Broken Bay (2022)

✓ Broken Bay ↠ Andrea Dunlop - Broken Bay, Broken Bay Hannah knee deep in nailing down catering plans and floral arrangements for her upcoming nuptials is ready for some RR Stealing off to a quiet secluded island off the coast of Washington state for go ✓ Broken Bay ↠ Andrea Dunlop - Broken Bay, Broken Bay Hannah knee deep in nailing down catering plans and floral arrangements for her upcoming nuptials is ready for some RR Stealing off to a quiet secluded island off the coast of Washington state for go
  • Title: Broken Bay
  • Author: Andrea Dunlop
  • ISBN: 9781501174872
  • Page: 472
  • Format: ebook
Broken Bay
✓ Broken Bay ↠ Andrea Dunlop, Broken Bay, Andrea Dunlop, Broken Bay Hannah knee deep in nailing down catering plans and floral arrangements for her upcoming nuptials is ready for some RR Stealing off to a quiet secluded island off the coast of Washington state for good wine and fresh air with her four best friends seems like the perfect way to spend her bachelorette weekend But the island may have other ideas Halfway through the triHannah knee deep in

  • ✓ Broken Bay ↠ Andrea Dunlop
    472 Andrea Dunlop
Broken Bay

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  1. Not a bad short story I m definitely intrigued to check out the author s full sized novel as well This was a little on the chick lit side than anything spooky or suspenseful, but it was a nice escape with a gorgeous cover 3.5 stars

  2. Novella hits stores 02 04 17 When a group of thirty somethings host a bachelorette weekend at a low key location, things get a little crazy especially when the bride disappears and a woman in red begins to haunt the group I felt that the story was fast paced, the characters were so well written that they felt like old friends, and I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the story I certainly connected with a lot of the sentiments expressed by the different women on love, friendship, sex [...]

  3. This book had so much potential but it was such a let down This book is described as Bridesmaids meets Lost but I don t think that is an accurate way to describe this book It s about a ton of bridesmaids during their bachelorette party, and they are staying on this island, living in a cabin that may or may not be haunted It kind of reminded me of In a Dark, Dark Wood but not as good.This is a short read, it s a novella and it s only about 100 pages There is so much mystery and tension towards th [...]

  4. Broken Bay by Andrea Dunlop was a fast paced novella First off, I must mention the cover, it is stunning This book is sold as an Ebook only I entered every giveaway I could find for a print copy, I finally managed to snag one I just had to have the cover on my bookshelf Broken Bay is a good mix of chick lit, a side of suspense with a touch of paranormal This story is about a Bride and her bridesmaids going away for a celebratory bachelorette weekend The ladies in the story are easily relatable, [...]

  5. Broken Bay is a fast paced and fun novella with some twists and turns and a hint of paranormal A very fast read my Kindle estimated my reading time at about 1 hour 15 minutes, so this is a great choice if you don t have a ton of time

  6. To Note It is a chick lit with a bit of thrill and a hint of paranormal.I generally, find short stories quite underdeveloped and the plot changes in there, abrupt But this novella was well build and very well written It had everything covered by the end The story ran smooth and was so compact and compellingI utterly enjoyed the converation between the bridesmaid which ran from marriage, infidelity and feminismThis story has many layers and was quite fast paced and easy read I m very satisfied wi [...]

  7. 4.5 5 stars Thank you Andrea for sending me an advance copy of your novella in exchange for an honest review.I loved this novella Here s the thing, I don t read novellas often and when I do I don t really enjoy them as I find the story to be undeveloped and not well written However, this novella had me hooked from page one and the writing kept me speeding through so I finished this 94 page mystery in an hour A story about a bachelorette party in a supposedly haunted house on a secluded island an [...]

  8. This novella was compared to Lost and Bridesmaids so I really should have known better because like Lost and Bridesmaids this story left me incredibly disappointed That said I do like Dunlop s writing so I may check out her other stuff Maybe.

