Six Months, Three Days, Five Others (2022)

[PDF] Six Months, Three Days, Five Others | by ☆ Charlie Jane Anders - Six Months, Three Days, Five Others, Six Months Three Days Five Others A master absurdistHighly recommended The New York TimesBefore the success of her debut SF and fantasy novel All the Birds in the Sky Charlie Jane Anders was a rising star in SF and fantasy short fict [PDF] Six Months, Three Days, Five Others | by ☆ Charlie Jane Anders - Six Months, Three Days, Five Others, Six Months Three Days Five Others A master absurdistHighly recommended The New York TimesBefore the success of her debut SF and fantasy novel All the Birds in the Sky Charlie Jane Anders was a rising star in SF and fantasy short fict
  • Title: Six Months, Three Days, Five Others
  • Author: Charlie Jane Anders
  • ISBN: 9780765394897
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
Six Months, Three Days, Five Others
[PDF] Six Months, Three Days, Five Others | by ☆ Charlie Jane Anders, Six Months, Three Days, Five Others, Charlie Jane Anders, Six Months Three Days Five Others A master absurdistHighly recommended The New York TimesBefore the success of her debut SF and fantasy novel All the Birds in the Sky Charlie Jane Anders was a rising star in SF and fantasy short fiction Collected in a mini book format here for the first time in print are six of her quirky wry engaging best In The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model alie A m
  • [PDF] Six Months, Three Days, Five Others | by ☆ Charlie Jane Anders
    330 Charlie Jane Anders
Six Months, Three Days, Five Others

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  1. I have to disclose my relationship to this book Charlie very kindly claims that my 2012 WisCon guest of honor speech gave her the idea for her time traveling do gooder, Jemima Brookwater, who is a key player in The Cartography of Death, one of the five others The speech is not currently online, so I can t post a link That being said, I love Charlie s writing anyway, and would have read this Six Months, Three Days, the title story, won the Hugo Award for best novelette, and is maybe being made in [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this little book of short stories It s hard to pick a favorite At times I felt like I was reading Black Mirror novellas I m definitely going to check out her other stuff I also appreciated that every story was different Even though the stories were short, the characters were well developed.

  3. I stumbled on All the Birds in the Sky signed in Volumes book caf in Chicago accompanied by stickers and a recommendation with no clue of who Charlie Jane Anders was But it wasn t long before her debut had swept me away into her twisty SF F world and voice, and it was one of my favorite releases of 2016 So I was thrilled to receive a copy of Six Months, Three Days, Five Others from Tor in exchange for an honest review.Anders s priorities are usually solidly balanced between world building and he [...]

  4. I thought I was pretty imaginative until I read this book Charlie Jane Anders is way out in another league, and I m just glad I get to live in the same world, so I can read her work.Her novel, All The Birds In The Sky, is on my 2018 shelf here in GoodReads, but I was in the Worthington Public Library looking for Andre Aciman s Call Me By Your Name all copies out at the moment , and this was on the shelf, so I thought, Why not, and I m so glad I did.Now I wonder what I will find when I go looking [...]

  5. So fun My favorites were The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model, Six Months, Three Days, and Clover The Cartography of Sudden Death is a close one, too What I am trying to say is I really liked these short stories.

  6. I m honestly not really a fan of short stories or short fiction in general and although the name sounded familiar I really had no idea who Charlie Jane Anders was before this book arrived on my doorstep So I was a little bit hesitant to start reading it and didn t really set my expectations all that high or expect to really enjoy it Boy, what a fool I was I sat down and read all 6 of the amazing short stories in Six Months, Three Days, Five Others in just a few hours and loved every single one o [...]

  7. Charlie Jane Anders Six Months, Three Days, Five Others is not a long book, nor a difficult one I burned through this one in a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday, in fact Sometimes, though, that s what exactly you want a short, sharp collection of confections.The similar prose styles also made this book a good companion piece with Naomi Kritzer s Cat Pictures Please, which I d read just before.Anders ingenious title she s really good at titles doesn t lie, either there are just a half dozen storie [...]

  8. I think I would have enjoyed this book if I had read it before All The Birds but, it is interesting to read it second and see so many of the themes Anders explores in her novel worked out here My LEAST favorite story with Six Months, Three Days for reasons that would be spoilers to go into, but it is not hard to see the relationship from the titular story embodied by the main characters in All The Birds Like everything I ve read by Charlie Jane Anders I wish that she had gone through several r [...]

  9. My absolute favorite new author She is everything you could want creative, fresh and modern, irreverant, gutteral, funny, and absurd I loved everything about this book of short stories except I skipped the last story in the book because it is a follow up to her other novel, All the Birds in the Sky, and I didn t want to ruin that book, because of course now I am going to devour everything she has ever written.

  10. What a treat a lil collection of charming Sci Fi stories A few of these have a very Vonnegut feel, others have a Peter S Beagle vibe All of them are excellent I ll be checking out this author s novel very soon.

  11. A collection of six literary vignettes, ranging from fantasy The cartography of sudden death to science fiction The Fermi Paradox is our Business Model and everything in between As good as new is a prime example of an in betweener.My favorite story would have to be Clover , a clever coda to MS Anders novel All the Birds in the Sky which I thoroughly enjoyed Then again, I m a sucker for feline pov stories, so that s no surprise.

  12. I m a tough reviewer Given a five star system you had better have written an absolute classic that sticks with me and changes my outlook for me to give 5 stars So, four stars it is for this book as it was everything I had hoped and a bit I wanted something light, easy to read, and something to take me places that I hadn t been or hadn t thought of going This book did all of that and it made me think as well Bonus, I found it entertaining and amusing One of the stories I had read before on Tor a [...]

