Fused in Fire (2022)

↠ Fused in Fire ↠ K.F. Breene - Fused in Fire, Fused in Fire The gripping conclusion of the bestselling Fire and Ice Trilogy I d thought the threat from Seattle was finished That we showed up in time and took care of business I hate being wrong It really ruins ↠ Fused in Fire ↠ K.F. Breene - Fused in Fire, Fused in Fire The gripping conclusion of the bestselling Fire and Ice Trilogy I d thought the threat from Seattle was finished That we showed up in time and took care of business I hate being wrong It really ruins
  • Title: Fused in Fire
  • Author: K.F. Breene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Fused in Fire
↠ Fused in Fire ↠ K.F. Breene, Fused in Fire, K.F. Breene, Fused in Fire The gripping conclusion of the bestselling Fire and Ice Trilogy I d thought the threat from Seattle was finished That we showed up in time and took care of business I hate being wrong It really ruins my day When Roger the alpha of the North American pack shows up at my door with the news that a demon has made it to the Underworld with knowledge of me some hard deciThe gripping con

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  • ↠ Fused in Fire ↠ K.F. Breene
    406 K.F. Breene
Fused in Fire

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  1. What a waste of time There was barely a plot So much time was spent aimlessly wandering around in the Dark Kingdom There was action, but it was boring The fight scenes weren t exciting because most of the bad guys randomly popped up, and clearly they were not going to be the winners It was blatantly obvious how much Reagan does not think things through She caused trouble every time she tried to prevent it None of the major issues involving Reagan s family were resolved This was the end of the t [...]

  2. 3.5 stars He knew that I was not, at all, like most people When someone tried to put Baby in the corner, that someone got accidentally killed.

  3. Lots of action in here and the fantasy is fabulous Still not happy with Reagan, reading her with Darius feel like watching a patience Dad with his toddler daughter having a tantrum.What is in her mind and anything came out from her mouth sounds childish and juvenile It sound weird for a kickass heroine like this.I compare her with Elena in term having thousands years old mate, she failed miserably I compare her with Nevada in term of maturity and how she handle her responsibility, Reagan was fai [...]

  4. Nooooooo it can t be over I want of Reagan and Darius Not just as side characters in books to come, but as main characters I love this series I want Ok so I m finished with my temper tantrum now This book is the last of this trilogy It s good, and I really liked it Think I need a few days to process and then write the review.Full RTC.

  5. 5 I didn t want this series to end Stars There was something about Reagan that I just fell in love with She was so freaking funny I don t know if it was because she was so badass, independent or the fact that she could look a dragon in the face while attempting not to die and deadpan Blink once if you are being held prisoner, Or maybe it was right in the middle of battle she used a Scarface quote No, no I know what it was, it was her reference from Babe That ll do, pig Or maybe the fact that she [...]

  6. EhhhSo I was very excited to get this book Then I read it and I was very let down by it I frankly found all the running around the underworld dull and kinda boring That was probably 75% Then it was over and I was left feeling unsatisfied There better be bc it can t end there There were some funny moments and witty one liners to break up the action But for me it wasn t enough I just wanted the book to be over Here s to hoping there will be future books with the same magic of the first two in thi [...]

  7. Fused in Fire picks up right where book two, Raised in Fire, leaves off I would definitely recommend reading the trilogy in order The action and the romance both pick up in this book I really like Reagan with Darius For all her talk of not wanting to give in to him, they make a pretty good couple Unlike the previous two books, this one moved pretty quickly I didn t feel like it was slogged down with a bunch of unnecessary stuff Reagan drives me crazy half the time but I can t deny I was sucked i [...]

  8. Loved this Series The final book This book was not what I was expecting Yes, it has all the elements one would expect from K.F Breene, but not the ending I was expecting That being said I enjoyed the book immensely Teagan and Darius are not perfect and their struggles have been real and that makes their love that much believable Their journey in this book was fun, action packed, and included my favorite mythical flying beast The Series if you have not already started, do so now If this is your [...]

  9. I might have to bump this one up to five stars I ve read it twice since it came out three days ago.This is not just a trilogy This is the start of a series I don t know which direction Breene will take the next book but these first three are entirely about Reagan Peripheral characters are vivid and fully capable of supporting a story on their own in my opinion Reagan has a secret immense power Book 1 is finding out who she actually is and explaining her power Book 2 is her fight to remain hidden [...]

  10. I ll recommend this trilogy simply because the MCs aren t totally indestructible also the hero isn t arrogant and stoic but he is an alpha male there s a fine line between the two the heroine was awesome she wasn t a damsel in distress but also not a hard bad ass chick.

  11. It was good, but parts of the story in the underworld were a bit drawn out.I liked the way the story ended, sure, but the fact that it wasn t as tidy as I wanted because the author is leading into another series, and not even a series about the part of the story I need to hear Maddening.

  12. Darius is becoming and dependent on Reagan in this latest book in the Fire and Ice Trilogy Reagan, though she will never admit it, feels the same about him When an underworld war becomes imminent they must make that dependency even stronger by doing the unthinkable they need to form an illegal bond in order to get Darius into the underworld and stop a demon from letting Reagan s father know that she exists What ensues is an epic adventure fit for the movies As usual there are plenty of movie r [...]

