Son of the Cursed Bear (2022)

[PDF] Son of the Cursed Bear | by µ T.S. Joyce - Son of the Cursed Bear, Son of the Cursed Bear Don t miss the exciting first book in T S Joyce s brand new standalone series Sons of Beasts Bounty Hunter Nox Fuller has been challenged to do the impossible He s supposed to bring the Red Dragon [PDF] Son of the Cursed Bear | by µ T.S. Joyce - Son of the Cursed Bear, Son of the Cursed Bear Don t miss the exciting first book in T S Joyce s brand new standalone series Sons of Beasts Bounty Hunter Nox Fuller has been challenged to do the impossible He s supposed to bring the Red Dragon
  • Title: Son of the Cursed Bear
  • Author: T.S. Joyce
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Son of the Cursed Bear
[PDF] Son of the Cursed Bear | by µ T.S. Joyce, Son of the Cursed Bear, T.S. Joyce, Son of the Cursed Bear Don t miss the exciting first book in T S Joyce s brand new standalone series Sons of Beasts Bounty Hunter Nox Fuller has been challenged to do the impossible He s supposed to bring the Red Dragon in for a year long stint in shifter prison but this job could be the death of him His focus should be on the hunt but when he meets a shy shifter named Nevada h Don t miss th

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  • [PDF] Son of the Cursed Bear | by µ T.S. Joyce
    181 T.S. Joyce
Son of the Cursed Bear

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  1. LOVED THIS Nox was amazing and I believe one of my favorite of Joyce s heroes It s been awhile since Ive read this author, but her writing is even better than I remember Romantic in a unique and totally swoony worthy way Hilarious as shit too LOVED THIS

  2. T.S Joyce s books are my go to feel good quick reads.I LOVE these messed up, deranged, dominant, funny as hell shifters.A great start for a new series.

  3. This is the story of Clinton s son, Nox If you ve read the other books, you ll know just how freaken crazy Clinton is and his son doesn t fall far from the tree, which means, I loved this book TS Joyce does crazy so well.My only issue is that I was a little confused because somehow I d missed book 5 for the Red Havoc series How the hell did that happen Needless to say, I m reading that one as soon as I m done this review Which is now.

  4. Nox Fuller is a bounty hunter, he takes the toughest jobs and his newest task is bringing the most feared dragon back to spend time in jail Red Dragon lives up to his volatile name, Nox though figures he will either capture him or get killed in action Life could be worse However when he is out one night he comes to the rescue of Nevada Foxburg, a shy timid Fox who is sexier than she knows.Nevada is deathly afraid of others but she knows she needs to thank think the intimidating Nox for helping h [...]

  5. I love TS Joyce books they re so much fun This was a great start to a new series Nox and Nevada were so perfect for each other There s no unnecessary drama and I was happy with the way things ended Can t wait for the next book

  6. Gah Joyce s books aren t complicated They aren t a challenge to read But the world building in her shifter series makes my life happier I love that she s circled back to characters we know and love even if it s just a tiny mention here and there Damon s mountains will forever have my heart I loved this book and can t wait to read the next.d the nextd the next For real, though, if I could crawl into a fictional universe, her s would be it

  7. Another masterpieceYou know you re reading a great book when you lose track of time and everything that is going on around you This happened to me whilst reading Son of the Cursed Bear.I am excited to read of this new series but I do hope there will be no peeing on the Red Dragon, I dropped my kindle laughing so hard at that, I was laughing that hard my Mr asked if I needed a drink of lemonade which set me off all over again, you know that kind of laugh where you can t breath, tears streaming d [...]

  8. Nox was pretty much everything you d hoped he d be, being Clinton s son Super funny, in an in your face way, smarta , crazy, fun, and sweet all at the same time Never know what he s going to do or what s going to come out of his mouth next, but you know it ll either make you laugh or melt your heart.And Nevada was perfect for him It was great seeing him try to fight against liking her as much as he did, because you knew he needed her calm to help sooth his crazy personality And she s probably th [...]

  9. CLINTON JR He is so annoying like his daddy, I just love it His country club outfit is great and I love that we get to see a new shifter breed Side note I want their future babies to steroid versions of their mother s animal Love bears but come on, you gotta love an animal that s stops a dragon with pee

  10. Totally loved it I freaking loved it I love Nevada She is sooo strong while she is dealing with her social anxiety She is terrified and yet not Not is a mess I laughed throughout the book Great story Can t wait for the next book

  11. BearsHe s a mid understood bear bounty hunter who is after a dragon but finds his mate a shy Fox shifter First book in a new spinoff series.Great cast of characters

  12. T.S Joyce is definitely one of my favorite guilty pleasure authors And I loved that this one had a main character with social anxiety and a tug on the heartstrings melodramatic storyline All the right elements to make this immensely enjoyable for me

  13. Surprised I was pleasantly surprised with this book I laughed out loud several times at these two messed up shifters I m hoping the next in the series is just as good.

  14. The bad boys of Damon s Mountains had just announced their presence in Foxburg in a big, fiery way Goddam GODDAMN.

  15. Bounty hunter and sexy werebear Nox Fuller has to track down the Red Dragon and take him off to shifter jail Instead, he meets Nevada Foxburg, a beautiful fox with horrendous social anxiety Somehow, Nox s anti social, practically feral demeanor draws Nevada out of her shell and the sparks fly But how will the other foxes react when they find out she s shacking up with a bear And what about that dang dragon I rarely laugh out loud when reading but Joyce s novel had me howling with laughter There [...]

  16. Fast readFast read I thought fox shifters are different I haven t read about them before Good story Would be willing to read the next one.

