The Bourne Ultimatum (2021)

[PDF] The Bourne Ultimatum | by ☆ Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Ultimatum The world s two deadliest spies in the ultimate showdown At a small town carnival two men each mysteriously summoned by telegram witness a bizarre killing The telegrams are signed Jason Bourne Only [PDF] The Bourne Ultimatum | by ☆ Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Ultimatum The world s two deadliest spies in the ultimate showdown At a small town carnival two men each mysteriously summoned by telegram witness a bizarre killing The telegrams are signed Jason Bourne Only
  • Title: The Bourne Ultimatum
  • Author: Robert Ludlum
  • ISBN: 9780752858494
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Bourne Ultimatum
[PDF] The Bourne Ultimatum | by ☆ Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Ultimatum, Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Ultimatum The world s two deadliest spies in the ultimate showdown At a small town carnival two men each mysteriously summoned by telegram witness a bizarre killing The telegrams are signed Jason Bourne Only they know Bourne s true identity and understand the telegram is really a message from Bourne s mortal enemy Carlos known also as the Jackal the world s deadliest and mosThe wor
  • [PDF] The Bourne Ultimatum | by ☆ Robert Ludlum
    210 Robert Ludlum
The Bourne Ultimatum

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  1. After three grueling months I finally finished reading this book You may ask yourself If it was so grueling, why did he finish it at all Good question After reading the first two books in the Bourne trilogy, I felt compelled to finally see the final confrontation between Jason Bourne and Carlos the Jackal Now I will admit that The Bourne Ultimatum was not nearly as boring and convoluted as its predecessor, The Bourne Supremacy However, I m fairly certain that Robert Ludlum took a class on writin [...]

  2. What can I say It was intense a little too intense for me By about the middle of the book, I wanted to shoot Carlos myself just so that the insanity would end The plot in this book seems even complex than in the other two and is impossible to comprehend Nevertheless, I cared about Jason Bourne enough as a character to stick out the whole grueling story with him, but I felt almost as beat up and emotionally raw as he did by the time it was over Overall, not a pleasant reading experience, but if [...]

  3. In this third of the Bourne Trilogy, there is the ultimate showdown between two spies Both of these spies are given telegrams to go to a carnival in a small town Each of them witness a terrible murder.One of the men given a telegram in David Webb, a professor in the northeast USA He is a husband and a father, and must now do what he wishes he d never have to do again become Jason Bourne, a known terrorist and assassin.The other is Carlos, known as the Jackal, who is an international assassin him [...]

  4. As the Ludlum portion of the Bourne series comes to an end with this book, I must say that this is surely a very thick in all its senses book, filled with great nuances Completing the original trilogy at a time when spy games were all about actual deception and sleight of hand rather than technology and the information highway makes these books stand out for me That said, Ludlum is, as he is accused of being, overly verbose in some areas and really could have watered down the description and yet [...]

  5. To be honest I was disappointed with this one I felt like finishing it and the original trilogy was an obligation after only a few pages.The dialogue is ridiculous nobody and while I m not familiar with American government institutions and their employees I m pretty sure this covers them too speaks in such a manner Every conversation is overly convoluted and then as if for the sake of an uneducated audience explained again as part of the same dialogue Not only that but the way in which the chara [...]

  6. The third and last by Ludlum entry in the story of Jason Bourne If your only exposure to Bourne are the Matt Damon movies, then you don t really have an idea of the story This as these cases usually do ruined any enjoyment of the movie for me I always wonder why bother to buy an authors title and then write a screen play that doesn t even resemble the novel Oh well, nothing I can do.My suggestion Get the first book and read all three They may not be the best Ludlum ever wrote, but they are outst [...]

  7. My rating is perhaps a little unusual for me,as it s not really based on literary merit Indeed, I found myself, upon this reread, a little shocked at how often Bourne makes mistakes and is mentioned to be getting old Still, it s one of the first adult novels I really read and got into, and for that, it has a special place in my heart William Dufris s narration of this work so enthralled me at the time that I played the tapes several times over no small thing considering they ran for over twenty [...]

  8. The gripping finale to the Bourne saga, well the Ludlum originals anyway Seeing as this book clearly lays out that Bourne is now in his 50s, I really don t see how the Lustbader sequels can continue the story Bourne out with his zimmer frame The Bourne Ultimatium is a good clean up of the Bourne vs Carlos storyline from the first book You know they have to meet up, you know they have to fight and you know Bourne has to win Somehow I just wish Ludlum could have utilised slightly fewer repetitions [...]

  9. Well, I finished the series, just to finish it It took me nearly 2 1 2 weeks to finish this book I was motivated simply to finish it, not because I was interested, really I was disappointed, once again, in the language, too thick of a plot, violence, and sexual innuendos My husband bought me the first and third books of the series for my Birthday, before I d read either of them Now that I m done, I m donating them to the library I know I ll never read these again.

  10. I am quite the fan of the Bourne film series Matt Damon s incredible performance as amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne really refined the vulnerable yet brutal everyman action hero that many action films have tried and failed cough Quantum of Solace to emulate since his debut Both Damon and his directors understood what made the character of Bourne great He is a sympathetic man that will turn into a monster during dangerous circumstances but always fight for the good cause, and in this book Ludlum r [...]

  11. The Bourne series is a great set of books to read in order starting with the Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum does a great job of using military terms and using names of places and intelligence offices to make you think that this stuff is really happening He may have a lot going on at one time, but if you follow along and read carefully, you should be able to keep up with the challenging writing I tended to lose track of what was happening a few times but i still enjoyed reading it.Jason Bourne has [...]

