The Foxe & the Hound (2022)

The Foxe & the Hound Best Download || [R.S. Grey] - The Foxe & the Hound, The Foxe the Hound When your life is a hot mess at twenty it s cute At twenty seven well not so much It s just that my lofty dreams making it as a real estate agent paying rent on time showering daily have stayed ju The Foxe & the Hound Best Download || [R.S. Grey] - The Foxe & the Hound, The Foxe the Hound When your life is a hot mess at twenty it s cute At twenty seven well not so much It s just that my lofty dreams making it as a real estate agent paying rent on time showering daily have stayed ju
  • Title: The Foxe & the Hound
  • Author: R.S. Grey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Foxe & the Hound
The Foxe & the Hound Best Download || [R.S. Grey], The Foxe & the Hound, R.S. Grey, The Foxe the Hound When your life is a hot mess at twenty it s cute At twenty seven well not so much It s just that my lofty dreams making it as a real estate agent paying rent on time showering daily have stayed just that dreams Oh and love I ve decided love might be a little ambitious for me at the moment Instead I ve settled for the two guys who will never leave me Ben When your life is

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  • The Foxe & the Hound Best Download || [R.S. Grey]
    493 R.S. Grey
The Foxe & the Hound

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  1. If you were to pick a dog, you could spend months researching breeds, figuring out which one is the best fit for you You could go to shelters, dog shows, hanging around and asking questions Or, you could be just like the heroine of this book, and go to a shelter to make an impulsive adoption of a certain adorable furry ball of a pup It does seem like a faster, easier way to go, right Well, except if nobody really tells you how big your dog is going to get No problem Just call him something non t [...]

  2. This is a rom com My bad, I must have been laughing in my head except I m almost certain I didn t crack even one smile.Madeleine Grow up, put some effort into actually doing your job or maybe just get another job And oh, don t ever allow anyone call you bi polar even if you are also, if you have to call a guy a dozen times without a callback or even an itsy bitsy text message, then, please, have some self respect and you know move on with your LIFE And you Mr Adam Foxe, aka the panty melting hot [...]

  3. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I thought my heart was dead gone after Olivia, but Madeleine has proved it s alive and well, beating so hard I can barely see straight.Every time I hear there s a new R.S Grey book coming out, I get a little giddy inside I know that I am guaranteed to fall in love with the story and characters she creates THE FOXE AND THE HOUND was right up my alley Being a HUGE dog lover, I got a kick out of the fact that the swoon worthy Hero in this story is a Veter [...]

  4. 4 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.What to expect from The Foxe and the Hound a hot as sin veterinarian, a down on her luck real estate agent, one rambunctious, oversized puppy, multiple awkward run ins, and a sweet, light, and a slow burn, laugh out loud romance.Like all of her books I ve read so far, this was entertaining and impossible to put down.When real estate agent Madeleine Thatcher adopted her adorable fluff ball Mouse, she had no idea he d grow as big as her She only thought Mouse wa [...]

  5. I was in an awful mood when I began reading The Foxe and the Hound In fact, I didn t even really feel like reading at all I m a book blogger though and that kind of means I have to sometimes even when I m not feeling it I love R.S Grey, but I was still fully prepared to sulk and drag myself through the book purely due to the way I felt at the time However, within a few minutes of reading I was smiling, and before I knew it, I was laughing I flew through the story in one sitting and felt a hundre [...]

  6. FIVE STARS Five friggin sweet and swoony stars I m so in love with this book I m swooning as I write this review I mean, wow That gave me endless tingles and chest aches and feels So Many Feels I m not even kidding My tingles had tingles, my swoon had swoon, and the butterflies in my belly had their own darn butterflies This book was yummy From the first to the last page it was downright delicious Adam and Madeleine are two of the very best characters I ve ever had the pleasure of reading and I [...]

