Lover (2022)

Unlimited Lover - by Marni Mann Gia Riley - Lover, Lover The attraction was undeniable I couldn t escape him I didn t want to I was his He was mine But he wasn t my husband My once treasured marriage was now flawed and imperfect By the time the guilt set in Unlimited Lover - by Marni Mann Gia Riley - Lover, Lover The attraction was undeniable I couldn t escape him I didn t want to I was his He was mine But he wasn t my husband My once treasured marriage was now flawed and imperfect By the time the guilt set in
  • Title: Lover
  • Author: Marni Mann Gia Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: None
Unlimited Lover - by Marni Mann Gia Riley, Lover, Marni Mann Gia Riley, Lover The attraction was undeniable I couldn t escape him I didn t want to I was his He was mine But he wasn t my husband My once treasured marriage was now flawed and imperfect By the time the guilt set in it was too late Reality was trying to keep me away from my obsession My husband was that reality My obsession was West But West was forbidden Taken Married We were swingerThe attraction was un

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  • Unlimited Lover - by Marni Mann Gia Riley
    361 Marni Mann Gia Riley

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  1. Lover stand alone Swinging couples get than they bargain for when feelings enter the bedroom Maybe that s what s so appealing the fact that he could toss me around and dirty me up Lover stand alone follows two couples as they decide to become swingers Former ice hockey pro West Holden and his wife have always been open minded sexually so swinging seems like the perfect distraction For special needs teacher Piper Callahan, Pipes and her husband swinging will be the last resort to try to spice up [...]

  2. This is swinging Lover is a steamy contemporary romance written by Marni Mann and Gia Riley This is their second collaborative work, and once again they have delivered a creative masterpiece with complex character relationships, passion, and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire read There s only so much distance two people can put between themselves before they re each going in opposite directions, permanently Piper Callahan is desperate to rekindle the spa [...]

  3. If the subject of swinging isn t something you d like to read about then you better stop right here And I m not talking about that kind of swinging lol Ok, assuming you re just as perverted open minded as myself and you re still reading this, I also have to go ahead and tell you there s cheating in the book Guessed it, not that kind of cheating either Are you still reading Ok good, because there s really nothing else you need to know This book is crazy HOT and you d be happy to know that there s [...]

  4. Review is also posted on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKSHow far would you go to save your marriage LOVER Is a standalone ADULT FICTION EROTICA Novel by Marni Mann Gia Riley and is also written in dual POV West Piper West and Piper are both to a sorts unhappy in their marriages, West has just been released from ice hockey due to one too many knock outs the only thing keeping his marriage fresh and alive is their active sex life, without that they have nothing Piper is holding her marriage to [...]

  5. OH MY GAWWWD When These two DIRTY girls Gia Marni , write together, there should be a Statutory Warning attached the book Read , wearing a skirt, sitting on an AC vent THE HOTTEST book of this year Bar NONE West Holden maybe the Hottest Hockey player created this year He and his wife , Tilly are pretty uber cool couple Very much comfortable with their sexual appetites and have somewhat of an open marriage And They re happy with that.Cannon and Piper are another couple whose marriage is heading f [...]

  6. 4 Stars To say that this story completely took me out of my comfort zone, is an understatement But if you really have to think about it, isn t that the reason why we read We want to be pushed out into unknown territories and be scared and thrilled at the same of the uncharted waters that we see lurking around So what do we do Do we give in, or just stick to our normal safe reads I chose to give in and let m tell you, I regret nothing Piper has been married for four years to a man who loves her [...]

  7. LoverBy Marni Mann and Gia Riley5 Sizzling Hot StarsFinished this one yesterday but had to find relief before jotting down my thoughts on this book Marni Mann and Gia Riley sure do work great together, coming up with the hottest books around This one is no exception Piper and Cannon are in a dry spell in their marriage Even the vacation to a hot tropical romantic spot did nothing for them Piper starts surfing the internet to figure out a way to spice up their marriage West and Tilly are the perf [...]

