Baby Fever Bride (2022)

[PDF] Read ☆ Baby Fever Bride : by Nicole Snow - Baby Fever Bride, Baby Fever Bride I DON T HAVE TIME FOR LOVE I NEED A BABY NOWPENNYMy biological clock just exploded Eighteen months That s how long I have to make a baby happen before it becomes one broken dream Fate has a sick sense [PDF] Read ☆ Baby Fever Bride : by Nicole Snow - Baby Fever Bride, Baby Fever Bride I DON T HAVE TIME FOR LOVE I NEED A BABY NOWPENNYMy biological clock just exploded Eighteen months That s how long I have to make a baby happen before it becomes one broken dream Fate has a sick sense
  • Title: Baby Fever Bride
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Baby Fever Bride
[PDF] Read ☆ Baby Fever Bride : by Nicole Snow, Baby Fever Bride, Nicole Snow, Baby Fever Bride I DON T HAVE TIME FOR LOVE I NEED A BABY NOWPENNYMy biological clock just exploded Eighteen months That s how long I have to make a baby happen before it becomes one broken dream Fate has a sick sense of humor though Its name is Hayden Shaw Yes the Hayden Shaw Billionaire developer scandalously gorgeous his hard headed ego only eclipsed by his enormousI DON T HAVE TIME FOR LOV

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ Baby Fever Bride : by Nicole Snow
    364 Nicole Snow
Baby Fever Bride

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  1. Absolutely not for me The hero is ummm.quite creepy With lion and tiger fetish.And the heroine is.well an insufferable bitch I mean a who marries someone temporarily just to get pregnant B who marries someone temporarily when the guy is known for scandals and will be in spotlight throughout their whole marriage C if do still manage to go through a b why the FUCK would you get mad if you are in the spotlight And then abandon the guy because there are scandals Yep, our little heroine ran like a fr [...]

  2. OH This is a hot and sexy read and I found I couldn t put this book down This is the story of Hayden and Priscilla aka Penny Hayden is this sexy billionaire business man who is in this dilemma due to his evil stepmother whom he hates and she hates him as well She is out to steal the billions that his family has earned for generations As for Penny, she has received some terrible news from her doctor that leave her devastated she contracted the Zeon disease while on a humanitarian vacation trip to [...]

  3. I found this book to be intriguing The cover and title caught my attention immediately, and the blurb made this a must read I actually loved the way Penny and Hayden met I loved that he saved her and that he accidentally took her journal instead of his phone I didn t even mind that Penny snooped in his phone, and replied to some of his text messages And I liked that she was the one to propose the arrangement to him But what I didn t like, what I had an issue with was the change that happened wit [...]

  4. I was given an ARC for my honest opinion I highly enjoyed this book At first when I started it read the blog I thought to myself Self I think we ve read this before Then of course I keep going and figure out Oh NO we haven t This is totally different then what we thought it was going to be Needless to say it rocked I love how the bigger they are the harder they fall It is a true HEA story and no cliffhanger so it was perfect for me There were not a lot of different people thrown in there to conf [...]

  5. I m sorry to say that I did not care for this book at all The premise was OK, but the characters were inconsistent and all over the place Penny wants a baby, has this grand idea to have Hayden be the father, convinces him to marry her and impregnate her, and when he does all this she turns cold and mean She won t have sex with him and says she wants to be turkey basted instead She doesn t want to like him at all and even says she ll love him or hate him, so she chooses hate WTF He was being so s [...]

  6. When Hayden was with Penny he was all about her, good I like surprises And yes, you re a very guilty woman I wanted to come home and relax after a long day, I growl, pushing my k against her thigh Look how you ve riled me up I loved this book, Hayden was such a sweetheart.

  7. I hate to say this but this was the first N.Snow story I couldn t get into The two main characters had no connection in my opinion until way later on, just all over the place.

  8. Love it I ve read all of Nicole s books they get better and better this book was great lots of twists and turns read in one go a must read

  9. Baby Fever Bride is a refreshingly phenomenal romantic suspense that will sizzle and burn as it seduces and intoxicates all of your senses There is never a dull moment, and you will find brilliant twists and turns that will make your head spin and your heart race This is an absolutely perfect storm that drives home real life issues while not forgetting about the soul deep love and lethal danger that is always right around the corner There is nothing better than a story that stimulates my over wo [...]

  10. I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary and honest review In this book we meet Penny and Hayden When this book opens up we find that Penny has taken a trip to Mexico While there was stung by a mosquito that gave her a disease that it going to make it impossible to have children if she doesn t have them soon When at the doctor she is told if she doesn t have a child in the next 2 years she will never have one This has always been a dream of Penny s so she doesn t know what to do So after w [...]

  11. Well Nicole Snow does it again by giving a refreshing, witty romance Baby Fever Bride has it all.Hayden is a Billionaire and Penny is a woman who has 18 months to have a baby before Zeno virus makes it impossible Hayden needs to be married in order to save his late father s estate from his money hungry step mom Penny will propose a business deal to Hayden, its simple She will agree to marry him if he agrees to give her baby but there is one rule Penny s one rule is she gets pregnant by modern te [...]

