Zero Day (2022)

[PDF] Zero Day | by ✓ Ezekiel Boone - Zero Day, Zero Day In the thrilling nerve wracking finale of Ezekiel Boone s hair raising Parade Hatching series the United States goes to war against the queen spiders that threaten to overtake the human race forever [PDF] Zero Day | by ✓ Ezekiel Boone - Zero Day, Zero Day In the thrilling nerve wracking finale of Ezekiel Boone s hair raising Parade Hatching series the United States goes to war against the queen spiders that threaten to overtake the human race forever
  • Title: Zero Day
  • Author: Ezekiel Boone
  • ISBN: 9781501125102
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
Zero Day
[PDF] Zero Day | by ✓ Ezekiel Boone, Zero Day, Ezekiel Boone, Zero Day In the thrilling nerve wracking finale of Ezekiel Boone s hair raising Parade Hatching series the United States goes to war against the queen spiders that threaten to overtake the human race forever The world is on the brink of apocalypse Zero Day has come The only thing terrifying than millions of spiders is the realization that those spiders work as one ButIn the thrilling nerve wrac

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  • [PDF] Zero Day | by ✓ Ezekiel Boone
    404 Ezekiel Boone
Zero Day

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  1. NOW AVAILABLE It was almost completely dark out, which confused Melanie for a moment It was an airport It should have been lit up But then she caught a glimpse of a skittering dark mass and the baseball size bodies held aloft by eight legs, and she realized that of course it made sense that the airport was dark There was nobody left to turn the lights onis is the third book in a trilogy about what happens after millions of carnivorous spiders hatch and skitter all across the globe they re just d [...]

  2. Gotta love that Creature Feature Or maybe I ought to modify that statement to Creatures Features It s a spider apocalypse New generations and smarter beasties are overrunning the world, but what is worse the problem or the cure NUKES Oh, yeah, baby Nukes everywhere The president is continuing to have a pretty bad day A few others might be, too As always, these books are full of middling semi sympathetic characters all trying to deal with the fallout from all the different kinds of horrors I was [...]

  3. 3.5 5 ZERO DAY was a fun wrap up to the trilogy that started with THE HATCHING The narrative is still following all the same people, people who are now facing the fallout from a few nuclear strikes across the U.S and the previous ones which occurred in various places around the world The spiders are still continuing to mutate and evolve with the most dangerous of them all appearing in this book I enjoyed following the characters around on each of their missions and adventures What I did not like [...]

  4. Thanks to Netgalley and Atria for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars from me Seriously, if you are at all interested in movie speed horror thriller novels, then stop reading this right now, go to your local bookstore, your local library wherever you need to, and get your hands on The Hatching Do it Do it now, so you re prepared when the arachnapocalypse happens.The final book starts with a few bangs some betrayals, attempted coups, crazy deaths, etc just like you [...]

  5. Zero Day is the third and final book in The Hatching trilogy and here we finally get to know if mankind will survive the spider invasion or of the word is doomed This book is less gory than the previous two yeah that disappointed me since I love being creeped out , but it s one heck of an ending Fair warning, you really need to read the previous two books before reading this one In many ways it s just one story split into three books.As a big horror fan do I love threat against mankind books and [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars The Hatching series has been like an utterly terrifying, utterly fascinating horror show that plays out in a deliciously slow, deliciously tantalizing pace that will leave you jumping at shadows and turning the lights on before entering a room Not looking for the usual two legged monsters but instead, the kind of the eight leg variety The kind that bite and borrow and hide in dark places, ready to pounce and fall on you in a moments notice The kind of nightmares.The creepy crawlies tha [...]

  7. OK, I m gonna be straight right at the beginning and say that I skimmed a lot of this novel Honestly, this is the 3rd book in a trilogy and there was almost no spidery action whatsoever, just inner monologues where people had flashbacks and fond memories and stupid things like that Let s face it anyone reading books like this want to read about the damned apocalypse and the monsters and how people are fighting them or get eaten, not how a ripple on a lake reminds an FBI agent of how he met his f [...]

