Facing West (2022)

Facing West Best Download || [Lucy Lennox] - Facing West, Facing West The first book in a new series by Lucy Lennox Nico I left my family and tiny Texas hometown fifteen years ago to escape small town gossips and to give my mom and sister the chance at a better life But Facing West Best Download || [Lucy Lennox] - Facing West, Facing West The first book in a new series by Lucy Lennox Nico I left my family and tiny Texas hometown fifteen years ago to escape small town gossips and to give my mom and sister the chance at a better life But
  • Title: Facing West
  • Author: Lucy Lennox
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Facing West
Facing West Best Download || [Lucy Lennox], Facing West, Lucy Lennox, Facing West The first book in a new series by Lucy Lennox Nico I left my family and tiny Texas hometown fifteen years ago to escape small town gossips and to give my mom and sister the chance at a better life But when a phone call from an attorney back home informs me that my sister passed away leaving me custody of her newborn baby I m shocked out of the steady life I ve built The first book in
  • Facing West Best Download || [Lucy Lennox]
    432Lucy Lennox
Facing West

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  1. STOP THE PRESSES I Liked This Book Which, seriously, is like WHOA, baby Because I did not have good things to say about Lennox s Made Marian series But Facing West was really cute And sexy Also, sexy Did I mention SEXY I even liked the baby, and I m not usually one for kids in books The pervy old ladies in the Made Marian series were grossly inappropriate But the grandpas in this book were just funny yes, they threw out TMI about their sex life, but they didn t cross the sexual harassment line I [...]

  2. Lucy Lennox, the author that gave us the Marian brothers, has a new set of brothers for us This is the Wilde family and the first book focuses on hot doctor Weston Wilde If you ve read the books in the Made Marian series, you know that they are all basically the same book with different character names and different professions Not to take anything away with how soothing that can be for a reader that knows and gets EXACTLY what they want I do recommend this book West and Nico are great together [...]

  3. Following the authors style it s insta love lust, crazy family, and hot sex Though instead of OTT pervy Granny s we get sweet, slightly subdued OTT pervy Grandpa s Definitely an improvement Slight niggle when the MC s first meet back up West takes one look at Nico s tattoos and piercings and makes snap judgements and assumptions about him because of them He was hurt, angry and grieving but he has a tendency to lash out and say some pretty mean shit They were sweet together though once they actua [...]

  4. 4 Stars This was sweet with just a bit of angst thrown in I really liked both characters and was happy the way their relationship developed.Doc and Grandpa were pretty awesome and I thought how they interacted with each other was super sweet and cute I loved their inappropriateness just as much as I did the older ladies in her other series Though the men a bit tamer than the ladies were West was a bit judgy of Nico in the beginning which threw me off of him a bit I thought with the big family h [...]

  5. 4.5 starsI loved this book a lot.Well Well That was hot, a little heartbreaking and sweet I laughed, I was sad at times, I swooned and awwwwwed at baby Pippa.There is something about Lucy Lennox s books that just sucks me in, I guess maybe it s the way she writes about family.I loved Michael Pauley s narration too These two are a match made in book heaven.West I loved him, he came from a supporting big family, and I enjoyed their interactions He was supportive, patient and loving I loved that wh [...]

  6. After leaving home at 15 for the sake of his mother and sister, Nico has been lonely He has friends and his own tattoo shop but something is missing He s built walls around his heart When he receives a call he never expected, he returns home to find he has custody of his sister s daughter Her best friend, Dr West Wilde, is having no part of it He thinks Nico is a multi colored hair, tattooed no good punk who left his family Boy is he in for a surprise.Well this was a nice little surprise I reall [...]

  7. I did not like this I severely dislike angry people in my books and in RL And boy, were these guy angry without good reason.I immediately started to dislike this book when West acted like a complete ass to Nico simply because Nico left town when he was 15 As if a 15 year old boy just leaves his family because he feels like it West remained angry about this throughout the book while also developing feelings for Nico I hate that I mean, talk things out before you fall in love Not fall in love desp [...]

  8. 2.5 stars Nothing wrong in overall It just didn t work for me It started well but then my interest started to fade First, I couldn t get a read on the MCs That s all on me, it happens sometimes and it sure did here And when I arrived at the first sex scene, I didn t find it hot the caveman attitude felt so out of place at this stage for me it ruined it Then there were too many little twists in the story for my tastes, so many that I focused on the inconsistencies than on the story by itself And [...]

  9. I am so happy to finally have Nico s story I wasn t really sure how I felt about him but as it turns out, I really like him As for him and West together It took some time to adjust As much as I like the two, I had a hard time seeing them together as a couple No worries though, turned out great

  10. This is a great intro to Lucy s new seriesThis book is comforting and familiar, like a warm snuggly blanket in front of a roaring fire It has all the elements I d expect to find in a Lucy Lennox romance and it just made me go awww a lot while reading it.I like the idea of another giant family where it s not a big deal to be LGBTQ and there s acres of support in a loving household filled with people who pass no judgement.Doc and Grandpa were ace, as was the rest of West s family and I loved that [...]

