Borrowing Blue (2022)

[PDF] Borrowing Blue | by Þ Lucy Lennox - Borrowing Blue, Borrowing Blue Blue When my ex walks into the resort bar with his new husband on his arm I want nothing than to prove to him that I ve moved on Thankfully the sexy stranger sitting next to me is than willing to sh [PDF] Borrowing Blue | by Þ Lucy Lennox - Borrowing Blue, Borrowing Blue Blue When my ex walks into the resort bar with his new husband on his arm I want nothing than to prove to him that I ve moved on Thankfully the sexy stranger sitting next to me is than willing to sh
  • Title: Borrowing Blue
  • Author: Lucy Lennox
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Borrowing Blue
[PDF] Borrowing Blue | by Þ Lucy Lennox, Borrowing Blue, Lucy Lennox, Borrowing Blue Blue When my ex walks into the resort bar with his new husband on his arm I want nothing than to prove to him that I ve moved on Thankfully the sexy stranger sitting next to me is than willing to share a few kisses in the name of revenge It gets even better when those scorching kisses turn into a night of fiery passion The only problem Turns out the strangeBlue When my ex walks in
  • [PDF] Borrowing Blue | by Þ Lucy Lennox
    317 Lucy Lennox
Borrowing Blue

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  1. Borrowing Blue was vaguely enjoyable and sexy, but way OTT on the family drama The plot was weak and consisted of extramarital affairs, homophobic brothers, vengeful exes, and Blue running and I don t mean metaphorically he would literally take off jogging away every time his lil ol feelings got hurt So many things just didn t make sense Why did Sheila want to get back together with Tristan if she was really in love with John Why is Simone marrying a homophobe when she has gay brothers Why did T [...]

  2. This story worked pretty well for me Mostly.Pros I loved the humor, which was pretty constant throughout There were a decent number of feels Blue s family was really great and accepting Blue s bells swoon Neutrals This book had tons of family drama, mostly from Tristan s side of the family, but I was oddly okay with that, since the author didn t wallow and wallow in a cesspool Events happened, then you just sort of moved along I think the resolution at the end was decent, if not fairly predictab [...]

  3. This is author Lucy Lennox s first book and she did a nice job The sex was great, the angst was low and the boys were adorable My one complaint is that it dragged a bit towards the end and I skimmed a few sex scenes It could have been about 4 chapters shorter The last 75% of the book felt like filler.But I encourage M M romance fans to give this one a try Sometimes good old fashion hot sex is just what the doctor ordered.

  4. This is a beautiful, sweet yet hot and sexy read Blue is still getting over being dumped by his ex when he has to attend the week long festivities leading up to his sisters wedding He knows his ex will be there but he s not prepared to see him walk in with what looks to be his new incredibly young hot husband The only thing keeping him sane is the absolutely gorgeous man next to him at the bar, the man in question is Tristan and apart from the fact that he s obviously straight he seems perfect i [...]

  5. 3.5 Stars This one was pretty good I m always a little scared with a new author But it was on Kindle Unlimited and the blurb intrigued me.And overall it was pretty good The writing was good There wasn t too much to the story, just what the blurb says Tristan jumping in to save Blue at the family wedding from his ex The rest of the story is their time at the Vineyard leading up to the wedding There was some cheesy dialogue here and there A few times I had to roll my eyes, but overall I quite enjo [...]

  6. I loved everything about this amazing book, and the author s writing This is a wonderful tale of true love, found by destiny at a wedding week Blue, 32, a graphics design expert, was sitting at the Vineyard bar,when his ex strolled in with someone new The man sitting next to Blue noticed Blue s reaction and decided to help out He d kissed men before, so he kissed Blue Blue was stunned by this beautiful man with dark hair and gray eyes, and a dimple Tristan, 34, 6 2 , a lawyer and owner of the Vi [...]

  7. This was pretty delightful It was easy, it was fun, it was very lighthearted and my oh my was it sexy.I enjoyed myself pretty much the entire read Off to read the next one

  8. There will be spoilers belowThis book features271 fuck and derivatives89 ass84 shit41 damn32 assorted vulgarities bitch, slut, etc and that s only the ones I looked for In short, these two guys are pottymouthed like giggling teenagers, and just as attractive not Indeed, the teenager verdict stays with this book, for the author s narrative and prose as much as for the characters It s childish, super melodramatic, it s clearly written by a female author trying hard, but never succeeding, to repres [...]

  9. 4 StarsSurprisingly thoroughly enjoyable, this formula would typically not work out so well for my jaded heart, but for some reason perhaps buoyed by the enthusiastic narration by Michael Pauley this was a really sexy and delicious over the top romp Our protagonist Blue, serendipitously meets up with a beautiful stranger at the weekend getaway for his sister s wedding What Blue doesn t realize is that the sexy guy he s flirting with is none other than his future brother in law, Tristan Sparks fl [...]

  10. I enjoyed this story way than I expected It was funny, sweet, uncomplicated, steamy and at times a bit cheesy It has some angst, but not much and most of that angst is caused by other characters It wasn t a very deep storyline and not a whole lot happens, yet I didn t get bored It just made me feel really good.Blue and and Tristan meet, when Bleu is sitting at a bar at the Vinyard, where his sister will be marrying in a week When Blue s ex walks in with his new boytoy, Bue isn t really happy, e [...]

