The Taste of Temptation (2022)

✓ The Taste of Temptation ↠ JuliaKelly - The Taste of Temptation, The Taste of Temptation Travel back in time to Scotland with bestselling author Julia Kelly for this delightful second installment in her latest historical romance series The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series Accomplished matc ✓ The Taste of Temptation ↠ JuliaKelly - The Taste of Temptation, The Taste of Temptation Travel back in time to Scotland with bestselling author Julia Kelly for this delightful second installment in her latest historical romance series The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series Accomplished matc
  • Title: The Taste of Temptation
  • Author: JuliaKelly
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  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Taste of Temptation
✓ The Taste of Temptation ↠ JuliaKelly, The Taste of Temptation, JuliaKelly, The Taste of Temptation Travel back in time to Scotland with bestselling author Julia Kelly for this delightful second installment in her latest historical romance series The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series Accomplished matchmaker Moira Sullivan knows that sometimes the most unlikely pair can be the most entertaining Only desperation could have driven Caroline Burkett to her brother s home in STr

  • ✓ The Taste of Temptation ↠ JuliaKelly
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The Taste of Temptation

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  1. I don t know HOW I missed the first in this series, as I loved Kelly s Governess series, but miss it no , the second book in The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series has plenty to recommend it, and it s set in Victorian Scotland, with characters who are taking advantage of the potential in this upwardly mobile society Caroline Burkett has spent the past years in London as the subject of scandal, derision and idle gossip When her engagement to a viscount fell through, her mother filed a breach of promi [...]

  2. ARC provided by the author for an honest review What do you do with your life once things don t quite work out in your favor That is a question addressed in The Taste of Temptation by Julia Kelly.Caroline Burkett is leaving London by way of Scotland Her life has been in shambles due to the fact that she sued her ex fianc for becoming engaged to another woman They were engaged for years, and due to situations that were out of their control, life and expectations changed, and so his wants and need [...]

  3. The Taste of Temptation is a beautiful historical tale and is the second installment in The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series The two books don t necessarily have to be read in order, but I personally would recommend reading the first one, just because it was really good, oh, and it does also introduce you to the mathcmaker too.This one centers around Miss Caroline Burkett, she s recently been the center of a court proceeding It was in all the papers, and was the talk of just about everywhere Miss [...]

  4. As reviewed at Roses Are Blue wp p3QRh4 ItAfter being engaged for several years, Caroline Burkett s fianc unexpectedly inherits a title His family had never been overly pleased with the engagement, and now they pressure him to jilt Caroline for a suitable match While Caroline is crushed, her mother is furious, and brings a breach of promise lawsuit While Caroline eventually wins the suit, the bulk of the proceeds have to be used to pay off the lawyers, and the disgrace has left Caroline all but [...]

  5. I received The Taste of Temptation from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review It is the second book in Julia Kelly s Matchmaker of Edinburgh Series It can be read as a stand alone I didn t read the first book in the series, but have since picked it up to read.Caroline Burkett has had her 15 minutes of fame in London that has been everything but kind to her Defeated, she regroups and heads to her brother in Edinburgh to enlist help from fame matchmaker Moira Sullivan Jonathan Moray is an ambiti [...]

  6. A basic romance between a heroine with a scandalous past and a hero wanting to get ahead no matter the cost Set in Edinburgh and with a self made hero, I was intrigued by the premise and prospect but ultimately nothing took off for me It was just too predictable a story and the characters felt too stereotypical for me to get behind one Good writing, but I like intrigue and diversity and spice in my romances.

  7. Great characters Full of surprises A fantastic follow up to the first book in the series I received a complimentary ARC of this book from NetGalley Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

  8. Caroline Burkett is traveling to Scotland to live with her brother Michael and his wife Elise, and hopefully to begin anew, she hopes to be taken on by Moira Sullivan, the Matchmaker of Edinburgh Two years ago she was jilted and sued her ex for breach of contract She won her suit, but destroyed her chances for marriage in the process Hounded by the press and humiliated in court, Caroline just wants to find a husband and fade into obscurity Jonathan Moray is the founder and owner of two papers in [...]

  9. Julia Kelly has written an interesting story set in the later years of 1800 Progress has been made in many areas, but women still often have little say in what takes place in the lives Caroline Burkett has gone through a very trying time in London, and she wants to make a better life in Scotland, where hopefully a man will marry her despite all the unfavorable things that have been said Yet when she meets Jonathan Moray, a newspaperman, she fears nothing will be different in a new city The secon [...]

  10. The Taste of Temptation is the second book in the Matchmaker of Edinburgh series by Julia Kelly.Caroline Burkett flees to Edinburgh for two reasons To escape the scandal of suing her ex fiance for breaking their engagement and to find a husband who can give her security The latter she hopes to do with the help of Moira Sullivan, Edinburgh s famous matchmaker.Jonathan Moray comes from a poor background which he keeps a secret He has worked hard to leave all that behind and is now a wealthy newspa [...]

  11. On the cusp of a new era, Jonathan Moray is a self made man, one who has built his printing business on other people s scandal However, even though he will do whatever it takes to get the news out first, he nevertheless has a deep sense of right and wrong, and adheres to a code of morals Initially Caroline Burkett, the young woman who took the unprecedented step of suing her fiance for breach of promise, is fair game and Jonathan stakes his future on her story As he gets to know Caroline through [...]

