Upon a Spring Breeze (2022)

Upon a Spring Breeze Best Download || [Kelly Irvin] - Upon a Spring Breeze, Upon a Spring Breeze After a devastating winter a spring breeze promises than new flowers It promises a new chance at love Bess Weaver twenty and expecting her first child is in the kitchen making stew for her beloved Upon a Spring Breeze Best Download || [Kelly Irvin] - Upon a Spring Breeze, Upon a Spring Breeze After a devastating winter a spring breeze promises than new flowers It promises a new chance at love Bess Weaver twenty and expecting her first child is in the kitchen making stew for her beloved
  • Title: Upon a Spring Breeze
  • Author: Kelly Irvin
  • ISBN: 9780310348054
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
Upon a Spring Breeze
Upon a Spring Breeze Best Download || [Kelly Irvin], Upon a Spring Breeze, Kelly Irvin, Upon a Spring Breeze After a devastating winter a spring breeze promises than new flowers It promises a new chance at love Bess Weaver twenty and expecting her first child is in the kitchen making stew for her beloved mann Caleb one minute and the next she s burying him after a tragic accident Facing life as a young widow Bess finds comfort only in tending the garden at an EngliAfter a deva
  • Upon a Spring Breeze Best Download || [Kelly Irvin]
    175Kelly Irvin
Upon a Spring Breeze

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  1. Upon a Spring Breeze is book one in the Every Amish Season series Kelly Irvin writes a beautiful,emotional Amish book here At 20 years old Bess is on top of the world Newly married and pregnant ,life couldn t get better Then, as she s making stew for her husband one evening she get s the news of his death After her son is born he looks just like her late husband and coupled with her exhaustion and her babies colic she has a very hard time dealing with it Her hormones are out of whack because she [...]

  2. But you believe It doesn t mean one has all the answers No one as all the answers Otherwise, we wouldn t need faith Faith is believing despite not having all the answers When tragedy strikes, you want the answer of why Bess after losing her husband Caleb in a terrible accident struggles with the why Their young marriage was solid and so full of hope and with the a baby on the way, full of promise This sweet story is placed in my own state of Missouri and in the town of Jamesport which a couple o [...]

  3. This is a story of loss and trying to go on with your life Bess was a young Amish women who growing up had friends like Caleb and Aidan Aidan loved Bess secretly growing up but loved his best friend Caleb as well Caleb started courting Bess and married he.r Bess was expecting a child when Adian asked Caleb to go to town with him and there was a accident with a truck that killed Caleb Bess s love for Caleb was hard for her to go on with out him Aidan blamed himself for the death of his best frien [...]

  4. Upon a Spring Breeze is the first book in the Every Amish Season series by Kelly Irvin This cover is so beautiful so I really hate to say what I need So, I m just going to say it these people are hateful Every single person in this story except the newborn baby and the sister in law are snotty I mean, the newborn was very colicky so I guess even it was an unpleasant little thing.Controlling and abrasive would describe every character in this book I almost considered that the author may look at t [...]

  5. Kelly Irvin s new book takes us into the corners of a young Amish widow s life after tragedy has slammed her into a new reality I found the book to be a very honest telling of the emotional process a young widow and new mother must go through when experiencing such loss and joy in close succession I found it interesting that Bess got help through a group of widows in the community than from her husband s family, but of course they were all dealing with the loss of their son as well as other fac [...]

  6. A lovely cover and a bittersweet story Overall, I enjoyed this story Parts of it were pretty rough, though I did like the MCs, Aidan and Bess, and most of the other characters too I liked Jennie, the MC of the next book, so I will read the next book in this series.

  7. Beautiful story that perfectly fits this gorgeous cover I love Kelly Irvin s novellas in the Amish anthologies, and was pleased to find that she doesn t disappoint with her novels.

  8. Kelly Irvin writes a story that keeps your attention from page one Kelly writes a story of friendship, love, loss, despair, finding your way again and loving again.Bess and Caleb Weaver had only been married a year She was expecting their first child but, before the child was born, Caleb was killed in a terrible buggy accident His best friend Aiden Graber, also friends with Bess since childhood, made Caleb a promise to care for his wife and child.Bess is so heartbroken over the loss of her husba [...]

