Last Seen Alive (2022)

[PDF] Read ¹ Last Seen Alive : by Claire Douglas - Last Seen Alive, Last Seen Alive The HeroLibby Hall never really wanted to be noticed But after she saves the children in her care from a fire she finds herself headline news And horrified by the attention It all reminds her of what [PDF] Read ¹ Last Seen Alive : by Claire Douglas - Last Seen Alive, Last Seen Alive The HeroLibby Hall never really wanted to be noticed But after she saves the children in her care from a fire she finds herself headline news And horrified by the attention It all reminds her of what
  • Title: Last Seen Alive
  • Author: Claire Douglas
  • ISBN: 9781405926423
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
Last Seen Alive
[PDF] Read ¹ Last Seen Alive : by Claire Douglas, Last Seen Alive, Claire Douglas, Last Seen Alive The HeroLibby Hall never really wanted to be noticed But after she saves the children in her care from a fire she finds herself headline news And horrified by the attention It all reminds her of what happened nine years ago The last time she saw her best friend alive The SwapWhich is why the house swap is such a godsend Libby and her husband Jamie exchange their flatThe HeroLibby
  • [PDF] Read ¹ Last Seen Alive : by Claire Douglas
    135 Claire Douglas
Last Seen Alive

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  1. This is a story about jealousy, revenge, and power You know what they say If it s too good to be true From the very first page, I knew this story was going to be good and there wasn t a moment, throughout the whole book, when I had a change of heart How could anything go wrong The reader is launched straight into the mystery The suspense starts as soon as the story does and then keeps building up quite nicely.What was an accident and what wasn t What everyone s hiding What secrets are about to c [...]

  2. Libby and her husband James exchange their flat in Bath for a beautiful house in Cornwall It s a chance for them to heal their marriage But the Cornish house is not the getaway they hoped for They make odd and disturbing discoveries in the house Libby never feels entirely alone Is Libby being watched Or is she just paranoid What is her husband hiding When the secrets and lies unfold, is the past about to catch up with them This book is full of paranoia, tension and suspicion We get a little of L [...]

  3. This is the story of Libby and Jamie, who have only been married for nine months but have had a few problems and are in need of a holiday to reconnect with each other Libby is a teacher and at work one day she finds a leaflet advertising a house swap She and Jamie decide to swap their flat in Bath for a detached house in Cornwall Almost immediately however, things start to go wrong.I really enjoyed reading this book I found it to be a compelling, compulsive read, that I just could not put down I [...]

  4. Libby and her husband Jamie are offered the chance at a house swap their cozy 2 bedroom flat in Bath, for a gorgeous house in the middle of nowhere overlooking the sea in Cornwall A holiday couldn t have come at a better time for them Libby was caught up in a fire at the school where she teaches, and branded a hero after rescuing some kids Although she hated all of the attention, with it bringing back some unwanted memories of a fire at a backpackers hostel in Thailand that Libby was caught up i [...]

  5. This book is everything I want in a psychological thriller Secrets, lies, twists and turns that will have you flying through the pages Libby has recently had a miscarriage and is feeling depressed Not to mention that since the miscarriage her marriage to Jamie has been strained and stressed Suddenly they are given an opportunity to participate in a house swap Libby and Jamie think this may be just what they need to get their marriage back on track Once they arrive at the Hideaway they can t beli [...]

  6. 4 STARS Last seen alive Claire Douglas.I finished this book a while ago but I dropped my phone down the toilet come on I know I m not the only one who has done this so wasn t able to write my review until now I don t know where to start This hits the nail on psychological thriller s head Libby Hall is the local hero after saving a child from a fire that breaks out at her workplace but it has left her feeling paranoid and brought back horrible memories of a fire from her past A past when she was [...]

  7. After receiving a leaflet through their door and needing some time to themselves after a traumatic event Libby and Jamie Hall jump at the chance to swap their tiny city flat for a beautiful house by the sea.But as soon as they arrive at the Hideaway Libby starts to get jittery and becomes convinced that someone is watching them.After their dog Ziggy digs up an unnerving object they decide to return home to Bath.But they are sadly mistaken in thinking that they could pick up their lives so easily [...]