  12. Miss Caroline Burkett is infamous for suing an ex finance and winning her case Unfortunately, by the time, the decision was made, every aspect of Caroline s life had been picked apart and scrutinized She flees London and heads to Scotland to live with her brother until she can marry She s looking to marry as soon as possible and hires the services Mrs Sullivan, a matchmaker in Edinburgh, Scotland Caroline hopes to never cross paths with another newspaper ever again Jonathan Moray owns two succes [...]

  13. Caroline Burkett s life is in a shambles after her fiance s betrayal, her court case for his jilting her, winning said case, and the complete devastation of her reputation thanks to the scandal being reported on in exacting detail She flees London to her brother s home and a chance at meeting the matchmaker Moira Sullivan in Edinburgh Caroline is hoping Mrs Sullivan will find her a husband that hasn t heard of the scandal or doesn t care about and find him quickly Unfortunately, Jonathan Moray h [...]

  14. Julia Kelly has produced another captivating romance facilitated by the Matchmaker of Edinburgh Caroline applies to her after fleeing London being shadowed by scandal She hopes to find a suitable husband to provide her a home and a family Along with other gentlemen, she is introduced to Jonathan, a newspaperman skilled in wielding the power of the press in both his daily newspaper and a scandal sheet Her fear of him is equal to her attraction What Caroline doesn t know is that Jonathan fears the [...]

  15. Caroline Burkett is in a big hurry to leave London after her fianc breaks off their engagement She leaves for Edinburgh,Scotland to stay with her brother and sister in law Caroline is determined to marry as soon as possible so she hires a famous matchmaker to help her along Unfortunately, Caroline s infamous notoriety from a London love affair follows her to Scotland A prominent owner of an Edinburgh gossip column newspaper, Jonathan Moray, meets Caroline at the theatre and tries to get the stor [...]

  16. You know when you read a book and there is a character in that book that you know will make a great hero and you cannot wait to read his story That was the previous book to this one Jonathan Moray is a newspaperman, a well rounded guy, a bastard, and a big man who is a gentleman but not always Oh, how I love his type This is the kind of story that is relevant to today s world of newspaper tabloid writers Why are we always so caught up in the private lives of others I understand Caroline s hesita [...]

  17. The Taste of Temptation by Julia Kelly is book Two in The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series This is the story of Caroline Burkett and Jonathan Moray Caroline is trying to live through a scandal and find a way away from it This has taken her to her brother s place in Edinburgh and to look for the famous match maker This leads her to an accidentally meeting with Jonathan after a mix up with a theater seat Caroline is attracted to Jonathan but shortly learns what he wants from her Which is something s [...]

  18. A good read I must admit that at first I would of rated five stars but the pacing in the beginning left me to four This book was an unexpected treasure in some ways Not set entirely among the London ton, it travels to Scotland and just keeps getting better Once the pace started rolling I became caught in the story for it was indeed not the norm It had so many elements that I was not expecting I like the heroine and the hero, even though at times my emotions bordered on frustration with both It i [...]

  19. This was a very entertaining read The two main characters Caroline and Jonathan were very likeable There first meeting is due to Jonathan s ownership of a newspaper and his attempts to get an exclusive story from Caroline about the scandal she s left behind in London The banter between them is engaging Caroline is attempting to find a husband Caroline got Jonathan to see what it was like to be a victim of press harassment They have quite an interesting time together, plus there is a suitor in th [...]

  20. Appealing elements of a romance novel Strong minded heroine Caroline Burkett sued her previous fiance when he broke off their engagement Physically appealing hero, with no than a personality flaw or two to overcome Jonathan Moray is certainly handsome, and his personality flaws he works too hard he is too humble about his own background A setting in a time long ago and far away Check Julia Kelly has written another entertaining novel with which to while away a rainy afternoon or two.

  21. The Taste of Temptation by Julia Kelly is book Two in The Matchmaker of Edinburgh series The story is well developed and full of surprise with two main characters Caroline and Jonathan very likeable.A surprising and interesting book where the heroine would like to live a life without scandal and the hero is a publisher and would like to use her story to sell paper They are strong and full of life.This is a very entertaining read and you will love it.

  22. Originally posted on Adria s Musings and Reviews A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review All conclusions are my own responsibility and I was not compensated for this review.What s it About Caroline Burkett created a scandal when she sued her former fianc e for breaking their engagement so she fled to her brother s home in Scotland Once there she s desperate enough for a new start that she hires Edinburgh s most famous matchmaker, Moira [...]

  23. Thanks Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books and netgalley for this ARC.Loved this second book in the Matchmaker series Scandal, heartbreak, and two hardheaded lovers fight against their feelings for each other So much than this simple description Julia Kelly s novels are fun, passionate, and a pleasure to read.

  24. Caroline Burkett has just been through a major scandal for suing her former fianc after he married an American heiress She believes her only hope at marriage is to find it while staying at her brother s home in Scotland, Little does anyone know but she is procuring the help of match maker, Moira Sullivan Caroline s scandal made her fodder for the gossip sheets so she can t imagine Moira would find Jonathan Moray a match Moray has risen to success as a newspaper owner Caroline s notarity would se [...]

  25. 4.5 stars There s nothing like reading a good romance based in Scotland on a crisp winter day.This is an entertaining read with two admirable main characters and just the right amount of heat It s light and fun, but also manages to remind us that at the root and tip of every gossip story is a human being whom likely is worth than any story to which they find themselves tied.I received an ARC of this book, from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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