Wish Me Home (2022)

[PDF] Read Î Wish Me Home : by Kay Bratt Kate Rudd - Wish Me Home, Wish Me Home In her first work of contemporary women s fiction bestselling author Kay Bratt draws on her own life experiences to create a raw yet inescapably warm novel about friendship and a wary heart s unexp [PDF] Read Î Wish Me Home : by Kay Bratt Kate Rudd - Wish Me Home, Wish Me Home In her first work of contemporary women s fiction bestselling author Kay Bratt draws on her own life experiences to create a raw yet inescapably warm novel about friendship and a wary heart s unexp
  • Title: Wish Me Home
  • Author: Kay Bratt Kate Rudd
  • ISBN: 9781536628852
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Audio CD
Wish Me Home
[PDF] Read Î Wish Me Home : by Kay Bratt Kate Rudd, Wish Me Home, Kay Bratt Kate Rudd, Wish Me Home In her first work of contemporary women s fiction bestselling author Kay Bratt draws on her own life experiences to create a raw yet inescapably warm novel about friendship and a wary heart s unexpected capacity to love A hungry stray dog is the last thing Cara Butter needs Stranded in Georgia with only her backpack and a few dwindling dollars she already has too mucIn her first
  • [PDF] Read Î Wish Me Home : by Kay Bratt Kate Rudd
    100Kay Bratt Kate Rudd
Wish Me Home

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  1. I ve received an ARC in exchange of an honest review about this book This is definitely one of the best women s fiction novels I ve read Everything about this book is to be loved from the plot and pacing of the story, characterization, setting s , and most especially Hemi the Dog If you are a dog lover like I do, you will enjoy and love also this poignant and spectacular novel There are several tear jerking scenes in the story especially the part where Cara just left Hemi in the care of Luke and [...]

  2. 4 stars to Wish Me HomeWish Me Home was the perfect audiobook palate cleanser between heavier reads Cara is on her way to visit Ernest Hemingway s home however, we find out quickly that she is not just going for a visit She s running from something or someone But as she runs, Cara finds the most endearing stray dog, Hemi dog lovers will LOVE him , she confronts her past, and she finds peace and maybe even a happy ending after all I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did, but I found [...]

  3. When I was in my teens, I totally idolized Ernest Hemingway, so it was easy to like the principal character of this story As much of it is set in Key West, and features a kind of pilgrimage to the Hemingway house the famous six toed cats, which I ve also seen, setting was perfect as well The principal character, Cara, is a woman on the run from something, tho only at about 80% of the way do we find out from what In some ways the plot is a reworking of a favorite feel good theme where a solitary [...]

  4. Touching story.Story is about twin girls Cara and Hana Children left to defend themselves, legal system, foster parents often left them out cold One they re aged out of system, but Cara can t deal with Hana, she s determined to go to Key West and see the home of her literary hero, Hemingway Injured stray dog, she named Hemi is her body from Georgia to Key West Along the way many caring people will help them, some will hurt them This book is about the love of dogs, but also feel good love story.

  5. Kay Bratt has the ability to delve into difficult subjects with artistry and compassion This is a story of hope, healing, and finding family that you won t want to miss.

  6. 4 STARS This book was on my Kindle Unlimited feed and I clicked on it because I loved the cover The summary sounded interesting and the fact that the audiobook was included Score The narrator, Kate Rudd was excellent No surprise, since she has narrated a number of bestsellers.We meet Cara Butter walking on the interstate from Georgia to Florida and a stray, limping dog has begun to follow her She tries to ignore the dog, but it doesn t take long for her to succumb to his persistence He has no co [...]

  7. If Disney ever made a movie about poverty and homelessness it would probably look a little like this That said, there is a place for books like this I enjoyed ithonestly I loved itbut it s closer to Cinderella than Winter s Bone.

  8. My MusingsI thoroughly enjoyed this emotionally charged novel I didn t know what to with this one since I took advantage of the chance to read and listen though Kindle Unlimited Glad I took a change The of this book was Hemi I just feel in love with him Happy reading

  9. My reviews can also be found at noveldeelightsWish Me Home is a beautiful story of one woman s journey, not only from Georgia to Key West, but to finding her inner strength and self worth It touches on the complicated relationship between twins, the pitfalls of the foster care system and how hard it is to regain trust in your fellow humans when you ve been hurt and let down times than you care to remember.I must admit, I chose this novel based on the cover I d never done that before But there s [...]

  10. Wish Me Home has been the right choice for starting this new year In this novel, Kay Bratt captures the essentials of the human soul and describes with delightful prose how different forms of solidarity can help a girl to find herself and her inner strength and fight for her happy ending.From the beginning, we follow Cara s trip and soon we can appreciate her new and strong bond with Hemi, a stray dog who becomes her most loyal friend Page after page, we discover fragments of Cara s past and her [...]

  11. Cara Butter is a broken 30 year old She and her twin sister, Hana, have been constantly let down as children in the foster care system and things have not worked out well since Searching for meaning of some sort in her life, she decides to walk from Georgia to Key West to see where Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his stories Along the way she is befriended by a stray dog Naming him Hemi, they form a tight bond Lessons about kindness, trust and the basic goodness of ordinary people break down barr [...]

