Dear Aaron (2022)

[PDF] Dear Aaron | by Õ Mariana Zapata - Dear Aaron, Dear Aaron Ruby Santos knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up to write a soldier overseas The guidelines were simple one letter or email a week for the length of his or her deployment [PDF] Dear Aaron | by Õ Mariana Zapata - Dear Aaron, Dear Aaron Ruby Santos knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up to write a soldier overseas The guidelines were simple one letter or email a week for the length of his or her deployment
  • Title: Dear Aaron
  • Author: Mariana Zapata
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Dear Aaron
[PDF] Dear Aaron | by Õ Mariana Zapata, Dear Aaron, Mariana Zapata, Dear Aaron Ruby Santos knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up to write a soldier overseas The guidelines were simple one letter or email a week for the length of his or her deployment Care packages were optional Been there done that She thought she knew what to expect What she didn t count on was falling in love with the guy

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  • [PDF] Dear Aaron | by Õ Mariana Zapata
    101 Mariana Zapata
Dear Aaron

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  1. DNF 45%I give up.I love slow burn romances and I love this author but I can t do it any I m sorry.The heroine is immature, self deprecating, weak and lacks confidence The story is boring and uneventful There s no chemistry, no delicious anticipation, no excitement, no plot, no feels Nothing At least for me.I couldn t connect with the characters And frankly, I don t care if they get together in the end or not.But hey, that s just me The idea for the book is great Hopefully you ll like it better.

  2. 4 stars Ruron forever Every Mariana Zapata book I ve read, I ve LOVED, so when this book went live, I one clicked it and started reading it straight away What I love so much about MZ s books is that they re long, but they don t feel long I flew through this long book in a day and a half Dear Aaron has MZ s signature slow burn quality, but it was a little different to me Aaron and Ruby start out as friends, or pen pals to be exact They don t have the animosity and rub to start with The first 40% [...]

  3. 5 Stars Dear Aaron, My name is Ruby Santos, and I m your new pairing through the Help a Solider Foundation Even though my rating is high, I did have a few issues with this story I did think that the heroine was a teenager until her age was revealed and honestly at times those letters and conversations were slightly boring Regardless of my gripes, I still one hundred percent LOVED this story Him as a person was beyond by expectations.

  4. 2.5 starsInteresting idea, good writing.But The female protagonist shudder Sweet, but childish and weak and uncertain and whiny, whiny, whiny.Everyone was bad or and unfair her aunts, her friends, her brothers, her sisters the whole world Poor girl, no one made her life easier let me wipe my tears Not that she was a bad person she was just ber whiny and acted pathetic.Child woman is not my coppa I m a complete opposite of it and couldn t connect Not at all.Male protagonist was ok I guess Apart f [...]

  5. I love Mariana Zapata She is hands down one of my all time favorite authors Her last three books have all been amazing and 5 star reviews I love her unique style, the slow burn, and all of her books have been devour in one sitting kind of books I think what makes her books so unique is her way of writing about real people and her characters are so easy to connect with I ve known since the author announced it on FB that this book would be different I didn t know exactly how different it would be [...]

  6. 5 stars Audiobook Review at Of Pens and Pages.Overall Rating 5 starsStory 4.5 starsPerformance 5 stars STORY OVERVIEW AND REVIEW Ruby Santos and Aaron Hall s friendship is one that starts online and is purely coincidental When Ruby signed up to a soldier pen pal program, she gets paired up with a guy named Aaron What starts out as puns, movie and gaming talks turn into so much as Ruby and Aaron become comfortable with each other They tell each other things they ve never told anybody else, and t [...]

  7. 4.75Dear Aaron,I love you I love you so much I could burst Love,Your lovemuffin xoxoThis book definitely gave The Wall of Winnipeg a run for it s money And it came close The only complain I have and why I didn t give it the full five stars is because I wanted a longer epilogue It s not that the epilogue we got was bad, I just simply wanted We spend most of the book reading about how they are getting closer, building foundations, connections, friendship and ultimately love This book is the epito [...]