  13. I picked this up due to my love of All the Birds in the Sky I m normally not big into short stories, but was pleasantly surprised All these stories are so different, with wildly varying ideas and settings, with protagonists of various identities and ages which kept each story fresh and interesting on a number of levels Instead of tackling this book like I would a novel, instead I m going to give short reviews on each story The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model 4 starsWhat this story does well [...]

  14. Short stories are not my natural milieu, I prefer book length stories at least and series long character developments the books in a series, the better I liked Anders s novel All the Birds in the Sky quite a lot, and while hunting around on the interwebs I came across her website and contact me information so I sent her a short email saying how much I enjoyed it She responded a short while later this doesn t end with us becoming lifelong pen pal friends or anything, it was just the one exchange [...]

  15. This collection of six short stories one might be considered a novella ranges from good to very good Fermi Paradox is a slightly disturbing look at Earth from a vested alien perspective As Good as New is a distinctive take on the genie in a bottle trope whose ending doesn t live up to its premise and Intestate is a chronicle of a disturbing family gathering I could have taken or left any of these stories But the remaining three are all well worth reading The Cartography of Sudden Death has a ver [...]

  16. A really fun short collection of science fiction short stories in the Stanislaw Lem vein, which is to say humorous, silly, and no attempt at all to make anything resembling the science work while exploring contradictions and puzzles My three favorites were The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model that manages to explain its title presenting a rationale for the Fermi Paradox the fact that there are tons are stars but no evidence of life that is scary, almost plausible, and also sort of a humorous [...]

  17. This is a great collection of short stories I originally read Six Months, Three Days as a standalone story which led me to bump All the Birds in the Sky to the front of my reading queue Having enjoyed that, but being too lazy to seek out of Anders short stories, I was happy to see this collection become available All of the stories are solid Individually, I d rate each 4 stars except for Intestate and Clover , which I d rate 3 stars each Looking at my reading history, I originally rated Six Mon [...]

  18. This was a great collection of short stories Each story is different enough from the next that you get a good feeling of CJA s range The first story is a great Alien contact story kind of in the vein of Terry Bison s They re Made of Meat There s an interesting dysfunctional family story that centers on a cybernetic inheritance A sweet story about a cat, a neat time travel story that definitely has novel potential, and a dystopic future story The eponymous story is a love story about two clairvoy [...]

  19. These are so fun Aimee Bender syntax with Lev Grossmann and Cory Doctorow content, except twisted about 90 degrees out of phase in terms of humor With real, complex emotions attached Six Months Three Days is everything I can remember loving hating about relationships, Cartography investigates grief through time travel, As Good As It Gets confronts alienation, Clover a beautiful interstitial for All the Birds In the Sky is just lovely and loving and oh, cats.Really glad I picked up the collection [...]

  20. Before she wrote the delightful All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders wrote a handful of stories for the website Tor, which are presented here in a nice, slim collection To be totally clear, what you re getting are six stories that show her progression as a writer They all have some relatively clever hook, and none are necessarily bad, but other than the title story which is truly great, and deserving of the Hugo award it won , they re kind of forgettable It s worth reading if you enjoye [...]

  21. Honestly, I think what made this book stand out was that it was a cute little hardcover book of all the superficial reasons to want to buy something Certainly didn t regret buying it, though the six contained stories are very high calibre, and written in a very easy, welcoming, lightly comic style Someone else on here mentioned Black Mirror, which is appropriate because I ve also been watching those myself But it s a bit out there , I guess Not quite the same thing.I ll try and watch out for o [...]

  22. Like most collections this is a mixed bag of tales I particularly enjoyed Clover set in the All The Birds in the Sky universe The Fermi Pardox Is Our Business Model is a clever story I ve read before and enjoyed Some of these tales resemble what I imagine The New Yorker might publish a century from now They are slice of life Sci fi and I love them All the tales herein are good and I m glad to see them published in book format I can t wait to read what Anders does next.

  23. I fell in love with Anders writing with her first novel and snapped this little collection up as soon as it was published I wanted it so much, in fact, that mistakenly sent two copies and I gave the extra to my son It s every bit as quirky and charming as All the Birds in the Sky but, well, short I m not reporting any plots because discovering a Charlie Jane Anders story is too much fun There, that s my review Buy this book and read it.

  24. I really only enjoyed the last two short stories in this book I felt that the others were just filler to allow Anders to finally resolve what happened to poor Barkley, the cat that featured so prominently in the first 1 4 of her novel all the birds in the sky but was quickly forgotten in later chapters to the dismay of cat lovers everywhere However, the titular story is rather clever, focusing on the romantic relationship of 2 individuals who can see the future I would skip the rest.

  25. An uneven collection Anders is at her best with room to stretch her legs, I think, and this is full of good ideas with shaky execution Clover is a perfect story and the titular story is also quite good I look forward to from her

  26. OK, up front I ll say I didn t like All the Birds But this is a pleasant little collection I liked the title story least, probably because I don t enjoy stories about sustained frustration which is to say, anything by Connie Willis Good variety, interesting ideas.

  27. Between 3.5 4 stars Honestly I m not sure why, but Charlie Jane Anders writing doesn t resonate with me It s amazing, and objectively, I can see it s amazing, and it s enjoyable, but it just doesn t work for me That makes me sad

  28. Good collection of short stories with a science fiction or fantasy base The author has a very humanistic take on how these people and others react to the situations they find themselves in A really fun sense of humor too.

  29. If you want to find humor, beauty and compassion, come look for it between the pages of this little blue book I read it over the weekend and was endlessly charmed mystified.

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