The Text (2022)

Free Read The Text - by Claire Douglas - The Text, The Text A single text changed her life Did it end his Emily Latimer is furious Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable as always She fires off a text to her boyfriend only in her haste she sends it to her Free Read The Text - by Claire Douglas - The Text, The Text A single text changed her life Did it end his Emily Latimer is furious Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable as always She fires off a text to her boyfriend only in her haste she sends it to her
  • Title: The Text
  • Author: Claire Douglas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Text
Free Read The Text - by Claire Douglas, The Text, Claire Douglas, The Text A single text changed her life Did it end his Emily Latimer is furious Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable as always She fires off a text to her boyfriend only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group In it she says Andrew s being difficult about letting her have time off work That she is angry That she hopes he dies The next day her face burns iA single text changed her

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  • Free Read The Text - by Claire Douglas
    242 Claire Douglas
The Text

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  1. This is a fast paced short story that treats a very critical issue I liked the story s premise and build up but the ending felt a bit rushed, which made it all seem way too predictable for my liking But then again what was I expecting from a short story I m not quite sure but I ended up being a tad disappointed.This review can also be found on my blog.

  2. Last Seen Alive has been one of my favourite books this year as you can tell if you read my review of that book HERE So I was thrilled to see this short story free over on If you ve never read any books by Claire before it s the perfect opportunity to check out what you re missing and I m convinced that when you do, you will be fangirling as much as I do about this authors books And even better you can read the beginning of Last Seen Alive at the end of The Text.This really is the perfect length [...]

  3. For a short story this was a really good read It s hard to say to much about it without giving away the whole story but it is packed with suspense and easily had me read it in one go as I wanted to know who was behind killing Emily s boss.I think fans of the author are going to really enjoy this and if you haven t read any of their books, then you will certainly want to after reading this

  4. 2.5, really The short story was just OK I ve read a ton of short stories which have blown me away This one didn t quite hit the mark The writing was a bit clunky But worth a read for the theme.

  5. The Text is a free kindle short story by one of my favourite authors And that s also the only reason why I picked it up because I don t normally read short stories I find them, wait for it, too short Just when you feel you re getting to grips with things, it s over But did I mention this is Claire Douglas I ll pretty much read anything she comes up with, to be fair.Emily Latimer is angry at her boss, Andrew She s planned a weekend away with her friends but Andrew is reluctant to give her the tim [...]

  6. If like me you happen to look for a read that snugly fits between an early morning cup of tea and waking the kids for school, this short story is perfect It was good

  7. It s something that most is us do every day,stupid annoying typos in our messages But did her boss really die just because she made one stupid mistake in her text message.Emily Latimer is furious,her obnoxious,bully of a boss has just ruined her plans to go away for a weekend with her work colleagues She fires off a text to her boyfriend saying how angry she is,that she hopes her boss dies Only in her haste she accidentally sends it to her whole work group.The next day no one in the office belie [...]

  8. This short story is currently free on Kindle and well worth downloading Its only about 40 pages and it took under an hour to read but its a quality story with very good characterisation and a twisty storyline.

  9. The Text is a free Kindle short by British author, Claire Douglas Emily Latimer is incensed when she sends a text to her boyfriend about her boss, Andrew In her anger, she makes a critical spelling error and picks the wrong recipient But when Andrew turns up dead the next morning, that text message causes her problems A very short story 25 pages with a few twists and populated with a few nasty types The last 15 pages are an extract of Last Seen Alive Average.

  10. I was expecting a lot from this short story and was highly disaaponited, you can get this book free from the kindle store The story is very predictable and I wont call this a suspense or thriller Though I like the issue they raised Happy Reading.

  11. We ve all been there, the boss who annoys us We send a ranting text to a friend and in the red mist of annoyance, there s a typo For Emily, that typo turns the text to a threat This fast paced short story kept me guessing Who killed Andrew I ve not read Claire Douglas work before but after this short story I will be hunting out my copy of The Sisters before long

  12. All my reviews can be found on my blog pageturnersnook.wordpress.Imagine sending a text about your nasty boss who you re furious with, which you think you ve sent to your partner, however it s gone to an entire work group and it ends with you declaring all hope that your boss dies only for to get into work the next morning and it s really happened he s been murdered Imagine IMAGINE OMG, I just couldn t I d crawl into the nearest hole I could find and hide What a great little freebie on An incred [...]

