Other People's Houses (2022)

Other People's Houses Best Download || [Abbi Waxman] - Other People's Houses, Other People s Houses Abbi Waxman is both irreverent and thoughtful New York Times bestselling author Emily GiffinNamed A Highly Anticipated Book for by InStyle Elite Daily and Hello Giggles The author of The Gard Other People's Houses Best Download || [Abbi Waxman] - Other People's Houses, Other People s Houses Abbi Waxman is both irreverent and thoughtful New York Times bestselling author Emily GiffinNamed A Highly Anticipated Book for by InStyle Elite Daily and Hello Giggles The author of The Gard
  • Title: Other People's Houses
  • Author: Abbi Waxman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Other People's Houses
Other People's Houses Best Download || [Abbi Waxman], Other People's Houses, Abbi Waxman, Other People s Houses Abbi Waxman is both irreverent and thoughtful New York Times bestselling author Emily GiffinNamed A Highly Anticipated Book for by InStyle Elite Daily and Hello Giggles The author of The Garden of Small Beginnings returns with a hilarious and poignant new novel about four families their neighborhood carpool and the affair that changes everything At any Abbi Waxman

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  • Other People's Houses Best Download || [Abbi Waxman]
    345 Abbi Waxman
Other People's Houses

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  1. 3.5 starsOther People s Houses is an aptly titled novel about parenthood, marriage, family, and friendship There s also a lot of gossip, drama, and snarkiness It s hard to write a summary due to multiple POVs and plotlines, so I am just going to focus on the main ones.Frances, or Saint Frances as some of the bitchy soccer moms refer to her, is the main voice of the novel Frances runs the neighborhood carpool, happily carting off the children of three other neighbors on a daily basis to and from [...]

  2. Brutally honest, quirky, and hilarious This book takes you deep into the lives of several family units in one neighborhood Often sweet, generally funny, occasionally sad, but always interesting If you re craving some domestic drama that will make you laugh and really think about relationships, this might be for you For a lot of readers, they ll recognize themselves in some of the characters As I m childfree, it was actually a nice bit of escapism for me It s just another day for Frances Bloom, s [...]

  3. First of all, I d like to thank Elisha Katz at Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an arc paperback copy of this new book which will be on sale 4 3 18 This novel is a delight witty, laugh out loud funny, insightful and even a little painful at times Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors How well do we really know other people our neighbors, our friends, even our own spouses and children Frances Bloom is the carpool mom for the seven kids from four families in her sub [...]

  4. 3.5 to 4 StarsThe Garden of Small Beginnings was in my top ten list of great books for 2017 which is why I jumped at the chance to read Waxman s sopho novel and after reading the description, I knew I was going to have a great time doing so.Which, is why this review is a bit hard to write I loved her debut so much and because of it I think I went into this with really high expectations, like, really high.I did like this and I m normally not a prude when it comes to language in books but I have t [...]

  5. Why I Love Itby BOTM Ambassador Skye ShermanI m not sure how Abbi Waxman manages to spin the day to day routines of rearing toddlers and teenagers in the suburbs into a story that I a kid free millenial couldn t put down, but she did it Somewhere between the crises of the carpool routine and the heart wrenching secrets, this book sucked me in until I cared about nothing than the private lives playing out behind the closed doors of one unremarkable Los Angeles neighborhood.An honest and cheeky t [...]

  6. I just received a copy of this book from the editor for review It seems like the perfect book to take on vacation with me This will be the first book I ve read by Abbi Waxman.

  7. I have not laughed out loud this much while reading in a very long time Full review to come.

  8. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review I have fallen head over heels in love with Abbi Waxman s Other People s Houses This book was like reading Desperate Housewives with a Where d You Go Bernadette humorous twist Oh, how I want to move in and be one of the other people Frances Bloom and her husband Michael were my all time favorite characters It was like watching my own family I connected with them so much They have three children, have been married for twenty years, and mu [...]

