The Blind (2022)

[PDF] The Blind | by ✓ A.F. Brady - The Blind, The Blind Sam James has spent years carefully crafting her reputation as the best psychologist at Typhlos Manhattan s most challenging psychiatric institution She boasts the highest success rates with the most [PDF] The Blind | by ✓ A.F. Brady - The Blind, The Blind Sam James has spent years carefully crafting her reputation as the best psychologist at Typhlos Manhattan s most challenging psychiatric institution She boasts the highest success rates with the most
  • Title: The Blind
  • Author: A.F. Brady
  • ISBN: 9780778330875
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
The Blind
[PDF] The Blind | by ✓ A.F. Brady, The Blind, A.F. Brady, The Blind Sam James has spent years carefully crafting her reputation as the best psychologist at Typhlos Manhattan s most challenging psychiatric institution She boasts the highest success rates with the most disturbed patients believing if she can t save herself she ll save someone else It s this savior complex that serves her well in helping patients battle their inner demonSam James has spe

  • [PDF] The Blind | by ✓ A.F. Brady
    229 A.F. Brady
The Blind

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  1. The Blind by A.F Brady is a 2017 Park Row Books publication A real mind bender I have started and stopped this review at least three times this past week trying to figure out a way to explain this book and my experience with it, so I hope it makes sense Sam James is a top psychologist at Typhlos a psychiatric hospital, which houses some of the most difficult and hard to treat patients.Sam appears confident and healthy with everything going for her But, she is hiding her own dark demons, barely f [...]

  2. Dr Sam James is a psychologist at the Typhlos Psychiatric Centre in Manhattan For six years she has battled financial setbacks, difficult patients and her own, personal demons For though Sam present an image to her colleagues and patients as being the competent, hard working, calm and together professional, her personal life is in chaos Her mantra is if you can t save yourself, save someone else, and she obviously really cares for the patients under here care However, she is a barely functioning [...]

  3. Trigger warnings include alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health issues, partner abuse and suicide.The Blind is the first novel of a Mental Health Counsellor Psychotherapist so you know going in that there s going to be plenty of introspection by the main character and there was.Sam has worked hard to maintain her reputation for being the most reliable and competent psychologist at Typhlos Psychiatric Centre She s praised by her manager, Rachel, and is given all of the tough cases that no one [...]

  4. Probably 2.8 stars if I m being honest This was just not for me How this qualified as a psychological thriller I will never know There was never anything thrilling about this book me anyway I hate to be harsh with any book review because I know it takes a lot of time and effort to put together a story and to get a book published, but this just had so much potential, alas I was disappointed in so many different ways that it s not worth getting into I would not recommend this to anyone looking fo [...]

  5. I ve had The Blind in my eyeline for quite some time now no pun intended , but if it hadn t been for the fact that I was sprung on a blog tour with only a few days notice, I probably wouldn t have gotten around to this one so quickly Although I ve been looking forward to it, I kept seeing bad or average reviews from friends and that obviously made me worried to read a book I had so been looking forward to It turns out I had nothing to worry about This book wasn t exactly what I was expecting it [...]

  6. Psychological thriller in which a psychologist investigates her own inner demons at the same time she is trying to treat her patients This was a good book I just felt like it was slow moving at times.

  7. DNF at 25% i just couldn t get into this one at all the writing was incredibly simplistic, which wasn t a good sign, and the characters were flat and quite ridiculous for example, Richard tells Sam that his mother s least favourite day is Friday because he was born on a Friday, and like 2 paragraphs later Sam asks him about his family history and gets confused when he closes up again she is literally like what did i say UM he just told you that his mother hates him and you re wondering why he do [...]

  8. I think my expectations of what this book would be definitely affected my reading experience This was labelled as a psychological thriller, and the blurb about a psychologist losing her mind while a new, mysterious male patient shows up, made me think of Harley Quinn, of Batman and Joker fame side note, I d still really like a good Harley Quinn story What I got instead was a rather slow character study of a woman suffering through and then coming to terms with her mental illness Character studie [...]