  12. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Penny and Hayden need each other Penny needs a baby and Hayden needs a wife It s only business.or is it Penny s only chance to have a baby is now, like right now She s been told by her doctor that if she wants a biological baby, she needs to get pregnant asap Penny meets Hayden just when she needs someone to rescue her and things escalate quickly They share an intense chemistry and their attraction is undeniable.Hayden needs a wifesterd [...]

  13. What a GREAT story I love Nicole Snow s writing style This story has it all sex, lies and fairy tales Hot sex too, and lots of it I couldn t put it down Hayden, Billionaire, battling a crazy money grubbing step mom that wants what s rightfully his and his brothers and he s a Playboy that dipped into a bat shit psycho for a brief period and moved on Penny, a virgin that took a once in a lifetime trip and came back with the Zeno virus from a mosquito bite that will take away her ability to have ch [...]

  14. Just as hot as I d hopedWow, this is a book that will NOT let you down From the moment I started this book I didn t want to put it down The characters are amazing and it feels like I m wrapped up in their story as much as they are I felt the hurt and heartache right along with these two Going home from getting horrible news, Penny is caught up in a bad situation and Hayden saves her After taking off to a meeting, Hayden realizes he grabbed her diary instead of his cell phone and will actually ge [...]

  15. Can a marriage that starts out as fake, a way for both parties to get something they want, actually turn into something real Penny is desperate to have a baby before time runs out on her ability to conceive Hayden needs to get married in order to keep the family fortune out of the money grabbing hands of his step mom, and he needs to do it now A chance meeting between these two puts them in position to strike up an agreement, a pretend marriage Hayden gets the wife he needs and Penny gets the ch [...]

  16. Nicole Snow is one of my go to authors, she s always that good I started with her MC books and totally love them, but lately I m branching out to her other books and I m not regretting it Penny and Hayden are thrown together totally by accident and decide to take advantage of their meeting She s wanting a child, but has a really small timeline to conceive and no prospects or relationships to start things in that direction Hayden is faced with losing all he and his father and grandfather worked f [...]

  17. Penny desperately wants a baby She is running out of time as she has been infected with the Zeno virus during a stay abroad.She randomly meets Hayden, who rescues her from a precarious situation He fights desperately for his legacy that his hated stepmother wants to steal from him and his brothers Hayden has left only one way out to prevent this he must marry whether he wants to or not.Penny and Hayden feel strongly drawn to each other and wind up in a marriage of convenience to reach both their [...]

  18. Hayden is the best of both worlds the sexy bad alpha billionaire with a conscience He needs to get married Penny is a virgin with an incurable disease who desperately wants a baby They have instant attraction and chemistry, and I loved how Hayden didn t make any excuses for his past whenever she trouble came to visit I thought Penny behaved a little immaturely in the face of adversity She was a bit irritating, but I appreciated that she worked out where she reacted inappropriately Hot and steamy [...]

  19. This is one of my favorite s of Nicole Snow The story is amazing I liked Penny and how her story was laid out Then you have Hayden who, also has a great story Then these two meet and need something from one another At first the don t seem to work well with each other and clash Hayden thinks he s gods gift and Penny is just a sweet down on her luck girl But something happens throughout the story where these two connect on such a high level I loved their story.

  20. Those is a fantastically gripping story once I started it I couldn t put it down I absolutely loved it There is alot of elements to this story with love, romance, family, betrayal, lies, deceit, fun, and extremely hot sex scenes I would definitely recommend this book

  21. I have read these books out of order I first read Baby Fever Secret Baby book 3 and now I am reading this one which is book one Well actually I listen to the audio while following along with this ebook If I could change something about this book it would be to have this book have the whispersync feature but that is the only thing I would change I loved the audio Nicole Snow had 2 narrators with this book and let me tell you these two done an amazing job I loved each and every emotion they shown [...]

  22. This is an awesome book with just the perfect amount of dirty, extremely HOT HOT sex This is the story of Hayden and Priscilla aka Penny Hayden is a HOT billionaire business man but in a terrible jam due to his stepmother trying to steal the billions that his family has earned for generations Penny has just gotten terrible news from her doctor that she contracted the Zeon disease while on a humanitarian vacation trip to Cuba that will make her infertile in two years With no prospects in sight si [...]

  23. Love this The story has humor , how one has to be at the top of his game to win against an evil Stepmother just like the fairy tales Nicole also wrote on looking outside the box and never giving up and about attraction which when you let it grow , grows into love Hero is Hayden billionaire Heroine is a Penny Penny got nasty Mother Nature news from her doctor While she was vacationing as always a mosquito takes a bite and the doctor said after 18 months her ovaries are gong to shut down To top it [...]

  24. After the devastating news that in two years she will no longer be able to have children, Penny is heart broken, but on a train ride home, handsome billionaire Hayden Shaw rescues her from what would have been a kidnapping When Hayden accidentally leaves his cell with Penny, he is determined to retrieve it and get one night with her Going back and forth, Penny develops a plan to get the baby she has always wanted and to help Hayden save his legacy She wants a baby, he needs a wife Will they be a [...]

  25. I really love reading this author s books I can never wait for a new one to come out.Penny thought she had a while to have a family She sees her sister with her husband and child and wants that for herself Only now she finds out that she only has eighteen months to have the child that she wants She doesn t have the money to save her eggs Just what is she going to do Good thing for her she meets this man on the train and is left with his phone.Hayden is in a fight for what has been in his family [...]

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