  13. A woman employee wishes her misogynist boss dead He s dead the next day and she starts receiving mysterious messages There was potential to this story But the execution and ending spoilt it all Got it as a kindle freebie and read it during afternoon break on my mobile while waiting in the bank foe some official work to be done.

  14. I think this story had potential than it used.The pace and character development had this beautiful building speed, but then it simply ended like someone said Time s up Hand in your papers And the writer just came up with the most likely guilty and put an end to it.

  15. Great short story.If the characters and storyline were fleshed out it would have made a really good novel.

  16. The text by claire Douglas.Emily Latimer is furious Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable, as always She fires off a text to her boyfriend, only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group.A fantastic read A great short story I did wonder who it was I got it wrong 5 for sure.

  17. Great short story We have all done it sent a text to the wrong person But when Emily does this it cause all sorts or trouble All the closest people to her she now distrusts Great wee twist at the end.

  18. The first one was amazing and think it could easily have been made into a full novel instead of a short story The second not so much.

  19. When Emily Latimer sends a text not only to the wrong destination, but also with the wrong wording a seriously awful typo she is mortified She fears that she will lose her job if her boss hears about it But that s not the end of it by a long chalk The text is about her boss Andrew Burton, who is being awkward about some time off he has promised to her, and she accidentally sends it to a group of her work colleagues, instead of her husband In it, she d text her anger about him possibly changing h [...]

  20. Emily, frustrated by her bullying boss, sends a text message to her boyfriend Stuart to say she can t get time off for the long weekend away she was having with the girls from work Stuart didn t want her to go anyway, but she realises with horror that she s sent it to all the girls by mistake There s also a small typo which lends a very different meaning to the words.I thought this was a very clever little short story with well fleshed out characters, considering its length It made the reader se [...]

  21. I m not usually a fan of short stories, but took exception to this because I have enjoyed the authors previous books An interesting concept and storyline prevails but ultimately doesn t lead very far and I didn t feel the writing packed a punch as much as it should have Having said that, acknowledging this as the short story that it s intended to be, it isn t a terrible way to spend half an hour I will continue to be a fan of the authors full length books, but perhaps give any further short stor [...]

  22. This wasn t a book so much as it was just 40 pages long To me, these are the filler books, the books I read when I m trying to figure out what to read next.The Text was short, and therefore the suspense hadn t been held for too long, though even then, I d figured who was the culprit right from the beginning It was pretty obvious to be honest.But the writing style and the ending saved the story from ending up in a ditch I liked the ending and I think that was it s saving grace.So yeah, it was a f [...]

  23. Well it may be short but the author managed to fit a lot into this one The short stories I read, I appreciate that they are great as a way of sampling an author s work before committing to a full novel I enjoyed the story here and the style of the writing so I will be looking for other work by Claire Douglas.

  24. Only a short story but a fab sampler of this author s work I ve never read anything by this author but I will now look out for her in future Lots packed in to this short story a great example of quality not quantity Good pace, well written characters and a twisty plot perfect for an hour or so reading.

  25. This was a stunning short story that had me riveted from start to finish What starts out as an opening premise quickly morphs into a mystery that not only includes murder but the ones we cover ourselves with.Why have I not read this author before I m off now to rectify that

  26. Nice read A must read for those short on time but want to read an engaging thriller Simple writing and a twisted plot in such a small package is what I lover about this book.

  27. I had kept a note for the release of this Book, as I thought the storyline seemed very of the now and I was intrigued how the scenario would play out then today, when I downloaded ALL 40 pages, I decided to read it straightaway disappointed What could have been a terrific rollercoaster only lasted as long as my coffee.

  28. It s one of those when your re not quite sure who s telling truth The plot which is very twisty, succeeds in delivering a good message for women s freedom Good Read 3 5.

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