  9. I was grateful to receive an ARC of Other People s Houses from the publisher.I enjoyed the author s debut novel The Garden of Small Beginnings so I had decent hopes for her sopho effort.Once again, I was duped by my own optimism Beware Spoilers Ahead Other People s Houses is a rambling tale that focuses on several families in an comfortable, suburban LA neighborhood We have Frances Bloom, carpool mom extraordinare Anne, the ice queen and mother to two, Iris, Frances s cousin Iris, mother of one [...]

  10. Oh, Abbi Waxman, I d love to have you as my neighbor, especially since I I really don t know many of mine This is the second book I ve read by this author and while it is somewhat different than her previous book, The Garden of Small Beginnings, it was written with the same truthful, snarky maybe even snarkier , observations of life Frances narrates and leads us through events on her street, since she seems to be the one everyone turns to for help, so much so that she drives the kids from three [...]

  11. MY REVIEW OF OTHER PEOPLE S HOUSES BY ABBI WAXMANKudos to Abbi Waxman,Author of Other People s Houses for weaving such an intriguing and captivating story This story has a Peyton Place feel, and I almost feel like a voyeur in these neighbor s homes Actually I have a front row seat.The genres for this story are Fiction and Women s Fiction The story takes place surrounding a few neighbors homes Within the main story are the stories of the neighbors involved Abbi Waxman describes her colorful cast [...]

  12. I absolutely loved Waxman s first novel The Garden Of Small Beginnings so I was curious to see how she d follow it up I borrowed the ARC from a friend while I visited her in December It took me almost half the book to really get into it There was a lot of build up before the plot took over and while the information was important, I kept waiting for things to take off But once it did, I had a hard time putting it down I enjoyed this one well enough but it was not nearly as magical a reading exper [...]

  13. 3.5I absolutely adored The Garden of Small Beginnings and push it on everyone, but Other People s Houses is somewhat difficult for me The first half bored me and I couldn t stand how it switched perspectives I even contemplated setting it aside I m glad I kept with it, because it was a total shift around 45% It got to where I couldn t put it down and became completely invested in these characters and their shenanigans So the last half definitely made up for the first And I was so happy to see a [...]

  14. Other People s Houses centers on the inhabitants of a closely knit neighborhood in a hip part of Los Angeles There, Frances Bloom discovers her neighbor Anne, one morning, lying naked on the living room floor with a man who is not her husband Luckily for Anne, Frances is the one person you d want by your side in a crisis Still, a smart and glossy dramedy ensues There is much soul searching and life lesson learning by Frances, Anne and the other members of the neighborhood But this is so much th [...]

  15. A neighborhood is a community all onto itself and everyone in that community can be affected by the slightest change in the norm When Frances Bloom, the SAHM that knows all in the neighborhood, happens to catch Anne her neighbor having sex with a man that isn t her husband all hell breaks loose Marriage is under the microscope when infidelities are brought to light and couples begin to learn some secrets about each other.Abbi Waxman weaves such a funny, yet heart touching, novel that explores ev [...]

  16. The Garden of Small Beginnings was one of my favorite 2017 books This one isn t quite as breezy as that one, but it IS just as snarky I loved the characters, loved getting to know the dynamics of the neighborhood, and can t wait to read from Abbi Waxman.Perfect for fans of

  17. Although there were some things I liked about this book, there were also many things I very much disliked First, the good I appreciated the list of characters with their ages and relationships to each other There were quite a lot of characters, but having this to refer to made it easy to keep track The overall plot about the relationships between spouses and among neighbors was generally well done, and I liked that the relationship of the lesbian couple was given the same treatment and normalcy [...]

  18. First, a thank you to Berkley Publishing for providing an advance copy in exchange for my review.To be completely honest, I was skeptical about Abbi Waxman s Other People s Houses I had picked up a copy of her first novel The Garden of Small Beginnings and it was ok but not great Simply put, the novel is not a type I would seek out again But the opportunity to read and review Waxman s second novel presented itself and I decided I should jump right in Oh, I was in for a treat I did not expect to [...]

