Lessons In Corruption (2022)

¾ Lessons In Corruption ✓ Giana Darling - Lessons In Corruption, Lessons In Corruption He was eighteen The heir to a notorious criminal MC And my student There was no way I could get involved No way I could stay involved Then no way I could get out alive Release date December st ¾ Lessons In Corruption ✓ Giana Darling - Lessons In Corruption, Lessons In Corruption He was eighteen The heir to a notorious criminal MC And my student There was no way I could get involved No way I could stay involved Then no way I could get out alive Release date December st
  • Title: Lessons In Corruption
  • Author: Giana Darling
  • ISBN: 9780995065079
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
Lessons In Corruption
¾ Lessons In Corruption ✓ Giana Darling, Lessons In Corruption, Giana Darling, Lessons In Corruption He was eighteen The heir to a notorious criminal MC And my student There was no way I could get involved No way I could stay involved Then no way I could get out alive Release date December st

  • ¾ Lessons In Corruption ✓ Giana Darling
    263 Giana Darling
Lessons In Corruption

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  1. LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK SO SO FORBIDDEN Stand aloneLIVE AMZ US AMZ UK Blurb He was eighteen The heir to a notorious, criminal MC And my student There was no way I could get involved No way I could stay involved Then, no way I could get out alive.

  2. I mean, how could I not give my own book 5 stars lolLessons In Corruption is LIVE Make sure you check out Giana Darling on Facebook for a chance to win a signed copy and join in the release party extravaganzas taking place today 3 I hope you all enjoy King and Cressida as much as I did

  3. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5 My heart has not come down from its King high Stars First and foremost, I love being introduced to new authors And when I saw the teasers for this book I knew I had to get my grabby hands on it There s just something about the feeling of exhilaration you get from experiencing a new authors words Of how their writing just seeps into your skin The way you breathe in the story and dread its ending I can t tell you just how absolutely AH MAZING [...]

  4. 5 I WANT TO BE HIS QUEEN STARS GRITTY PROVOCATIVE AMAZING STUNNING SEXY HEART STOPPING INTRIGUING SUSPENSEFUL BEAUTIFUL These are just a FEW of the words I would use to describe Lessons in Corruption I cannot believe I have not read this author s work before WHERE THE HELL have I been You guys You NEED to read this book You HAVE to meet King HAVE TO Your life will never be the same I m telling you, I do not normally read MC books But my friend messaged me and said Serena I FOUND YOUR MAN YOU MUS [...]

  5. 2 Stars I guess I expected a lot with the raving reviews I have read so many romances and my standards keep getting higher higher For me high quality romances score really well with me and unfortunately this book was no where near high quality But it is a fairly good attempt at a romance as the author got a few elements right but a lot of others quite wrong that it ruined the reading experience for me The first 5 chapters were fine and it went downhill from there Lately I come across a lot roma [...]

  6. I was excited to delve into my first book by Giana Darling, having heard nothing but great things I m not a blurb or review reader, so I went in relatively blind I have some good points and some challenges to share with you on my experience in reading Lessons In Corruption First the good I can see where people are immediately drawn into the story From the first few pages, the description of King is awe inspiring You ll feel like you are in the parking lot with Cressida, losing your breathe and f [...]

  7. Wow I would honestly give this book stars if I could I smiled a dopey smile the whole way through this book, a sure sign it s a fantastic read Recommended to me by one of my book babes I grabbed this book on Release Day and stayed up til almost 4am to finish this story I could not turn the pages quickly enough Talk about chemistry the heat in this story just about melted my IPad King is EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I want in a BBF His confidence, his filthy mouth, his kindness and his poetr [...]

  8. Ohf ck Ohf ck Ohf ck Ohf ck Ohf ck Ohf ck Ohf ck Ohf ck Like, seriously It took me sooooooooo long to even conjure the words I feel for this book.Let s start off with, POPPA GARRRO Yes, b tches, I realize this book isn t about him BUT he took me by my soul, I ve had this feeling since he was introduced, that his book will be my favorite Like, heydaddy and all that jazz Okay, now that I m done physically drooling over a fictional character that screams DILF, let s get to the rest, yeah I realize [...]

  9. Giana Darling, where have you been all my life Why is this the first book I ve ever read of yours The blurb may be somewhat vague, but let me tell you, you re not going to put this story down once you start it The feelings you re going to get from these words are almost indescribable And the cover is absolutely perfect for King The author described him beautifully and I could totally get why Cress noticed him so easily from across the parking lot.This story just oozes with sexiness King might ha [...]

  10. Several clean sets of panties, husband significant other or battery operated boyfriend, a quiet private place to read, a personal fan, uninterrupted time, and good friends to rant to These are the items you will need to before you sit down to devour this book HOT, HOT, HOT, dirty, delicious, dangerous and fast paced Lessons In Corruption delivers all these things in this opening book in The Fallen Men series.This book left me breathless, panting and totally smitten and devoted to the hero King K [...]

  11. The forbidden is the trope to be right now, there s something about that Apple that keeps getting juicier and juicier.Cressida Jones is a teacher and a recent divorcee She s trying to live her life in small town and teaching English in a private high school One of her students is biker proteg e King Kyle Garro, son of the Prez Zeus Garro, of Fallen Angels MC Hes all of 18, full of sexy swagger and cocky grin and he s fallen hard for Cress.I loved the settung but had trouble digesting some unbeli [...]

  12. OMG I FLOVED KING AND HIS QUEEN I cannot say enough great things about this forbidden, age gap romance It was hot, it was suspenseful and oozing with heart and passion Cressida has been living live on auto pilot for too long she s safe, well taken care of by her husband and contentuntil she lays eyes on Kyle King Garro and something stirs in her soul as if she s finally woken up King lights a fire in her heart and soul, she realizes that the passion she s missing in her life has yet to be found [...]