  12. You could die it s high level confidential Notes February 13, 2017 70.0% RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN.The truth is going to be revealed it s too soon February 13, 2017 50.0% If you watching the movie you are on the highest levels of suspense, if you are reading the book you have witnessed th most mad and crazy fights that s a proffesional fight it s going to be a long one February 13, 2017 20.0% This work has incredible details, marvelous it s mind blow how Robert Ludlum Not everyone could make such brill [...]

  13. I remember reading the first Bourne story back in the 70s when it came out in paperback, and it was OK Perhaps because I had measles and a high feverbut it kinda made sense.I listened to this one on audio book, and seriously, by the time I got done with I was like, Kill him Kill him, already Jason Bourne is kind of like Indiana Jones no matter how many holes, cuts, or bruises he has, he just keeps jumping, climbing, and doing impossible feats of derring do He never eats, he never sleeps, and you [...]

  14. Finally Okay, so the book was good but I have to say it really could have been wrapped up in about 250 pages instead of the 663 it took So many misses that were just frustrating All the integral plot points tied up in the end and it definitely didn t leave any questionable loose ends While I m glad I read the books as they are SO different from the movies, I m also glad that I m done with the series.

  15. Since this isn t the first book in the series, the prior books set up an expectation for this ultimate finish that Ludlum does rather well Hopefully if you re here, by this point you ve read the first two novels in the series, and either are determined to stick it through to the end or are on a dare, like I was Happily consistent language and humor makes a smooth transition from Supremacy to Ultimatum, and characters personalities are intact and dialogue bounces between them well probably the be [...]

  16. So that finishes Ludlum s writing of the Bourne series, and what a lengthy sign off it is I enjoyed the first two books, but was a little less thrilled at times with this one I guess I found it a bit too wordy when it wasn t always necessary to be so Also, I didn t like how Ludlum wrote some of the dialogue The delivery came off a little corny at times, for lack of a better word, when Bourne would vacillate between being Webb and Bourne when conversing with his wife and others it just didn t hit [...]

  17. THIS IS MY NEW BLOG POST ABOUT THIS NOVEL AUTHOR Robert LudlumCHARACTERS Jason Bourne aka David Webb, Jackal aka Carols aka Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Marie, John St Jacques, Alex Conklin, Morris Panov Mo , Peter Holland, Henry Sykes, Krupkin Dimitri, Santos and othersLOCATION S Washington, Vienna Georgia and Boston, USA , Montserrat Islands Caribbean , Paris France ,Moscow and Novgorod Russia GENRE ThrillerPLOT JASON BOURNE aka DAVID WEBB David Webb was actually a scholar by profession, spoke sever [...]

  18. I ll start by saying that the book and the movie are different in all ways except for the title and the main character s name That character is the scholar David Webb, or, as people know him, Jason Bourne the lethal government assassin until he got amnesia Now, thirteen years later, David is married with children, and Bourne s sworn enemy the killer Carlos the Jackal resurfaces, seeking a final confrontation Now, David Webb must take on the identity of Jason Bourne to protect his family and tra [...]

  19. The plot is good, there is continuous action.Some memorable phrases Jason You want compassion, go to a church and appeal to that God of yours who pisses on this planet He s either got one hell of warped sense of humor or he s a sadist Alex Conklin I lost my faith, and now after years of proclaiming my spiritual independence, I wonder if I m missing something Jason Like what Alex I don t know Things I can t control, maybe Jason You mean you don t have the comfort of an excuse, a metaphysical excu [...]

  20. A few years ago, having watched Bourne movies, I picked the Bourne Identity up from the library It had almost no relation to the movie, but I enjoyed it in its own merit Jason Bourne tries to deal with his amnesia while being hunted by and hunting a notorious assassin, Carlos the Jackal When I saw The Bourne Ultimatum at a used book sale for twenty five cents, I picked it up Ten years later, Jason Bourne at fifty is once again pitted against Carlos the Jackal in one final battle to the death Unf [...]

  21. The third and final story of the trilogy takes place 5 years after the crazy saga in Hong Kong and 13 years after Bourne s first confrontation with Carlos The Jackal at Treadstone Seventy One.In this final installment a message is sent cryptically supposedly from Bourne to Conklin and Panov to meet at a carnival, but the message ends up being from The Jackal, who has found Bourne and nowhere is safe Bourne is forced to send his family to stay at Monserrat with Marie s brother Johnny As we have l [...]

  22. Of the three books so far, this one is the worst First off, it has nothing to do with the movie So forget that Second it has twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti And it is as improbable as any The story takes place 13 years after the first book Jason is 50, and is doing things and tasks that he couldn t have done when he was 37 The story is obviously the last book in the series, and you can tell by the way that it is constructed that it was meant to be the last So I am a bit concerned abo [...]

  23. How the author did it, I don t know, but he caught me with his story and the adventures of David Webb Jason Bourne This last book in the trilogy I find good It shows the dilemma of the person David, that influences the person Jason, no matter how hard the latter is fighting it.It shows a battle of a man, in his 50 s, that is going to war again with his oldest enemy Carlos, to protect himself and his family He goes all around the globe again, finding old friends allies to help him with his battle [...]

  24. This wasn t as good as the first two books I understand that Bourne and Carlos are so good at what they do that it is hard for one or the other to get the upper hand and finish the job, but how many times can your antagonist and protagonist clash without any progress or resolution There was also a lot of stuff that felt mostly like a distraction, and not integral to the plot.This story just got too big for it s own good It really felt very different from the first two books in the series This co [...]

  25. I struggle to declare this final installment of Ludlum s masterful trilogy the best of them, but I will not hesitate to conclude that it was the most hilarious Yup, the comedy was a plus towards the intertwining journeys of Jason s many foes and friends It made the entire adventure less agonizing and welcoming to plow through This final arc of the famous chameleon was definitely a ride to wait for With powerful storytelling, despite the overdrawn formula of intense detail, fulfilling action, an [...]

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