Goldeline (2022)

↠ Goldeline ✓ Jimmy Cajoleas - Goldeline, Goldeline In the wild free woods of the Hinterlands where magic is as real as stories are there lives a girl named Goldeline Goldeline has hair as white as summer snow and gold flecked eyes and she travels ↠ Goldeline ✓ Jimmy Cajoleas - Goldeline, Goldeline In the wild free woods of the Hinterlands where magic is as real as stories are there lives a girl named Goldeline Goldeline has hair as white as summer snow and gold flecked eyes and she travels
  • Title: Goldeline
  • Author: Jimmy Cajoleas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
↠ Goldeline ✓ Jimmy Cajoleas, Goldeline, Jimmy Cajoleas, Goldeline In the wild free woods of the Hinterlands where magic is as real as stories are there lives a girl named Goldeline Goldeline has hair as white as summer snow and gold flecked eyes and she travels from camp to camp with Gruff and his bandits getting by on the things they steal from carriages that pass through the woods But someone is after Goldeline The Preacher theIn the wild free

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  • ↠ Goldeline ✓ Jimmy Cajoleas
    439 Jimmy Cajoleas

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  1. So, SO good, one of the better middle grade novels I read this year, and then a very messy final chapter lowkey ruined it It ain t salvation if it means I have to belong to you This is a story about prejudice and exclusion, all disguised as a middle grade magical realism novel It s all metaphorical but it will be perfectly easy for children to consume There s an interesting thread here about how religion can be a cover for hate, complete with a preacher and a discriminated against pair of dads I [...]

  2. This is an odd book really of a dark fairy tale for adults than a middle grade book It strikes me as a cross between Neil Gaiman s The Ocean at the End of the Lane and the movie Night of the Hunter The prose is eerie and bewitching, and I enjoyed it, but I have a hard time imagining the child I would recommend this book to.

  3. Goldeline has found a rag tag family with Gruff and his bandits They live in the forest and steal food and supplies from travelers However, life wasn t always like that She used to live with her mom until a town lead by the Preacher attacked them for witchcraft Goldeline managed to get away, but the Preacher is coming for her, and in order to save herself and her new friends, she will have to channel everything she learned from her beloved mother.GOLDELINE is an unexpected, dark, magical read th [...]

  4. Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review, This doesn t in any way influence my opinion on it.Goldeline by Jimmy Cajoleas is a pleasant surprise I wasn t expecting This is the first book I m reading from this author and I m hooked From the beginning, it s very clear it s going to be an epic amazing story It s now definitely one of my favorite middle grade books Goldeline is a character that captured my interest from the very beginning She lives with some bandi [...]

  5. This review can also be found on my blog I m not typically into Middle Grade books, but this was an exception for me I don t remember what drew me to this title, I believe I saw a review somewhere, but it could have just been featured on a TBR post I picked it up not really knowing what to expect, but finding myself pleasantly surprised with what I found.Goldeline is a quick read that s easy to power through, but contains a lot of heavy content I was really surprised to see the age range was 10 [...]

  6. I would have liked this a bit better if not for the use of deformity as a signal to evil or unkind character That s a tired and hurtful trope that needs to end.

  7. Did not meet the needs of my collection at this time Medieval ish fairy tale fantasy sort of book Fine if you need that for your library.

  8. This book enthralled me Goldeline and her bandit friends filled the pages with an other worldy, magical kind of charm The Southern characters and their vernacular could only come from the mind of an author with deep southern roots Excellent story can t wait for the next one

  9. I received this ARC as part of Miss Print s ARC Adoption Program This book was a bit odd and sort of a let down as i was expecting of a magical twisted fairy tale but i felt i got of a ghost story with a bit of a witch hunt mixed in Towards the end of the story the supporting character Tommy tells Goldeline Our adventure over isn t it Adventure I never thought of like that I always just thought it was life That line really sums up what i feel we got the story of Goldeline daughter of a witch, [...]

  10. Before I throw my review into the personal realm, I will say that this is a genuinely wonderful book no matter your age I mean, a wild, ghostly witch bandit running through a dark, twisty fairytale esque world telling her story with an unapologetic Southern drawl Sign me up And I m usually put off by a Southern drawl It reads a bit like Neil Gaiman if Neil Gaiman had grown up in the American South and had been steeped in Grimm s fairy tales and puritanical notions rather than the UK s rich, unt [...]

