The Lost Night (2022)

[PDF] The Lost Night | by ↠ Andrea Bartz - The Lost Night, The Lost Night What really happened the night Edie died Ten years later her best friend Lindsay will learn how unprepared she is for the truth In Edie had New York s social world in her thrall Mercurial and b [PDF] The Lost Night | by ↠ Andrea Bartz - The Lost Night, The Lost Night What really happened the night Edie died Ten years later her best friend Lindsay will learn how unprepared she is for the truth In Edie had New York s social world in her thrall Mercurial and b
  • Title: The Lost Night
  • Author: Andrea Bartz
  • ISBN: 0525574719
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
The Lost Night
[PDF] The Lost Night | by ↠ Andrea Bartz, The Lost Night, Andrea Bartz, The Lost Night What really happened the night Edie died Ten years later her best friend Lindsay will learn how unprepared she is for the truth In Edie had New York s social world in her thrall Mercurial and beguiling she was the shining star of a group of recent graduates living in a Brooklyn loft and treating the city like their playground When Edie s body was found near a su What really

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  • [PDF] The Lost Night | by ↠ Andrea Bartz
    195 Andrea Bartz
The Lost Night

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  1. yaaaaaaaawwwwnnn This book is reminiscent of a really bad Lifetime movie starring a bad actress from a 90 s drama that you end up watching on a Sunday afternoon because you can t find the remote The Lost Night lost me about halfway through when I realized it was turning into the typical whodunnit only without the who.I had a suspicion of who the killer was but kept dismissing the thoughts in hopes of a less obvious outcome Although I guessed the killer, I hadn t yet figured out the why until yaa [...]

  2. The main character is yet another insufferably puerile thirty three year old woman trying to determine her role in a tragedy that occurred ten years earlier among her hipster friends in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY This is a protracted tale that is predictable and mundane Maybe I m just too old to appreciate this sort of thing.

  3. Close to the 10 year anniversary of the suicide of twenty three year old Edie, her former roommate and former best friend, have lunch together, after not seeing each other for almost 10 years Sarah, the roommate, and Lindsay, the best friend, had been together with Edie s ex boyfriend, Alex, smoking, drinking, and partying, that night As Sarah and Lindsay reminisced about Edie and the night of her suicide, their memories are different and Sarah admits that she was convinced that Edie was murde C [...]

  4. This book is so much fun and is one of the most original and unpredictable thrillers I ve read in a long time I received an advanced manuscript of The Lost Night and was kept on my toes until the last page I love a good thriller but can normally spot the twists from a few chapters away not with this book I ve been describing The Lost Night to my friends after telling them that they should read it as a mix between Gossip Girl and Gone Girl aka all the of entertaining social dynamics of a ju This [...]

  5. This book is a feminist masterpiece From its 20 something female protagonist looking for something real in a sea of f boys, to the 30 something version who feels like commitment is still too much to ask for, The Lost Night jumps into the complex tangle of relationships and love It s no surprise that the most meaningful, powerful, and often disturbing relationships in the book are between Lindsay and her then and now female friends Edie, Linday s charismatic but cruel Brooklyn bestie, even This b [...]

  6. I read The Lost Night over a weekend, and for the last 50 or so pages, couldn t put it down The author creates an immersive, cinematic world of 2009 era Brooklyn, inhabiting a series of characters in a way that feels deeply candid and real It s an excellent thriller I didn t manage to guess the killer until the big reveal , but it s the internal monologues of each character that drew me in most Highly recommend

  7. I had the joy of reading an early draft of The Lost Night, and love the world it creates The dialogue especially blew me away Seeing how the characters gush to their friends about a new boy they laid eyes on at a party, then send stream of consciousness emails to each other about their fears I ve rarely read something so spot on It felt like someone had taken my own conversations from my early twenties, all those late night vulnerable musings, and somehow rendered them even real Can t I had the [...]

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