Stroked Long (2022)

☆ Stroked Long ☆ Meghan Quinn - Stroked Long, Stroked Long From his dirty blond hair and breathtaking smile to the abs from heaven and the irresistible V in his waistline everything about Bodi Olympic gold medalist Banks screams hot piece of Yet there s Da ☆ Stroked Long ☆ Meghan Quinn - Stroked Long, Stroked Long From his dirty blond hair and breathtaking smile to the abs from heaven and the irresistible V in his waistline everything about Bodi Olympic gold medalist Banks screams hot piece of Yet there s Da
  • Title: Stroked Long
  • Author: Meghan Quinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Stroked Long
☆ Stroked Long ☆ Meghan Quinn, Stroked Long, Meghan Quinn, Stroked Long From his dirty blond hair and breathtaking smile to the abs from heaven and the irresistible V in his waistline everything about Bodi Olympic gold medalist Banks screams hot piece of Yet there s Dark shadows lurk behind his soulful serious eyes I m enad He s captured me How can running an art foundation with Bodi Banks turns into a slow burning epic romanFrom his dirty blond hair
  • ☆ Stroked Long ☆ Meghan Quinn
    153Meghan Quinn
Stroked Long

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  1. IT S LIVE Go get yourself some Bodi, ladies HOLY PENIS ON A PINEAPPLE, that was excellent lol a soon to be three star Olympian, with the most amazing body I ve ever seen, a voice so husky it makes your toes curl, and a smile that will make you orgasm right on the spot Aaaaaand, despite everything you ve just read in the quote above, once he puts on the goggles and a swim cap he still looks like a penis with sunglasses I quote Meghan Quinn, by the way This woman makes me laugh she writes these sw [...]

  2. Show me the most damaged parts of your soul, and I will show you how it shines like gold Nikita GillYou don t look for love it looks for you Love often surfaces when you least expect it, throwing a curveball your way It sneaks up on you and steals your heart and soul, where you can t help but surrender to the serendipity of something spectacular you find when you weren t even searching Like love, books brandish you to them with a power you never predicted Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn struck me h [...]

  3. 5 Doggie Paddle Like a Boss Stars Sometimes the beauty in the art piece isn t about the strokes, Bodi Sometimes it s about the colors and how you mold them together It s really about taking a dark, mysterious color and mixing it with something bright and cheery It s the contrast that makes them so beautiful together What happens when a carefree art history grad meets an introverted and socially awkward Olympic swimmer So many awesome things Ruby Hearts yep, that s her real name has always had a [...]

  4. I m gonna admit that when I first started reading this book I thought that the wonderful Meghan Quinn had let me down.A manic pixie dreamgirlish character in a romance that flashes jazz hands at the hawtie on the very first meeting Ugghh No.Then we have Bodi the tortured Olympic swimmer who has all kinds of problems going on Don t worryI would totally go full out cougar on Spencer Reid Then the story started moving away from just how annoying they were Once together and interacting Meghan Quinn [...]

  5. 4 I was made for loving you stars This was my first Meghan Quinn s book and i have to admit that i wasn t expecting anything like that From the blurb already, i thought that we will have a quick, sexy and funny reading, but it was than that and i freakin loved it It was also very emotional and with a wonderful story The protagonists were lovely persons with lots to give to each other, even though that they couldn t be opposite personalities But in a strange way, it was working just fine with t [...]

  6. 5 Moose Knuckle StarsReview Vanilla Spice Books After Stroked, which I had some major quibbles about and I think I wasn t alone there , I was nervous starting this one I was hoping for story and less inane bitchiness that was Bellini What can I say My prayers were heard and Meghan Quinn dishes up a way serious story than I knew her for The moment Bodi forgot to lock up the door of his childhood home was when this spirited twelve year old boy shattered He and his sister became ear witnesses of [...]

  7. Expected publication September 20th 2016 by Hot Lanta Publishing, LLCStory Rating 5 STARS Hero Rating 5 STARS Heroine Rating 5 STARS Romance Rating 5 STARS Humor Rating 5 STARS Heat Level 4 STARS Ending 5 STARS Overall Rating 5 I Know I Was Put On This Earth To Love You STARS WHAT A FANTASTIC read Stroked Long was for me I was totally thrown for a loop at what happened in the beginning of this book, I was not expecting something like this coming from Megan Quinn This book grabbed ALL sorts of em [...]

  8. 3 StarsOverall Opinion I think this was one of those that I had hyped up in my own head as being this amazing book, so when I read it I found it didn t quite meet my expectations I don t think it s the book, per se, but my expectations were just too darn high I loved the h and I liked the H, so no complaints with the characters I did read in a friend s review that the H s sexual history didn t match his awkwardness and personality, and I agree completely It didn t take away from the story for me [...]