  9. Upon a Spring Breeze is the first in the series of An Amish Season by Kelly Irvin Bess Weaver is happy and excited knowing that any day her wonderful husband and herself will welcome their first beautiful baby into thier family, after only being married such a short time they are truly blessed They have loved each other a lifetime it seems, grown up together, then married and now are waiting their beloved first baby Then tragedy stricks and Bess must try to make sense of her life when life make [...]

  10. I picked this book up to read a bit late in the evening and then could not put it down In Bess Weaver, Irvin has created a heroine who has great difficulties thrown at her at young age Just 20, she is suddenly a widow with motherhood following close behind Her once strong faith is tested and her place in her community is threatened as she makes decisions that are not expected of an Amish woman in an attempt to cope with grief and postpartum depression It is her story that is both touching and th [...]

  11. For over a third of this book I could feel my heart in my throat, this poor girl, and whom does she live with, her deceased husbands family The story is about Bess Weaver coming to terms with her lot in life, does she make all the right decisions, of course not, but she is human, and you would not want to walk in her shoes.This a story of her journey to a semblance of a normal life, of course what is normal for one may not be for another, but we walk in her shoes I loved the little one, and he s [...]

  12. This was another sweet Amish story to which I really enjoyed I would definitely read this again and recommend to friends.

  13. you will love a upon a spring breeze I couldn t put it down I feel there could be from this story.hope u get your copy it s very good book.

  14. BACK OF THE BOOK BLURBAfter a devastating winter, a spring breeze promises than new flowers It promises a new chance at love.Bess Weaver, twenty and expecting her first child, is in the kitchen making stew for her beloved mann, Caleb, one minute, and the next she s burying him after a tragic accident Facing life as a young widow, Bess finds comfort only in tending the garden at an Englisch owned bed and breakfast even as she doubts that new growth could ever come after such a long winter.Aidan [...]

  15. No one knows until she sets foot on our road how she will react We all like to think we ll be strong We have faith We believe Then that unthinkable thing happens and we re tested 34 Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin is the first of her Every Amish Season series, as well as my first full novel of the author s And I can tell you, it won t be my last The imagery of a devastating and tragic winter ends, and when Spring arrives, new life blooms stir readers hearts Take joy in this as hard as it is [...]

  16. Monday, April 17, 2017Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin, 2017Every Amish Season, Book 1Such a beautiful visual cover Ready to open up and begin readingI so enjoyed the Amish of Bee County series by this author and am ready for this new series that will contain F O U R novels We will be meeting the Weaver and Graber families featured in Jamesport, Missouri In Upon a Spring Breeze, the first book in my new Amish romance series, Every Amish Season, Bess Weaver s first step in healing after traged [...]

  17. The higher power has lead another author to send me a message through their writing this time it was Kelly Irvin and her new book Upon a Spring Breeze Kelly Irvin wrote exactly how a person can react when experiencing grief of a partner.There is a purpose for every season that happens in a year AND that is true with our lives too we go through seasons ourselves Lessons and trials both good and bad that happen in our lives and are to be a learning point for us.Like the main character Bess Weaver, [...]

  18. This was a very emotional story I found my reactions flip flopping all over the place as Bess had to deal with one worry after another It was tough to watch her grieve her husband and sink into depression after the birth of her child I found myself so frustrated with the way her familiy and most of the community expected her to bounce right back, accept everything, and be fine It was very tough to read about that in the book However, it did make for a very nice contrast to the way a select few h [...]

  19. have never read an Amish novel that was out and out mean, but Upon a Spring Breeze is one of those books that leaves the reader mad at nearly every character I get that in the Amish world, a woman s place is next to a man s, and that men are heads of their households But the men in this book missed the part in Ephesians that says the men should love the women as Christ loved the church I do understand that the author was trying to set up her story to show what Bess was going through in her emoti [...]

