Air and Ash (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ Air and Ash : by Alex Lidell - Air and Ash, Air and Ash Master and Commander meets Tamora Pierce in a seafaring adventure of duty love magic and a princess s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms After a lifetime of training seventeen year old [PDF] Download ☆ Air and Ash : by Alex Lidell - Air and Ash, Air and Ash Master and Commander meets Tamora Pierce in a seafaring adventure of duty love magic and a princess s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms After a lifetime of training seventeen year old
  • Title: Air and Ash
  • Author: Alex Lidell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Air and Ash
[PDF] Download ☆ Air and Ash : by Alex Lidell, Air and Ash, Alex Lidell, Air and Ash Master and Commander meets Tamora Pierce in a seafaring adventure of duty love magic and a princess s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms After a lifetime of training seventeen year old Princess Nile Greysik a lieutenant on the prestigious Ashing navy flagship sails into battle with one vital mission and fails Barred from the sea and facing a political maMaster and Comm
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Air and Ash : by Alex Lidell
    474 Alex Lidell
Air and Ash

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  1. This book was my pick for Book of the Month in July because it s fantastic I m offering a two book giveaway, check it out.Now, to the review L THE BRIGHT AND SHINY STARS Okay, this one wasn t classic literature status like STRANGE THE DREAMER And it wasn t hit me in all the nostalgia buttons perfect like SPINDLE But this book was ridiculously awesome I honestly didn t expect to love it like I did but well I DID WHAT I LOVED You know those books that start RIGHT in the middle of action, leavin [...]

  2. Tides is a seafaring adventure perfect for fans of plucky heroines, elemental magic, and a forbidden slow burning high tension romance Like some of my fantasy favorites Tamora Pierce and Sherwood Smith , Alex knows how to straddle the line between fantasy and the real world, giving us a headstrong heroine that has to work for every accomplishment she earns in a climate that isn t exactly female friendly Tides is Pirates of the Caribbean meets The Assassin s Curse meets The Song of the Lioness Qu [...]

  3. This tale on the high seas was remarkably similar to Daughter of the Pirate King, which I loved Except in tone Where DotPK felt almost playful at times, this book had a much darker feel to it, ominous and deadly and full of portentous events But I liked that about this story I ve really been jonesing for nautical stories, especially after DotPK, and I ve really enjoyed the majority of the ones I ve read, this one included But this novel ended on the same note that all the others have abruptly, [...]

  4. Air and Ash is absolutely amazing The characters, the world, the romance, it was all so perfect I need from this series like right away.Ashing is at war, and when Princess Nile s ship fails its mission, she is sent home back to her castle Forbidden to sail the seas and forced to an arranged marriage, Nile runs away and joins a ship where she can escape her life of royalty, and be one with the sea A strange, new magic awakens in Nile, the gifted are highly frowned upon and if anyone finds out th [...]

  5. 4.5 stars I absolutely love that we re seeing and YA titles set at sea and on ships Princess Nile Greysik has spent her lifetime training to lead the Ashing Navy When we first meet her she is in the midst of a vital mission and when everything goes south, she s somehow spared.When she awakes, she finds that she has been barred from the sea and navy that she loves instead she s destined to a political marriage something that she is determined will never happen.Joining the first ship she can hid [...]

  6. Gods alive Alex can sure write one hell of an amazing high fantasy I just finished and I am completely in love with this world and it s characters I need book 2 now Only problem is it s not finished grrrr I can t wait to read of Nile s story and I need Domenic now Also am I supposed to love Catsper as much as I do I sure hope so because he s all kinds of awesome lol

  7. Air and Ash is the first book in the TIDES series I have yet to figure out how many books there will be which is slightly annoying.Main Character is Nile She s been at sea since she was eight years old and recently lost her ship and her captain on a secret spy mission to change the tides in a war that does not only threaten her home country but all countries on the continent Oh, and she just happens to be a princess Yeah, the full program With title and castle and king and queen as parents Not t [...]

  8. What a great story I can t wait to listen to book 2 The Narrator was great I loved the great accent she gave the characters Nile is a great character I wasn t sure at first if I would love a book about ship and sailors and such, I usually like that stuff in movies, but this book was great I would recommend this to anyone

  9. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs Air and Ash is the first book in the Tides series by author Alex Lidell The Tides series is an epic high fantasy adventure that takes place on the high seas Umm, yes please I was already kicking myself for passing an early review of Daughter of the Pirate King and I have been kicking myself ever since I was not going to miss out on all the swashbuckling fun in another highly anticipated pirate adventure And Air and Ash did not disappoin [...]

  10. a girl who draws her strength from the sea I received an ebook copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewFull review on blog hereAnd This To Your TBR Right Now you will not be disappointed, trust me.I haven t exactly read a book that mostly takes place on a ship before I think I might have read one before but I wasn t he biggest fan but this book was spectacular and I am really interested in reading books like it.If you are about to run out and get this book which I sugg [...]

  11. Once again Alex Lidell proves what an amazing fantasy author she is Air and Ash not only includes an amazing, clever and badass heroine in a role we don t usually see in that kind of books, but also an excellent crafted world full with adventure and magic an interesting magic system which i hope we delve into deeper in a later date But those are not even the best part of the book I usually have problem following all the naval terms from books that include ships and big arcs on the sea, but Lidel [...]

  12. From the moment I finished the prequel novella, I needed to get my hands on this book Lidell has a writing style that I very much enjoy, and she weaves a fun and hear pounding tale in this first installment of the Tides series.Nile is not your typical princess and I loved her character She was well balanced and flawed Incredibly realistic The other characters too, were loveable or loathable respective to what they were intended to be , but all felt natural and not exaggerated.The world building [...]