  7. 5 sweet stars I m in love with this story and the characters sigh.R.S Grey did it again,she delivers a lovely,sweet,adorable,fun and intense story.If you know me,then you know how addictive I am with Rachel s stories.She always make me happy with her books and this one was something else.I adored Madeleine and Adam.Separately and together,they have an amazing chemistry.If you are looking for something refreshing, with a sassy heroine a swoon worthy hero and a sweet romance this is perfect

  8. I absolutely love when you can fall into every book you read by an author You know, you just know it s going to make you fall But first, let me say this, I wanted to hate Adam Foxe, badly I think I did hate or disalike him at times, a lot of times, but I totally understand why he was so hesitant, so reserved His past He s unhappy and he s had the worst betrayal happen to him But hello, enter the entertainer of the year, Madeleine Thatcher She could cure anyone s broken heart She s stuck in a rut [...]

  9. A big thank you to the author for providing me with an advance ebook copy to review This was cute but for some reason I didn t really love it I m a fairly new R.S Grey fan and I ve only read three books by Rachel, four including The Foxe and the Hound, and I ve loved every single one of them but I m a little disappointed with this one.I felt like not much happened in the story and the relationship between Madeleine and Adam was kiiiiinda underdeveloped I didn t feel that thrill I had with her ot [...]

  10. DNF 48%Not going to rate this, because the writing is good, and most of the characters are pretty engaging.With the exception of the male lead.He was just SUCH an asshole Insurmountably so, for me I could have kept going, because I m sure he tries to redeem himself, but I m just not that forgiving, and no amount of groveling could make up for his shitty behavior up until the point I quit The fact that the female lead is super sweet and easily forgives him where I wouldn t made it even worse Beca [...]

  11. It s time to DNF a book when a joke about assault turns into the pickup line that begins a passionate makeout scene, and there is also the line taming wild mustangs with patience and masculinity At least I borrowed it and didn t pay Edit Finished this so people wouldn t come at me for not finishing it when I include it in a list in an upcoming video.

  12. Overall Rating 4.5 starsStory 4.5 starsPerformance 5 starsSTORY OVERVIEW AND REVIEW What to expect from The Foxe and the Hound a hot as sin veterinarian, a down on her luck real estate agent, one rambunctious, oversized puppy, multiple awkward run ins, and a sweet, light, and slow burn romantic comedy.Madeleine s life is a bit of a mess at 27 but she continues to work hard and is kind and good natured She s also very relatable It s nice to see a character who doesn t have her sh t together at 27 [...]

  13. An appealing enemies to lovers romantic comedy that is sure to make you smile I hadn t laughed that hard in a while Absolutely fun, sexy and adorable R S Grey s buoyancy shines through Madeline Thatcher didn t mean to reach twenty seven and still have her life in disarray But she has her priorities straight 1 Sell at least one house in the near future in order to pay the months overdue rent 2 Train her ginormous puppy to heel and not maul well dressed, good looking men, especially if said man is [...]

  14. For some reason, I didn t realize that this book was also set in the small town of Hamilton, but I m so glad it was and that we got to catch up with Lucas and Daisy while getting Madeleine s quirky love story Madeleine and Adam meet in a not so great way and start off on the wrong foot with each other Though being in a small town makes running into each other easier whether they want to see each other or not But when both need something, they figure they can use each other for something good I l [...]

  15. 4.5 starsThe Foxe and the Hound is a fast and easy read that had me smiling It is the first book that I have read from this author, but it will certainly not be my last Madeleine Thatcher is a hot mess She is struggling with work, money, and even her dog is giving her problems, not to mention her nonexistent love life Things start to look up when a hot new veterinarian moves to her small Texas town.Adam Foxe moves from Chicago to be close to his family Although he is the talk of the town, he is [...]

  16. 4 starsFreaking had fun with this book Light, sweet and although a predictable plot, the author did a great job with the heroine not being a complete doormat Certainly an enemies to lovers type with an amazing hero and heroine hating then loving each other s guts Loved Madeleine s real life struggles Instead of bitching, she fought to right her struggles When someone from the past returns, instead of self depracating, self sabotaging she took a step back and gave herself a pep talk You go girl I [...]

  17. DNF at 40%If you can cope with an extremely weak and clumsy female protagonist, you will probably enjoy this book.It s well written and the dog was adorable, but I have zero patience for such weak and pathetic portrayal of a woman.Damsel in distress, klutz, non existent date life, unsuccessful carrier, broken car, no money for the rent and and and.I don t find it funny or cute.And this one paired with extremely unlikable male protagonist who of course looked beautiful, but had no manners and no [...]

