The Scoundrel's Honor (2022)

Free Download The Scoundrel's Honor - by Christi Caldwell - The Scoundrel's Honor, The Scoundrel s Honor Thanks to her older siblings Lady Penelope Tide is no stranger to scandal In order for her to make a good match her secret longings for intrigue and romance must be quelled Yet it is through terribl Free Download The Scoundrel's Honor - by Christi Caldwell - The Scoundrel's Honor, The Scoundrel s Honor Thanks to her older siblings Lady Penelope Tide is no stranger to scandal In order for her to make a good match her secret longings for intrigue and romance must be quelled Yet it is through terribl
  • Title: The Scoundrel's Honor
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Scoundrel's Honor
Free Download The Scoundrel's Honor - by Christi Caldwell, The Scoundrel's Honor, Christi Caldwell, The Scoundrel s Honor Thanks to her older siblings Lady Penelope Tide is no stranger to scandal In order for her to make a good match her secret longings for intrigue and romance must be quelled Yet it is through terrible mischance that Penelope is caught in a compromising position however innocent with the darkly enigmatic viscount Ryker Black Mr Black is no gentleman Raised from theThanks to h

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  • Free Download The Scoundrel's Honor - by Christi Caldwell
    101 Christi Caldwell
The Scoundrel's Honor

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  1. I discovered Christi Caldwell last year and immediately read most of her backlist Since then, whenever I see one of her books, I take notice When I received an invitation from the publisher via Net Galley, I eagerly accepted Again, Ms Caldwell has penned another winner Lady Penelope is determined to behave as an exemplary young debutante Her family has already had their share of scandal When she is caught in a compromising situation, she believes her life is ruined.Ryker Black could care less wh [...]

  2. The Scoundrel s Honor by Christi Caldwell is book Two in the Sinful Brides series This is the story of Lady Penelope Tide and Viscount Ryker Black This can be a standalone book but Penny and Black do appear in other books they meet in this book as secondary characters Penny is part of the Tide family that you can read in these books if you choose to do so Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love Scandalous Seasons Book 4 is where Penny family is introducedis is Penny s brother Sin s story Penelope Tide [...]

  3. NO EPILOGUE WHAT That s just how it ends Ummm am wanting to knock off a star for that still many dangling threads

  4. I absolutely adored this book I feel like I ve discovered a hidden treasure by discovering this author.Now I m going to be that stalker reader who goes out and buys all her books and binge reads.My thoughts This book had everything thing I like in a historical romance.The characters coming from different stations in life.Both being strong, intelligent, loyal, witty, courageous and loving.The story was engaging, and the secondary characters were intriguing and engaging.I really liked Penelope s c [...]

  5. I use to read alot of Ms Caldwell s books.I especially loved her book forever betrothed never the bride I don t know if it is my intolerance for wasted wordsor the lack of free time I have but when writers are inefficient with their words and repetitive in their writing especially when pages and pages are filled with character inner dialogues that just keep going in circles What a waste of words and pages and an opportunity to tell a meaningful and unforgettable story This book had good characte [...]

  6. To quote Robert Palmer, I might as well face it, I m addicted to love And Christi Caldwell s books feed my addiction 2 in her Sinful Brides series, The Scoundrel s Honor, is an emotionally stirring, character driven romance You can t help but fall in love with Christi s stories They do than make you swoon They welcome you into a wonderful new world where the possibilities for love are endless In a world where women had little control, Lady Penelope Tide s reputation was something she would cont [...]

  7. The Scoundrel s Honor is the second book in the Sinful Brides series by Christi Caldwell I haven t read the first book in the series, and it wasn t necessary to in order to enjoy this book I do however think that knowing about Ryker Black s enemy would be a bonus if only to know just why he and Ryker are at war In that regard, reading the first book, first, would be good.Penelope has seen her brother and sisters before her marry under scandalous circumstances Now it is her time to look for a hu [...]

  8. The Scoundrel s Honor by Christi Caldwell is another example of writing from the heart Set in 1822 London While, Book 2 in her mesmerizing series, Sinful Brides , it can easily be read as a stand alone See, The Rogue s Wager If you have read Ms Caldwell s intriguing stories before, you will probably remember Lady Penelope Tide and Ryker Black, as appearing characters Lady Penelope Tide is in no way a stranger to scandal Her older siblings caused such a scandal, her family s good name was mudged [...]

  9. I always like a good historical romance and this is a pretty good one except I did feel it s not one of the author s best ones and the one thing that really bothered me was how the MCs came together initially and the marriage plot of the book It was so quick and honestly just ridiculous I know so many of these books use the compromised so must marry plot device and sometimes it works and other times it s just annoying and lazy This time it didn t work for me But that s not to say I didn t enjoy [...]

  10. Penelope Tide wanted to break free of the family tradition of scandalous behaviours as started by her 3 older siblings She, the unruly girl with the big romantic dreams of her future and the bane of seven governesses, had decided to be the first proper Tide of her generation Propriety unfortunately had other plans, and she soon found herself on the ground, in a state of disarray and body searched by the barely civilised Mr Ryker Black, otherwise known as Lord Chatham and the owner of an infamous [...]

  11. E ARC is provided thanks to the publisher via know what I was so ready to not like this story mainly because I couldn t stand Ryker in the first book, but maaaaaaanI finished this in one sitting because I couldn t stop I love seeing Ryker s world being turned upside down by Penelope s entrance She is so wonderful I admire her for sticking with the gloomy cloud that is Ryker I love how Ryker s changed the time he s spent with Penny, despite him not wanting to change This is such a [...]

