The Truth We Bury: A Novel (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited È The Truth We Bury: A Novel : by Barbara Taylor Sissel - The Truth We Bury: A Novel, The Truth We Bury A Novel In this intense multilayered domestic drama two families become entangled in a web of lies secrets and betrayal that results in an act of violence so shocking their love may not survive On the out [PDF] Unlimited È The Truth We Bury: A Novel : by Barbara Taylor Sissel - The Truth We Bury: A Novel, The Truth We Bury A Novel In this intense multilayered domestic drama two families become entangled in a web of lies secrets and betrayal that results in an act of violence so shocking their love may not survive On the out
  • Title: The Truth We Bury: A Novel
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Sissel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Truth We Bury: A Novel
[PDF] Unlimited È The Truth We Bury: A Novel : by Barbara Taylor Sissel, The Truth We Bury: A Novel, Barbara Taylor Sissel, The Truth We Bury A Novel In this intense multilayered domestic drama two families become entangled in a web of lies secrets and betrayal that results in an act of violence so shocking their love may not survive On the outside Lily Isley s life seems perfect a wealthy husband a ritzy gated community in Dallas and a handsome son AJ a decorated marine about to be married to his love Shea I

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  • [PDF] Unlimited È The Truth We Bury: A Novel : by Barbara Taylor Sissel
    358 Barbara Taylor Sissel
The Truth We Bury: A Novel

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  1. This review was featured in my Mini Review Monday segmentThis story is narrated from the perspective of two mothers, Lily and Dru, each having a child marrying the other s Lily s son A.J is a military hero and Dru s daughter Shea has experienced a tough life as the child of a single mother with an abusive father While this story may seem predictable to some readers, perhaps even done over many times before, I felt that aspect didn t detract from my journey with these characters There was a comfo [...]

  2. As a mother myself, the premise for this domestic suspense grabbed my attention and I am thankful to Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing and the author for providing me with the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.The Truth we Bury is told from the points of view of two mothers, Lily and Dru, whose children AJ a decorated marine and Shea are about to get married When Shea s maid of honour is found dead in AJ s apartment and AJ is nowhere to be found, he quickly becomes the lea [...]

  3. What happens when your son is accused of murder and all the evidences seem to point towards him being guilty He is also on the run and nowhere to be seen, do you doubt his innocence or do you keep being adamant that all must be a misunderstanding and he is just a victim This is what The Truth We Bury tries to explore and it does it pretty well with the dual perspective of two mothers the mother of AJ, the man everyone believes to be a murdered, and the mother of Shea, the woman he is supposed to [...]

  4. In this intriguing novel by Barbara Taylor Sissel, the murder of a young girl opens up a Pandora s box of betrayal, lies, and regret All of the evidence points to AJ Isley, a young man with a tainted, violent paste only people who are convinced of his innocence are his mother, Lily, and his fianc e, Shea There are so many layers to this story, as it takes a path as twisty as the Texas Hill Country where the story takes place The Truth We Bury is a great suspense, one which leaves the reader pond [...]

  5. Barbara Taylor Sissel has done it again, sucked me into an engrossing murder mystery set deep in the heart of rural Texas THE TRUTH WE BURY is a fast paced story loaded with suspense and intrigue that explores the depths people go to protect those they love, no matter their faults, flaws, and secrets It s a page turner of a novel that ll keep you reading straight through A wonderful pick for a book club, too I highly recommend I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

  6. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossip2.5 5I had high hopes for this book, I love a good domestic suspense and the premise for this captured my attention easily I m so torn about how I actually feel about The Truth We Bury, there were parts I liked and parts I didn t at all, so I ll just explain my stance and let you decide what you think.There was something compulsive about this book, I read it really fast and it mostly held my attention The authors writing style was solid and she clearl [...]

  7. This book was a great murder mystery So many secrets and lies and tons of family drama kept me reading way past my bedtime I loved the characters I felt Lily s pain as she tried to protect her son I felt Shea s excitement about the wedding then her love for A.J while she is defending knowing in her heart he couldn t have killed her bridesmaid It is a wonderful who done it book that keeps you guessing until the end Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC in return for an hones [...]

