Driven (2021)

Driven Best Download || [K. Bromberg] - Driven, Driven Alternate cover edition for Rylee Thomas is used to being in control But she s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it I am the exception to the rule In a world Driven Best Download || [K. Bromberg] - Driven, Driven Alternate cover edition for Rylee Thomas is used to being in control But she s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it I am the exception to the rule In a world
  • Title: Driven
  • Author: K. Bromberg
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
Driven Best Download || [K. Bromberg], Driven, K. Bromberg, Driven Alternate cover edition for Rylee Thomas is used to being in control But she s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it I am the exception to the rule In a world full of willing women I m a challenge to the roguish and achingly handsome Colton Donavan A man used to getting exactly what he wants in all aspects of life He s the recAlternate cover editio

  • Driven Best Download || [K. Bromberg]
    165 K. Bromberg

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  1. BR with Her Highness La Lionne DFSoG, step aside Make room for Driven, the new number 1 on The stupidest books ever written list I ll break it down for you with quotes 1% And that s when I hear them The flirty, feminine giggle floats through the air, followed by the deep timber of a masculine moan I freeze instantly, shocked at the audacity of our party s attendees, when I hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper followed by a breathless but familiar feminine gasp of, Oh yes in the darkened alcov [...]

  2. BR with Alex We should do it often You ve got to be kidding me Couldn t even finish, gave up at 43% What a mess.The story is absolutely ridiculous We get yet another stupid thing falling out of some place and bumping into her prince charming Can any of them walk a straight line any First there was Anna who fell into Christian s office, looked up and there he was Then there was Eva who ran into Gideon, fell to her knees spilling her purse, looked up and there he was Don t forget Catherine who ca [...]

  3. The Driven Trilogy, book 1, a Debut by K Blomberg Famous, rich, sexy unattainable playboy race car driver Colton Donavan s fast and furious pursuit of broken and withdrawn regular girl, Rylee Thomas I will revel in that moment with him which will be filled with reverent sighs and entangled bodies, and I ll be devastated when he walks away after having his fill of me The Driven Trilogy is the fast paced whirlwind romance of an ordinary girl with a painful past, Rylee Thomas, working for a non pro [...]

  4. 1 LOGIC FAIL AHEAD star Gaaahhhh I hate Alpha Jerks with CHEESY lines, and the doormat women who swoon over them This was almost a DNF so many times, but I actually finished it Maybe because it was such a train wreck, I actually found myself wondering just how fucked up these two really are The answer THEY ARE SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP FIRST, MEET COLTON He is the typical misogynist A hole alpha jerk hero who believes himself too damaged for love, so he commits to sex only relationships He has an endl [...]

  5. 5 AH MAZING Stars OMG what a Ride I don t know why its taken me so long to read this series, I m telling you if you haven t just like me then STOP EVERYTHING and meet ACE I m not going to write a big review as planning to do a series review at the end, but here are some of my thoughts so far Sigh and swoon what I have loved so far about this book is how Kristy has made palpable characters that give us feelings of realism You literally feel and need to know what it s like to be THEM so much so yo [...]

  6. my casting for Colton FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Well, I m officially in love with Colton Donavan and hooked on this series I d been looking forward to starting this series for quite a while now Honestly, I d loved the sound it from the day I first heard about it but because of the cliffhangers, I was waiting to be able to read them all at once Now that I ve started it though, I totally get why so many readers are obsessed with these books The story followed Colton and Rylee Rylee was a strong woman [...]

  7. 4.5 OH FUCKING MY STARS My goal is to make you smile when reading this review, because I smiled so much in this book, my cheeks hurt What are you doing right now Well, stop it and read this book instead This book is for YOU.Sexy Sweet Heart warming Bossy Dirty This book made me FEEL I sigh into the welcoming silence, grateful for the chance to escape, even if only momentarily, from the mindsuck of the meaningless conversations on the other side of the door.That is the first sentence I was sucked [...]

  8. DNF at 45%First let me start off with this might work for others but not every book is for everyone This simply did not work for me I do not want to discourage others from reading this book Just wanted to throw that out there I am starting to lose my focus when it comes to the same type of books over and over told into several different ways Yeah I liked them when they first came out almost 2 years ago but I m over the helpless girl falling over a rich handsome guy who she cannot understand why [...]