  11. Hauntingly sad.Goldeline never knew her Father and was orphaned after The Preacher convinced the townspeople to burn her Mother at the stake for witchcraft when she turned down his marriage proposal Goldeline was rescued from being burned at the stake along with her Mother by Gruff a bandit that lives in the woods with his men.As the only child living amongst a group of men Goldeline is lonely so when they rob a carriage Goldeline helps the young boy Tommy hiding in it stay hidden from the bandi [...]

  12. Goldeline has made her life with the bandits since the Townies, led by Preacher, killed her mother But her life is upended when a typical raid goes a bit haywire Now Goldeline finds herself responsible for a young boy while trying to outrun Preacher and unlock the memory that seems just beyond her reach.I had seen lots of good reviews for this, so I expected quite a bit from this I found it didn t quite live up to my expectations and trying to recall it a couple weeks later, I find it not terrib [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this book I finished it in two days and could have done it in one had my schedule allowed The story was so natural and flowed so well that I d look up and be 50 pages past where I thought I was I liked the voice of Goldeline, meaning that of an 11 year old and not someone telling the story of an 11 year old That reminded me of Room by Emma Donoghue There were a lot of themes running through this story and if I interpreted them correctly, I feel like they were spot on I m not a g [...]

  14. Deep in the Hinterlands, a young girl named Goldeline lives with a band of ruffians, hiding from the twisted preacher who turned the town against her magical mama When tragedy strikes, Goldeline is hunted through the darkest forest and will need to discover her own magic to save herself and the friends she makes along the way Goldeline s harrowing but ultimately hopeful journey is sure to capture readers imaginations and hearts in this Southern inspired fantasy NOTE The Hansel and Gretel scene i [...]

  15. A fast paced fantasy adventure through an imagined Southern landscape, Goldeline is a good choice for tweens who like fairy tale retellings and fantasy of that ilk Although I don t think this is a retelling of a particular tale, it has that feel to it Billed as a readalike for The Thickety, it didn t have enough magic for what I would be looking for in a readalike, but it has a similar strong female protagonist who s looking out for a younger companion as they journey through lands strange and c [...]

  16. This book begins with a very magical setting an orphaned girl acts as a ghost for a band of robbers who rob people in the woodsbut what happens when the girl does than act in her role as a distraction but kidnaps a young boy forming an attachment, love, yet keeping the child she loves most from the life he knows and is comfortable in But what happens when comfort is something you never know Goldeline fights for the very right to live, receiving help from the most unlikely along the way, along w [...]

  17. I really wanted to like this book It s a great concept, with a lot of potential But the dialect was clunky, the last chapter didn t fit, and this is a very personal criticism I m so over books where the antagonist is The Preacher or The Council It s not a BAD book Books are like shoes, and this just wasn t the right fit for me.

  18. DNF The story didn t really grip me enough to continue I ve read enough Middle Grade to know what I like and don t, and I just didn t like the voice of the main character, Goldeline It took me a while, but I ve learned to let go of books that don t resonate with me Nothing against the author, I m sure there are lots of people who enjoyed this style, I just didn t.

  19. Set in the fictional world of Hinterland, and narrated by Goldeline,Cajoles s plot features a Zealot named Preacher, who is obsessed with Goldeline.Cajolies paints a vivid portrait of what it means to be a solitary independent femalein a world where a fearful Patriarchy exist.

  20. Goldeline lives with Gruff and his bandits after her mother was killed by the Preacher Now the Preacher is after Goldeline Not sure it is a young adult book, the storyline is acceptable for 4th grade and up Booklist and Kirkus gave rave reviews, I say it was ok.

  21. Dark and beautiful While reading it I remembered some fantasy stories and book titles similar to how the characters do magic.

  22. Well, I really enjoyed this book It reminded me of a Tale Dark and Grimm in some ways It is a quirky book and not made for everyone however, traditional lit lovers might take to this one It almost seems like a fairy tale retelling There are some great Lift a Lines in this one, so I would consider using it as a mentor text Warning there are some adult concepts that kids might pick up on, and in general, religion is not looked at in a very good light in some parts.

  23. Interesting story of an orphan, Goldeline, adopted by the leader of a gang of forest bandits She is fairly happy in her bandit life, although she is uncomfortable with her role of stopping the travelers that the gang robs and sympathetic to their plight One day she discovers a boy about her own age hiding in a carriage and decides to save him They become friends but when they fight she helps him find his way to the village He reveals the band s location and this costs Goldeline her only home and [...]

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