  8. I would like to thank NetGalley Lake Union Publishing for providing me this book in exchange for an honest review Since the last few books I ve read recently have been jumping around in genre, I was very glad to get back into one of my favorites murder mysteries And make no mistake even though this book does start out a bit slowly and does include a lot of dialogue between characters, this is a gripping murder mystery By way of summary, this book uses a third person narration that nonetheless fo [...]

  9. Two mothers, one question What would you do if your grown child was implicated in a brutal murder As evidence mounts against a missing decorated marine, his mother and future mother in law, two women who share nothing but the need to protect their adult children, become unlikely allies Both women have already lost so much and stand to lose so much But in the race to uncover the truth and catch a killer, they find courage and compassion As family secrets, lies, and betrayals are revealed, they a [...]

  10. This book is domestic suspense at its best This book grabs you from the first page and never lets you go It is a terrific murder mystery that will keep you guessing till the end and then, bam, shockwaves This is also a book about love, trust, betrayal and forgiveness It deals,also, with the affects of PTSD How it affects the person who has it and also those around him This book is so well written and the flow is simply incredible The characters are true to life and I knew them all on such a pers [...]

  11. In this engrossing murder mystery set in small town Texas, Barbara Taylor Sissel uses one of life s seemingly innocuous and happy events a wedding to explore the psychology of how parents seek to protect and control their children s lives, often resulting in tragedy This is the wedding of AJ and Shea, two people who come loaded with baggage their own, their wedding party s, and their parents , who have than a few secrets What do you do when the person your child plans to marry has mental health [...]

  12. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review What a fantastic murder mystery It starts with a bang and keeps you interested all the way to the end We begin with a girl s murder and Lily s son in the run Then the lies, deception, and and many secrets are exposed Every character was interesting, and I am also happy to see an author shed a light on PTSD She did an incredible job with that subject Unputdownable

  13. Kudos to Barbara Sissel, author of THE TRUTH WE BURY for such an exciting and descriptive and entertaining story The genres of this novel are Women s Fiction, Adult Fiction, Mystery and Suspense.The author describes her characters as conflicted and complicated and flawed The story is narrated by the alternating perspectives of two mothers , whose children are about to get married Both families are dysfunctional in many ways and have SECRETS Shea and AJ are engaged to be married in a few weeks Bo [...]

  14. I loved this book, finished it in a few hours It s a great book filled with suspense and family secrets where relationships and emotions mix together The story, which starts with the murder of a bridesmaid, tells the tale of two mothers Lily whose son, AJ, is accused of murdering the bridesmaid and Dru, whose daughter, Shea, is AJ s fianc e and his staunch supporter Both the mothers have had a difficult emotional past which have left scars, and this influences their decisions and outlook Each mo [...]

  15. Holy Cow This was such a wonderful surprise Two mother s believing in their child and all the disappointments that follow The characters were well written with lots of depth and personality This was a fast paced mystery thriller that I was not able to predict until all was revealed.My thanks to netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for this advanced readers copy.

  16. Compulsively readable and gorgeously written, Barbara Sissel Taylor s The Truth We Bury had me enthralled from the first page to its stunning conclusion Readers will love the blend of suspense, mystery, and family drama, and book clubs will find much to discuss This is a novel you won t want to miss.

  17. 3,5 starsLa storia raccontata seguendo due punti di vista, quello di Lily, madre di AJ, e quello di Dru, madre di Shea I figli delle due donne stanno per sposarsi nonostante a loro non vada molto a genio questa unione Pochi giorni prima del matrimonio una delle damigelle di Shea viene ritrovata senza vita nell appartamento di AJ e lui sembra scomparso Alla ricerca di risposte le due donne accompagnate rispettivamente dal padre e dalla figlia cercheranno di svelare i segreti che avvolgono questo [...]

  18. 3.5 STARSA gripping story that had you wondering just who was this killer that killed the maid of honor from Shea and AJ s wedding just days before the wedding AJ, a decorated marine with PTSD is the number one suspect The bridesmaid was killed in his apartment and he s missing Opinions of the in laws and of the townspeople play a very big role in this story It s not a cozy little mystery set in a small town outside Dallas There are some very important issues dealt with while trying to find the [...]

