Just Like Jackie (2022)

Just Like Jackie Best Download || [Lindsey Stoddard] - Just Like Jackie, Just Like Jackie For as long as Robinson Hart can remember it s just been her and Grandpa Robbie knows they look like an odd pair because her blond hair and pale skin don t match his dark complexion but those differ Just Like Jackie Best Download || [Lindsey Stoddard] - Just Like Jackie, Just Like Jackie For as long as Robinson Hart can remember it s just been her and Grandpa Robbie knows they look like an odd pair because her blond hair and pale skin don t match his dark complexion but those differ
  • Title: Just Like Jackie
  • Author: Lindsey Stoddard
  • ISBN: 9780062652911
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
Just Like Jackie
Just Like Jackie Best Download || [Lindsey Stoddard], Just Like Jackie, Lindsey Stoddard, Just Like Jackie For as long as Robinson Hart can remember it s just been her and Grandpa Robbie knows they look like an odd pair because her blond hair and pale skin don t match his dark complexion but those differences don t mean anything to her And though she wishes Grandpa would tell her about the rest of her family she s learned over the years that he doesn t like to talk abFor as long as
  • Just Like Jackie Best Download || [Lindsey Stoddard]
    343 Lindsey Stoddard
Just Like Jackie

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  1. This is a amazing book targeted for 8 to 12 year old s and I would have loved this as a child As a adult i simple ADORE it Laugh, cry, and relate to this wonderful gimps into the life of a struggling girl named Robinson aka Robbie She doesn t have the best of tempers and when resident bully Alex doesn t leave her alone she punches him in the nose Little did she know that this would be the start of when everything changes Follow her through her struggles as she finds out that not everyone has a p [...]

  2. This beautiful story and powerful protagonist definitely made me tear up at least twice The novel seamlessly weaves into its Vermont embedded narrative considerations of family and what that means , race, gender, Alzheimer s, and all through the lens of an inspiring fifth grader and her life with her grandpa.

  3. I went away to college at about the same time my grandfather went away to a facility that could care for him and his Alzheimer s Visits with him were rough In fact, I only visited him one time because instead of his grandson, he thought I was some buddy from the war he had been stationed with It was one of the most awkward, saddest conversations I ve ever been a part of I had lost my grandpa for good even though he was physically sitting right next to me on a bench, patting my leg.What a book, J [...]

  4. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineRobinson lives with her grandfather Charlie in a small town in Vermont It s always been just the two of them One boy at school, Alex, gives her a hard time, never calling her the name that she wants to be called never Robin, sometimes Robbie and making fun of the fact that she looks very little like her African American grandfather After she hits Alex yet again, she gets sent to group counseling, which Alex attends as well Many of the children in the group [...]

  5. I haven t read a book that felt so much like my real childhood since Wish last year I felt so close to Robbie who is being raised by her Grandpa Charlie Robbie holds a lot of anger, especially when their teacher assigns a family tree project and the only person she has in her family is her Grandpa, or so she thinks This story is one of realizing that just because you don t have the American Dream family, doesn t mean friends don t become family and that those who raise you aren t parents when th [...]

  6. This book is a MUST read for teachers, families, librarians, and anyone who cares about children Robinson, named for Jackie Robinson, lives in Vermont with her grandfather, her only family member as far as she knows She works through lots of challenges with the help of a guidance counselor at school, along with some of her peers I could not put this book down, such a strong first novel Well done, Lindsey Stoddard You have captured the actions and emotions of a young adolescent.

  7. Loved LindseyStoddard s debut a MG heartprintbook You should hold close the people who push you to be the best version of yourself Fell in love with the characters and the story Tissues required Grandpa and Robbie will remain with you.

  8. I have been in a reading rut lately, but I mback after stepping in to Robbie s world A stunning text Teachers, parents, lovers of plain old beautiful storiesis is a book for all of us, and certainly a classroom library must

  9. This debut novel is simply beautiful Robinson is learning about what makes a family and how sometimes you get a family and sometimes you make a family, all while trying to help her grandpa who has been forgetting things a lot She s trying to navigate school, friends and other kids who also have hard things going on in their lives The characters in this book ars all so likeable The relationship between Robison and her grandpa is sweet and tender The other adults in her life are kind and supportiv [...]

  10. An incredible and moving story of the meaning of family and the compromises sometimes made to keep it intact Excited to reread it and chat about JUST LIKE JACKIE with my friends

  11. Eleven year old Robinson Hart aka Robbie is named after Jackie Robinson, whom she idolizes She also likes fixing cars with her Grandpa in his shop and collecting sap from their Vermont maple trees But she doesn t being called Robin by Alex, the bully in her fifth grade class To Robbie, robins remind her of little birds who need to be sheltered, and Robbie doesn t want to seem weak, even though she doesn t know what to do about her grandfather who is losing his memory and Robbie lashes out by p [...]

  12. Robinson Robbie has finally had enough taunting from the fifth grade school bully, Alex, punches him in the nose, and ends up in the principal s office with her grandfather She knows her grandfather will be angry with her for not doing what Jackie Robinson, her namesake, would have done nothing She helps her grandfather in his auto repair shop, with making maple syrup and remembering things, but she s afraid that someone may find out about his memory problems and take her away from the only fami [...]

