The Rogue Agent (2022)

The Rogue Agent Best Download || [Daniel Judson] - The Rogue Agent, The Rogue Agent Former covert ops agent Tom Sexton is living quietly in rural Vermont Running a diner with his girlfriend Stella he thinks that the worst he s seen done and suffered is finally behind him But when The Rogue Agent Best Download || [Daniel Judson] - The Rogue Agent, The Rogue Agent Former covert ops agent Tom Sexton is living quietly in rural Vermont Running a diner with his girlfriend Stella he thinks that the worst he s seen done and suffered is finally behind him But when
  • Title: The Rogue Agent
  • Author: Daniel Judson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Rogue Agent
The Rogue Agent Best Download || [Daniel Judson], The Rogue Agent, Daniel Judson, The Rogue Agent Former covert ops agent Tom Sexton is living quietly in rural Vermont Running a diner with his girlfriend Stella he thinks that the worst he s seen done and suffered is finally behind him But when a long hidden specter from his troubled past emerges Tom is shaken out of his safe furtive life With no choice but to lock and load Tom falls back into a world where vaFormer cover
  • The Rogue Agent Best Download || [Daniel Judson]
    469Daniel Judson
The Rogue Agent

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  1. The Rogue Agent is an action packed spy thriller taking place in the exotic lands of the northeast At its best, this novel is chock full of gun battles, breached safe houses, grenades, and hand to hand combat It is filled with undercover operatives, trained assasins, and layers of secrets A decent read.

  2. I got this book from NetGalley a few days ago and after reading the first 8 chapters I was so drawn into the story, I stopped, went to and bought the first book, The Temporary Agent so I could learn Tom and Cahill s backstory This series I am certainly hoping Judson doesn t leave us hanging too long is everything I love in an action thriller book a damaged hero, a little romance, a lot of patriot, a fellow crusader and a lot of bad ass In this case the men have nothing over the women Tom and Ste [...]

  3. Tom Sexton is living very low key with his girl friend, Stella They have a cafe and though they are prepared for anything that could happen but hoping that life will be quiet Then he is called to help with one thing Keep a teen girl safe Sounds easy but then the bad guys come for the girl and the battle begins There are so many things going on that Tom Stella done t know about and nobody has told them One is the cook they hired and became friends with is not who she seems Some heated battles and [...]

  4. Just okaySo the lead character didn t show up in this book until about 90 pages in My main reason for this this installment was the main character After that there was still a lot of filler back story that didn t seem to help with the story, only drag it on I was really excited to read this after the awesome story that was The Temporary Agent There was some great action in this book, and a story line that had unfulfilled potential.

  5. This is the first book I have read by Daniel Judson I didn t read the first book in the serious The book started right out of the gate with action My impression is the first several chapters was a review of what happened in the first book The last couple is the setup for the next book There were a few places in the middle where it didn t keep me interested in the story The story isn t anything new that I haven t read.

  6. Great sequel to the temporary agent Book was fast paced and a fun read The plot turns were obvious but the writing and details keep you engaged.

  7. 3.5 starsAs a former covert ops agent, Tom Sexton lived a life of danger and now he wants nothing than to keep his girlfriend Stella safe Under assumed names they run a diner in a small Vermont town Tom receives word that his help is needed one time by the people he used to work for and with reluctance he accepts the assignment of keeping a teenage girl safe from the people who killed her mother But what seems like an easy mission leads to danger and soon Tom isn t sure who he can trust.This i [...]

  8. The Rogue Agent eBook was published in 2017 and was written by Daniel Judson danieljudsonbooks Mr Judson has published a dozen novels This is the second book in his The Agent series I received an ARC of this novel through netgalley in return for a fair and honest review I categorize this novel as R because it contains scenes of Violence The story is set in the contemporary US The primary character is former covert ops agent Tom Sexton.Sexton thinks he has been hiding and invisible to his former [...]

