The Look of Love (2022)

[PDF] The Look of Love | by ✓ JuliaKelly - The Look of Love, The Look of Love Discover the first installment in the new delightfully charming Scottish romance series where the matchmaker of Edinburgh uses her uncanny abilities to create the perfect matches even if the couples a [PDF] The Look of Love | by ✓ JuliaKelly - The Look of Love, The Look of Love Discover the first installment in the new delightfully charming Scottish romance series where the matchmaker of Edinburgh uses her uncanny abilities to create the perfect matches even if the couples a
  • Title: The Look of Love
  • Author: JuliaKelly
  • ISBN: 9781501172908
  • Page: 335
  • Format: ebook
The Look of Love
[PDF] The Look of Love | by ✓ JuliaKelly, The Look of Love, JuliaKelly, The Look of Love Discover the first installment in the new delightfully charming Scottish romance series where the matchmaker of Edinburgh uses her uncanny abilities to create the perfect matches even if the couples are doubtful they ll ever find love An accomplished sculptor with secret ambitions Ina Duncan has managed to avoid marriage for years until an accidental encounter at a partyDiscover

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  • [PDF] The Look of Love | by ✓ JuliaKelly
    335 JuliaKelly
The Look of Love

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  1. The Look of Love by Julia Kelly is the First Book in a New Series called The Matchmaker of Edinburgh Gavin and Ina are friends but Gavin has a secret that he has been keeping from Ina Gavin is in love with her but as a second son he would not be able to pursue is feelings he thinks Ina only has eyes for her work until she is scandalized and needs a husband fast Moira Sullivan is a match maker and wants to help Ina Moira talks Ina into asking Gavin to marry her and she does with several condition [...]

  2. The Look of Love is a wonderful love story in the year 1875 set in the beautiful Edinburgh Scotland Gavin has always been there for Ina, being her escort to society functions and other events, and she adores him for it But as a friend of course Ina and Gavin s real story begins when Miss Ina find herself in a compromising position and is in need of a husband to maintain her reputation And Gavin steps up to help her, they lay out ground rules It will only be marriage for appearances, nothing But [...]

  3. This is my first book by Julia Kelly and I really liked her style of writing.Ina Duncan is a sculptor who is unconventional and not in any hurry to marry her life is complete Her art and her best friend Gavin Barret is all she wants Life has a way of throwing curveballs and that s just what happened to Ina At a social gathering she s compromised by a rake but things aren t what they seemed, her reputation is in tatters Gavin has a secret he s in love with his best friend has been for the longest [...]

  4. Gavin Barrett is a writer, English and very in love with Ina Ina Duncan is a sculptor and a good one , and Gavin is her best friend She becomes compromised, thru no fault of her own and has to marry Gavin This is an amazing story It is light hearted, but also dark because, of course, no one s life is easy going The tale flows smoothly and makes the reading so easy It is full of misunderstandings, unsaid thoughts and the evil mother in law She really doesn t understand love, she never got it from [...]

  5. In this charming, Scottish romance tale, Moira, a professional matchmaker, brings together Ina, a woman who needs a husband quickly, and Gavin, Ina s best friend and also the man who has been secretly pining away for Ina The story line was unique and refreshing, and the characters were heartwarming and endearing There were so many wonderful, descriptive details, that Kelly made you feel as if you were a part of every scene I think that this book was a great start to The Matchmaker of Edinburgh s [...]

  6. 3.5Nice historical romance set in the regency era.This review is based on the ARC I received from the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

  7. rpmbt blog rpmbt review thAnyone who follows me and my reviews knows Historical Romance is definitely not a genre that I jump into at all, but there was something about the blurb of this book that made me want to dip my toe in and read this book, and man am I glad I gave The Look of Love a shot This book grabbed me from the first paragraph and I was unable to put it down In The Look of Love we meet Ina and Gavin who are great friends, but when scandal arises, the only way to save Ina s name is f [...]

  8. In the first book of the Matchmaker of Edinburgh series, emotional issues become very complicated when turmoil enters the lives of two individuals A man from England and a Scottish woman have a friendship in 1875, and while not everything in their lives is rosy, the many companionable moments they spend together bring much enjoyment But it only takes one wrong decision to change both their lives forever I eagerly kept reading to discover what would ultimately happen to them Julia Kelly takes the [...]

