The Secret Child (2022)

The Secret Child Best Read || [Kerry Fisher] - The Secret Child, The Secret Child Just for a moment I was young and invincible again back before I made the decision that changed the rest of my life Susie did something that she knows she will always regret giving her baby son up f The Secret Child Best Read || [Kerry Fisher] - The Secret Child, The Secret Child Just for a moment I was young and invincible again back before I made the decision that changed the rest of my life Susie did something that she knows she will always regret giving her baby son up f
  • Title: The Secret Child
  • Author: Kerry Fisher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Secret Child
The Secret Child Best Read || [Kerry Fisher], The Secret Child, Kerry Fisher, The Secret Child Just for a moment I was young and invincible again back before I made the decision that changed the rest of my life Susie did something that she knows she will always regret giving her baby son up for adoption to keep her infidelity secret from her family Louise Susie s daughter feels the effects of that decision echoing down through the years her mother hasJust for a moment
  • The Secret Child Best Read || [Kerry Fisher]
    427 Kerry Fisher
The Secret Child

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  1. That was how I felt while reading this book I did cry at some point, which is a little embarrassing when you re not alone Gripping and well written, this book takes you on an emotional journey that spans over many years as babies grow into adults, and new parents become grandparents It s beautiful, but heartbreaking at times and occasionally difficult to read In 1968, Susie gives up her baby for adoption She already has one child, and wishes to keep this one Her husband would be thrilled with an [...]

  2. THE SECRET CHILD by Kerry Fisher is a gripping novel of family secrets, guilt and regret, that will leave you in tears I normally read psychological thrillers, mystery, suspense thrillers, so this was a nice break I loved her book, The Silent Wife, so was anxious to read her new book, The Secret Child And I was not disappointed This is another winner What an emotional family drama, from the 1960 sI am at a loss for words It was the decision that changed the rest of her life Susie did something t [...]

  3. A beautiful yet sorrowful story of Susie, a young mother and wife who made the life altering decision to give her second child up for adoption in the 60 s, conceived by another man whilst her husband was away for fifteen months, performing his duties in the Navy Convinced she has no other option than to give her son up for adoption, her demons plague her for decades after, her grief, shame and loneliness of carrying such a secret tainting everything that comes after, especially her relationship [...]

  4. What an emotional read this book is Susie is married to Danny who is often away for 15 months, overseas, with the Navy They have a daughter and they are deeply in love of each other But then Susie falls pregnant while Danny is at sea Susie s mothe rose sends her to a home to a for mothers and babies where she will have to give up her child after it has been born Susie has to live with the guilt of giving up her baby and living a lie for the rest of her life This book draws you in in the first fe [...]

  5. Book Reviewed by Stacey on whisperingstoriesIn 1963 Susie was forced to give up her newborn baby son for adoption She wasn t some silly teenager pregnant with her first child, Susie was a happily married mother to one daughter, Louise.Susie had decided to go through the heart wrenching decision as the baby wasn t her husband Danny s child Her mother convinced her that her marriage would be over if Danny returned home from his tour of duty, after being away for fifteen months, and found her with [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars The Secret Child is compelling and completely addicting Kerry Fisher has managed to once again write a perfectly layered, emotional, deep, and beautiful story I devoured this book in just a few hours Suzie is incredibly flawed, but I was emotional invested in her story and found myself rooting for her until the very last page Fantastic book and highly recommend Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for an e arc in exchange for an honest review

  7. A mother s love is all encompassing, it is always present, and it comes from her soulI looked down at their fingers entwined, struck by the sheer power of maternal love Within that clasp was so much love and longing, such strength of feeling that time had done nothing to diminish A quote from the book that speaks of a mother s love The author, Kerry Fisher, goes into the depth of this love for the entire story Her words leap off the page, touch the heart, and cause tears to flow down The main ch [...]

  8. Redeeming portion of Fisher s Secret Child is experienced toward the end of the novel Prejudice and taboo public opinion of pregnancy in the 60 s leads Susie to be forced to give up her son for adoption Demons plague Susie her entire life due to this one event Fisher explores the challenges that affect Susie s husband and daughters Sad Psychological results of peer pressure and ramifications of the time period A copy of this book was provided by Bookouture via NetGalley with no requirement for a [...]