  12. The Sinful Bride series is a raw and emotional journey into the underbelly of Regency England As we step into this dangerous land of the forgotten, abused and discarded, we begin to see men and women of incomparable strength ,who blazed their own path in life despite the cruelties of their conditions The Tide family is a true oddity in the Ton world They are a family who love each other above are else A family who allowes cheer and happiness invade all areas of their life, despite the Ton s unsp [...]

  13. ARC Review The Scoundrel s Honor Sinful Brides by Christi CaldwellBehind the image, Lady Penelope years for adventure Her desires are hidden in her heart and must remain only in her dreams, if she hopes to make her family proud What happens with the Lady meets her heart s desire in a shocking twist Sparks fly, lines are crossed and danger ensues Mr Black has the soul of a rogue He lives on the edge and scandal is his calling card, but the biggest surprise of all is he has the heart of a gentlema [...]

  14. The Tide family are one of my faves in historical romance, so it s lovely to read Penny s sorry, Penelope story While it was a quick read, the romance wasn t really as believable, given that Penny and Ryker have literally only known each other for a handful of minutes before they are married, and then it s only a week after that that Penny professes her love for Ryker.Aside from the fast, blink and you miss it romance, this was a sweet little gem in the Sinful Brides series.

  15. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is book 2 in a new series from Christi Caldwell In this addition to the series we get the story of Ryker a man that has been shaped by the streets and is forced to marry to save his club and the reputation of a young miss The story was well done and I am definitely looking forward to in the series.

  16. There is no possible way to say it without sounding like a fool in love The Scoundrel s Honor by the indomitable Christi Caldwell is everything this reader LOVES, tucked into one fabulous story You want action You got that You want intrigue You got that Need a bit of action Well you got it How about romance Well DUH Penelope Tide never had a chance Her family history of scandal is known far and wide and even though Penelope was always standing on the precipice of scandal, she always attempted to [...]

  17. The Scoundrels Honor by Christi Caldwell is book 2 in The Sinful Brides Series It takes place in London 1822, and is the story of two people bound together by scandal Penelope Tide has seen her share of scandals by watching her only brother Sin Always a Rogue,Forver her Love, Scandalous Seasons book4 ,and her 2older sisters Patina A Marquees For Christmas book 5 Scandalous Seasons and Prudence Captivated by a Ladys Charm B00k 2 Lords of Honor each causing scandals the ton will not forget Penelop [...]

  18. I loved Christi s last book, and thought it was the absolute best yet but this one stretched to new heights The story of Penelope and Ryker is fabulous I found Ryker to be a hero with the silver lining Not only is he a great hero but he really figured out how to love and live There was so much depth to the characters in this book Just when you had them figured out the last 1 4 of the book proved you still had a lot to discover I laughed throughout the book At one time my husband came into the ro [...]

  19. I have read many Christi Caldwell novels, and have enjoyed them all Ms Caldwell has a style of writing I thoroughly enjoy The way she alternates between different characters viewpoints really brings her stories to life for me The plot for The Scoundrel s Honor is not a new one The hero and heroine are polar opposites in every way From their upbringings and life experiences to their personalities, they couldn t have less in common Lady Penelope Tide is eighteen and in her first season Lady Penelo [...]

  20. This was a beautiful, well written story I really love this Christi Caldwell and haven t read a bad book from her yet I really liked that there wasn t an immediate attraction between the main characters It made the story seem realistic and believable When they finally did get together, it made sense because they got to know each other over a period of time and the relationship between them seemed genuine because of that Once they started warming up to each other, the tension between Ryker and [...]

  21. I received an E ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Penny is a dreamer She dreams of many things She is a romantic And she is naive The Tides, her family, have been the center of several scandals in the past Her older sisters, in particular So it s no surprise that Penny is tainted with the same reputation AND that she is determined to overcome Society s expectations She was to be proper and polite, and Society was to have seen that, and then to have overlooked years of Tide scan [...]

  22. Somewhere between Ryker Black s rise from guttersnipe to ruthless owner of the Hell and Sin Club, the world had learned one did not cross him, interrupt him, or interfere with his dealings Ever FINAL DECISION A story that has a lot of drama, this book stays on the surface of the emotions of the characters That makes what might otherwise be a dark book interesting but not compelling I enjoyed the book because of the characters especially the heroineE STORY Lady Penelope Tide is having her debut a [...]

  23. The second book in the Sinful Brides Series is definitely a keeper Ryker and Penny are two completely opposites that wind up together in a incredible story of danger, redemption, forgiveness and most of all Love.Ryker grew up on the streets in St GIles and has no use for anyone or anything that will take him away from his gaming hell and his adopted brothers He is ruthless and believes this is the only way to live Don t let anyone into his world that will jeopardize his club He especially has no [...]

  24. Who knew gambling and playing a game of cards could be so damn sexy Another winner here from Christi Caldwell They just keep getting better and better Once you get over the first chapter which is wishy washy in my opinion the book just blazes with chemistry and intrigue.Penny is a upper class woman too progressive for her time Her family are constantly getting into scandals so she goes to a party to restore her name and find a man What any good woman in regency England needs to do.Unfortunately [...]

  25. I really loved this book The hard core Mr Black, who is a gaming hell owner, and a Viscount He meets quite by accident Miss Penelope Tid, at a ball of all things as she had run to the garden to,avoid awful comments about her sisters, and he had to get away from the crowds Her hem had ripped, and now her lace bodice ripped on a tangle, and Ryker Black takes her for someone daring to sneak into his sister s home He begins checking her for weapons, and she fights doing damage to her gown, and the [...]

  26. Ryker and Penelope are both strong characters Christi Caldwell has done their story justice Five stars.

  27. 5 StarsAt the beginning I didn t think the book was up to much but wow by the end I d changed my mind Fab Arc received from NetGalley for an honest review

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