  9. 4 Fast Stars Rylee went through a pretty tragic event and never completely recovered from that Until he had been adopted Colton also had a pretty tragic past Neither of them wants to feel, because they both believe they doesn t know how to do that any Until their worlds collide, they both have to work together and everything changes Colton wants her and she wants him back, but he s an f1 racer, with money that he can count and a sordid past that insists on not being forgotten, which makes her h [...]

  10. Clich centralI don t even know what to say.Too much of everything Too much sex, too much sexual frustration, too many descriptions of how Colton makes her body go tingly, too many bitchy ex girlfriends to circumvent and please stop with the obvious childhood drama We have had this before many times over Like watching a car crash in slow motion I m pretty sure I will read the rest in no time, but damn this is bad in a seriously addictive way I hate myself a little for even starting this ride.

  11. DNFTo be fair, I haven t given this a real shotI only read about 25% of it But this guy is just slaying me, and I keep cringing when he opens his overly sexual, cocky, condescending, egotistical, know it all mouth I m going to just give a few of my not so favorite quotes and move on to something I know I ll like So, if you d like a little taste, read on In order of appearance You re lucky I don t drag you back in that storage closet I found you in and take what you offered Make you cry out my na [...]

  12. I hate to say this but I dnf ed at 68%.I just wasn t feeling it any It started off really well, don t get me wrong this book is seriously well written and there is some extensive character development with some angst thrown in But unfortunately it just wasn t enough for me I felt it was drawn out, I didn t like the heroine, Some of her behavior I understood but she had some serious self esteem issues I mean everyone was a threat including her best friend One minute she s sure of herself the next [...]

  13. IT S LIVE ON Driven The TrilFull review now posted Oh my HOLY FREAKING GOODNESS THIS BOOK IS BEYOND AMAZING.I m still trying to catch my breath Man is this book AWESOME The story is told from the perspective of Rylee Thomas 26 yr old Rylee works for Corporate Cares, a company that houses orphans The state turns over their guardianship to her company Corporate Care, houses kids who are at an age that the chance of adoptions are pretty low So instead of foster care, they have a home to live in, t [...]

  14. Marked as DNF at 32%.Just too many things went wrong for me with this one Such a shame, as I was so damn excited to read this book and started it right now because I felt like I needed a sure thing, that I could almost guarantee I d love.However, the all too frequent and cringe worthy grammatical errors, the cheesy dialogue, the unbelievable not in a good way storyline, the ridiculous first encounter, the whole sentences randomly in italics, the fact that both the hero and the heroine pissed me [...]

  15. 4.5 Racing Stars Before I started reading Driven I had heard people comparing it to Fifty Shades of Grey I can see some similarities but to me it felt like Bared to You There were some cheesy lines like Me playing Ana to his Christian Either way this book holds its own in entertaining the readers Colton is the bad boy with a sordid past He s a famous racecar driver who has commitment issues Reylee is the do gooder with a tragic past These two are drawn to each other even though they feel like t [...]

  16. Re read from March 11 to 13, 2015Wellis book was full of clich s and a bit predictable for sure.But you knowwhat I wantedALPHA MALE I gotALPHA MALE d what a fine specimen of alpha sigh I m so glad that I have the 2nd book already on my kindle because it ends I know like all these kinds of books with a huge cliffhanger

  17. HOLY SHITDAMN HOTOH GOODNESSFUCKING AMAZINGummmwere to start First of all I fucking LOVED this book It is funny, heartwrenching and sexy as hell Oh boyLadies did you meet Colton afuckingmazing Donovan yet NO Stop doing whatever you re doing and start reading this book NOW Colton a hot car racer Hello what to say okay just stick with sex on legs fucks like he drives lick on a stick you re sure will love him as much as I did I want to take my time with you, Rylee I want to build you up nice and s [...]

  18. Come join us at Shh K Bromberg Pre Chat Co hosting with my girl LIZ If you haven t met Colton yet now is the time if you already read all these amazing books come chat with us about it We will be interviwing K.B on the 20thDon t miss out on the funRead On January 18, 2014WOW so good couldn t put this one down good If you liked 50shades Well you will love this one I have so many butterflies right nowl I m thinking is ACE aka Colton I am so glad I waited to read this because now all I want is to g [...]