  9. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 StarsI have about a thousand gifs saved on my puter that I need to get rid of, so y all better go put some money on your data plans or quit reading right now.In case you aren t aware, I snatch hehehe up every Meghan Quinn book I see I m also lucky enough to have an enabler a friend who sends me messages when her new stuff is available for request on NetGalley My addiction is so great that I already had an unread Quinn book on my shelf, but still neeeee [...]

  10. 3.5 Actually Right For Each Other Stars 1 2How do I even begin this reviewDo I go deep and start with the challenge of living through unimaginable trauma, feeling like you were responsibled how through this torturous guilt, your only redemption is to be the singularly focused Olympic Swimming StarOrDo I start by preparing you for the out of the box way Meghan Quinn works her stories and characters in this serieswhere we are surrounded by those we have met already in Stroked and how this story ru [...]

  11. I was excited to get Bodi s story, couldn t wait to see how this beautiful secretive man found love I was rewarded with a captivating and alluring story Bodi endures tragic happenings as a young boy, ones that change his entire world, his well being, and his outlook on love He has everything planned out in his life, and love is not included in that plan So when Ruby Hearts enters the picture, he fights the attraction, he continues to battle his desire, and he drowns in his misery Ruby Hearts is [...]

  12. Ahhh, this book left me with a huge grin The thing is, Meghan always delivers You can never go wrong with her books, they re always the perfect combination of comedy and romance, but Stroked Long was so different and such an unexpected surprise While Stroked was comedy than anything, Stroked Long was a way deeper book, serious book, and I loved every second of it.I have to say, the prologue is heartbreaking Oh man, I was hooked from then on So Stroked Long is the second book in the Stroked ser [...]

  13. 5 starsI freaking loved this book In a totally surprised, did not expect this sort of story but boy i devoured it kind of love I m glad i took the plunge despite not liking the first book in this series I went into this totally blind as i LOVE this author and could not be thankful for that The author nailed it with this one, a definite Top 2016 read for me Bodi is a devastatingly handsome and broken man An Olympic medalist, he s content to live by his strict rules and rituals after a childhood [...]

  14. Have you ever read a book and just known that the author has poured their heart and soul into the story Stroked Long is that book for Meghan Quinn She strikes just the right balance of playfully silly and heartbreakingly tragic while giving a story that will touch your heart and make you fall in love with the characters.Bodi is a three time Olympic champion swimmer After suffering a life changing childhood trauma, his life has become very regimented, obsessive, and orderly He doesn t socialize m [...]

  15. 4.5 Stars HOTTIE ALERT Bodi Banks 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist Phelps and Locte has nothing on this brooding, dark, jaded hero He s the hero every booklover should meet Early in his life, Bodi and his sister Eva was struck by an heartbreaking tragedy It scarred him for life On the outside, he has it all together, but on the inside he is falling apart everyday while living under a cloud of restriction, uncertainty and inner chaos Bodi lets no one in No one really knows the real him, that is until [...]

  16. 4 Surprising Strokes StarsThis was seriously addicting I m going to rectify not having read book 1 as soon as possible because this book was so good My first standalone Meghan Quinn book was a winner and I can t wait to read Stroked Long was a big surprise from me From what I d heard about her writing, I expected it to be funny if a bit crude And while there was lots of funny, it wasn t over done Plus she was able to add so much sweet and sass that I feel in love with the heroine maybe even th [...]

  17. 4.5 starsHoly Shit This book was so good It had everything I could possibly wantHumor a lot of freaking humor If a textile shop and a rainbow had a baby, it would be this apartment I m not sure if that s a good thing or if it s some kind of early warning sign of a sociopath Oh Bodi, Double Stuf Oreos are not a manly cookie Double Stuf Oreos were specifically engineered by Nabisco for raging pregnant woman and for those of us riding the red tide into Crampsville, but you re cute for thinking othe [...]

  18. Whatever formula Meghan Quinn used to create this story needs to be bottled up and soldEVERYWHERE RomCom is a secret pleasure read for me but I don t get to enjoy it too much because at times I find it less hit and miss Not here folks This story was sexy, funny and quirky and had me laughing right to the end Future RomCom writers need to read this story and take notes.I am in love with Bodi and Ruby I m absolutely enad by them He s got OCD and a ton of anxiety issues.She s awkward, rambling, an [...]

  19. 3 stars This was good, but I couldn t really get into it Maybe it was circumstances, being very busy and not having much reading time I therefore found it difficult to really get into the story I never really connected with the MCs.Or maybe the problem is I m starting to find the damaged H who doesn t feel worthy of the h so he continues to push her away, but the h is so sweet and understanding so she takes him back immediately trope a bit tiresome.I dunno.But I will say that this one has some i [...]