  13. Set in rural Vermont, Just Like Jackie is about a young girl s connection with her grandfather Robinson is all tomboy I don t know if that term is even considered politically correct any given the current social climate but Robbie harkens back to characters such as Jo March and Scout Finch Fists flying, sports loving, dress hating girls Archaic as the term may be, it is the best way I can describe this spark plug Robinson has never known either of her parents her father was never in the picture [...]

  14. I received my e copy from HarperCollins for an honest review.The story is about a young girl named Robinson Hart after Jackie Robinson She lives with her aging grandfather who is showing signs of Alzheimer s He is Robinson s only living family member that she knows Robbie has some anger issues especially with a boy named Alex Their conflicts end them up in a group counseling session at school with two other children from their class Robbie soon discovers that she isn t the only one with fears an [...]

  15. Just Like Jackie, a line Robinson reminds herself to get her act together at school Let the words roll off like Jackie Robinson echoes in the sound of her grandpa s voice Robbie s grandpa is full of wisdom and love His memory is beginning to slip and Robbie is worried other people will begin to notice Her life is filled with behavior charts at school, working on cars with her Grandpa and tapping maple trees However, a family tree project at school causes her anger to spill out everywhere There a [...]

  16. I loved Robinson from page one I loved her blind devotion to those whom she holds dear hint not many she shoves people away , her stubbornness, her colorful use of words when pushed to the tipping pointJust Like Jackie has it all strong make figure enter Grandpa, with than a failing memory serving as the sole caretaker of said plucky heroine Mixed in for good measure is some Vermont love via going mapling, a bully with a family secret and group therapy and you ve got yourself a book hard to put [...]

  17. Robbie just wants to know a little about her family Living with her Grandpa all of her life has given her the abilities to work on cars and make maple syrup, but when it comes who her mom is, he gives no information As his memory fades and the teacher assigns a family tree project, Robbie becomes desperate to learn about her background Classmates such as Alex, the bully, Oscar, the shy, quiet one, and Candace, the perfect student prove to be unlikely allies They are also angry about this projec [...]

  18. This new realistic fiction novel for middle grade readers has so much heart Robinson, a young girl named after Jackie Robinson, is a character you will want to hug and never let go She reminded me of Ally from Fish in a Tree Even though she does things that make you shake your head, you cannot help but love her Something else I also loved was how this book was written with diverse characters in the story in such a normal way This will be a mirror book for many kids some in a big way and others i [...]

  19. I didn t intend to read this book in one day, but it was too good to put down Ms Stoddard s characters have true depth, and I was immediately drawn in and emotionally engaged in this story So powerful and beautiful And, yes, a tear jerker As someone who s spent a lot of time working with middle schoolers, it also all felt very real I suppose I mean that it felt true in a deeper sense emotionally true And I love the power and strength of the main character and that she doesn t just fall into gend [...]

  20. There s a lot to like about this book, especially the first main character, Robbie While it ends on a high note, and somewhat wrapped up in a pretty little bow, It s very realistic While perfect for classroom discussion, this title will also work for those who are quiet contemplaters.

  21. Happy book birthday I m so excited to add this to my Read shelf, finally This book will give you all the feels, but even better, it ll do that for the kids you read it withRobbie is a friend you ll want to keep by the end of the book.

  22. My BookADay was this amazing new HeartPrint book Robbie s journey is one that will stick with me for a long time From dealing with bullying to her Grandpa s Alzheimer, she is tough through it all to a fault at times I would highly recommend this bk for all clsrms.

  23. This is a book I recommend for readers of ages It has a little bit of strong language for a juvenile book but it captured and held my attention within the first page This books was so well written I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  24. Robinson Hart is one tough girl who has quite a bit to handle in her young life I found this to be satisfying realistic fiction dealing with Alzheimer s, anger, empathy for others, and family history.

  25. Lindsey Stoddard has hit a home run with this example of realistic fiction This is a great story for kids It is about family, friendship, empathy and surviving life There are times readers will laugh, get angry and get sad in a pretty perfect mixture Robinson s friends, classmates, and teachers are recognizable But, for anyone who is dealing with or has dealt with a loved one with Alzheimer s, it is at times heart wrenching downright sob able I loved it.

  26. Ooof, this book It reminds me quite a bit of The Great Gilly Hopkins one of my favorite books as a child in that a Robinson has all this yearning for a family she knows nothing about and b she is so completely full of anger This offers some coping mechanisms for children who may have similar anger problems, but it also shows compassion for the other characters and explains why bullies can be that why, as well as that sometimes people are just insensitive and not actively mean.I loved this book a [...]

  27. You can call her Robinson, you can call her Rob or even Robbie , but do NOT call her Robin Alex learns the hard way that Robinson is fed up with him teasing her about her name, and the fact she doesn t look like her African American grandfather who raises her When her short fuse leads to blows a second time, Robinson is sent to her counselor to help her deal with her anger issues, but a family tree project results in Robinson and Alex being put in the same counselling group for students that hav [...]

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