  12. I put off writing my review of Wish Me Home by Kay Bratt for a few days because I m feeling a bit conflicted over how exactly to present it I loved the writing but sometimes the storyline was just so convenient that it turned me off Cara our lead kept finding herself in these situations with strangers and it was just always oh so lucky that they were good people who took her in and let this complete stranger who just happened to also be a broke, homeless, vagabond with a stray dog take over thei [...]

  13. After the death of their mother when they were seven, twin sisters Cara and Hana Butter became wards of the state and faced than their share of challenges while growing up They found themselves placed in one bad foster care home after another with only each other to truly rely on Hana, the twin with the strongest personality, was rebellious and always getting the girls into trouble, while Cara did her best to appease her sister and keep the peace in difficult situations Those roles continued we [...]

  14. My Review of Wish Me Home by Kay BrattKudos to Kay Bratt, Author of Wish Me Home for writing such an emotional, and heartwarming, sensitive and enjoyable novel The Genres of this novel are Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, and Women s Fiction.Kay Bratt describes her colorful characters as flawed, complex , complicated and for the most part likable Cara and Hana are twin sisters that have been brought up in a negligent foster system for the most part Issues such as betrayal and trust seem to be a la [...]

  15. A stray dog attaches himself to Cara, a homeless 29 year old woman This is the tale of their journey within America to find a forever home.I was attracted to this book by it s cover There is something about the bond that holds between a dog and their owner Although the blurb for this novel describes it as contemporary women s fiction, I feel that this will also appeal to male dog owners too I think that this story would be a good holiday read as when you are away from your home, you have only th [...]

  16. Wish Me Home is a heartfelt book about a variety of things creating our own family, trusting people, finding our self worth, and being strong enough to stand up for ourselves I think we all struggle with feeling worthy of love and the fear of abandonment, which is why I think that Wish Me Home will touch many people and perhaps help them to hope again What is the most fascinating part of this book to me, is Cara s characterization and relationship to her sister It was easy for me to identify wit [...]

  17. This was a very good story that, I believe, had the potential to be great I do not want anyone to think that I am, in any way, putting down the author or even am trying to re write the book It is just, after finishing the story, my first though was why was the end finished so quickly, whereas the beginning had such a terrific build up I realize the this book is suppose to be a feel good book I have to admit that it was the reason I choose to read it And the author, Kay Bratt did a terrific job i [...]

  18. Compelling, heartfelt, real, and oh so satisfying, I was totally hooked from the first page of WISH ME HOME by Kay Bratt It s a journey story, kind of in the way some classic fairy tales are journey stories In this case a young woman through a web of unfortunate circumstances finds herself on the road, not to Oz, but to Florida, specifically Hemingway s house in Key West This is a wonderfully told story about learning to trust in life and yourself despite experiences that seem to indicate you sh [...]

  19. Wish Me Home is by Kay Bratt It is set mainly on the road from Georgia to Key West, Florida and in Key West It is a search for home the complicated relationship of twins the fight against depression and a call to those who are foster parents and those who place children in foster homes to be vigilant and nurture those children It is quite interesting and the author manages to take you into the story along with Cara You feel her joys and fears along with her desire for stability and love You keep [...]

  20. This is a story about a journey to Florida s far southern shore A young woman is running away from something, but we don t find out why, until the last parts of the book She goes back in her memory of events that happened in her family, and then in foster care She finds good people, who help her a long the way She is able to grow, and become a stronger person as she goes through her experiences.

  21. Fascinating and HeartbreakingI have to admit that it took a few chapters for me to really get into the story, but I m so glad I stayed with it The story of the twin sisters and their treatment in the foster care system is both heartbreaking and infuriating It is also a testament to the resilience of children.I don t give away plots in reviews, so I won t go beyond that comment I will say that Ms Bratt is an excellent writer This is the first of her books that I ve read, but it most certainly won [...]

  22. far too twee for me And totally unrealistic Would YOU offer a bed etc to a total stranger who had no money, no possessions etc Doubtful And yet this happens time and time again in this story Sorry, Life isn t like that Not rating.

  23. I have read other books by this author, about her adoption and novels of China and I really like her writing style I was very interested to see how she wrote for general woman s fiction and this story did not disappoint, as it had some elements that I love from other favorite stories such as walking, meeting people who promote growth, etcThis is a story about twin sisters, Cara and Hanna who were sent from foster home, to foster home, never finding the right fit As the girls grow older they lear [...]

  24. Great book wonderful characters and story I couldn t stop reading the story it has a wonderful set if characters and the story drew me in wanted to find out what happens

  25. I think I expected a lot from this than what I got The story was good, but almost every single important issue was resolved in a way that was pretty anticlimactic and what emotions that surrounded those issues fell apart The ending felt rushed and a bit too neat and perfect.I guess I was thinking this was going to be quite a bit heavier emotionally In reality, while some of the issues brought up are heavy, the emotion that should have added weight to them just wasn t there for me Because I was [...]

  26. Something different I love all of Kay Bratts books and this one was wonderful Any novel with a dog as one of the main characters would hook me However , I did feel a little cheated by the ending not much of a denoument, and it left me wondering about some of the other characters that Cara had met.

  27. Kay Bratt takes her first dip into the contemporary women s fiction but diving in and coming up with a masterpiece Cara, is setting out on a journey one that eventually leads her to find about life, people, dogs, and herself than she anticipated She sets out on foot not really sure where the road would take her Along with her journey, she runs into a stray dog she names Hemi What better place to go than to Key West home of Ernest Hemmingway, Cara s favorite author Hana, her twin sister, and Car [...]

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