Lost and Found (2022)

Free Download Lost and Found - by Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy - Lost and Found, Lost and Found He promised to never leave me But when I needed him the most that was exactly what he did From Bestselling Authors Sloane Kennedy Lucy Lennox comes an exciting new series about how a twist of fate ca Free Download Lost and Found - by Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy - Lost and Found, Lost and Found He promised to never leave me But when I needed him the most that was exactly what he did From Bestselling Authors Sloane Kennedy Lucy Lennox comes an exciting new series about how a twist of fate ca
  • Title: Lost and Found
  • Author: Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Lost and Found
Free Download Lost and Found - by Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy, Lost and Found, Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy, Lost and Found He promised to never leave me But when I needed him the most that was exactly what he did From Bestselling Authors Sloane Kennedy Lucy Lennox comes an exciting new series about how a twist of fate can change everything He promised to never leave me But when I needed him the most that was exactly what he did Wilderness guide Xander Reed has spent fifteen yearHe promised to never le

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  • Free Download Lost and Found - by Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy
    350 Lucy Lennox Sloane Kennedy
Lost and Found

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  1. I wasn t going to read Sloane Kennedy or Lucy Lennox any Because reasons But I caved, and I have to say that the two writing together worked for me Mostly.Lennox seems to tame Kennedy s super angsty, melodramatic side, and Kennedy tamps down on Lennox s OTT banter Of course, Lennox had to introduce the creepy old lady in the form of Xander s aunt, who lived in a nudist colony, but she wasn t as bad as the old ladies from the Made Marion series I thought Xander was way too harsh with Bennett at t [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this little gem by Sloane Kennedy and Lucy Lennox Thank you Ralu for the great rec 3This is a very sweet second chance kind of story I am saying kind of , because these two weren t really lovers before, since they were only kids That doesn t mean that the feelings of love weren t there though for me s still a second chance love story Bennett and Xander have been best friends since they were 5 years old Even though the two of them come from completely different worlds, they still [...]

  3. This one started out okay A bit of a part enemies to lovers vibe and part friends to lovers Bennett and Xander were friends as kids but had a rather unfriendly parting as teenagers So they seemed like enemies then friends when they meet back up Speaking of which, what are the odds really Bennett from NY taking a group of kids on a hiking expedition in the mountains of Colorado led by none other than Xander Not likely But whatever, I can overlook that My biggest problem with this one though was [...]

  4. I m done, I can t read this book any , too disgusted There is so much wrong with this book Both main characters are extremely unlikable What Bennett did when they were kids was a betrayal, nothing nothing less you can forgive many things but not a thing like this so his playing a victim, I m trying so hard feel sorry for me poor Bennett doesn t make me feel sympathetic towards him in the least On the other hand, I find it disturbing that someone can hold the grudge with such intensity as Xander [...]

  5. 3.5 stars The author of the Made Marian series meets the author of the Protectors series My expectations an explosion of banter and over the charts scorching hotness But I felt like these authors restrained themselves, may be I started really good for me, with 2 childhood friends that were total opposite in personality and stature, very closed to the hips, but got separated once in college Xander remembered this dreadful moment as a huge betrayal and Bennet as a shameful weakness from his part.U [...]

  6. Es como leer un culebr n, donde hay mucho drama, los malos son muy malos, los buenos se pasan de buenos, est el amigo atormentado que por alguna raz n cree que hacer chistes gorrinos es guay y todo el libro est plagado de escenas que s lo sirven para presentar personajes para futuras entregas, sin embargo, echadle la culpa al tintorro de verano, pero seguro que leo el que viene.

  7. 3,5 stars Well written in general, but some plot develoments made me frown a bit Particularly Xander s unprofessional behaviour towards his group at times I m glad Aiden read him the riot act at one point And Benny, too.I also felt that the book went on and on, and for all that the confrontation between Benny and his father was rather subdued That man got away far too lightly for what he did Still, Xander and Benny were hot and cute, even if I didn t really understand the motives behind some of [...]

  8. Un culebr n, como te entretengas en analizar algo el libro no sobrevive, as que mejor dejarse llevar y seguir la ola del entretenimiento Leer el siguiente seguro.

