The Priority Unit (2022)

Free Read The Priority Unit - by Susan Page Davis - The Priority Unit, The Priority Unit A missing man A mysterious computer program Even the people constructing it don t know what it will do On the worst night of Harvey Larson s life his partner is killed and his wife Carrie walks out Free Read The Priority Unit - by Susan Page Davis - The Priority Unit, The Priority Unit A missing man A mysterious computer program Even the people constructing it don t know what it will do On the worst night of Harvey Larson s life his partner is killed and his wife Carrie walks out
  • Title: The Priority Unit
  • Author: Susan Page Davis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Priority Unit
Free Read The Priority Unit - by Susan Page Davis, The Priority Unit, Susan Page Davis, The Priority Unit A missing man A mysterious computer program Even the people constructing it don t know what it will do On the worst night of Harvey Larson s life his partner is killed and his wife Carrie walks out on him Ten years later the Portland Maine police detective has learned to cope with his grief and depression When he and the Priority Unit investigate the disappearancA missing ma

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  • Free Read The Priority Unit - by Susan Page Davis
    296 Susan Page Davis
The Priority Unit

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  1. In reading Susan s book, I realized how lucky, or maybe I should say blessed, I am that I grew up in the South where going to Sunday school and church was just what we did It is almost beyond my understanding that it s not that way everywhere But neither Harvey nor Jennifer learned anything about Jesus when they were young It was fun watching them learn about things I almost take for granted.What I liked best about it was the relationship between Detective Harvey Larson and Jennifer Wainthrop It [...]

  2. Priority Unit, book 1 of the Maine Justice series was a delight A seasoned police detective and a young computer software designer set about to solve the mystery of the death of her co worker, and in the meantime come to find not only love, but the love of God For anyone who loves police procedurals and suspense, this is a great read

  3. Ten years ago, Harvey Larson experienced the worst night of his life His partner, Chris, was killed in a firefight and he returned home to find his wife had left him taking nearly all their furniture, all their d cor everything that made their apartment HOME with her He had no warning and has felt stuck ever since Ten years later, he STILL has no furniture, STILL wears his wedding band even though the divorce has been final for 8 of those years and STILL sleeps on the floor because he can t stan [...]

  4. I found myself engrossed in the book because of the computer skills of the two leading characters Jennifer is a software designer working for a company that develops very sophisticated systems for their clients When a fellow designer goes missing, the police bring in their Priority Unit to try to determine what has happened to him Harvey, the lead investigator who has better than average computer skills for a cop, becomes quite frustrated when they cannot find a single clue that will lead them t [...]

  5. Harvey lost his partner and his wife all in one night Ten years goes by and it seems that life still went on and he needs to figure out what his life is all while finding out what happened to a missing man Jennifer is working on a computer case and something just doesn t seem right But when her coworker goes missing her focus becomes helping the cops any way she can But it seems someone has it out for her Can Harvey keep Jennifer safe and find out who s involved with the missing coworker and who [...]

  6. I did enjoy this book I especially liked the fact that to protagonists realized they needed to be saved and establish their own relationship with God separate from their romantic relationship with each other It was a clearly Christian book it seemed to drag in places, however, and didn t deviate much from a predictable romance mystery plot I appreciate the conservative nature of the book, but the protagonists, who began the book as unbelievers, seem to act and think almost like believers This is [...]

  7. Got tricked into reading a God propaganda pamphlet The story is hokey at best Then God gets thrown in It is the opposite of fifty shades, but similar in one way In fifty, the story stops for no good reason and breaks into a random sex scene Flip a bunch of pages, ignore the boring sex, and continue with the story The same holds true here, just substitute sex with God Which clearly this author has done in her own life , as only a sex starved bible beater could craft such a boring and unrealistic [...]

  8. Good mystery romance with a balance of action and romance There was not a terrible clich about the cop protecting the woman she stood up for herself However, I did find it a little outlandish that he was single for so long.The Christian aspects of this novels is like teaching a child about God Jesus for the first time they are both unbelievers Very basic The Catholic guy s reaction to it all peeved me a little though Do people really feel that way The author really needs a better editor and I fo [...]