  8. 4 stars Full confession, I totally went into this book knowing mini spoilers By that I mean I knew the majority of the first half of the book was in epistolary form aka written in emails, IMs and texts I think it helped knowing that going in, because if I hadn t I think I would have quit this book, and that would be a damn shame Dear Aaron is a love story between a soldier and his assigned pen pal Ruby and Aaron meet via email when he is deployed in the Middle East through a letters to soldiers [...]

  9. Review before reading the book Oh my god.Did you guys know That this was happening New book from Mariana Zapata Can I have this now, please Review after reading Dear Aaron I ll try to be nice because Mariana Zapata Now, I m sure you know how much I love her previous works Kulti and Winnipegg The characters are intricate and layered Their problems are multifaceted and in general the slow burn romance was believable and to die for Not only that but, the female characters were strong in their own r [...]

  10. 4.5 StarsRuron Forever My first Mariana Zapata read, and I adored it I will warn you, one does need the patience of Job to get to the nitty gritty passionate part of this romance, but for me, it was so worth it Although this was the S.L.O.W.E.S.T slow burn I have ever read, the characters, the dialogue lots of dialogue , the premise of the storyline and Ms Zapata s writing style is superb My anticipation for the HEA was all consuming I also have a weakness for a man in uniform, especially a mili [...]

  11. So here s the thing, I m not going to do a huge review I m just going to jot down a few random thoughts on this book because I don t know what to rate it I wouldn t consider this a huge spoiler review, however, I don t like knowing ANYTHING about a book before I go into it, and if this were me reading this review, I would say LIGHT SPOILER ALERT in paragraph 2 OK Okay Firstly, this was my first Mariana Zapata read and I FREAKING LOVED THESE CHARACTERS I really want to give this book five stars b [...]

  12. Dear Ruby,My name is Foxy, and I m writing to you because I just finished reading your love story in Dear Aaron and wanted to let you know I, too, know what it s like to have a relationship built on personalities Twenty three years ago I flew across the country to meet a guy I had known only via the internet Today we are happily married with kids and fur babies to round out our family.Aaron won me over when he first met you and said, You could ve told me your mom and sister are the ugly ones in [...]

  13. Mariana Zapata certainly knows how to write a slow burn friends to lovers romance and while I enjoyed this one, it s not going to be on my Zapata favorites shelf I think the premise is pretty interesting a girl writing to a soldier overseas They get to know each other through the e mails and later on chatting online Marina Zapata builds up the characters through their letters to each other The problem for me and to some other people, I imagine was the format of this repetitive delivery While I d [...]

  14. MY HEART OH MY GOODNESS MY HEART HAS SHATTERED This story was slow at first, but once it picked up with the details that needed to provide a better understanding towards the main characters, it really did break my heart through every single word and action that was taken upon I bless Marianna Zapata for writing such a beautiful love story that has definitely brought tears to my eyes in a way that I never thought it could possibly happen.I will definitely say that I have been inspired to take upo [...]

  15. 4 5 starsGod damn, I am officially obsessed with Mariana Zapata, every book this woman puts out is world class, slow burn romance I devour these books in a day and the second I finish them, I want to start all over again Ruby Santos is a twenty three year old seamstress, she has lived under the thumb of her family for years, being considered the baby of the family and the fragile one After her older brother comes back from the war, she signs up through the Help a Solider Foundation, wanting to s [...]

  16. Some people move on from mistakes quicker than others.OK, we all know that I m a romantic at heart Luckily for me, I found my own romantic hero pretty early in life It s a bloody good thing, to be honest My lifestyle could have killed me I m not talking drugs because drugs are bad OK I can still hear the teacher from Southpark saying it I was a little reckless when it came to drinking and letting my inhibitions go Every time I woke up after a big night, I regretted it Did I embarrass myself What [...]

  17. 4 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.Dear Aaron was different from the rest of Mariana Zapata s books, but fans and readers can expect a sweet friends to lovers story with her signature slow burn romance.Thanks to the Help a Soldier Foundation, 23 year old Ruby Santos signed up to write weekly letters to a 28 year old soldier, Aaron Hall It was an unconventional start to their friendship but it s one that grew stronger as each mail, IM, and care package was exchanged and delivered Their correspon [...]