  9. I received this ARC from NetGalley and voluntarily chose to write a review This was actually pretty good I was pleasantly surprised The writing was decent, but there were quite a few grammatical errors and typos, than usual in an ARC But that s okay, since I m assuming these will all be fixed before publishing My main issue with the writing has to do with the writer not clesrly describing the characters physical appearances until much later For instance, I never knew that Gavin was a blonde unt [...]

  10. The Look of Love is a romantic friends to lovers story I loved Ina and Gavin The Look of Love is set in 1875 Edinburgh, Scotland, and Ina Duncan is a strong willed young lady Instead of attending lavish dinner parties or balls, Ina spends her time in her art studio She has become an accomplished sculptor but society does not approve of women artist and the scandalous nude sculptors Ina ignores society rules and continues to follow her passion By her side are her supportive friends, one of them b [...]

  11. The Look of Love is the first book in The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series by Julia Kelly.Gavin Barret is the second son of a Baronet His independence caused trouble between him and his father and their relationship suffered terribly for it.Ina Duncan equally loves her independence but unlike Gavin, it hasn t caused any rift in the family She loves art and she especially loves to sculpt in marble It is her dream to one day have her work shown in an all male orientated society.Gavin and Ina have be [...]

  12. Ina Duncan is an accomplished sculptor with secret ambitions, who has managed to avoid marriage for years until an accidental encounter at a party with Lord Kier leaves her near ruin and in need of a husband Determined to find a willing husband for Ina, Edinburgh s most powerful matchmaker, Moira Sullivan, quickly realizes that the solution to Ina s problem might be right in front of her convinces Ina to propose a marriage of convenience to Gavin to save her from ruinIna s best friend, Gavin Bar [...]

  13. Julia Kelly has delivered a quality introduction to her Matchmaker of Edinburgh series Her writing is smooth, descriptive, easily assimilated Her characters are well developed and real, accompanied by all the human weaknesses we attribute to Victorian society This all adds up to a very entertaining read.Ina Duncan is an independent Scottish lady who has been allowed the freedom to pursue her passion for sculpting, even though it is frowned upon as a proper career for a female Her father is engag [...]

  14. Englishman Gavin Barrett has loved sculptor Ina Duncan for years Ina is talented, spirited and Gavin s dearest friend She has freedom than most young ladies living in Edinburgh and happily works on her sculptors while Gavin escorts her to society events She secretly dreams of being recognized for her accomplishments When Ina is nearly compromised by a rake at a party, Gavin steps up and agrees to marry her Can Gavin settle for just being Ina s friend now that he s kissed her sweet lips When a f [...]

  15. Note I received a free e copy through the Giveaways program.The Look of Love is a friends to lovers romance featuring a heroine who just wants her art and friendship Ina is passionate about her work but, despite her tendency to buck society s norms, in her personal life, she s determined to maintain the status quo Gavin best friend, loved her for years, too poor to be a proper suitor is willing to play along However, once engaged in a marriage of convenience, the status quo can t stand especiall [...]

  16. The Look of Love by Julia Kelly is a very sweet romance Ina has never been interested in marriage or the traditional role of a high society woman, she is a sculptor and only wants to be recognized for her sculpting She has a male friend, Gavin, who fully supports her sculpting attempts Gavin s problem is that he is in love with Ina and has been for years He knows she isn t interested, but she turns to him when she is compromised by a disreputable man.Gavin agrees that he should marry Ina to prot [...]

  17. I m in the minority in saying that I didn t love this I found it meh, and would rate 2.5 stars.This reads like a novella, in that the narrative and plot feel condensed and cramped The transition within the story are abrupt and almost jarring Something barley evolves and develops before the action ricochets in another direction This happens several times and feels less like suspense and like awkward editing.The characters are thinly sketched and like caricatures we ve got cold cruel bitch, unc [...]