  9. The Secret Child is a very emotional and heartbreaking story that will stay with me for a long time It is told in two parts, 1 from the point of view of Susie and the second from her younger daughter Grace This is very interesting way of telling the story as it helps you to see the characters from different angles which make is easier to understand them and how they act.It is hard to believe that such attitudes towards unmarried mothers and children born out of wedlock existed only 50 years ago [...]

  10. When I requested this book I really wasn t sure whether it might not be my kind of book How could I have got it so wrong I wanted to know how the story ended but it was so good that I wanted to keep reading The tale is set in the south of England in the late 1960s and the story covers half a century of life within the Duarte family Dad Danny is a sailor in the navy and mum Susie is a stay at home mum to toddler Louise Susie loves to sing and one night a week goes to the dance hall where she take [...]

  11. I ve read two previous books by this author and this is definitely my favourite to date I absolutely loved it From start to finish I was gripped Apart from having to make a quick dinner I read this in one sitting While reading this I felt the author took out my heart and squeezed it until I cried I ll now be adding this to the rare collection of books that made me cried The author wrote this in such a great way I felt as if I was there with the characters I felt their pain, I went through the di [...]

  12. Back in the 60 s, Susie gave up her son for adoption A decision she will regret for the rest of her life But with a husband away on a 15 month stint in the navy, the child is clearly not his and Susie wants to protect her family The novel follows the Duarte family throughout the years and the effect of hiding this gigantic secret has on Susie and her family.Susie can t stop thinking about the son she gave away, which has consequences for everyone Her husband always feels he can t do anything rig [...]

  13. I adore Kerry Fisher s writing Her stories are hard hitting and emotional and stay with me for a long time I save her books as treats, knowing they will always entertain and take me right into the characters lives and their dilemmas so for a few days I am lost, completely and utterly at the mercy of this author and the spell she weaves with her wonderful stories And this book WOW From the very first, emotional chapter, I was hooked And the story just kept getting better and better, and addicti [...]

  14. I have loved all the books I have read by Kerry Fisher which have been five star reads I was torn with this one but felt that it lacked something in the first half of the book, hence 4 stars.The author has a knack of describing families and relationships so that we can all see perhaps a little of our own lives in the book whilst creating a good story line with something sensational.I loved hearing the story from two perspectives Susie and Grace and how giving up her child for adoption impacted [...]

  15. Another deeply emotional well written story from Kerry Fisher This was described as a gripping novel of family secrets and it certainly lived up to its billing The novel opens in 1968 when we meet new mother, Susie, who is giving her baby up for adoption She already has a small daughter and her husband, who is away at sea, cannot be the father of her second child.So begins a lifetime of secrets which affect Susie and her emotional relationship with her daughter and husband As she struggled with [...]

  16. Thanks to Netgalley for my copy 4.5 stars.This is the harrowing tale of a young girl Susie who has to give her son up for adoption He is not the child of her husband who is away at sea This story tells us of the emotional impact this trauma has on Susie, her husband Danny and their two daughters over the ensuing years Susie punishes herself and without realizing her family as well because of the guilt she feels Danny feels she withholds part of herself but doesn t understand why.This is a poigna [...]

  17. This book was a different read from my normal mystery thrillers, but one which I enjoyed immensely It is a very emotional read and one that you cannot put down The story starts with Susie, pregnant and giving the baby away, she is already married, her husband away in the navy and the baby isn t his, so that is the only thing she can do We then follow the story of Susie and Danny and how this secret affects their lives The Secret Child is a heartbreaking and uplifting read Definitely recommended [...]

  18. THE SECRET CHILD by Kerry Fisher is a powerful and emotional story of heartache, motherly love, and family, and I guarantee you will need tissues close by as you devour every word of this tale Susie has loved her son, her second child, from the moment she laid eyes on him and even though she was only allowed to keep him for six weeks, he has lived in her mind and heart every day Conceived at the end of the sixties when her beloved husband was away in the Navy, her mother and the Church soon forc [...]