  13. LESSONS IN CORRUPTION by Giana Darling is the First Book in the New Series called The Fallen Men This is the story of Cressida Irons and King Kyle Garro Cressida life was mainly just her parents then she fell in love with the man next door William, who happens to be older than her Cressida married William when she was 18 and he was 36 William was never abusive but liked the home life, no social interactions, not hot sex nothing exciting William liked her to be a house wife and have dinner on the [...]

  14. BeautifulAn excellent story from Giana Darling As my first read from her, I m extremely happy Very well written I felt as if I was in the story in some places There are spots where I laughed so hard that cried Honestly, it s perfect blend of humor, drama, steam, and suspense The tale of Cressida and King is one that makes you realize there s poetry in love Love knows absolutely no bounds I definitely recommend this book

  15. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOT Cressida is done with her life controlled by her husband She decides to start all over again with a crappy house, a new job and a positive attitude With a new zeal to turn her life around, she feels better about her life for the first time ever Then she meets King Garro and her entire universe starts spinning on its axis She didn t anticipate the raw attraction that she feels for him She can t believe the feelings he inspires Too bad he s her student She gave up he [...]

  16. 5 STARS FOR KING S LESSONS This book deserves than 5 stars, it is in my Top 10 books for 2017 Wow, just wowI am still processing this story, it was so freaking good and touched all of my emotion buttons King can give me a lesson in corruption anytime he wants This book takes you on a beautiful ride, hot sexy times, action and a lesson of love King and Cressida is forbidden fruit, but once you get a taste you will devour this story This was my first book by Giana Darling and she has gained a new [...]

  17. Lessons In Corruption was amazing from beginning to end The forbidden affair between the teacher and student is so well written that you cannot afford to put it down for long King and Cressida s story only proves how good of a storyteller this author is.Cressida who s going through some trying times in her personal life wherein she felt trapped was being with someone who doesn t appreciate her She wants to break free from this kind of toxic relationship And when she did, she started living the l [...]

  18. I loved the premise of this book and enjoyed certain aspects of it but as a whole it did not work for me for many reasons from the dialogue, to the characters, to the conflict and so on It just wasn t for me despite having one of my fave tropes, student teacher.

  19. I loved the description of this story and was very intrigued It s definitely a different story than I m used to, because I don t think I ve ever really read a story with a teacher student romantic relationship.Cressida is in a relationship she isn t happy with Her husband is older than she is and her parents basically handed her over when she was 18 She has always tried being the good girl, but she just can t take it any This is when she takes a chance and wants a divorce Cressida takes a job as [...]

  20. I absolutely loved this book From the very start, I was consumed by the male main character who was the epitome of Alpha male hotness King , in my opinion, is the definition of the perfect man he treats his woman indescribably well, is intelligent and sexy as all hell Unfortunately, King was supposed to be an 18 year old high schooler which I had an extremely hard time believing based on how mature this character was Forcing myself to ignore his age despite it being a major part of the storyline [...]

  21. Giana Darling has written a marvelous story with Lessons in Corruptions She doesn t hold anything back and she keeps everything rolling in this story I loved her Evolution of Sin series and wondered if I would enjoy this new story and found YES , Yes I did, very much I mean, who doesn t want Lessons in Corruptions from the best.King is this total alpha guy He is smart, talented and a real go getter When he wants something or someone, he doesn t let anything stand in his way and I liked that abou [...]

  22. KING KYLE GARRO Where do I begin Lessons in Corruption is my favorite Giana Darling book to date Loved, loved, loved it I wholeheartedly appreciate a book that can pull me in and make me feel it all That s exactly what this one did We are introduced to Cressida, a woman who plays it safe, does what she s told and complies with every expectation required of her She s stuck in a very boring, monotonous state of being till she sees that fine specimen of a man called King He gives her the inspiratio [...]

  23. ARC provided for honest review I am so in love with this story, I am so in love with the push and pull of the characters Giana, I love you girl.you made me so invested in this book and literally drafted several Facebook messages to you to ask you so many questions and find out what you were thinking when you wrote certain things This was not a book I ever feel asleep reading, it was an up all nighter.

  24. This was my first book by Giana Darling How could I resist a student teacher, age gap romance Doubly forbidden deliciousness King is that sweet talking bad ass that every woman secretly or not so secretly wants, and Cressida is the sheltered schoolteacher How will these two from extremely opposite worlds connect King is undaunted in his quest to win his babe He wears his heart openly for her as she tries to fight her feelings and follow societal norms But what is normal is not right for everyone [...]

  25. I love new authors I always love to experience something different and also generally being introduced and exposed to different and new characters that I will eventually fall in love with Once a book catches my eye, I want to read Bonus if the blurb is enticing Lessons in Corruption did that for me When I saw the cover, I was so intrigued Then I read the teasers and posts from my friend urging for me to read it asap, I just had to stop and succumb to this book Let me tell you I was not disappoin [...]

  26. Giana Darling has another amazing book out that is impossible to put down Lessons in Corruption is the first book in the series starring King and Cressida This is a forbidden story of an older teacher and her MC student Cressida has left her stale marriage of 8 years and is starting over again One day she spots this incredibly handsome, breath taking sexy biker and her life is never the same again King is a young alpha heir to a notorious motorcycle club He s smart and doing amazingly well at sc [...]

  27. I give this read 3.5 starsI have heard good things about this author and was looking forward to this book It sounded like something I would enjoy I loved the plot and the roles each character played in the story I didn t hate this book but I didn t love it either There was to many plot holes, editing errors, things that didn t line up Which for me took away from the story I will however continue to read this authors books because I like her writing style.

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