  11. The Made Marian Series totally does it for me There is just something about this formula that I need every now and then So, I will not even try to hide for one single second how happy I am that there is a new series that is a spin off of the Marian Family and is just like them.HELLO WILDE S I enjoyed this quite a bit Like its predecessor, it is easy, fun and sexy as Hell Throw in there a little angst, drama and a frightening past and the book couldn t do any wrong.West was a judgmental prick at [...]

  12. 3.5 stars for this book I enjoyed many elements of this story but I often found Nico West damn annoying and frustrating I really wanted to shake Nico and tell him to get his head out of his ass there were just subtle behaviors that didn t work for me West was the hero type character that was pretty selfless and loyal however I wished he did something rad like fix that dick Curt right up I did enjoy Griff s cameo and I can see where Wests family will be the next Marians I ll certainly read Felix [...]

  13. FACING SOME A HOLESAnother unexpected surprise by a new to me author I have read Lucy Lennox combined with Sloane Kennedy but this is my first time reading one of her own works and it was surprisingly good Like colour me surprised, the lady can really carry a story Nico left his backwoods small town to escape their narrow minds and also in hopes of providing a better life for his sister and mom Who needs a queer screw up around messing up their lives He left without ever looking back and never p [...]

  14. At the moment I will just say that Ms Lennox has once again done it A perfectly crafted story from finish to end, she made me cry, she made me laugh, she made me wish I was Nico or West and in this book

  15. DNF 36% Nothing specifically wrong with book but I dislike so much, the characters, the premise, and by the start of the first sex scene, before any sex, I was totally turned off by the interaction.

  16. No tengo ni idea lo que acabo de leer XDDD y despu s de ver el resumen del segundo de la serie, esto no es definitivamente lo m o.

  17. Good start to a new series and new crazy family.I was hoping Nico would get a story after reading Grounding Griffin I love Nico, so I m glad to see that West ended up being the right man for him.I m going to say a lot of negative stuff now in the spoiler, but trust me, I really do like this story I must rant, bottling it up isn t good for me Feel free to skip it view spoiler The first interaction in the story between Nico and West 15 years ago was cringe worthy The current day conflict over the [...]

  18. Love the CharactersEnjoyed the relationship between the two MCs The town population is a character in the story I will read of the series.

  19. I read book 2 first and adored it It also sparked my interest into the crazy Wilde family, so I had no choice g but to go for book 1 retrospectively.I loved prickly Nico and sweet, dependable West a lot and thoroughly enjoyed their story And let me tell you that there was plenty of heat, too However, there are some things that I couldn t totally buy view spoiler mainly the whole baby thing babies take a whole lot of time well ALL of your time when they are very young , but looking after Pippa ki [...]

  20. Let me start off by saying, I did not like West I never understood his anger, and West s rude, entitled and judgmental behavior grated on my nerves I did, however, like the accent of the narrator in the audio version Though the story was well written, there were a few parts that couldn t hold my interest and were over the top or cheesy If I m being honest, I didn t want Nico and West together I really liked Griff and Sam, Nico s best friend and Griff s husband, and Goldie, the temporary foster m [...]

  21. I struggled with West at the start of this book You can tell that this is otherwise, a very nice, upstanding, great guy, so I did not get why he was so VERY judgy about Nico when he first saw him He judged him on his looks, but also on the fact that Nico abandoned his family , when he ran awa at 15 He never seemed to want to question what would make a kid that age think he had to run away, and that irritated me.And then, he seemed to have changed his mind about Nico, but I m not sure we re ever [...]

  22. At last, Lucy Lennox has hit her stride as a writer This book includes all the good things she wove into the first series such as family, comfort healing, redemption, finding yourself, loving yourself and most importantly finding love.Fortunately, it DOES NOT include what I hated about the other series the over the top sex crazed grannies They were charactures of a bad SNL skit Doc and gramps are the seniors in this series and are the backbone of the Wide family Lennox used a delicate touch with [...]

  23. This book was so stinking cute It ticked all my buttons and West and Nico were like fire when they were together and the chemistry was off the charts You could feel the love between these two, and while they started off rocky and not the greatest of friends, they ended up loving each other above all I can t wait to read from the Forever Wilde series

  24. It was ok There were a few things that got my eyes rolling and a few inconsistencies but the story was sweet and Nico and West were hot together A lot of things also could have been developed better but overall it managed to get 3 stars Free with Kindle Unlimited

  25. 4.5 stars I flew through this book Didn t even take the time to post a single status update, because I was riveted to the pages and could Not Stop Reading until I had finished the whole thing.Nico is a tattoo artist with his own shop in California, having run away from his family in small town Texas when he was only 15, for reasons that are elaborated upon in this book He had zero plans to ever return, but then he gets a call from an attorney that his sister has passed away and declared him her [...]

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