  9. 4.5 Stars rounded up for Bear and Lucky This was such a feel good read, a second chance with a little enemies to lovers twist Xander and Bennett were childhood best friends but divided by social and economic class On the worst night of Xander s life, at 14, Bennett committed an act Xander felt was the worst of betrayals Usually I dislike a character holding a grudge from a youthful mistake for so long But in this case, Lucy and Sloane totally sold me on it with the background they built 15 years [...]

  10. Beautifully written tale of a rekindled lost love A history, a childhood of memories, a parting never forgiven Now, fifteen years later, Bennet sees Xander and the sparks are still there Bennet is there with a Hiking Group made up of 8 in need teen boys BearWe see the characters interacting settling into the goal of helping the kids learn about the outdoors, survival, useful skills, etc The hurt and longing is apparent between Bennet and Xander Scattered throughout we see what happened in their [...]

  11. LOST THE ABILITY IN BEING RESPONSIBLE ADULTS 3.5Cover Is that Nick Jonas hahahaha I kid, I kidFirst time reading Lucy Lennox and Sloane Kennedy as a duo, but having read Sloane Kennedy before I can see where her writing style comes through I admit I am intrigued by what else this duo has to offer and I am looking forward to diving into of their work First things first, the blurb once again does too good of a job with telling what the story is about So I won t spend too much time giving an overv [...]

  12. 1.5 AUDIO STARS This one was just not for me in many ways First they way grown ups who s purpose of this trip was to take care of troubled teens handled themselves so poorly, and irresponsibly The kids in the story were props conveniently there when needed for the story For me there was just so much OTT unnecessary nonsense added for no reason They both had besties who were secretly in Love with them but just understood they were still in love with their long lost teen first love from 15 years a [...]

  13. DNF 47 ish% I started skimming.Super annoying drama.These guys should not be in charge of taking care of kids view spoiler Bennet, your best friend s dad has just died, and you re having a pool party He had his reasons, but I realized, I don t give a fuck about any of this drama hide spoiler So, Bennet makes a big mistake by turning his back on Xander when he needed him most But that s not the part that has me turning my back on this story 15 years later, Bennet and Xander meet again Bennet keep [...]

  14. I found this book to be quite disappointing The characters were not developed well and the plot was quite flimsy The narrator was spot on but that wasn t enough to save the slow paced story.The main characters Xander and Bennett were best friends growing An unfortunate event and miscommunication led to a 15 year grudge by Xander against Bennett As the story unfolded, I found it Xander s behaviour immature, bitter and irrational in that he wouldn t even give his best friend an opportunity to expl [...]

  15. Great debut for this new partnershipBeing a massive fan of both these authors and knowing how different in style their books are, I was fascinated to see how they d work together.Well, the answer is very well indeed Lucy s humour and soft touch marries perfectly with the skill Sloane has for creating well crafted drama even in the most unlikely of settings.Perhaps Xander held onto his grudge a little bit longer than was maybe needed and Bennett took a little bit too long to cut ties with his rep [...]

  16. 5 5 for Lost and Found This isn t my first Sloane Kennedy book, but it is my first Lucy Lennox and I was just pleasantly surprised by how good it was I m kind of surprised nobody is talking about this oneTo start off, Lennox and Kennedy gave us two very lovable characters with this one Xander was the young boy who didn t have material possessions, but he had the biggest heart in the world and no problems handing it over to Bennett right from the get go As an adult, he was exactly the opposite Xa [...]

  17. 5 stars all the way from me You know when you find a story that you love, and you immediately want the sequel Well, for me this is one of those stories I adored Xander and Bennett, loved the kids, the scenery, Aunt Lolly, Aiden and even Jake who I suspect will have a story of his own later in the series, but don t quote me on it The only dislike Well, Bennett s super rich, bigoted in ways than one , manipulative control freak of a father.what a complete and utter s t HE was Such a romantic stor [...]