  8. Damn, I wanted to read about the swingers and NOT about the cheaters Because what they did was CHEATING Maybe it started as swinging, but almost immediately turned out to be cheating I read the blurb and I knew they end up together, but I thought they would stop to sleep with their partners and or leave them after they had feelings for each other But they didn t They lusted for each other, though much about each other and sexted behind their partners backs And they slept with their spouses being [...]

  9. DNF 30%Swinging couples who end up cheating What s worse is that West and Piper are not the most likable protagonists.Also, the pace at which the cheating escalated was too fast One minute they meet, swing, then immediately start sexting and sending boob n dic pics I mean, really Smh That s just wrong on so many sedimentary rock levels Let s not forget that West, prior to the swinging and stuff, had been fantasising about the mysterious female runner surprise Turns out it was Piper Bottom line h [...]

  10. Genre Contemporary RomanceType Standalone POV First Person DualRating After four years of marriage, the sparks that was once there no longer burning for Piper and Cannon Feeling lonely and desperate to fix her marriage, Piper found a swinging website that could be the answer to their problem And they jumped into it when Cannon thought it s what would make her happy.West Holden was a professional hockey player at a crossroad of his career He was having a hard time coping with changes in his new l [...]

  11. Well this was unexpected And in the very best possible way I went into Lover suspecting it may take me out of my comfort zone a bit, which is no bad thing, but seemingly not, suggesting that deep down I may be a tad immoral s the perfect time to shake things up With her marriage to lawyer, Cannon hitting stalemate and at a loss why, Piper decides to spice things up searching online for a couple who may be able help, where she makes contact with Tilly wife former NHL player, West and a couple who [...]

  12. Feeling lonely and as though her marriage is failing, Piper is desperate to connect with her husband and reignite the spark they once had After trying to reach out to Cannon without success, Piper starts to research nontraditional methods to save her marriage Upon agreeing to experiment with swinging, Piper hopes such exploration will bring them closer together There s only so much distance two people can put between themselves before they re each going in opposite directions permanently West Ho [...]

  13. 4.5 starsOMG I pretty much jumped into this book without knowing anything about the authors, their writing style or what the book would be about, all I knew was that the two couples were swingers Call me intrigued Shout out to the authors this book was AMAZING I was stoked to find authors that colored outside the lines This is what I NEED often, books that rattle the cages and authors not afraid to write something a bit controversial I adore writers that are open to different lifestyles, vani [...]

  14. 4 Delicious Stars Marni Mann and Gia Riley have created a delicious and sinful story that is going to make you blush, and fantasize about very naughty things I had such a great time reading this book the collaboration between these two authors was seamless and absolutely decadent There are a few scenes there that I will be nominating for hottest sex of the year in a book Watch out for Lover and make sure not to miss it Piper Callahan and her husband have been married for a few years but lately, [...]

  15. DNF 70%I can t believe I m saying this but Lover had too damn much sex, and I need sex that has a purpose in my stories All the sex became annoying and it took attention away from the characters and the story At no point did I connect with Piper, like her or West I really tried but the story lacked substance and I didn t buy Piper s reason for swinging Piper and her husband Cannon never felt compatible so that little twist didn t surprise me The writing was stellar and it definitely started out [...]

  16. Lover is a story of two couples who engaged in so called swinging view spoiler Swinging is a non monogamous behavior in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity hide spoiler.Piper felt there s something wrong or missing in her marriage Her husband, Cannon, is there to support whatever she thinks is best to resolve it, and bring back the spark in their marriage The only solution Piper could think of is [...]

  17. Promise me, it ll always be this good I can t, because it s only going to get better West Holden, 28, a professional ice hockey player and captain of his team in Boston finds himself forcibly leaving his much loved career Not able to cope he decides to move to Tilly s, his wife, hometown in Florida Both of them are sexually open mindedWe don t have a traditional marriage so when Tilly wants to swing, West agrees Tilly s going to watch me fuck another woman.And I m going to watch her fuck another [...]

