lmedi i gibi ya lanm yor da, hep gen , hep sa l kl Bir yandan ge mi e, Elise in upuzun hayat na, sevgililerine d n lerle ge en kitap, bir yandan da g n m zde daha do rusu roman n yaz ld d nem olan 70 lerin sonunda Elise in bu durumuna bir are aramas n anlat yor Elise Zaman ark nadir bulunuyor, koleksiyonculara zel fiyatlara sat l yord [...]

  4. Ken Grimwood un t m kitaplar gibi harika bir kitapt Zaten bir fenomen yazardan b yle bir kitap beklenirdi.Ya asayd e er sormak isterdim bu s rad kurgular nas l yap yorsunuz diye, Ken in kitaplar ndaki kurgular Ken in do a st bir kabiliyete sahip oldu unun kan t d r ayr ca Elise in l ms zl n kocas n n anlamas b l m bir harikayd ayr ca Fakat yazar n Silba tan her zaman ilk s rada

  5. Great premise, so so execution This book should have been at least twice as long as it actually was a measly 256 pages There was just so much to this story that was just glossed over The woman lived 300 years, for goodness sake, and I don t think we even heard about anything that happened between 1815 and 1980 Ken Grimwood definitely became a better writer between 1979 when Elise was published and 1986 when his masterpiece Replay came out.

  6. Ba ndan sonuna kadar elimden b rakamad m, beni en ba ndan i ine ekip alan bir kitap oldu Kitap boyunca kendimi Elise nin yerine koymadan edemedim.

  7. Zaman ark , g zel bir kitapt zg n bir konusu, yal n bir anlat m vard , pek heyecanland rmad beni, s r klemedi de ama s k c da de ildi ve normal bir tempoda okunup bitirilebilecek bir kitapt Konusu ge mi ve g n m z eklinde ilerliyordu Ge mi te Christine Fran osie, Kral n sad k hizmetk rlar Henri ve Diane n n ocu udur Babas n n daha do madan lmesi, annesinden de mecbur ayr b rak lmas sebebiyle, Kral n, yeni e inin himayesinde, yat l okullarda yeti tikten sonra Rus el isi, Ekselans Dimitri ile evle [...]

  8. ok be endim ve bana l ms z A k Age of Adaline filmini an msatt Filmin senaryosuna ilham vermi olmal.

  9. Elise, when compared to Replay and Breakthrough, is a weak book The premise of the book and the main theme immortality is vastly interesting but the execution of the story is poor Elise was a huge disappointment for me because I really enjoyed Grimwood s other two novels However, it is still a nice book to enjoy on lunch breaks or before going to bed, and it shows the foundation of the author s common themes, motifs and also his style of storytelling.

  10. Sil Ba tan ve Kaybolu dan sonra inan lmaz k t bir kitap 6 y s rf yazar y z nden verdim Yoksa 4 falan zor al r lk 2 kitab be enip de bu da g zeldir kesin mant yla yakla acaklar uzak dursun Kitap ba l yor ve bombo bitiyor Ne olay rg s var adam ak ll , ne adam ak ll bir olay var ne de ba ka bir ey Bo

  11. I really enjoyed this book One of the few times I would have said I wish he had made this a lot longer I felt attached to a lot of the characters and would have loved to read about them, even if it wasnt directly tied to the plot line The story flipped back and forth in time and modern day was 1980, which I found wonderfully entertaining.

  12. Another gem from the late Ken Grimwood Across 300 years, a woman who cannot age or die deals with an endless sequence of love and loss The writing is beautiful, the history is fascinating, and the main character is strong, sympathetic and memorable Despite being than 30 years old, this novel comfortably stands the test time A hard title to find a copy of, but worth the effort.

  13. Ken Grimwood is a good writer There is no doubt about that However this particular book did not match my expectations It was probably because of the fact that the story had not progressed at all It was like reading a historical novel knowing and guessing the end.

  14. This is the third book of Ken that i read I think he was obsessed with time, being immortal and reincarnetion But, he was absolutely a good writer.

  15. I am disappointed end of the book is very classic I expected very interestingfinal But is really simple Actually i don t like so much Normally i like Ken Grimwood s book but not this time.

  16. man yaln zca saatin iki vuru u aras nda duruyor gibiydi te bir tek o anlardaula aca n umdu u l ms zl e yakla m gibi hissediyordu kendini

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