William's Winter Nap (2022)

↠ William's Winter Nap ☆ Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink - William's Winter Nap, William s Winter Nap Just when William is ready to fall asleep in his cozy cabin there is a tap on his window A chilly chipmunk asks to stay and Will scooches over in bed There s room for two I m sure we ll fit The chip ↠ William's Winter Nap ☆ Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink - William's Winter Nap, William s Winter Nap Just when William is ready to fall asleep in his cozy cabin there is a tap on his window A chilly chipmunk asks to stay and Will scooches over in bed There s room for two I m sure we ll fit The chip
  • Title: William's Winter Nap
  • Author: Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink
  • ISBN: 9781484722824
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
William's Winter Nap
↠ William's Winter Nap ☆ Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink, William's Winter Nap, Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink, William s Winter Nap Just when William is ready to fall asleep in his cozy cabin there is a tap on his window A chilly chipmunk asks to stay and Will scooches over in bed There s room for two I m sure we ll fit The chipmunk is just the first in a parade of mammals each bigger than the last until the bed is full Then a note is slipped beneath the door Do you have room for just oneJust when Will

  • ↠ William's Winter Nap ☆ Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink
    187 Linda Ashman Chuck Groenink
William's Winter Nap

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  1. Linda Ashman is AMAZING I don t think I ever appreciated her as much as I should ve Because she has a wide variety of different illustrators, I wasn t tracking her like I can when covers are instantly recognizable This particular book is so clever and so cozy.

  2. There s room for all of us I m sure we ll fit This terrific rhyming picture book has a great message for readers.

  3. Ashman, Linda William s Winter Nap Illustrated by Chuck Groenink PICTURE BOOK Disney Hyperion, 2017 17.99 Content G William is getting ready to snuggle in for a nice long nap As he is about to go to sleep, a squirrel taps on the window and asks if William has room for him William lets the squirrel in, and not long after a porcupine, badger, and raccoon But when a bear comes, the animals disagree on whether or not there is enough room Eventually they let the bear in because it is cold and they al [...]

  4. This rhyming picture book tells a story of a boy who is ready for bed But just as he is about to fall asleep, there comes a tap, tap, tap at his window It s a chipmunk and William invites him into his bed to sleep Again and again, William is about to fall asleep but another animal needs shelter from the cold and the snow When the last animal knocks, the other animals insist that there isn t any room, but somehow they find room for the very large bear with a little help from William The series o [...]

  5. I found this at my indie bookstore and fell in love with this book for younger readers William is such a kind boy and no matter who arrives, he figures out how to make it work As you can see from the cover, one by one, animals need a snuggly place on this cold, snowy night The rhyming text is perfect Here s part from the first page He drinks his cocoa, climbs in bed He fluffs the pillow beneath his head, then burrows down for a nice long nap but wakes to the sound of a tap, tap, tap Those sounds [...]

  6. Adorable from start to finish, the story takes us through William s attempt at getting some shut eye when a few surprising guests arrive by one by one As the number of guests increases, the space available for that desired nap dwindles to the point that one would be that proverbial straw that breaks the camel s backor in this case, the beds legs But really, in the cold of night with snow all around and freezing toes and tails to be found can they turn a soul away The story will scooch its way i [...]

  7. Our school district s character word of the month of December is compassion This book is set in winter perfect for December, and was a great compliment to discussions of compassion Compassion can be a difficult concept for small children William s active kindness made this hard concept easy to grasp Aside for some great teaching opportunities, this book is wonderfully illustrated, it rhymes, uses onomatopoeia, offers lots of voices, and has a great little plot My students LOVED this book, and so [...]

  8. I received my copy via a giveaway.Super cute illustrations and a fun rhyming story of a little boy who just wants to take a nap on a snowy winter night, but keeps being disturbed by animals who are cold and wanting to come inside It s a good picture book for younger children that will teach them sharing and empathy, and good practice for beginning readers.I plan on sharing it with my 6 year old niece

  9. A delightful story about a boy who must find room in his bed for an increasingly unmanageable cast of surprise woodland visitors on a cold winter s night This story is reminiscent of Karma Wilson s Bear Snores On, and it s a perfect bedtime story for you to cozy up with your child and read Click here to place a hold on this book in the library catalog.

  10. This is a very sweet story about animals coming in from the cold and being welcomed by William, who can always scooch a bit There s room for five I m sure we ll fit From the tiniest of creatures to the very large, there s always room to scooch I love the illustrations of the cabin the woods Shared with my older child last night and he did not object too much

  11. A heart warming tale to share on a cold winter s night Slightly reminds me of the Mitten, lovingly illustrated by Jan Brett.The illustrator for this book is Chuck Groenink and he provides this winter tale with the most wonderful pictures A slightly different book cover under the jacket The end papers set the tone for the story brrrr.

  12. A heartwarming bedtime story that s sure to become a new favorite Ashman s engaging storytelling and use of rhyming and repetition will appeal to young kids Paired with Groenink s warm, and delightful illustrations make for a book that s worth adding to your bedtime story collection.FULL REVIEW mundiekids 2017 1

  13. Delightful, repeating tale Yes, we ll scooch a bit of visitors asking for, and receiving, a space in the bed on a cold winter s night Until Chuck Groenink, the illustrator, perfectly captures the feel of the story, and the expressions of the characters is spot on Perfect for the younger set.

  14. This is an adorable rhyming book, which I think would work great for an interactive preschool storytime kids can do the tap, tap, tap, knock, knock, knock, boom, boom, boom It can also be used to discuss hibernation and winter naps.I read it as a bedtime story and it works well for that too.The illustrations by Chuck Groenink are very cute Kids enjoyed the story.

  15. I love this book The text and the pictures are perfect together and they are both beyond adorable and sweetness itself It s irresistible You want to hug all of the characters It s like a fair ground ride As soon as you finish it, you want to read it again.

  16. A heartwarming tale of animals coming in together out of the cold Even when it seems that there is no room, they find a way to make it work The rhyming scheme is enjoyable and the repetition makes it a great read for young children.

  17. What a sweet winter bedtime book My kids both love this, and I always enjoy having new cozy read to cuddle up with them at night while reading Thanks to Disney for sending this copy for review we love it

  18. Cute book for winter Williams is ready to go to bed but animals from the forest keep knocking on his door asking to come in and share his bed Will there be room for everyone Even a bear cute ending.

  19. A delightful winter romp Reminds me of both The Mitten and The Napping House in some ways but still its own story Sweet little boy makes room in his bed for the cold and tired animals that come knocking Good for toddler and preschool storytime Can be participatory.

  20. I love the illustrations in this book It s a cute story time read for the little ones You could also talk about how it s nice to share with others Definitely recommend for libraries winter collections

  21. Charming illustrations and a good story about helping everyone even if they happen to be the size of a bear.

  22. This one is another, new story time favorite The children enjoyed it and waited in expectation for the next new arrival Cuteness.

  23. Clever story about a young boy sharing his home and bed with cold animals in the winter They all learn to make room and share when a final animal asks to stay.Teach about sharing.

  24. The illustrations are the best part of this book The rhymes were a bit forced, and the story is derivative of the Mitten Oh my.

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