  9. When I started reading this second book in The Agent series, I had a hard time remembering who the characters were, but after a couple of chapters it all fell into place Throughout the book there were references to remind me of the previous history between the characters.Once the book got going, things blasted ahead at full speed, with plenty of action along with twists and turns, not sure which way the story will go next Overall, another fantastic adventure However, I knocked one star off becau [...]

  10. This novel needs an editor badly In the attempt to create verisimilitude, the author launches into meticulous details concerning weapons that inevitably feel stilted and break the flow of the story An example Couldn t find those light weight, high speed frangibles you like, so I ve included these new polymer rounds that I find interesting They re fluted, which helps build up kinetic energy as they spin through the air, and even though they re nonexpanding, the increased speed helps create a mass [...]

  11. The Rogue Agent by Daniel Judson is the story of Tom Sexton Tom has been living a quiet life in Vermont, running a small restaurant with his girlfriend Stella Tom is haunted by living close to his childhood home and by his past Tom s past returns and he begins protecting a young girl But nothing is as easy as it seems This book was full of action and told from various perspectives I found it difficult to read this book on its own, since I had not yet read the first book I received a digital copy [...]

  12. I read The Temporary Agent again before reading this book I am glad I did Great action packed read I could not put it down Really like the main character Tom Tomas and his Girl friend Stella They made me to want to keep reading to make sure they are okay I home the next book comes out soon.

  13. Just like the temporary agent, this was tough to put down I had to reacquaint myself with the characters due to the gap between books Good mysteryup to a point, then it was too obvious Still see grammar and spelling issues, but Nice ending and it will be a good change for the next book I hope that doesn t take too long.

  14. The rogue agentConfusing at first to say the least, the tale evolved into a swiftly moving hunt for the next lead to a traitor and the head of all the evil In the end we see the direction for the next phase of the series but again have to go through bedraggled philosophy as to why it s the right thing to do Why

  15. Quick fast paced read, cover to coverQuick fast paced read I read cover to cover.Still , like the 1st book Temporary Agent, could use some editing The players are mostly the same, the setting is moved to Vermont Where Tom and Stella are hiding out from the bad guys from the previous book If you liked the Bourne type books, you might like this one.

  16. The second book of this series lives up to the first which I enjoyed I liked the characters, which, for me, is essential in reading a book The pacing is excellent, reminding me of Lee Child s style with the Reacher books one of my favorites It is evident that Mr Judson researched most of what he writes about, so it lends credibility to the story I look forward to the next novel in this series Good job, sir.

  17. Loved this book Non stop action couldn t put it down Won this copy through the give a ways, THANK YOU SO MUCH Would make a GREAT movie if not one already Looking forward to other books by Daniel Judson.

  18. BorimgMy personal notes, so I don t buy this series Again First Half the book was a catch up on the last book And second half set he stage for book 3 A little action in the centerToo many characters for my taste.

  19. NetGalley ARC It s a very easy read, easily a 3.5 A complex plot, some fairly hard core espionage action content, and reasonably interesting characters makes it a very fast paced, thrill a minute book.

  20. Spell binding actionWell written, non stop action keeps you glued to the pages of this book A little gory at times but that matches the story line The main characters are endearing to the point you need to keep reading to find out how they survive.

  21. This was truly an awesome read spies, agents, government, romance, kidnapping, gun play, murder, adventure and mystery all rolled up into one fast reading, quick and well written plot So much action it was almost unbelievable would make a GREAT movie A million lives in one

  22. While protecting a young girl, the team that Tom works with realized that there is a mole within their organization B

  23. Hit the Ground Running An excellent plot filled with loops and decoys to keep you guessing until the last page Characters come alive easily.

  24. SlowAs it turned out there was a sequel to the first book but to my disappointment storyline took the same rather slow pace here, too Not bad overall but expected faster pace.

  25. A very good book iI really enjoyed reading this book about Tom and Stella and their friends Daniel Judson rocks please Mr Judson please

  26. Fantastic readToo good a read Can t miss it U start and can t stop even at the end One of the best I read.

  27. Interesting BookThis book covers the technical aspects of the SOF business but it did not work in the human area you never felt much emotion.

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