  9. Sam What Dean I ve worked out how it ends smug look Visit all my reviews here I love to chat books Watching Sam s life and sanity unravelling, was strangely intriguing.Format Hardcover Vine Customer Review of Free Product.I m reviewing The Blind by A.F Brady Here are my thoughts When Sam James, a highly regarded psychologist at a notorious psychological institute, meets disturbed patient Richard, their lives take an unexpected turn as the lines between sane and sanity blur between them As a psyc [...]

  10. Fake it till you make it Although that s not Samantha James motto, it very well could be A psychologist embroiled in a battle with alcoholism, abuse, and later on, a diagnosis of her own, she s the shining star at the mental hospital where she works in Manhattan Dependable Sam, who s always the go to Dr when it comes to the tougher patients Such is the case when it comes to the new patient Richard With little to no patient history, everything about Richard is unknown Except for the fact that he [...]

  11. Liking or at least spending time with an unlikable main character was an ongoing problem for me with this book Sam is one of those people I d feel sympathy for from a distance but would avoid interacting with at all costs She s flat out mean and a total psychological mess So 400 pages of her first person narration grated on my nerves I persevered because the author does an excellent job of showing us specific mental illnesses, and I wanted to believe Sam would evolve with some redeeming characte [...]

  12. This started strong and definitely had a lot of good stuff, but it was just so anti climatic and also a bit long 2.9 stars, almost 3.

  13. TW Mental health difficulties, mentions of suicide, domestic abuse.I received a free copy of this book from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.Sam James is a psychology in a psychiatric unit, and she s a gone one at that But even though Sam helps people all day, she can t seem to help herself and is struggling with alcoholism and an abusive relationship When nee patient Richard shows up, seemingly perfectly normal and in no need of psychiatric help, he starts to burrow his way into [...]

  14. When a novel entitled The Blind opens on a tragically underfunded municipal institution for behavioral patients, many readers will be sure they have the story pegged, and might hold a slight trepidation that they will find a story that is predictable or trite Thankfully, Brady uses a crisp, declarative delivery in rapid fire diary pages to weave a story that is close to believable There are hints of horror here, but the larger maybe evident themes of forgiveness and redemption crowd out any sens [...]

  15. Thank you to Netgalley and Park Row Books for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review.Sam is a psychologist at inpatient psychiatric hospital They are receiving a new patient that everyone is than a little nervous about working with He doesn t speak, and he was in prison for a number of years.Richard is challenging one Sam is determined to unlock, and then as she learns about him, she begins to look deeper at her own life Because what most people don t know is that Sam is a mess, she [...]

  16. Ok, this review will be Short And Blunt.I did not like the book very much It was not for me I did not finish it so maaaaaybe it gets better towards the end but it wasn t worth reading it to find outThe main character Sam was always drunk and always doing ring things that I did not feel like reading about any I mean sure there were some interesting things about psychology in the book but not enough It just always felt like a chore to pull the book out.If anyone finished it and feels like telling [...]

  17. I really enjoyed this book I love when psychological thrillers actually have an element of psychology to them, which The Blind definitely had Sam James works at Typhlos, a mental institution, where she is revered by her patients and loved by her boss She s known across the board for having her life together, but under the surface, Sam is losing control of everything around her I loved the insight into her psyche and the minds of those around her The reveal wasn t anything super shocking, but I w [...]

  18. anaslair.wordpress 2017 1I grabbed this one because it had two of my favourite themes mental illnesses and a mystery However, it s been a while since I was this disappointed in a book For the biggest part, The Blind irked me so much I just found the main character so annoying Every situation, including the mysterious patient, seemed to be there as an excuse for her to whine and descend even further to a rotten place I couldn t take much of her wanting to stab people in the eye or feeling jealo [...]