  9. Hannah s bachelor party will be low key just her and her four bridesmaids spending the weekend in a rented house on the remote Walker Island, off the coast of Washington But, after a night drinking and sharing secrets, the bridesmaids wake up the following morning to find out that the bride has disappeared Their cell phones have no signal and the bad weather conditions prevent them from going out to look for her Where did Hannah go Why isn t she excited about her wedding And is there a ghost in [...]

  10. This was decent for a short chick lit, but I m disappointed because it s not the thriller that the synopsis made it sound like The plot did have a lot of potential to be a great thriller, which makes the ending a huge let down.

  11. What a great short story I m always iffy about short stories not enough drama, no story line, no plot, no ending, etc Andrea Dunlop did not disappoint This story has everything from ghosts to mystery and thrills and chills all packed into one novella Hannah is planning the wedding of her dreams, well not of her dreams, of her mother in laws dreams She s basically just along for the ride.In no time it s her bachelorette weekend What better place to get away then to a secluded island and a gorgeou [...]

  12. This isn t a bad 2 stars by any means To me, it was just OK for a few reasons I really didn t feel any connection or interest in any of the characters Honestly, they were a bit difficult to keep straight who s married or single, who has kids, who s related, etc The only reason I kept going was because I wanted to find out what happened to Hannah Not so much because it was Hannah but so where did she go what s the plot I really need to stay away from novellas By definition, they are short I know [...]

  13. Broken Bay is something very different from what I normally read I ve read another book by Andrea Dunlop and I was intrigued about this one The book is that intriguing It is a very interesting novella where you get to know different characters with different stories and you get to see another side of marriages These girls are all in a big house in Broken Bay for a Bachelorette weekend, then the bride goes missing and some weird stuff is happening in the house I can t say about the story but I c [...]

  14. Apologies in advance I am both exhausted and sick, but I want to write a short review for this while it is still fresh in my mind So apologies for the rambling.2.5 rounded downI have to say I felt a little let down by this novella I read the synopsis and it sounded like just what I wanted a sort of spooky but not too serious quick read But I feel like it didn t really fulfil on the first point The tension built throughout, and I really wanted to find out what happened to Hannah, but the end was [...]

  15. I love the pace of the story makes for a really fast, easy read Extremely relatable the characters each have their distinct quirks that makes each one loveable in their own way I felt like this could be a group of my own mismatched friends I also love the paranormal aspect right up my alley, and defiantly goose bump worthy What I didn t love so much was that all the unanswered questions left over at the end make me feel like it s somewhat incomplete unfinished And although I love the epilogue, t [...]

  16. Five varied 30 something women head off for a bachelorette weekend on an island in the San Juans Drinking, discussion of relationship realities, a bit of suspense and maybe a ghost story ensue A pleasant enough little novella that perfectly suited my palate cleanser needs and avoided plunging fully into chick lit territory I d be willing to give one of her full length works a shot, but then again, perhaps this was just the right portion and should leave well enough alone.

  17. I haven t read a novella since high school, and it s exactly what I needed The Pacific Northwest was like a main character in this Moody little suspense that never felt too high stakes that I was stressed while reading it Really enjoyed all the conversations the friends had about marriage and feminism, and I liked the slightly creepy factor without it completely freaking me out Also, the author is a lovely human and the cover is gorgeous.

  18. A fast paced and well plotted little novella that is just tense enough for a dark and stormy night Three bridesmaids, one missing bride, a major storm, and a possible ghost sighting What s not to like A clever mix of great personalities, like the tv show Girls with a gothic tinge in the tradition of The Turn of the Screw Quick but enjoyable

  19. Love it Kept me in suspense and kept me guessing It was also a quick read Perfect for a long book hang over

  20. This is a very fun novella Perfectly spooky for October I wish the ending had gone slightly slower, but all in all enjoyable.

  21. I want Of course I want I mean, Andrea is great Though short, I enjoyed this immensely and cannot wait to see what comes next from her.

  22. 1.5 5 the description makes it seem a little exciting than it is It constantly felt like the author was using the characters to lecture the reader on various feminist issues.

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