  8. If someone had told me I would read a trilogy about killer spiders taking over the world and would be raving about it, I would ve told that person they were insane I hate bugs All kinds and especially spiders They re fascinating creatures, but I like to live as apart from them as I can.One of the things I love about Boone s writing is how he can bring SO many characters to the table and yet it never gets confusing I found myself invested in every single one of them Quite frankly, I hope if anyth [...]

  9. I don t read a lot of horror sci fi but I read the two previous books in this trilogy and thought why not find out happens This is easily a crossover title to YA another genre that I don t usually read It s a quick read that nicely ends the series and you find out what happens to all of the characters I can see the syfy channel doing a successful treatment of this as a television series What gives everyone the heebie jeebies Creepy, crawling, skittering spiders

  10. In my review for the second book in the trilogy, Skittering, I expressed some fears about how this series would wrap up I imagine it s a lot of fun to come up with awful scenarios for how the world could come to an end fall into total disarray chaos, but then I imagine it s not all that fun to have to figure out how to create a satisfying conclusion to the perfect doomsday scenario There are going to be some possible spoilers about the series in what follows So read on at your own discretion Act [...]

  11. I ve looked forward to Zero Day, the third book in the Hatching trilogy, for quite a while now You can find my reviews of The Hatching and Skitter by clicking on the titles Even though Skitter disappointed me with its not so tasty cream filling status between the decent parts of a cookie, I still held strong for the series I fully expected Ezekiel Boone to deliver epicness in spades for the wrap up to this eight legged three volume arachno terror Expecting anything epic from anyone is always set [...]

  12. It ends how it starts, boombastically yes, I know, but this spelling just seems appropriate and it s just as much fun Kudos to Boone for maintaining the quality of this trilogy so evenly Nice timing too, didn t have to wait too long, the third book came out while the others were still relatively fresh in my memory and I didn t have to try to figure out who s who And this novel has such a cast of characters, that who s who is really important With Zero Day Boone picked up all the pot threads, sa [...]

  13. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Solid 4 starsThe writing level is maintained in this third book, as in the first two, and the tension level is somehow maintained at a high level, as well It s not often a series hits a peak early on and maintains that level of excellence throughout the rest of the volumes The plot was well thought out, albeit with a couple eye rolling moments, but those didn t really detract from the story, and in fact, probably helped it along I d [...]

  14. I think with every book in this series I ve said each one was my favorite But this one definitely is When you re reading this horrific story you re wondering how the hell its going to end in a way that doesn t seem totally unreal but then we are talking about humongous spiders Somehow Boone manages to carry it off I usually don t think of books into movies I don t watch many movies or tv but this series would be a phenomenal movie Thanks so much to Atria for this early copy

  15. I could not wait to read the ending to this since reading the first one The only thing that disappointed was I didn t see or feel the spiders everywhere like I did with the first book But that s okay I enjoyed seeing how they were going to get Earth out of the grip of these man eating spiders This whole series has kept my attention and I enjoyed it VERY much I was given an eARC by the publisher through NetGalley.

  16. This is this third installment of The Hatching series and the world is on the brink of at total apocalypse Giant killer spiders that eat humans are creating quite a stir for our ensemble cast Ezekiel Boone creatively dedicates each chapter to a different location uncovering the challenges that our heroes must face I enjoyed the scientific aspects of this novel and became quite fond of many of the characters Some of this novel did lag just a bit but I was satisfied with the ending.

  17. A fast and furious read, just like the preceding two books in this fabulously and skin creepingly fun trilogy The Spiderpocalypse reaches its height, except arguably the greatest danger comes from humans rather than these eight legged nasties I would have liked spiders in the first half and fewer nuclear missile waving gungho male generals but this was than made up for in the thoroughly satisfying second half It s good to see these characters again They re such a varied bunch I ve loved this s [...]

  18. Ezekiel Boone draws his globe trotting spider apocalypse trilogy to a close with Zero Day, wrapping things up with pyrotechnic flair In the aftermath of The Spanish Protocol, large portions of the USA are wrecked beyond repair and the last ditch effort to halt Spidergeddon have failed Between the President, a team of scientists and engineers, and soldiers on the front lines, the threat of these ancient, man eating arachnids is sketched in with a few extra layers and a couple wrinkles, but the f [...]