  19. Very enjoyable, spot on story of Frances, a 40 something mother to three kids, wife and neighbor She drives the neighborhood carpool and is a people pleaser She accidentally discovers her neighbor having an affair As the affair blows up, it effects the whole tight knit neighborhood.Waxman s writing is hilarious and insightful She looks at the relationships between parents and kids, friends, neighbors, spouses and casual acquaintances I laughed out loud at one scene where 4 year old Lally short f [...]

  20. The lives of four families in a California neighborhood are intertwined through good times and bad.From the moment that Frances Bloom walks in on a neighbor in a compromising position, nothing is the same for anyone She is the carpooler for the four families and witnesses the drama that goes on in the other houses Frances is always trying to fix things and keep peace in the neighborhood, becoming involved when she shouldn t.I found this book to be quite entertaining and enjoyable It dealt with f [...]

  21. Fascinating characters exposing interesting lives The plot was unclear until the last third of the book Once developed, the plot was a powerful prelude to how people s actions have far reaching consequences on a variety of people and circumstances, intended and unintended.Unfortunately, the book is littered with swear words An occasional swear word that helps the reader understand the character is fine however, there were so many swear words that it was a huge distraction to an otherwise very go [...]

  22. Another fun read by Abbi Waxman, author of The Garden of Small Beginning s Frances Bloom is the mom everyone can count on in the neighborhood Car pool driver, soccer mom, party thrower, she seems to make it all look effortless However, things are not always what they seem and she ends up struggling to make sense of her friends and family A humorous and heartfelt novel that explores the joys and challenges of marriage, parenting and friendship Laugh out loud at times and yet rings true to what it [...]

  23. Other People s Houses, by Abbi WaxmanFour suburban Los Angeles families, sharing a carpool, have their lives disrupted when Frances, discovers her neighbor Anne in flagrante delicto with a handsome young man, not her husband Waxman uses her cheeky humor and insight to describe a neighborhood caught in the shock waves of adultery, as they all cope with the tribulations of marriage, parenthood, friendship and family Highly recommended.

  24. Thank you Berkley Publishing for this gift Funny, relatable and completely enjoyable This is a crazy neighborhood and I guarantee some of these characters will remind you of someone I had a great time reading this one Francis is such a wonderful character She is like most women in this world Recommend to all my women.

  25. I loved it The characters were each so real they could walk off the page and into my neighborhood, and the storyline allowed a window into each character s daily routine and moments of crisis conflict There were these awe inspiring moments of embarrassment that had me laughing out loud and real heartbreaking sections, too Like life Also, the dialogue is just spot on It s probably my favorite quality of this author s writing Dialogue this authentic is rare, but I never realized it until I read th [...]

  26. Loved this book felt like the characters were my friends my neighbors except for the one problem the affair.Frances drives carpool for the kids on her block she likes doing it.All is normal a regular day drop offs fine,then one little girl begs her to please get her crafting material she forgot at home needed that day for school project.Frances agrees goes to the little girls house knocks on the door no answer opens it what she sees an affair in front of her eyes will wreak havoc in the neighbor [...]

  27. Authentic I found the dialogue to be very realistic and relatable as a stay at home mother myself I am sure some might be turned off by the use of profanity but for me I found it genuine and funnyI use a lot of explicit adjectives I found the story line to be written very accurately to life when someone close to you suffers a trauma there is a ripple effect and it is felt by all I loved Other People s Houses and will definitely read Abbi Waxman s first novel, The Garden Of Small Beginnings, and [...]

  28. I thoroughly enjoyed this clever book It was thought provoking, heartbreaking, and extremely funny with many laugh out loud moments sprinkled throughout The dialog was my favorite quality of Abbi Waxman s writing The characters became real, dimensional human beings who I continued to think about after the last page.

  29. I love the premise of the book a street where four families are neighbors and are involved with one another s lives because they are all raising kids of similar ages Frances Bloom is the stay at home mom who carpools everyone s kids to school and back every day.There are many great lines in this book, many funny and touching incidents I love Abbi Waxman s writing However, I put this book down a few times, because I just wasn t as entranced as I was with The Garden of Small Beginnings, which was [...]

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