  13. Cheap Kate Daniels Knock offThe premise is intriguing, and the story has good bones And I really enjoyed the first book But these books read like a loosely connected series of roughly sketched ideas Nothing is clearly explained, and people s motives and jumps in logic are frankly, illogical And maybe it s because I just finished an Ilona Andrews book, so maybe I ve got the bar too high But the thing is, you can t compare a book series to Kate Daniels without people making comparisons to Kate Dan [...]

  14. 3.7As much as I like Fire and Ice Trilogy this final book didn t live up, in plots, to the fun of the first 2 book More than half of the book was spent in Reagan and Darius venturing into the Dark Kingdon where they fight and claw their way in and out And it was the Dark Kingdom that disappointed me because the cause, the fights, and the world building were boring It seemed like Breene concentrated on Reagan s funny banter than plots Plus Darius was somewhat changed into New Darius that I don t [...]

  15. Hmm how to begin, it s a nice story no question, but it is also filled with cliche tropes that I am so tired of, I am desperately in need of something different from other books.Why is Lucifer portrayed as the ultimate evil, it would be so much better with some kind of twist that left him complex than what he is portrayed as.Reagan has realized her powers are not inherently evil they are an amalgam of demon powers, and just like any human a blend of all that result in a gray area that can be us [...]

  16. 4.5 starsomgagan is a fucking bad assis entire book was nothing but CRAZY action the plot is so thick the LOVE WAS EPIC i still have so much about the storyline i want to read about and am sad its over LOVED this series

  17. 3.5 stars Easy, fun read I m assuming all cliffhangers will be addressed in upcoming books if not, I m coming back and snatching back a star

  18. The end of the trilogy is not the end of the story WTF A HEA does not make it okay to just not finish the rest of the story arch from 3 books.

  19. Well, I have to say that overall, this was an entertaining series I liked that K F Breene allowed her characters to slowly develop relationships with one another instead of the instant start relationships that some series portray I rated this book three stars because it marks the end of the series, yet it leaves so much of the story open I felt like there were too many loose ends and suggested future happenings to have been the final book.

  20. This book series had potential It could have been really great the ideas and concepts are there Too many problems existed on its current format One of the largest is that I never believed in the relationship between R and D There was a scene plot device used in the previous book to initiate a sexual relationship that left a bad taste in my mouth I never felt the character growth then and in this book didn t buy a HUGE event that had to take place I don t want to spoil it but the entire love affa [...]

  21. Received ARC for a fair and honest review Fused in Fire is book 3 in the Fire and Ice Trilogy and continues Reagan and Darius s journey This is not a standalone I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced, kept you very interested and I breezed right through the book I d rate this book at 4.5 stars Reagan, Darius, Callie and Dizzy are still all doing their best to try and keep Reagan hidden from her father When things come up beyond their control Reagan and Darius decide they need to travel to [...]

  22. Solid and funIf I could give just one piece of advice to this author, it would be to pick some different covers for your novels All of your covers make your books look like nothing but yet romance novels when they re really not I mean, yeah, there s always a hunky romantic interest who s usually an unapologetically alpha bad boy in some way, but the focus of the books isn t just about the romantic entanglement I feel like her books are action thrillers with a romantic twist, and that they appe [...]

  23. I wanted so much to give this book 5 s but all that running around the under world was boring and kind of pointless The ending just dropped with them saying they was traveling, laying low What I was thinking it would end with her at least meeting her father and having some kind of battle for her freedom Not only that but Darius generates sperm now What I guess if Bella and Edward can do it, they can too I do love Reagan though her little speeches are funny and Daruis her chosen mate I was glad t [...]

  24. Was expecting big epic battle to end the series with a bang Got a couple paltry skirmishes and ended with a fizzle and hasty glossing over unresolved issues view spoiler such as why doesn t the hero find out that his maker had set him up for turning, and what is he going to do about it Otherwise, why was that part even mentioned if the author was going nowhere with it Also, trying to explain it all away in an end note doesn t really work hide spoiler Also, the romance was really badly done Throw [...]

  25. I love this series how did I miss this Just glad I found it Reagan and the gang did it again and I totally fell in love with Darius Please let this series come back soon because it s great Definitely a good read

  26. The third book in this Fire and Ice Trilogy, and I sincerely hope not the last, as there is definitely scope for another book from this, or a spin off series, lets hope This has been an epic series from KF Breene I have loved every minute of it, and this book is no exception Set in a fantastically descriptive world, so much so that you can actually see it all going on in your minds eye, playing along like a movie Fast paced, thrilling, action packed, emotionally charged from laugh out loud funny [...]

  27. Overall, a good book It really kept me on my toes, with suspenseful adventure and action throughout the entire story The pace was quick and it gets an A for excitement The ending doesn t resolve everything 100% because the author intends to revisit this world for later series, so I understand it, but it still let it feeling a bit remiss view spoiler Why couldn t we have seen just something between Reagan and her father It seemed like that was what this entire series what gearing up for, and the [...]

  28. The conclusion to the trilogy was an action packed thrill ride that also contained a lot of humor I completely understand the clown phobia, which is not solely a result of having seen Stephen King s It as a child As a conclusion to a trilogy it is what little of a letdown A trilogy has a storyline that overspans all three books Take the Lord of the Rings for example Destroying the ring after Sauron becomes aware of its location is the overall storyline I m not so sure what it is in this series N [...]

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