Kingdom of Ashes (2022)

[PDF] Kingdom of Ashes | by ☆ Elena May Nadica Boskovska - Kingdom of Ashes, Kingdom of Ashes Myra never witnessed the Nightfall She has only heard stories from the eldest among them tales of the Old World and of the scientists who invented the WeatherWizard a technological innovation that con [PDF] Kingdom of Ashes | by ☆ Elena May Nadica Boskovska - Kingdom of Ashes, Kingdom of Ashes Myra never witnessed the Nightfall She has only heard stories from the eldest among them tales of the Old World and of the scientists who invented the WeatherWizard a technological innovation that con
  • Title: Kingdom of Ashes
  • Author: Elena May Nadica Boskovska
  • ISBN: 9781534616325
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
Kingdom of Ashes
[PDF] Kingdom of Ashes | by ☆ Elena May Nadica Boskovska, Kingdom of Ashes, Elena May Nadica Boskovska, Kingdom of Ashes Myra never witnessed the Nightfall She has only heard stories from the eldest among them tales of the Old World and of the scientists who invented the WeatherWizard a technological innovation that controls the weather Unfortunately the device also gave an ambitious vampire prince the means to cover the world in impenetrable clouds allowing his armies to crawl out of tMyra never

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  • [PDF] Kingdom of Ashes | by ☆ Elena May Nadica Boskovska
    490 Elena May Nadica Boskovska
Kingdom of Ashes

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  1. She had become the author of her own fate And Elena May became the author of a remarkable debut I hadn t read a book focusing solely on vampires for a very long time I went through my vampire phase in high school, meaning I attended every single Twilight premiere and hung Edward posters on my bedroom walls and fought Damon Salvatore s fans online Stefan girl here and dressed up as a vamprire on Halloween etc Later, I decided that I grew up and was too old for this drama So, when Elena May asked [...]

  2. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I have been very, very cautious with vampire books in the last couple of years In fact, I don t remember the last vampire novel that I read, aside from re reading The Historian and Dracula two years ago.However, I read the synopsis of Kingdom of Ashes, and the many positive reviews, and I decided to give it a shot And I m glad I did This book reminded me why I love Y [...]

  3. Utterly alluring and remarkable This story was set in a dystopian future where humanity is at the brink of annihilation When I started this book I was struck by how Ms May created a terrifying reality for humans who survived a harrowing extermination attempt I so enjoyed the attention to detail that explained the positions of both the side of the vampires and the humans in this conflict I was drawn to feel compassion for both species in this war and it can be compared to many past events that ha [...]

  4. In a world, where vampires took over a weather controlling device, people were reduced to small groups of resistance that hide and try fighting for their survival They re becoming desperate Hiding in caves, away from the sun is slowly killing them The only way to win is to kill the vampire prince and try to take over the Weather Wizard.Myra s mission is simple ambush and kill the vampire leader She volunteers for the task to prove she can be useful and strong Their plan seemed to be good, but it [...]

  5. I received eARC of Kingdom of Ashes by Elena MayAt first I thought this going to be a predictable paranormal dystopian work with a love triangle thrown in.Its not It is so much Its situated in a post apocalyptic world Nightfall where the vampires underneath the Prince Vladmir have overtaken the Weather Wizard, A technology which manipulate the weather why am not surprised that humans developed something that caused them doom Our Protagonist is Myra born in the world of darkness dreaming of light [...]

  6. I gave this 2.5 stars.A long time ago, I received Kingdom of Ashes from Elena May I say that, because I honestly should have posted this review a decade ago and now I m feeling kinda guilty about it Sorry Elena Isn t the title magnificent That s what first caught my attention I liked some of the messages that the book was trying to send There s nothing glorious about fighting a war, or interrogating prisoners 2 While I do enjoy quite a lot of fantasy books, so many of them glamourise fighting in [...]

  7. I liked that Myra was confident and strong and did not give up I liked how it explained Myra s part in defeating Vlad I liked that the book explained how Myra was confident and I liked how it explained the positions all the characters were in I really enjoyed this book and plan on reading the Nightfall series I reaceived this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

  8. Myra never witnessed the Nightfall She has only heard stories from the eldest among them tales of the Old World and of the scientists who invented the WeatherWizard a technological innovation that controls the weather Unfortunately, the device also gave an ambitious vampire prince the means to cover the world in impenetrable clouds, allowing his armies to crawl out of their caves and conquer all.Vampires rule over the New World, breeding humans for food After fifty years of guerrilla warfare, th [...]

  9. Genre Dystopian Fantasy Vampire Young AdultPages 400Having just finished reading Kingdom of Ashes Nightfall, Book One by Elena May I continue to have faith in Young Adult Fiction and found this read to be quite entertaining I want to thank Elena for providing me with an eCopy of this her debut book I will say from the get go that if you are looking for a full stop ending to this story you will most likely be disappointed You will have to continue the story in Book Two Men and Monsters , which I [...]

  10. First, I d like to say thank you to the author, Elena May, for sending me a copy of her amazing new book And chocolate Chocolate and books are always appreciated.Kingdom of Ashes focuses on Myra, a girl who starts off with the same headstrong determination, black and white views and passion for writing as Briony Tallis in Ian McEwan s Atonement Myra is a member of the Resistance, a dwindling pocket of humans trying to overthrow the world ruling vampire, Prince Vladimir She s sent on a mission to [...]