  19. 3.5 stars It didn t blow my mind but it was pretty good I had a bit of a reading slump in the middle of reading this so I finished it in 5 days instead of 1 or maybe 2 days I liked the characters and had high suspicions of who was the culprit but I didn t fully figure it out on my own Definitely a few twists in there as well I will look for other books from this author and recommend this to anybody who likes mystery thrillers Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a free digital co [...]

  20. Highlights This was a very easy read to get into, though it did not pull me away from any previously scheduled activities because some parts held my interest than others The pacing also varied from slow to fast in different parts of the story I was very eager to read this book given the role of PTSD in military veterans as I am a VA clinical psychologist The author sheds light on how this impacts both vets and their loved ones, with attention to the varying beliefs they can have about living wi [...]

  21. Thanks to Dennelle at Lake Union for getting me advance review copy of this book I become a huge fan of Barbara when I read Faultlines I didn t think she could top that book Barbara hits this one out of the ball park You meet a group of young girls when one of them is about to get married The live in a small town in Texas, where everyone knows their neighbors Or do they really know them One of the bridesmaids is murdered and the bride Shea husband to be AJ is the lead suspect We meet the parents [...]

  22. So excited to have received an advance copy of this before its release I loved this book Beautifully written, Sissel s latest work is the perfect emotional storm of family secrets, regret, and revenge The Truth We Bury will keep you guessing until the final shocking reveal, all while making you wonder which of your own little buried truths could come back to haunt you.Highly recommend

  23. As you can see from all the books I have read by this author, I am a huge fan I love her writing style, which is descriptive and allows the reader to get lost in the story She also has a talent of weaving and interweaving suspense until it ends with a climatic ending I thought, that since I have read so many of her books, that I would be able to figure it out but once again, an ending that I didn t see coming.In THE TRUTH WE BURY, AJ and Shea are getting married in 2 weeks A joyous occasion for [...]

  24. This was my first time reading a novel by this author, and I cannot wait to get my hands on The story kept me engrossed, and I had no idea what was coming I loved the way the characters were developed, and ended up feeling like I knew them as close friends This novel was an excellent look into the secrets we keep buried, and the impacts they have on our lives I look forward to reading from this author in the future

  25. This is the second book by Barbara Taylor Sissel I ve had the opportunity to read courtesy of NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing I gave it a 4 star rating As a mother myself, this book grabbed me I know I would do anything for my children as we see in the mothers in this book do There s Lily, mother of AJ, and Dru, mother of Shea AJ and Shea are to be married in just a couple weeks Rather quickly we pick up that neither mother is very fond of their child s choice for a spouse Right from the beg [...]

  26. The Truth We Bury is the story of how an act of violence will bring people together or tear them apart Lily Isley s life seems to be perfect with a rich husband, living in a ritzy gated part of Dallas and having a decorated Marine son named AJ With AJ set to marry the love of his life Shea, it takes a murder of one of Shea s bridesmaids for everything to fall apart Dru Gallagher is the mother of Shea and doesn t care for AJ much due to him having PTSD After running from a ex husband that threate [...]

  27. Just not a favoriteThe story line was okay, but the story telling just lacked some sophistication for me There were also so many characters that it sometimes felt like a chore to keep up with each and what the reader was supposed to remember about their backstories.

  28. The Truth We Bury is a fascinating, well written and captivating thriller.The locals of Wyatt, Tx were in an uproar One of their own, Becca Westin, had been brutally murdered, and the person of interest, AJ Isley, was nowhere to be found Shea Gallagher was crushed She was supposed to be marrying AJ in two weeks But, after Becca, her bridesmaid, was found stabbed to death in his apartment, how could she possibly go ahead and have a wedding Although mounting evidence was pointing to AJ as the murd [...]

  29. This was an intriguing, and easy to get into, murder mystery family drama style story The characters had incredibly realistic depth and feeling.This isn t my first book by this author, and it certainly won t be my last She writes such compelling characters They re all so real, in such horrific situations, but they all understandable as they re so well written If you want a character driven story, one that will have you thinking about how you d handle a specific situation, then any book by this a [...]

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