  9. This is a great adult Christian Romantic Suspense I d recommend it to anyone, even a non Christian, as the Christian message is easy to understand without being overly preachy would be good to suggest to a friend who might be seeking answers about Christianity I really liked most of the characters in this book all the good guys anyway They make nice new literary friends I am looking forward to reading books in this series life for the members of The Priority Unit seems very interesting and at t [...]

  10. When he and the Priority Unit investigate the disappearance of software designer Nick Dunham, he meets a young woman who will change his life Jennifer Wainthrop was the last person to admit seeing Dunham alive Harvey and his partner, Eddie Thibodeau, stay a step ahead of a bomber and put together the clues that tell the truth Dunham s kidnapping and the bombings are one case, and Jennifer is caught in the middle.

  11. Good This book was a slow start for me After Harvey and Jennifer began dating, my interest built I liked their faith investigation and their romance Eventually all those seemingly disparate elements presented initially made sense and the suspense portion of the book culminated in some surprises I wouldn t mind following this series however, the excerpt from book 2 seems to follow a similar formula I ll need to wait before I jump into that.

  12. A mysterious computer program being designed under a cloak of mystery Multiple programmers each with one key component and no access to the rest of the program I was drawn right into the middle of this mystery when the main programmer disappears without a trace If you like lots of action, a mystery with interesting twists and turns, you will enjoy helping Harvey figure out this deadly mystery I was gifted a copy by the author and my review is voluntary

  13. The Priority Unit Was A Busy UnitThis romantic suspense got me from the beginning I enjoyed the action, the suspense, and the romance I loved all of the characters too My only hang up was I wish Harvey would have kissed Jennifer senseless I kinda thought his first kiss should have been a little exciting But, maybe it was because of the circumstances But, overall a really good read.

  14. Eh I enjoyed it, but putting in the Catholic kid who doesn t know his faith and then coming up with pat little explanations why Church is wrong and making him look even inept was just not nice to him or the Church Also I had a hard time believing an honest cop sneaks thru firewalls when investigating people That seems pretty illegal to me I m going to pretend book 2 shows him learning deeper truths.

  15. Great read The suspense and plot were well done, and it was interesting to read a story where a couple interested in each other were uncertain of the dating routine It was also neat to watch the two main characters come to a belief in and relationship with God I won this book, and I want to read the whole series.

  16. I enjoyed this first book in the Maine Justice series I look forward to book 2 However, I disagree that the character of Harvey would break the law to hack not once but twice into Coastal s online data I just think that was not consistent with his character I do see how things hinged on that but.

  17. Fantastic ReadI had a very hard time putting this book down Twist and turns everywhere I loved how they found answers to their questions about if God is real The has the right amount of suspense and romance.

  18. FantasticI loved Jennifer, Harvey and Eddie what wonderful characters The plot was great and a change from the usual story s that I read That it took place in my home state was a bonus I cannot wait to read the rest of them.

  19. Really enjoyed this book Liked the characters and story flow Kept you guessing until the end Entertaining and hard to put down Liked the romance progression between Harvey and Jennifer Can t wait to read Highly recommend this book and series.

  20. Really well written bookThis is the first book I have read with by this author I do intend to read the rest in the series I thoroughly enjoyed her characters and their interactions with each other.

  21. I love Christian romantic fiction and this book fits the bill.Suspense draws you through the book at lightning speed.I loved the main characters, Harvey and Jennifer It was inspiring to watch their journey to find God s love and redemption.The next book will be on my to be read list today.

  22. Great story.This story has everything I enjoy in a good story It has a wholesome mystery, romance, and the main characters come to know God Who could ask for

  23. It s a sweet romance mixed in with a search for a bomber The characters care for each other, even the secondary ones, and in a police department, caring can get you in trouble.

  24. FantasticWhat a great detective love justice reward story.Great intertwining of earthly justice and GODS Justice.Can t recommended highly enough.Read this series

  25. The writing was a little bit amateur but the story was great A well developed plot with good characters.

  26. Great review I loved it Reading Harvey and Jennifer s faith walk was the best part I am looking forward to reading Fort Point.

  27. I really enjoyed this book, the story, and the characters even the religious overtones were interesting I m glad I read it and would read another book in this series

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