  13. Same Review Also Posted In My Blog Dreamy AddictionsThis book took me by surprise I didn t expect to enjoy it as much as I did I picked this up right after finishing its prequel novella which I really loved I m not familiar with the author s previous works so I really have no idea what to expect but this turned out to be a pretty good read I love reading books with sea adventures and when I found this book, I couldn t resist and it also says that it is recommended for Sarah J Mass and Tamora Pie [...]

  14. Ok guys So this book looked really good, and I loved Nile and Domenic and everythingd then suddenly I just got really bored and everything was being dragged out, the plot with the Gifted and her own powers was stale and slow, the plot with Domenic and her relationship didn t progress fast enough from jerk to nice guy I know I don t want Indra love but this was pushing it and I just wish I could have rated this higher but I just can t be bothered I m done with books I m bored with.

  15. Welp, I loved this Definitely should not have waited so long to read it since I also loved THE CADET OF TILDOR.

  16. To see reviews, considering taking a peek at my first in series YA book blog here3.5 starsI really hyped up Air and Ash for myself I shouldn t have because it definitely took away from the reading experience That being said, it was a squash buckling pirate adventure And, not generally the nice kind Princess Nile has always been a sailor and commander of the seas She is summoned home only to be banned from the sea and be used as political pawn Well, she s having none of that She joins a ship s c [...]

  17. I loved this story from the beginning to end, it practically sucked me into its Universe It was very well written, with interesting and well developed characters The plot was excellent, and the pace was fast with many twists and turns At the beginning there were some moments which got me slightly confused due to many new characters and unknown universe, but the feeling quickly disappeared and all the puzzle pieces fell into place The author explained the set up of the world fully, without going [...]

  18. I was fortunate enough to be part of the blog tour for this book, and I m so excited to share my thoughts on it with you gals and guys today I told you about it a little while ago, and I said that it gave me such lady pirate feels However, I was wrong no lady pirates but had also lady captains and lady shippers, or, erm, ladies on ships But it was still great anyway This was definitely like any book that I ve read I thought that I had really read every kind of fantasy book, but this was the firs [...]

  19. Source Kindle Bargain Genre Young Adult, Fantasy Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Air and Ash is the first installment in author Alex Lidell s Tides series 17 year old Nile Greysik is the protagonist for this series From an early age, Nile has served her country faithfully in the Ashing Navy She rose to the rank of Lieutenant, and served as second to the Captain But, after her ship, His Majesty s Ship Faithful, came under attack from the Republic, and loses a very valuable cargo in the process, Nile finds [...]

  20. I ll write a full review later but I absolutely love this book It was like Tamora Pierce combined with ships pirates Definitely going to be eagerly awaiting the sequel

  21. I am crazy excited to talk about one of today s brand new releases with you AIR AND ASH is Alex Lidell s second published book When I found out that she was publishing a new book, I was REALLY excited In 2012, I helped reveal the cover of her debut novel, THE CADET OF TILDOR, and was on her Street Team In early 2013, the book debuted and I reviewed it While that book stands alone, it could easily have become a series and I wish there were books It reminded me of two of my favorite series, The S [...]

  22. True balance is striven for but never achieved The journey itself is the greatest of things The first in the Tides series, this YA fantasy book follows in first POV the young princess of the Ashing Kingdom, Nile Greysik, as she sails out to sea under the guise of a common sailor, escaping an unwanted arranged marriage and in search for a cure to her twin s magical gifts and the ailment they come with As she leaves her kingdom and identity behind, she finds herself face to face with a ship that w [...]

  23. When I started listening to this book I was home sick, usually my home sick time is devoted to catching up on TV when I am awake because I don t get a lot of time for that However, I started listening to Ash and Air in the morning as I was feeling quite nauseous and not really up to watching TV Fast forward several hours later and I am so engrossed in the book that the thought of watching TV has never even crossed my mind It was the fastest I have ever listened to an audiobook with it being cons [...]

  24. This is a typical coming of age YA story hero royal goes to sea as a young boy 8 for 10 years except the MC is a heroine, not a hero She is the youngest royal of a minor realm, so she is shipped off pun intended to sea at 8 She returns to court, still a virgin, around age 18 and lately a ship s officer , to discover that she is to be wed, to improve her realm s chances of winning a war by keeping a neighboring realm an ally Not wanting to wed an unseen, unknown Prince a bit trite story device , [...]

  25. Nile has lost her ship She is now at home trying to connect with her gifted brother Her brothers gift her driven him insane, but Nile still has hope She takes him for a walk and she sees 2 men beating a tied man, she intervenes That s when she meets Dominic She soon finds out her mother feels she should marry a prince from a neighboring kingdom to help their kingdom Nile does not want this, she wants to be an admiral of her own ship So the Princess of Ashing runs away on a shop.Nile runs into a [...]

  26. I have no words The ups and downs of the book ensnared me I was a little confused about the world, because I couldn t visually see it I loved the characters and the world and I m so going to buy this when it comes out may 2 Wow That s all I can say

  27. What can I say about this book I d already read First Command, the prequel novella, which I loved I really bonded with Nile in the novella and was happy to read about her again She s such a good character, but naive Something I appreciate in books, is when the main character can hold her own, but is still able to grow If characters are too naive, they are irritating, if they are too held together they don t show signs of growth.I felt like Nile was really well done in this department When I saw [...]

  28. It s been a long long time since I gave a book a good rating It s been a long time since I actually finished one I ve been skimming samples for months, and not loving anything and feeling like every writer is absolutely horrible Until now This one was rejuvenating, with a character that actually had SOME sense and a love for something other than her big man She s a sailor, and a good one I loved the slow burn romance, it gets a little too much at the end, I wish the author had drug it out but o [...]

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