  18. This was angsty as fuck Made my blood boil in some parts and made me teary eyed in others I liked the writing but I don t think I will re read it coz I m not a fan of second chance romance with a super long separation.Benny and Xander were separated as teens by Benny s rich dad It took them 15 years to see each other again This book was filled with so many regrets and what ifs Like wishing they were each other s first dammit.

  19. 3.5 Stars There were some things I really loved about this book and a few things I didn t like but overall I really enjoyed it I really liked both Bennett and Xander and I liked the friends to enemies back to friends and finally lovers story I really liked the story with all the boys and Lucky was a great character I am a dog lover so of course I loved Bear as well Aidan was an interesting character because at first I really didn t like him but by the end of the book I fell in love with him and [...]

  20. See, here s the thing I love reading a good book and I love writing reviews But when I struggle to find the words for my review That, for me, is the sign of an amazing book It means that every part of me is still being consumed by it my heart, my mindeverything That s what this book was for me It was the warm coat on a cold winter day that I never want to take off This book, no, Xander and Bennett s story, had so much of everything heartbreak He wasn t a kid, asshole , I barked My eyes fell to B [...]

  21. I really like both Lucy Lennox and Sloane Kennedy separately as authors and together they have created a brilliant book This is book one in the Twist of Fate series and is Bennett and Xander s story I d loved Xander from the moment I d spied him through the car window, sitting on that swing, his sad eyes on his faded Transformers sneakers Xander and Bennett met when they were just kids and Xander had been playing on some park swings on his own Bennett who was born with a silver spoon in his mout [...]

  22. This was a pretty sweet read about two boys being split apart as their friendship was developing into something Xander was the son of the gardener who worked for Bennett s father Xander s father died suddenly and Bennett s Dad did everything to stop his son from supporting the hired help He turned Xander away and lied to Bennett Money, status and nonsense such as this blocked the opportunity for these boys to explore their feelings 15 years later they meet on a camping trail What started as fir [...]

  23. Very minor spoilers I m sitting here with a happy, sappy smile on my face from finishing the epilogue as I write this review Sloane Kennedy and Lucy Lennox were already two of my favorite authors individually, and they make a STELLAR writing team, with humor and angst and heat and characters that feel REAL to you Even though there were times I wanted to reach into the book and grab Xander and Bennett by the collars and MAKE them sit down and just talk to each other, it all pays off so well Bit b [...]

  24. A little angsty in the beginning because the characters acted like their 14 years old former selves instead of the adults they were Specially, Xander After they finally talked things up, the book was ok.Plenty of dirty sex, and by dirty I mean the kind where the guys are in the woods, hiking and sweating and haven t had a shower in quite a while PI got invested with Lucky s story, so I hope the 3rd installment of the series is about him I know the second is about Bennett s friend Aiden and Jake [...]

  25. As much of a fan as I am of Sloane Kennedy, I cannot push through this book From what I read so far, there is just not enough of her influence in this book The MC s are immature and unlikeable.

  26. This is new writing partnership between Lucy Lennox and Sloane Kennedy, and a new series Twist of Fate, with Lost and Found the much anticipated book 1 We really liked this book, and were so excited after reading the blurb, but a few issues had us put out Xander Reed is an adventure guide in Colorado, and his simple life fits him perfectly He grew up around the wealthiest families in New England, and never wants to live in that life again He thinks he is happier, staying to himself, losing himse [...]

  27. This book was good but not great To begin with I have a problem with the whole i havent seen you in 15 years but im still in love with you You have to belive thats possible in order for the plot in this book to work I dont really buy that but putting that aside and the fact that after the MC s get together everything happens super fast, this book is enjoyable I liked both MC s, the sex was good, Lucky is a great character, as the child in the story he doesnt take away he adds to the story I am i [...]

  28. Are there any M M books being published today that feature two males behaving like sane adults Like most current M M romances this book features two ostensible grown men nearly 30 behaving like moody teens with no self control Their behavior is so ridiculous, I found it hard to suspend my belief and ended up throwing in the towel about a third of the way through.The story started out OK with the backstory of the two leads, Xander and Bennett I was willing to accept the coincidence of two childho [...]

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