  19. Receiving this book via the First Reads giveaway program meant reading the first two books in the series This is definitely a trilogy that I likely would not have read were it not for winning the giveaway Honestly, I entered it on a whim, and when I won, I started wondering what I had gotten myself into because this is a horror series about cannibalistic spiders and I m an arachnophobe What was I thinking So it was with a deep breath that I sat down with The Hatching However, I was surprised I n [...]

  20. 4 starsThis is the third book of Ezekiel Boone s trilogy about spiders running amok in society This book is made up of several vignettes illustrating the conditions of people trying to survive all over the United States and in other countries What they are afraid of, hiding and running from are spiders Huge, people eating spiders Nuclear hits in the major cities have turned the country into a wasteland While the spiders are currently resting, they are becoming active once People are moving east [...]

  21. I was originally told that the Hatching series was going to be a series of about 5 or 8 books Much as I like the series, that s way too much I mean, there s only so much you can do with hungry, hungry spiders.Well, I m happy to say that somewhere in the publishing universe, the message was received, and we now have the third and final book in what was an excellent series A dreaded trilogy is much better than a dreaded octology Honestly, as I read the first two books, I simply had no clue how our [...]

  22. First thing I m going to say, is thank God this book was longer than the first two The first two books were sooooo good but so frustratingly short, I wanted to throw my Kobo Zero Day thankfully, is a full length novel 322 pgs.But as long as this one was, it lacked then same creep factor of the other books and that was disappointing Don t get me wrong, it is still very good, it just didn t hook me like the others Especially the first one because for me, the fun is in the chaos This book was abou [...]

  23. I ve followed this creepy crawly series from the first book, and was happy there wasn t a full year in between each book It was so much easier to remember the characters.With all the horrors these characters have experienced, there are to come in Zero Day Without a doubt, the president has the best storyline this time around There are some intense moments, and battle lines are drawn over differing opinions on actions to take with the spiders.All the plot lines are wrapped up by the end, but adm [...]

  24. The United States goes to war against the queen spiders that threaten to overtake the human race forever in this thrilling and horrifying finale of the captivating, engaging, and completely terrifying My Guilty Obsession internationally bestselling Hatching series.The world is on the brink of apocalypse Zero Day has come.The only thing terrifying than millions of spiders is the realization that those spiders work as one But among the government, there is dissent do we try to kill all of the spi [...]

  25. I m kind of torn on how to rate this book, because the story as a whole is fantastic, yet I was a bit let down on book 3 My problem was with how safe Mr Boone played it I don t want all the main characters to dieever Well, maybe sometimes But, I do like it when an author doesn t play it safe and kills off at least of few of them It ups the stakes Makes me worry a bit when I know that anybody could die horribly at any moment There were few tense moments in this book All the same, the trilogy as [...]

  26. The final book in the Hatching Series by Ezekiel Boone does not disappoint The ancient spiders that were unearthed in Peru are now on the attack worldwide and seemingly can t be stopped Should President Stephanie Pilgrim order a full out nuclear attack in an attempt to stop the spread or will the nukes only kill mankind Full of characters that you either want to hunker down with during this spider apocalypse, or those that you want to strangle Read this book, even if you are afraid of spiders Es [...]

  27. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is the last book in a trilogy about a spider apocalypse The first 2 books were amazing This book was good But I didn t get the same creep factor as I did from the first 2 I think because it was less about the spiders this time and about the people Or maybe it was because it felt rushed, and it was slightly anti climatic for me.The author played a little too safe with the characters What s an apocalypse if you re [...]

  28. This is such a great book and great series I am sad to see it end but I know this series will be one I will most likely read again in the future If you are looking for a book and book series that will give you the creeps I highly recommend this

  29. OH MY SPIDERS.Arachnophobia aside, I ve loved almost every second of this series so I m sad to see it end That being said, if it has to end Zero Day makes for a fantastic conclusion Following the events of Skitter tensions in the White House have escalated and President Stephanie Pilgrim is once again faced with a difficult choice The spiders are evolving and this third wave could be smarter and deadlier than the first two putting Melanie and her team of scientists in a race against the clock to [...]

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