  19. OH MY GOSH, THAT ENDING, THOUGH This book was not what I expected and I am so glad because it was even better It s so hard to believe that this is Brady s first novel I can t wait to see what else she writes because I absolutely loved this EDIT The only thing I would like to add is that if you were expecting a heart pounding thriller, then you might be disappointed It is DEFINITELY psychological, and it comes with a fair amount of twists, but it s not extremely dramatic or action packed That bei [...]

  20. I almost put this book down at least five times I persevered however, due mostly in part to my slight ocd tendencies to finish what I start once I m 50 pages in I didn t mind that I guessed the big reveal at the end after reading only the first 4 pages, but I could not for the life of me warm up to the mess of a protagonist I don t expect a protagonist to be perfect, most of them will see some change or growth throughout a novel so it s alright to have flaws quirks, some of the best protagonists [...]

  21. 3.5 5Samantha James is a psychologist working at a psychiatric institution in Manhattan, home to 106 patients She s troubled she has issues with alcohol and is in a toxic relationship Sam can t save herself so she may as well try to save someone else Enter Richard an enigma that nobody else wants to treat He s a patient with little or no record, nobody knows why he s there, and nobody can get any information out of him The staff know that he has been in prison but they have no idea why As Sam tr [...]

  22. Got this as a Blind Date With A Book from the library It was good Sam is a psychologist at an institution She has problems herself, yet is one of the best at the institution When others have trouble reaching a patient, she is given their file Richard is in the intuition and refused to answer questions Sam can t figure out why he is there In the end, they both help each other.

  23. Samantha James is a psychologist at Typhlos, a Manhattan mental institution Even though she appears to have a great life both professionally and personally the shameful truth is that Samantha or Sam, as she prefers to be called is a mess in ways than one She s an alcoholic with an abusive boyfriend she refuses she leave because she s convinced she can help him That s what Sam does she tries to save everyone and she does have the highest success rate with the toughest patients at Typhlos but she [...]

  24. This book really wasn t what I was expecting I went in thinking this was a psychological thriller, however the story isn t really a thriller at all It is, however, a fantastic read The writing is well done and it is an easy to read book The author has clearly used her insider knowledge throughout the book, but she has kept it nice and simple so our brains don t explode Brady has done a fantastic job transporting us into the mind of Sam It was horrible yet intriguing to watch her life and sanity [...]

  25. The blind by A F BradySam James has spent years carefully crafting her reputation as the best psychologist at Manhattan s most notorious psychiatric institution So when Richard, a disturbed patient with a mysterious past, is admitted to her ward, Sam is determined to unlock his secrets But Richard is far from the deranged man she was warned to expect How can someone who seems so sane have been committed to a mental institution Is Richard truly a dangerous patient And is it really a coincidence t [...]

  26. Received via Giveaway When note that I didn t say if I have to be committed to a psychiatric institute, please don t put me anywhere near Typhlos Psychiatric Center The docs are all nuts and they cover up serious problems for the other crazy docs Sam was batshit crazy At least the book didn t go where I expected it to after the first couple chapters Still, it was an easy prediction as to where it did go.The writing was good, characterizations were good I just had a hard time believing Sam was th [...]

  27. My thanks to for allowing me the opportunity to win this book I really don t like to give any book a bad review, but I just could not get into this book It took me a long time to read it, mostly because it didn t make much sense It seemed like the psychologist needed a psychologist The writing was rambling and parts of the story made no sense at all just full of contradictions.I didn t like the ending at all and just felt that the writing wasn t good, in my opinion.

  28. Madness is at the heart of of AF Brady s gritty, gripping The Blind, in which a psychologist navigates her own inner demons while attempting to care for her patients with devastating results The reader gets a front row seat for her unraveling, which unfolds like a slow motion train wreck one where you can t look away Sly, dark, and completely enthralling, The Blind is a knockout debut.

  29. Lost interest about a quarter way through the book Very disjointed and rambling at times The doctor seemed to have issues than her patients Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

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