  20. 5 Double Stuffed Oreo and Kale Stars This is by far, hands down, my favorite read of 2017 Megan Quinn held me hostage for 2 hours and I crushed Bodi Banks s story I have no idea how she can have me laughing so hard on one page and then emotionally distraught on the next Stroked Longfabulouse story, the characterse writing I feel like this is one of those books were you can feel the author s emotions and the words depict the struggleseverything that makes the read totally worthwhile The backgroun [...]

  21. Internal MemorandumDate September 19, 2016To Lovers of books and fictional menCC Meghan QuinnFrom PopKitty Book ReviewsRe Reading Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn will cause severe mental and physical disturbances.Having read and ARC of Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn I feel as though it is my civic duty to convey the many and various disturbing mental and physical disturbances of varying degrees that I underwent while reading this book so that those who are planning on reading this novel will at least [...]

  22. Bodi Fucking Banks.My heart Oh my God.If you re expecting something sugary sweet and lighthearted full of Ms Quinn s trademark outrageous humor, well you ll find that here But you ll also find something so much bigger, deeper, and far emotional than the zany antics you may be expecting Bodi Banks is going to break your heart And Ruby Hearts is going to patch it all back together Hold on to your hats y all, because this is not the story you re expecting.I loved it.I mean, yes Sometimes Ruby was [...]

  23. Oh Bodi Bodi Bodi I LOVE this hero so much Seriously, Ms Meghan s outdone herself with this book What a beautiful story Here is the thing when I pick up one of Meghan s books I know I am in for some guaranteed belly laughing, rolling on the floor and peeing my pants good time Stroke Long is no different, BUT this book has something a little extra special besides RomCom guys I must say Meghan Quinn has made a little soft, sweet, tugging at your heart type of story this time I knew right away afte [...]

  24. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewMove over Phelps because Bodi Banks has taken over the spotlight Well, in the literary fiction world that is Meghan Quinn has once again has readers diving into her latest release and doggy paddling like crazy to keep afloat with her hottest and sexiest male hero, Bodi Banks.I m finally fucking admitting it She s beautiful That wall has crumbled I try not to show my emotions, let alone acknowledge them, but there is no denying Ruby s beauty [...]

  25. Ruby needs to work with the famous swimmer Bodi to organize an event Ruby can t wait to work with him, but Bodi is a little hesitant The event is important to Bodi, but he loves to be alone and he s not used to working with someone The Ruby and Bodi are together, the Bodi likes Ruby Ruby makes Bodi laugh again and they become good friends and .My heart already broke for Bodi in the first chapter His past is awful and it still affects his life He carries a lot of guilt He needs control over eve [...]

  26. ARC kindly provided by Meghan Quinn for an honest review, release date September 20th I was hooked after the first book of the series, and now I m even obsessed with Meghan Quinn s writing because Dear HOTNESS MIXED WITH A SWIMMER S BODY This story of Ruby and Bodi is the combination of emotional sweetness with a BODY SLAM touch of lust chemistry Chemistry and attraction that took a while to get a hold of, but soon rather than later they SPARK Bodi and Ruby are two, completely different persona [...]

  27. 4.5 starsSo many feels, I loved Stroked Long Loved the storyline, loved the characters, they captured my interest from the first page and held it until the end Bodi and Rudy were such wonderful, endearing characters They touched my heart watching them connect and fall in love Their journey to their HEA wasn t easy but it was all worth it when you find your perfect soul mate These two made me laughAnd they made me swoon.Overall, Stroked Long was a well written, sweet, fun, heartwarming and emotio [...]

  28. 4 starsA slow burning, laugh out loud funny, sweet, yet heartfelt story Nookie kicked in at 55% mark Loved both MC s especially the heroine s sense of humour The last part was definitely necessary to the story, but I wasn t too keen on how it fell apart and got stitched together in the end but that s just a personal preference of mine Rest assured, it was very well written and thought out so others probably won t feel the same niggles I did Highly recommended to those who love a quirky, hilariou [...]

  29. This is the second book in the series and features Bodi Banks, the dark, closed off, man of few words, gorgeous swimmer He is on the Olympic team alongside Reese King and in the first book he came across as aloof and detached In this story we find out why Bodi experienced a horrific incident when he was 12 years old and survived it alongside his sister Eva But it has shaped the man he has become Very few people know the real Bodi Banks but then he meets Ruby Hearts She is all light and vivacious [...]

  30. IT s LIVE I m so happy I stumbled upon Meghan Quinn She is my new happy place Her writing is brilliant and the characters she creates for us are layered and milk exit nose hilarious I knew I would love any story that her wit filled brain came up withBUT THIS BOOK MAGIC Seriously, I have no idea how the hell Meghan weaved in the perfect amount of EVERYTHING into these pages I laughed, I sighed over the epic beauty that was Bodi, I got throat punched, I got sweaty eyed, and when I was done, I went [...]

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