  18. This was the perfect romantic comedy to charm me out of my rainy day funk.Madeleine Thatcher is a super sweet but perpetually single, down on her luck realtor She has a new adorably unruly puppy to keep her company, but whether in love, work, or just life in general, the lady just cannot seem to catch a break Her misadventures create some hilarious moments, including an unfortunate encounter with Dr Adam Foxe.Adam is the new man in the small town, and he s got a few things going for him 1 He s h [...]

  19. The Foxe the Hound by R.S Grey was one of those light hearted, feel good books that I m looking for Afterwards I had a big smile on my face Not only did the book leave me utterly satisfied, I ended up adoring the characters and their four legged friends.Adam Foxe and Madeleine Thatcher were FANTASTIC together.Madeleine was a wonderful, strong female lead, she was Lucas s sister and Daisy s best friend and a supporting character in Anything You Can Do Daisy and Madeleine were still extremely hila [...]

  20. 3,5 Stars This was a sweet and funny story As all of Ms R.S Grey s books I have read so far I love her books and they are a joy to read them and laugh and have a great time.I enjoyed this reading a lot and the characters were pretty good I liked that we saw Luca and Daisy again and how they ve been so far Adam and Madeleine s chemistry was great and so hot at timesMadeleine was a crazy girl try to figure out her life and making the most of it Everywhere she went troubles were right behind her an [...]

  21. The Foxe and the Hound is my first read by R.S Grey and whilst I wouldn t exactly peg this as a romantic comedy, it was an entertaining, lighthearted romantic read with a loveable, yet frustrating at times, couple Adorably dysfunctional twenty something seeks handsome veterinarian Serious offers only Both Madeleine and Adam s luck has sunk a little of late he with a recently broken engagement under his belt and her generally struggling at work and with some help from her ten tonne pup, they beco [...]

  22. 5 Stars Madeleine Thatcher is a 27 yr old gorgeous, single woman living in rural Texas, in a small town called Hamilton She works as a real estate agent at Hamilton Realty, lately feels as if her whole life is one big hot mess She just can t seem to get it together She s struggling to pay her rent, can t seem to sell a house to save her life, although she attends singles events uses online dating apps, she hasn t had any luck in the love department Everyone around her seems to be happily coupled [...]

  23. Writing Characters Storyline I had a hard time getting through this one There were some great elements, but there is a lot of room for improvement The overall feel of this novel was immature R.S Grey laid the foundation for some good stuff, but then she didn t do anything with it For instance, the size of the dog could have been played up Well, the dog could have been used all around More insight into the cooky ways of Mr Bigs whatever his name was , the guy the Female MC was showing houses to [...]

  24. That was so cute and fun Just what I needed I have only read one novel by Grey and unfortunately I didn t enjoy it much, so naturally I went into this one with low expectations I ended up liking it way than her other novel

  25. Let me just start off by saying that I would probably put every single R.S Grey romance that I ve read on my TOP PICK list, and THE FOXE THE HOUND would be at the very top of that list, hands down Grey s latest romantic comedy just blew my socks off It was absolutely HILARIOUS, incredibly SEXY, and out of this world ENTERTAINING I had THE BEST time reading this book I was lost in Grey s world the entire time, and I never wanted it to end Adam Foxe has to be one of the best male leads that she s [...]

  26. Once again R.S Grey proved to me that she is the queen of romantic comedies The Foxe the Hound is laugh out loud and delightful book Must read for summer times and really all times I don t exaggerate if I write that the dog stole the show The heroine, Madeline adopted a small and furry puppy, and named him, Mouse A puppy that was growing with rapid pace and became difficult to keep in check dog But still a beloved friend In fact, our heroine is also a mess She is trying to make a good live for h [...]

  27. HOLY SMOKES THAT WAS BRILLIANT Loved every moment of this Soo freakishly good and HILARIOUS Hahaha i totes loved it from the start to the end I enjoyed it so much i couldn t put it down Fantastic job as always Rachel

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