  11. What a pleasant read I just love it when the men in my book talk to each other, not hide their feelings.This was written with a lot of humor This book was not trying to be overly funny, but its subtle humor was therefore even enjoyable.Blue real name Bartholomew, I like Blue way better just arrived at a vineyard for his sister s wedding when he spots his ex at the bar, kissing his new boyfriend Blue has no idea how to deal with his ex and he tells this to the stranger sitting next to him The tw [...]

  12. Wow I m sooo glad that I gave this book a shot I m the kind of gal who always reads lots of reviews before I start reading a book because I really really hate not finishing books There is one friend of mine that I really really respect and usually whenever she gives 5 stars to books, I make sure to read them and when she gave 2 stars or lower, I skip those books She only gave two stars to this novel so I was really skeptical about starting this series but I saw some of my other friends gave this [...]

  13. I loved this book from the first page to the very last This book has it all Family, lol moments, little bits of drama, and an amazing love story that felt totally real Tristan and Blue were soul mates for sure With a cast of quirky secondary characters, I can t wait to read the next It s my understanding that this is the author s debut novel which absolutely blows me away What a talent she is One of the things I loved was that Tristan and Blue each had reasons to shy away from their attraction t [...]

  14. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars, because it fitted the mood I m in at the moment it s sweet, low angst, plenty of banter, a crazy family 9 brothers and sisters that will make for a lot of other books in this series A bit OTT and with some eye rolling because of all the ex but not enough to annoy me The feels aplenty, the lovable MCs and the hotness made up for it An enjoyable read.

  15. 4.5 StarsI fricken loved this Firstly, I have some serious cover lust going on where this series is concerned Talk about PRETTY Secondly, this is exactly the kind of GFY OFY story I like to get my claws into At first I worried it would be a little heavy on the gay for you themes, but that shit was pushed aside when Tristan quickly admitted that he d just been suppressing his sexuality because of a bad experience in his younger years I felt sorry for the guy, but I was so proud of how he embraced [...]

  16. This book made me so happy Sometimes I crave a super low angst sexy as fuck light, love and romance book and this book is everything Blue and Tristan are lovely together Sure, the premise and circumstances are far fetched and silly at times but I do not care I smiled The whole time And the sex.just take my word for it s not kinky or filthy but it WORKS

  17. 3.5 stars I ended up enjoying this new to me author than I thought I would Blue and Tristan meet at their siblings wedding to each other, and it s instant connection and chemistry The beginning was a bit rocky for me Tristan is straight, or at least has always identified that way But what starts out as lending a new friend a helping hand by kissing him in front of his ex to show the ex that Blue is just fine without himwinds up being a little scorching hot than either of them anticipated it to [...]

  18. I may have this new guilty pleasurereading disorder Gimme of those Marian boys This was sweet, sexy and funny Just a perfect read for this weekend.I m off to reading about Jamie, the 2nd Marian boy I sure hope Ms Lennox will keep those boys coming

  19. Not sure how to feel about this I liked it but didn t love it While Tristan Blue were a warm pair, I couldn t find that sizzle or heat from them I didn t like Tristan s brother or his family and Aunt Tillie granny who were supposed to be funny were really just obnoxious The storyline had great promise but it just felt like it was all over the place

  20. .5 stars for writer for great writing.It seems as factual description of a story.Great ways which leading to flow of emotions between two of them.Thanks Martin for recommendation.I didn t read much M M.But I like the book.

  21. I was utterly charmed by both the story and the narration I liked both Blue and Tristan very much I loved that even though this is a super fast insta love sort of story, I totally bought into it A thousand tiny bells started tinkling in my stomach the same way they did the night we first met and every other time I set eyes on Tristan Alexander I was such a goner and had known it from the beginning.But, most of all, I absolutely adored Michael Pauley s narration Terrific character voices, good pa [...]

  22. Overall book rating 4Audio Book Michael Pauley 4.5Book Cover 4.5I did the audio on this one and I m greatly convinced that it s one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much I swear I could listen to Tristan all day About the story I don t really care how many times it s been done I still enjoy the meet a stranger in a bar thing when it s done right and this one I enjoyed I just loved Tristan Right from the start I fell head over heels for him and his easy way of handling things I loved the no drama t [...]

  23. Not sure what happened to my original review, maybe I accidentally deleted it.I really liked this So well written, I had no idea this was her first book The guys fall in love kinda quick in the week leading up to their siblings wedding , but it felt natural, and sometimes you just know it feels right.

  24. Pretty good The dialogue, the plot, and big issues in this book are pretty OTT but the relationship is sweet and crazy sexy and the banter is really great This lady knows how to write a scorching hot sex scene And well.I m remarkably shallow VIRGIN sex is the best sex sigh

  25. I loved loved the way the book started.An offer of a pretend relationship, a quick but lingering kiss from a straight stranger, sadness, laughter, hurt, comfort, giggles, a promise of a revenge It was fun.But somehow along the way the book turned into a sex scenes marathon and a parade of cheating characters Married and singles alike except for the MCs, of course slept around like no one s business, tho to be fair, always off pages Brides and grooms alike were abandoned at the altar left and rig [...]

  26. 3.5 starsThis was cute I liked the snark and the banter I really liked that the miscommunication was at a minimum even though there was a lot of drama I m eager to read the rest of the series.

  27. It s two in the morning and I m sitting here in bed thinking on how I can explain how bad this book is without sounding like a complete asshole It s hard.I had high hopes for this The cover was beautiful, the reviews were great and the blurb sounded promising I was born in a town colonized by Italians, so the whole vineyard thing called to me in a flash Romance and wine how could this possibly go wrong Well, the amateurish writing made it wrong There s no subtler way to say this The feeling I go [...]

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