  18. sigh double sigh Damny Mariana knows how to steer you towards the essence of loveYes it s a slow burn processBut everything worthwile takes timeDear Aaronwas just that, a story worthwiled for me, a story that got me thinking of those happy lingering moments when you are anticipating smth grand yet holding back out of lingering anxiety of unknownbut then that sweet tickling pain of butterflies in motion kinda runs you over and then the only thing to do, without implicating reason, is to let go an [...]

  19. Loved Loved it Honestly had me laughing so hard in some parts I wish I didn t have to work so I could have read it in 1 sitting but oh well I hope the queen of slow burn can write another one soon Every few months and I d be a very happy girl Mare SlitsreadFalling in love over letters by the Queen of slow burn OK Give it to me NOW

  20. Yeah, I loved everything about this the slowly getting to know each other through emails first, then IM, then finally meeting I had so many feelings, it was pure perfection for me, I loved reading between the lines and knowing how their relationship was slowly changing without either of them ever really noticing it themselves.The book is told through Ruby s eyes, and so we see herself how she sees herself a bit insecure, not very confident, babied by her family But, we also see her through Aaron [...]

  21. I am incredibly tempted to write this review in ALL CAPS but I will refrain and instead, try to keep it short and sweet since I seem to be at a loss for words This book hit me with all the feels I didn t want to put this book down and only did so to sleep and work I feel raw and vulnerable after finishing this book Fantastic storytelling The letters were such a great way of putting the reader right into the story and making us feel like were LIVING it with them My first ready by this author but [...]

  22. 5 StarsLadies and gentlemen, may I introduce you all to my favourite contemporary M F romance of 2017 happy sigh I knew very early on this book would become a favourite of mine I love a good slow burn romance and this was one of the best I ve read, ever The MCs, Ruby and Aaron, spent the first half of the story interacting via email and texts, not meeting face to face until after the 55% mark view spoiler and not getting to anything physical until the last 10% hide spoiler It was a delicious bui [...]

  23. I snapped up this book when it came out So did a lot of us It took me a little bit longer to read this Not necessarily a bad thing I try not to skim There is a lot of dialogue or text The first 40% or so is all email then IM between Aaron Ruby I really enjoyed this part of it There s a lot of mundane details They talked about all kinds of stuff It was like a journal, but getting a response from a friend I wrote in a journal when I was in High School.I also wrote pen pals One was a guy from my ne [...]

  24. This story was just so unique, from the start I was just immediately taken in I absolutely adored the way in which Ruby and Aaron get to know each other I enjoyed watching Aaron and Ruby build a relationship through letters, emails, and instant messaging.It was so well done that it didn t matter that they never met in person Even though there wasn t anything romantic between them for a majority of the book you could still feel the strong connection through the friendship that they were building. [...]

  25. The book didn t make me laugh, cry or feel much I think the writer was going for some sort of emotional involvement but it just didn t happen.Damn it, I do have a heart The book just felt eh for me Beige like a color Uneventful like a word.I think if Mariana Zapata had wrote the characters a bit different, I would have liked this book The book had promise though with a cool plot Pen pals falling in love is a great concept especially with one of the characters being deployed in Iraq.I just had a [...]

  26. I loved this so much.Mariana Zapata is a master of the slow burn Ruby and Aaron s story gave me so many feels, it s almost embarrassing The first half was told almost entirely through emails and IMs, then the second half turned into your run of the mill narration.So cute and sweet Not to be missed.

  27. 3.25 stars.Dear Mariana,I just finished Aaron s and Ruby s story.I m sorry while I still enjoyed the reading, I couldn t love their story as much as your previous books.I found myself yawning few times, also the plot kind of overused, especially for me, someone who hunts fanfic for fabulous stories sometimes.I knew you were there too, remember Departures by The Fic Chic theficchick.wordpress comYeah, that one That s my fav for this type of story and the opening is original, also its ending was [...]

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