  11. DNF at 52%I will make him say he is proud of me, Myra thought And then, only then, can I start thinking about killing himThat sentence was the last straw I can t take it any The MC is one of the dumbest I have ever read, and I read the first 3 books of Falling Kingdoms The dialogue was horrific It was stilted, overly dramatic, and it had no natural flow All of the humans in this book were just stupid I m not sure if this was on purpose or not The only enjoyment I got out of the book was the bant [...]

  12. I want to thank Elena May for sending me a free copy of Kingdom of Ashes To be honest I had some prejudices against YA novels and I expected it to have a dull and common storyline but after reading Kingdom of Ashes my opinion changed in a good way I think Myra shows us you do not need to be physically strong to be called a heroine In fact Myra s writing skills are her only weapon The parts I enjoyed most were witty conversations between Myra and Prince Vladimir I hope the second book of Nightfal [...]

  13. I want to start off this review by saying that Elena May is a super sweet person and I m super glad that we somehow came to contact each other I mean she sends chocolate with her books.Um, YES PLEASE XD Oh, yes, I should mention that I received this book in exchange for an honest review So my review will be honest and far too long in the making Anyway This book When one of the chapter titles is a Lord of the Rings reference, I will fangirl Due to life, it took me AGES to read it, but there was [...]

  14. I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.The novel, Kingdom of Ashes by Elena May, while not having an original title I know of at least two others with the same name and have read one of them , is probably the most original book on vampires I have ever read Sticking to the foundation of the original vampires in literature, Elena May builds a new layer on top of this already famous monster What is this new layer You ll have to read to find out The story begins [...]

  15. Kingdom of Ashes has an unique premise, as it is not as common to have a book about vampires that focuses on art and what makes humans human The book was pretty long and was at some points predictable, but the story flowed and was engaging It was also surprisingly nice to have a book without a love interest, and the only romance was between side characters Myra was a relatable character, as she tried to conform to the rest of the Resistance by being brave and volunteering to go on the mission bu [...]

  16. Disclaimer I won this book on.This is a good dystopian fantasy story The characters are well described and have their own backstories I could see the castle rooms and the surrounding lands in my mind The vampires were manipulative and mostly evil The one human who did want to be a vampire seemed shoehorned into the plot There was no human vampire love story However, that makes the main character s actions even incomprehensible as the book progresses Her incessant need for approval from someone [...]

  17. What I really liked about this book was that there was no good or evil , and everyone was somewhere in between You don t often get that in this kind of book The reason why I haven t given it 5 stars, though, is that I felt there was sometimes something a bit awkward in the writing, but it is still definitely worth reading.

  18. Truly a great book, very entertaining and interesting story.By the end of it I felt as if I knew the characters personally and was there the entire time.Having a rather different taste in literature I was pleasantly surprised of how intrigued I was in this book and it s ability to keep me entertained throughout.I can t wait to see how the story goes after this book.

  19. It s been a while since I last read a young adult fantasy book You might have noticed the lack of that genre in this blog The reason being is, aside from I want to make this blog as diverse as possible, meaning I want to read different books of different genres, I am of a contemporary type of YA reader The last young adult fantasy book that I can remember reading was Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas which was like ages ago But from time to time though, when my mood switches, I crave for young ad [...]

  20. I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you

  21. Note I received the book free from the We YA Books group and the author in exchange for a honest review Since Twilight especially, I ve been a fan of books about vampires, and I m always intrigued how authors manipulate the mythology to create something new I enjoyed reading Elena May s creation, although it did take me a bit to get into the story I m still not sure if I like the protagonist she is flawed and can be a bit immature or selfish I liked how she grows to see that the world isn t alwa [...]

  22. I didn t expect this book to be so good I just really loved it I really liked how the tables are turned The vampires are the one ruling the world and the humans are the ones in hiding.Would really want to read the next book I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

  23. Awesome read I loved the story The main character was relatable and interesting and her inner struggles about the morality of her actions with the vampires was amazing to read This book is definitely in my top 10.

  24. I m not an avid reader of fantasy fiction and in fact, it is my first vampire book ever So, in the beginning, I was unsure about what to wait But once I started reading I wasn t able to put it down I don t remember finishing any other book so quickly for the book was both very fast moving and engrossing My eyes were literally jumping from word to word impatient to know what is going to happen next The only thing I didn t like about Kingdom of Ashes was the parts in which torturing scenes were de [...]

  25. I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review Years in the future, humans have been hunted almost to extinction Approximately fifty years prior to this story, vampire came out of hiding and used a human contraption, the WeatherWizard, to keep the sun clouded all day so they could rule the world Enter Myra, a young member of the Resistance, who wants to make a difference Having never been outside the protected caves of the Resistance, she spends her time strategizing an [...]

  26. First of all, my thanks to the author for providing a free ARC.Unique, original dystopian young adult book I started out with all kinds of expectations, and the book subverted them all and surprised me in many ways.In the 26th century, the world as we know it is no After a scientific innovation gone wrong, vampires rule over the world, and the few surviving free humans are hunted for food The survivors have formed a Resistance movement, but are severely outnumbered and outmatched.Power struggle [...]

  27. Fun, action packed fantasy and a solid first instalment in a promising series I liked the terminator like beginning, with the humans living in the caves and struggling to survive, and the story got even better later The story starts out as an action and fighting against a repressive regime, and soon turns dark and morally complex The protagonist, Myra Andersen, makes several morally dubious decisions throughout the book, and is very self aware about it It s always refreshing to see grey characte [...]

  28. 5 27 17I revived this book from Elena May as an eARC and I thank her I shall review this book honestly when I am finished with it.

  29. Abandoned DNF 51% readVery slow and boring The world was uneventful The main character was so flawed, I could not imagine her actually accomplishing anything.

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