  8. mrsbbookreviews.wordpressClaire Douglas first came to my attention when I read and thoroughly endorsed her book, Sisters Since then, I have also read Local Girl Missing, which I recall as being one of my favourite psychological thrillers of last year Douglas is back with another jam packed twisty thriller, Last Seen Alive This time around, Douglas presents the reader with a house swap situation gone terribly wrong.Libby Hall is a teacher, who recently hit headlines after she saved a student from [...]

  9. When I read Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas my lasting impression was pretty unremarkable and I found it another psychological thriller with a contrived plot A solid premise was marred by some artificial characters who behaved woodenly, awkwardly stilted dialogue and some increasingly unlikely occurrences which stretched credibility This novel impressed me and felt ambitious, largely because it takes a profound concept as its starting point, with a focus on identity and how important an [...]

  10. Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookworm 1 2 StarsOh wow What a read, Loved Loved Loved Last Seen Alive By Claire Douglas, now I ve got to describe this while giving nothing away as trust me that would really spoil this for you.Mmmm, where to start,So here goes, we have Libby Hall School teacher, just wants to live a quiet life that is until she makes the news after saving the children in her care from a fire.The blaze itself brings back flashbacks of losing her bestie in a fire nine years pre [...]

  11. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.Twisty turny plot, handled masterfully to create a compelling book that gets readers guessing.Again, this was one of those books that I had no prior knowledge of, and the only clue was the menacing title, combined with a slightly eerie front cover It s always fun to dive into these sorts of novels, and even greater fun when they turn out to be highly readable The story is about Libby, who we soon learn is a teacher w [...]

  12. This is quite honestly the worst book I have ever read I was bored by the first 1 3, the Thailand tale kind of piqued my interest but only because it was so descriptive, it was for this I gave the 2 star rating the last part was so far fetched and unbelievable I lost the will to live.I had no emotion with the lead character Libby She was very troubled and although I did read this thinking and hoping it would get better, I thought she needed a good shake Emotional, jealous and insecure, I really [...]

  13. 4.5 5 Libby and her husband Jamie have had a rough couple of months So when a leaflet drops into their letter box offering a house swap, they jump at the chance to swap their flat in Bath for a house by the sea in Cornwall But things don t quite turn out as expected and even upon their return home, it s obvious there s something sinister going on.First, let me say I m incredibly wary of the whole house swapping thing that s been going on the past few years and I would never even consider the tho [...]

  14. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from netgalleyI was also recommended this book by a friend And it didn t disappoint I absolutely didn t see the twists coming in this book And found myself re reading sections to understand what was going on as the twists were so huge Well worth a read

  15. More like 3.5 stars really.Romped through this really quickly it was immediately captivating Told in 3 parts part 1 taking over half the book, in the first person in chronological order, I was sucked right into Libby s fear paranoia, and never knowing whether she was a reliable narrator was wonderfully haunting.A little suspension of disbelief helped towards the end, which is fine, and I was rooting for Libby throughout Recommended as a creepy, gripping twisty saga This is my third Claire Dougla [...]

  16. I liked The Sisters, I loved Local Girl Missing but Last Seen Alive is absolutely my favourite Claire Douglas book so far She is now one of the few authors that I trust enough to preorder her books without even reading the blurb.When Libby and Jamie have a note through their door from a family looking for a potential house swap, it couldn t have been a better timed opportunity for them Poor Libby is still in plaster after an incident at the school she teaches at but she is also hiding a deeper t [...]

  17. I really loved this tense, eerie story of a house swap gone wrong The characters are great to read about, with Libby herself seeming a reliable narrator but there are points in the story where I wondered if everything she was saying was true, and the same with her husband Jamie Everyone seems to be hiding something, but does it have anything to do with the strange occurrences at the house in Cornwall The novel had me feeling a bit creeped out at times something I don t often feel whilst reading [...]