  19. Colton was definitely a swoon worthy tortured hero I can t wait to read about him His scenes with the children were so precious Rylee was also a cool heroine I liked how she would challenge him and would play hard to get Overall, I truly enjoyed it, I just wish they would Stop.Talking.Like.This The ending definitely makes me want to dive into Fueled immediately Can t wait to see how their journey is going to continue.

  20. UPDATE Someone recently liked my review and I came back to re read what I wrote for this first book in one of my favorite series I felt the need to update the review with a quick note I have never in my MANY years of reading seen such a change improvement from a debut book to everything else going forward from an author It pains me that this series has such a weak start and that this first book might put people off from reading the rest of this series Because people.YOU WOULD BE SERIOUSLY MISSIN [...]

  21. So as usual I saw everyone reading this and I got jealous and wanted to read it too Oh and also cos of the pretty cover But then I found it was a trilogy with a cliffhanger so I was all like ppfftt I m not falling for that trick I ll wait AND THEN I read wayyyyy to emotionally charged books so I was all like man I need some sex come at me with an alpha , and I remembered the delicious Colton Donovan that everyone was talking about it So I took the plunge BOY AM I HAPPY I DID ANYONE know who s me [...]

  22. K Bromberg, after a bit of a rough start, I have to admit that you ve made a believer out of me Do you think we can arrange for Mr Colton Donovan to be taken on a test drive by yours truly The rough start Let s get this out of the way I was not a fan of the beginning of this story Very early on, Driven seemed to be falling into the same trap many of the stories classified as erotic romance do Rylee and Colton met for the first time, neither knowing who the other was, and immediately fell into a [...]

  23. A FICTIONAL CHARACTER JUST FUCKED ME THROUGH A BOOK Wow This book was a rollercoaster of emotions for me I cried, laugh, cried, cried Ad Cried Wow I freaking love love love love love love love get my point love Colton What is it about alpha make men I swear I love them Anyways, Colton is amazing sexy, confident, cocky, arrogant, crazy at times but sweet Jesus that man has a way with words I love rylee too I thought she was so strong and loving If you haven t picked this book up Shit you need too [...]

  24. 3.75 MIXED SIGNALS STARS After reading a few mixed reviews, I wasn t to sure if I wanted to read this one or not In the end, I decided to try it for myself and hope for the best After a weird start to the book which already had me thinking I might not end up liking it I became quite hooked And was pleasantly surprised to end up enjoying this book Let s face it, you re not a spend the night kind of guy, and I m not a one night stand kind of girl The book begins with Rylee Thomas catching the famo [...]

  25. This was a so so book for me I can t say that I loved it but I certainly enjoyed parts of it The sex scenes were written superbly, and the chemistry between Colton and Rylee was off the charts As far as Ms Bromberg s writing skills went, I thought she did a wonderful job, although I did have a few complaints with the story and how it resembled parts of other popular books I counted at least three other stories that had come out than a year ago, that had very similar ideas displayed as Driven An [...]

  26. 1 StarAround page 5 6, The flirty, feminine giggle floats through the air , followed by the deep timber of a masculine moan I freeze instantly , shocked at the audacity of our party s attendees you couldn t pay me enough money to do something like that in public Page 11, My resistance to his kiss is futile and lasts seconds before I surrender to him Instinctively I move my hands over the rasp of his unshaven neck A slow seductive ballet highlighted with breathy moans and panted whispersThis is a [...]

  27. Colton DonavanRylee ThomasMy Mini playlist Love Me Harder Ariana Grande ft The WeekndWildest Dreams Taylor Swift Iris Goo Goo DollsHot n Cold Katy PerryI Never Want To Leave This Bed Maroon 5When we re introduced to Colton and his ridiculous ego Rylee s response to Colton s butt nessThe tug of war of love between the two I LOVE YOUOr Nah Queue the snooty hoe Tauny The carnival scene.The hanky panky at the beach.That ending though D From the request of many of my GR friends, I read this book ASAP [...]

  28. So many reviews out there already, mine would just be superfluous Needless to say that I enjoyed every second of this.I do love me a bad boy, tortured hero and combine that with serious sexual chemistry with the female lead and you ve got the perfect recipe for erotic romance and Driven is a fine example.Yes, there s a mahoosive cliffy but the whole trilogy is already released so you can just move straight on.And I did.

  29. 2.5 Gah, this is a trilogy It s not awful, but it s pretty boring, I admit It has potential and all that, but it s way, way too long Only reason why it got 3 stars, not 2, is because it made me curious about the next book

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