  19. Susie married young, she had her first child before she was twenty She missed her sailor husband when he was away and had no intention of being unfaithful, but still enjoyed a night out singing with a band After one fateful night she ended up in a mother baby home resigned to giving up her baby in order to save her marriage Giving up her son changes her and she is never the same carefree girl again.She carries her secret close, imagining that her pain affects no one else but her husband, who ado [...]

  20. The Secret Child is a powerful and emotionally charged character driven novel The story is heartbreaking and well as touching I didn t want to put the book down, for even a moment And, this superbly written story stayed with me, long after I turned the last page Susie counted herself lucky to be married to Danny, even though as a military man, he was gone for long stretches of time When Danny was home, though, he was a kind, loving and devoted husband And, that was exactly why Susie couldn t con [...]

  21. Wow Justwow Kerry Fisher has yet again given us a heartbreaking, gut wrenching read that will bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye Beautifully written, and highly emotive I love it This book deals with a family that is shaped over decades by one decision made by Susie, Danny s wife and mother to Louise Grace.Every celebration and anniversaries, special days and events have been marked by a sadness that is Susie s alone She loves her husband and daughters immensely and this shows in [...]

  22. Kerry Fisher is surely the master of exploring the intricate web of complex emotions surrounding the heartbreaking decision of having a child and then adopting them out All of her characters were believable and unique and I particularly enjoyed reading about the differences between the two daughters of the protagonists I felt as though I was reading about my own girls I was with the characters all the way through the pain, guilt, confusion, the lies, sadness and ultimately, the poignant resoluti [...]

  23. I loved this engrossing family drama it was the perfect read for Christmas The story of a woman forced to give her baby up for adoption in the 1960s and the repercussions her secret has on her family across the decades is classic weepy Reach for the hankies Kerry Fisher is a wonderfully warm writer who loves her characters and depicts their flaws and idiosyncrasies with unflinching honesty A novel about mistakes, betrayal and forgiveness a gorgeous read.

  24. When we first meet Susie, she s actually going by the name Rita and staying in a mother and child home She s married but has turned up pregnant with another man s child and is trying to keep it all under the rug so she gives this baby up for adoption for the next 40 years we see the effect that had on her and her family until one day her secret is revealed and no one knows how to handle the bombshell.This book will pull at your heartstrings until finally just yanking them out at the end I loved [...]

  25. ahavenforbooklovers.wordpressThe Secret Child by Kerry Fisher tells the story of Susie and her family It begins in the 60s We are introduced to Susie who is struggling with having to give up her son for adoption although it feels like she has no other choice given the circumstances that she is in What makes her situation unique is the fact that she is a married woman with another child at home and her husband has been away with the Navy for over a year Naturally, I was curious about the adoption [...]

  26. Original review can be found at kristineandterri I received an advanced readers copy from Bookouture via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you I literally just finished this book and I am at a loss for words The Secret Child is the perfect example of how a traumatic event can shape and follow a person throughout the rest of their days It is about how one moment in time can change every single part of who someone is and who they want to be It is about family, it is about sacrifice [...]

  27. Many families have secrets, some damaging than others, but The Secret Child is definitely one of the heartbreaking secrets that a wife and mother is forced to keep The story is evocative of the period when a child born outside of marriage was a scandal What makes The Secret Child heartbreaking is the circumstance in which young mum, Susie falls pregnant while her husband Danny is overseas with the Navy Her mother forces her to give baby Edward up for adoption and is the only one to know of th [...]

  28. Thank you Netgalley author for letting me read this book Ik vind het een sneu verhaal in de goede zin Het begin leest zo razend snel, wel met een zielige verdrietige ondertoon dat ik tot de helft er snel door heen ging Het verhaal heeft daarentegen ook een logische opbouw en je hebt niet het idee dat er dingen missen omdat het verhaal ineens zich jaren later kan afspelen Pas later in het verhaal begon ik het wat langdradig te worden en niet zo pakkend Ik werd nieuwsgierer naar de details van het [...]

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