  18. The great thing about this author is that her stories are not too demanding of its readers it s what I have come to think of as easy read psychological thriller I wouldn t say this book is edge of your seat but it s an interesting and well written story where you come to feel and care for the characters.Libby is a successful teacher and married to Jamie When they are given the opportunity to get away for a long weekend at the coast, they take the chance When strange things start happening, Libby [...]

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed Last seen alive It is one of them read in one sitting type of books The book throughout made me feel tense, something in which I ve not experienced with a book in a long time I really felt the characters what was happening around them come to life I was really into the story and the going ons that when the twist came, I had to go back and make sure I d read it right I had, and up until that point I didn t think I could feel even tense and on the edge of my seat I just had t [...]

  20. Well crap, I really liked this book, but man it is hard to review without giving away spoilers Libby and her husband Jamie are given a proposal to do a house swap Deciding they need a get away after a lot of issues, and Libby saving children from a fire where she works, the couple heads to Cornwall for a get away However, very quickly things get very weird and Libby wonders if she is being paranoid or if her husband who is still friends with his evil ex Hannah, is out to get her The story takes [...]

  21. I really enjoyed it It was a roller coaster, that kept me on edge on my chair, couldn t read faster.Libby and her husband Jamie are going through a hard time and when a leaflet arrives, asking if they are interesting in house swap, it seems a miracle to Libby After the fire at school where she works that costed her a miscarriage, things were tough When they arrived in Cromwell, Libby and Jamie couldn t believe their luck, the house was magnificent and the view was stunning, with the beach in fro [...]

  22. Last Seen Alive follows main protagonist Libby as she swaps her tiny flat in the city for a large, sprawling house by the beach, for what she hopes will be a relaxing get away As expected, things don t go to plan this is a thriller after all and the holiday soon turns into a nightmare This is a fabulous book, which I very much enjoyed reading Rarely do I reach the twist of a novel without any prior ideas as to what the twist might be, but I m happy to say this wasn t the case here, and the twist [...]

  23. With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.I enjoyed Claire s last book Local Girl Missing, I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to read this before the official publication date.Primary school teacher Libby Hall is off work after being in a fire at school which resulted in a miscarriage One day Libby receives a note through the door asking to do a house swap Philip and Tara Heywood have a sick child and want to do a house swap so they ca [...]

  24. I would like to thank Claire Douglas, Penguin and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book.I have not read any of Claire s books before this one and oh my gosh I think I picked the right one to read.There are so many reviews going aound about this book so I feel that it would be better for me to tell you all how I feel about this book I absolutley loved it, well done Claire for gaining another reader I was hooked from the very start, this only took me so long to read because i had a l [...]

  25. Last Seen Alive has to be one of my favourite reads this year I cannot recall a book that had so many twists and turns as this one Every time i thought i had guessed what happens next, i was wrong I do not usually write what a story is about for fear of spoiling for others, but i will only say that it starts with a house swap I can highly recommend this book I am now keen to read books by this talented author My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for giving me the chance to read this grippi [...]

  26. This has so many twists that you have to backtrack at some points to see if you really read what you think you did Very well written

  27. I loved Local Girl Missing and have The Sisters on my tbr list so I was excited to start reading this one, Claire Douglas is fast becoming one of my favourite thriller authors This one tells the story of Libby and Jamie Hall who are in desperate need of a break away from it all after an eventful few months so, when a leaflet drops through their door requesting a house swap from a couple needing a property in Bath for a week while their daughter is in hospital, in exchange for their beautiful bea [...]

  28. Another five star read from Douglas A highly original take on one particular well used subject, mixed with several other themes I rarely read a book in less than twenty four hours, but this was a pacy, twisty read that gripped me form page one and kept me glued to my seat to the end Pitch perfect and totally absorbing.Can t wait for the next

  29. Thank you to the publishers for providing an ARC of this book through NetGalley.Libby and her husband Jamie have been having a few issues in their nine month marriage, and go on holiday in order to heal these cracks If I m being honest, I found this book quite boring I couldn t connect to the main character Libby, who repeatedly tells us that she s pulled herself from the gutter to become a teacher, but we never see this grit or determination We only see her paranoia and inability to cope withou [...]

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