  18. This is a book about friends one in love with the other and one who doesn t know it as yet Ina grew up in a time when young women of the aristocratic realm were expected to learn the arts of capturing a rich husband Ina had other aspirations like being a well respected sculpture artist, something frowned upon by her family, peers and betters She pursues her art and is supported by her friend Gavin When scandal threatens Ian, Gavin comes to the rescue by marrying her They both agree this will be [...]

  19. This was an entertaining story about a woman sculptor, Ina Duncan and her friend Gavin Barrett, a writer This follows their relationship and the way in which Society of the day, dictated the path they should take This doesn t mean that they necessarily followed it It emphasises how women s capabilities were viewed by some men and the restrictions placed upon them It also takes into account the way in which second sons were often viewed and the affect it had on the son I found this book difficult [...]

  20. In a book like this, readers expect a happily ever after and what matters is how you get there and whether the characters are compelling enjoyable in their setting I tend to get annoyed when the obstacles in the way are the usual we can t be bothered to actually talk to each other communication issues In other words, the characters set up their own obstacles instead of having external ones to overcome.This book falls into that trap the characters are pushed together at the beginning and spend th [...]

  21. The Look of Love by Julia Kelly is the first book of The Matchmaker of Edinburgh Series It is a historical romance set in the Regency era The use of a matchmaker was not abnormal at the time I enjoy the role of the matchmatcher in getting couples together Moira the matchmaker brings together Ina and Gavin As with life , the couple has bumps in the road to happiness to get thru Julia Kelly gives you a good feel for the society that she has the story set in It kept me interested and wanting to kno [...]

  22. This is a wonderful story about a Scottish lady and an Englishman It really is beautifully written with each event following clearly and grippingly so that as a reader you are compelled to read the next page and the one after that and then the next one and so on.It had every evoking emotion in it that could possibly be written into it and there were several scenes that stick in my mind like the proposal, the reconciliation and the heroine s eventual claim to fame as a sculptress.I am extremely h [...]

  23. Ina is an unconventional woman She is a sculptor She speaks her mind and sometimes acts without thinking Ina s best friend, Gavin, tries to keep her out of trouble Gavin secretly loves Ina, but is afraid that she only sees him as a friend As a second son of a baronet, he also feels unworthy of her One night Ina s rash behavior alters both their lives forever I enjoyed reading this story and following along as they struggle to come to terms with the many changes that transform their lives.

  24. Here is what I like about this story Ina She is a sculptor who does not really care what others think of her She loves her art Gavin is a true friend He will do everything in his power to help her I really liked how they had to learn to live together you know, the does he love me, does she love me, am I saying the right thing, should I be aggressive Theirs is a nice story that shows the give and take in a relationship Definitely cannot wait for Moray s story.I received a complimentary copy from [...]

  25. My first time reading Julia Kelly and I really enjoyed her writing style, the depth she gives to her characters, her creativity and a natural flow to her story line A wonderful story set in Scotland of two friends with great chemistry that face their fears and insecurities together to find lasting love As an avid fan of historical romance I am definitely adding this author to my favorites

  26. Very entertaining and very unusual couple Gavin is a writer and Ina is a sculptor A marriage to save her reputation reveals their true feelings for each other.Then he unexpectedly inherits his father s estate and discovers he has a knack for estate management but would rather be writing I received a free book from Giveaways.

  27. This was a fun read Characters were interesting and surprisingly diverse for the historical setting Also, the sex scenes were sexy I m looking forward to the next one.

  28. A wonderfully written friends to lovers trope.Ina Rose Duncan, a sculptor who longs to be a part of the Royal Sculptor Society but find it impossible as it requires male only membership That obstacle doesn t deter her from joining the sculptor competition by using just her initials to disguise her gender.Gavin Barrett, Ina s best friend, second son of a baronet, a writer Unbeknownst to Ina, Gavin has loved her for years.Ina was found in a compromising situation which could lead to her ruination [...]

  29. The Look of Love, the first book in Julia Kelly s The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series, was such a fun romance to read I thoroughly enjoyed this book I was in a book slump before I read it and it was just what I needed to get me out of it First off, I really loved the two principle characters in this book Ina was quite quirky and adorable and I loved that she wasn t willing to give up the things she loved for anything And then Gavin was sufficiently adorable and lovable I loved that he and Ina wer [...]

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