  17. Love this seriesCan t wait for the next one and will be putting it on my calendar to get the day it comes out

  18. Reviewed at Shifter HavenSon of the Cursed Bear, the beginning of T.S Joyce s Sons of Beasts trilogy takes me right back to those early days of reading the connecting series that make up Damon s Mountains Raw, intense, snarky, over the top bad boy yeah the apple didn t fall far from the tree in Nox He s Clinton one hundred times amplified and absolutely adorable in a hot, sexy, sometimes total arse kinda way.After the events with the Red Havoc Crew Damon wants his son Vyr brought in to accept th [...]

  19. This is the first book in this spin off series This book focuses on Nox and how he finds his mate Nox is a bounty hunter and after what happened in Covington he has been sent to bring in Vyr for a one year stint in shifter prison Nox doesn t want to be doing this Vyr isn t going to come in easily and Damon isn t a man you tell no to, so her Nox is Nox is about to get than he bargained for on this mission Nevada is a shy and social anxiety It isn t that she doesn t like people it s that she has [...]

  20. I have grown to absolutely Love all of The T.S Joyce series and I have laughed at times so hard I ve cried and I knew this book would be good but oh my god she so surpassed my expectations I m in LOVE with the son of the cursed bear I have so many highlights from this book because there were so many parts that made me laugh so many hilarious parts you really should check them out but be forewarned if you don t want to see any spoilers I was a little miffed about the part where Nox was sent to Fo [...]

  21. Nox Fuller, has been ordered to do the impossible, to bring in the Red Dragon Vyr, Damon s son, Vyr is to do one year in shifter prison, but Nox also knows this could be a death sentence on him, because if Vyr does not kill him then Damon would and he also has to contend with Toren the gorilla shifter His thoughts and focus should be on the hunt, but he meets the shy shifter called Nevada, and someone help him but she distracts him to no end, with her beauty and her curves, he could care less if [...]

  22. I love the book and here is a highlight from the book Nox chuckled a deep rumbling sound and cupped her cheeks, eased back to search her eyes His thumb stroked the scars on her face again He did that a lot He worried I still hate that you were marked, but I think you look like a warrior So beautiful You didn t back down an inch, did you, little fox He swallowed hard But tell me you re okay Her eyes welled with tears, but it wasn t because she was hurt They were tears of happiness Before Nox, she [...]

  23. Best in awhileYes, this was the best book from her in awhile Not that her last few haven t been good They just haven t been outstanding like this author is so capable of I don t know why, but I never really connected with the panther stories They didn t have the humor that this author always uses to make us really connect with the characters They had the angst, but not enough of the comic relief that her characters are so well loved for Well, this book is back to the Daemon Crew roots We get ang [...]

  24. First thing I want to say is I really felt the author in this book She really puts herself into these books she writes She makes me laugh and cry A LOT Its a very good thing I am in LOVE with this new series and with the characters Nox and Nevada are a lot alike but different I really loved Nevada and she really hurt my heart with everything she s gone through Nox did the same All he wanted was to be their friend but because he is different He processes and says things differently than anyone el [...]

  25. Nice StartGreat start to the new series of son of beast Nox and Nevada truly made for each other he wasn t cursed bear shifter the son of Clinton Fuller He lived alone because that s the way he could survive He lived close to Damon s Mountain Now he was on a bounty hunting assignment for the blue Dragon and that was to bring his son Vry back so he could go to shifter prison Hunting the red Dragon would not be easy He made his way to a small town where there he met a slip of a girl who was damage [...]

  26. GreatKindle Unlimited PurchaseNox is annoying, misunderstood He has problems with his animal, just like his dad Nevada is shy She has panic attacks with just going to the grocery store But when she meets Nox that all changes She starts to be the person she was to be despite her families misgivings Great to see another series on these wonderful characters There is only 3 books in this series, I m hoping that she writes books about this world and the people I have fallen in love with It s difficu [...]

  27. Ob Nox iously Perfect I didn t think I could live T.S Joyce s shifter s any than I already had but then I read Son of the Cursed Bear This soul deep beautiful Nevada will move you to tears as she does the impossible and opens the walls Nox has built around himself his entire life It was heartbreaking to learn how he separated himself from everyone on Damon s Mountain.even those he is most alikebut is also thrilled me to see the love for Clinton and his mother one of my favorite book couples The [...]

  28. Sons of BeastsThis is a great standalone series opener, though it helps to have read book five of the Red Havoc series for background, as that is where the Sons of Beasts make their appearance Nevada Foxburg is a timid fox shifter with a social anxiety disorder Nox Fuller is a bounty hunting loner grizzly bear shifter who thinks fox shifters don t exist That s until he meets Nevada and learns she is one of many in the town named after her family He is in town on the trail of the Red Dragon, Vyr, [...]

  29. To understand the story, you really need to read the other series that play into this one Son of the Cursed Bear is not a book you can pick up cold because Joyce s world is soo detailed and complex You need all the pieces to appreciate the story.That said, after reading it, I loved it sooo much I had to review it.The story is not long but most of the background is in other books There is a common theme of emotionally scarred shifters finding their mate and making their life perfect I enjoyed lea [...]

  30. Let me say I Floved Clinton s book and his character in the past series He s one of my faves Now to see his Son in a book was flippin awesome I loved Nox and Nevada They were a unique pair I loved the addition of the Foxes And Nox isn t at all like I thought he d be But he is a lot like his dad and funny as all get out Their story was amazing I laughed so hard so many times I was crying Once, again, the sex was disappointing I just don t think TS Joyce writes sex all that well It s always the sa [...]

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