  20. As I ve said time and time again, being a part of The Fiction Guild s Elite Reader Program is such an honor for me I am often provided with books to read which I love to do and the only requirement is that I have to share a report after I ve read the book As far as I m concerned, it s a winning arrangement for me and my mother, who loves anything written about the Amish Today s book is Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin, and here s my mother, Gloria s review This is book 1 in An Every Amish Sea [...]

  21. Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher, Zondervan, for free to read and review through the blogger review program at BookLook Bloggers I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.Bess Weaver at the age of twenty found out just how quickly life can change One moment she is preparing stew for her beloved Caleb and contemplating the birth of their first child, when suddenly a [...]

  22. Bess is a young woman who is happy and carefree until a tragedy strikes I thought the author did a great job of walking Bess through grief and allowing readers to feel her pain and sorrow My heart went out to Bess immediately because she had so much to deal with Can you imagine being twenty and your life shattered before your eyes Bess is a strong character with burdens that can be overwhelming at times Aidan is a very humble man who wants nothing than to care for Bess and her child I am a bit [...]

  23. Before I read this book I did something I don t normally do I read other readers reviews This seemed to be a love it or hate it book, and some of the reviews were really negative This made me a bit hesitant to read the book but onward I went and delved into the story.This book isn t about a happy go lucky Amish woman but one who goes through all the emotions after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband With this in mind, I didn t expect the book to be full of sunshine and roses and it s [...]

  24. Upon A Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin is first book in An Every Amish Season Novel series Bess Weaver is twenty years old and has been married for a year to Caleb Bess is pregnant with their first child They have been living with Caleb s parents while Caleb builds their home Bess is waiting for Caleb to return home after spending the day helping his best friend, Aidan Graber Bess hears the door and expects Caleb to come walking through it Instead, it is Aidan with a troubled, distraught expression [...]

  25. When I initially selected this book, I thought the premise on the back was interesting A young widowed woman with a young child, while a friend of hers must overcome the growing feelings he has for this young Amish mother.In addition, I did like the cover on the book Very cheery and colorful But that s about all I really liked about the book.For me, I found the characters within not very interesting and it didn t have a lot of depth However, I could blame that on my recent completion of reading [...]

  26. Kelly s books are always so well written and so enjoyable to read I find that with each one of her books I always learn something new and this book is a great start to a new series that is set in Jamesport, Missouri.Bess Weaver is a 20 year old widow who gives birth to her deceased husband Caleb s son Joshua She lives with her in laws whom seem strict and overbearing at times Mattie her mother in law suffers from dementia and also can t get over the grief of losing her precious son.Bess s strugg [...]

  27. This is the first book of Kelly Irvin s that I ve read It was delightful In the first few pages I was drawn into the characters and instantly connected with them Bess tragically loses her husband in an accident and is expecting a baby Bess has her baby shortly after the death of her husband and she is suffering the blues that many mothers have after the birth of a baby I ve read many Amish fiction books but this is the first one that I ve read that covers Post Par tum Depression and Alzheimer s [...]

  28. From the very beginning the story had my attention I had a feeling it wouldn t be a perfect life amish story Crisis from the beginning Even though I ve never experienced the things Bess did I could imagine how she must be feeling because of the way the author wrote about her character Tons of detail in character development However, there were so many people I had a hard time keeping track of them all I felt like the story jumped from situation to situation so rapidly I had a hard time keeping u [...]

  29. I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild I was not required to give a favorable revview All thoughts are my own I have read other books from Kelly and this was another wonderful story Bess and Caleb were friends from youth and so was their friend Aidan Bess and Caleb married and were about to have their first child when tragedy struck and he was killed and left her with the loss of her husband and the upcoming birth of her child They were living with his parents while they were buil [...]

  30. Upon a Spring Breeze has a lovely cover that does not convey the angst inside At the very beginning Bess suffers the loss of her husband of only one year She is also one month away from delivering their first baby She struggles throughout the novel with her loss and her place in the Amish community She also questions God and why he would allow this to happen Clearly shown is how the Plain people pull together in a crisis but also how women are supposed to submit to the men Bess has a hard time w [...]

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