  18. Title LoverAuthor Marni Mann Gia RileyCategory RomanceSeries or Standalone StandalonePOV Dual, First personPlot 4Characters 4Scorching Level 5HEA Um Not tellingWhat a ride This book shouldn t have worked for me because it has elements I don t usually find enticing in my reads namely cheating but, my God I seriously loved every single word of Lover What a fantastic collaboration.Piper and Cannon have come face to face with their troubled marriage They both want to make it work and find that speak [...]

  19. Rating It s not research, and it certainly isn t to pass the time in the middle of the night This is swinging It s been awhile since my last swing , swinging Haha I mean, there probably is, but the most memorable that I could remember and loved because the scenes are just so hot and epic is Julia and Brad And if you know them, kudos Why the fuck am I thinking about Piper and not the woman lying next to me I love this kind of story because it has a good conflict and I always look forward to on ho [...]

  20. 4,5 Livro gostoso de ler, com uma trama t o envolvente e t o hot Apesar de j ter lido um tema igual ao do livro, a autora conseguiu fazer uma hist ria super legal, que coube em um livro s e sem ser r pida na narra o.Adorei

  21. I can believe the unbelievable, because it s fiction But I think a good book has certain qualities to get you invested, and when you find them missing, it just doesn t work for you This wasn t enough for me

  22. 3,8 HOT stars Eu virei f da autora depois que li Animal.Quando li a sinopse de Lover fiquei logo interessada e curiosa, ent o quando lan ou me joguei neh Eu gostei bastante da narrativa e do enredo em si Ainda estou em d vida sobre meu sentimento em rela o a Piper Achei os pov s dela um pouco repetitivos e isso acabou pesando E teve uma parte que eu fui surpreendida porque n o esperava o No geral foi bom, leitura r pida e gostei bastante.

  23. 4 SWINGING STARSHow far would you be willing to go to fix your marriage What would you be willing to do We meet Piper and Cannon, on a romantic trip to Belize, to help them reconnect I don t know what else I can do I ve Googled ways to bring the spark back into our marriage Each day, I ve worn sexy dresses and tiny bikinis to the pool I scheduled romantic beachside dinners and late night desserts in bed, but they ve done nothing The only thing that excites him these days is work When someone fro [...]

  24. I just didn t get it I felt the reasons for rescuing their marriages getting revenge were weak and just made no sense to make this story good.

  25. Lover by Marni Mann and Gia Riley4 stars if you keep worrying about making other people happy, everyone will be happy but you You have to figure out how to love yourself first So, this dynamic duo has once again teamed up to give us readers a holy hotness fest in the form of a book about swingers This is not a subject you see in many books and in fact I have only read about it once before, which is surprising, considering the genre that I am constantly reading But this read was much than just a [...]

  26. The story is about Piper and she is married but she feels something isn t right in her life and she is a bit lost and doesn t know how to fix things so she starts looking into trying to spice things up In hopes it will help get her closer to her husband again But what she doesn t know is her husband has a secret.When she joins a swinger s website in hopes that it will help this is where we meet West and his wife You will fall in love with Piper and West I really did And you get both Piper s and [...]

  27. Lover by Authors Marni Mann and Gia Riley is a swinger novel and a forbidden romance with some added morsels from the sport s world If you loved me as much as you say you do, you wouldn t have needed choices There wouldn t have been a backup plan or a fallback guy I d have been enough But I m not Mundane Predictable Same old, same old This is what life has become for West and Tilly, Piper and Cannon No spark No fire Sure both partners in each couple love one another But it s not enough That illu [...]

  28. I found extremely pathetic when cheating or any kind of mistake is excused pointing the mistakes of others Keeping making mistakes because you can t control yourself and not telling your partner is dishonesty and a big fault in character Thinking you are redeemable because your find out your partner was doing it too just make you an even worse person review show

  29. 2.5 starsI loved this book up to 70% It was at least for 4 stars But after 70% I almost DNF It was like someone else wrote last 30% it was unnecessary drama and I really hate people like Tilly, they made me too anxious.

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