Mr. All Wrong (2022)

Ú Mr. All Wrong ↠ R.C. Stephens - Mr. All Wrong, Mr All Wrong Sweet Contemporary Romance coming December th The first time I met Evie Harper she threw a cream pie at my face I actually hadn t met her just saw her It was like she hated everything I stood Ú Mr. All Wrong ↠ R.C. Stephens - Mr. All Wrong, Mr All Wrong Sweet Contemporary Romance coming December th The first time I met Evie Harper she threw a cream pie at my face I actually hadn t met her just saw her It was like she hated everything I stood
  • Title: Mr. All Wrong
  • Author: R.C. Stephens
  • ISBN: 978095349957
  • Page: 141
  • Format: ebook
Mr. All Wrong
Ú Mr. All Wrong ↠ R.C. Stephens, Mr. All Wrong, R.C. Stephens, Mr All Wrong Sweet Contemporary Romance coming December th The first time I met Evie Harper she threw a cream pie at my face I actually hadn t met her just saw her It was like she hated everything I stood for and showed me her opinion with an airborne cream pie Yes she smacked me front and center on my face The second time I saw Evie I didn t realize she was the creaSweet Contemporary R

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  • Ú Mr. All Wrong ↠ R.C. Stephens
    141 R.C. Stephens
Mr. All Wrong

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  1. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Charming as ever RC Stephens knows her way around a HEA and keeps proving her worth every time she publishes a book Her books are perfection time and time again and as always I get lost in her world of whimsical romances, always ready to dive back in searching for .Mr All Wrong is simply breathtaking Fun with a slow and steady sizzle build of love that I truly adored I was enad 100% with this title, characters and plot The slow rise was [...]

  2. ARC received for an honest review Another manic book rambling brought to you by April Read Share Book Reviews 5 His taste has my insides burning StarsSexy and scandalous, R.C Stephens serves up one deliciously addictive read with Mr All Wrong, who just happens to be Mr Sorta All Freaking Right in my eyes Holaaaaaay As a first time reader of R.C Stephens work I was thrilled and almost beside myself giddy with the content A unique and refreshing heroine, a story line with a scandalous plot, a blin [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars Mr All Wrong is my 4th RC Stephens book She has become one of my go to authors Without even reading a synopsis, I know I will read her books She is that good What she did with Mr All Wrong blew me away I honestly loved it It s the type of book you can not put down Constantly saying, just one chapter I gobbled it up Right from the start it had me intrigued Slowly building Then once it started to roll, it dropped bomb after bomb baby Colton Matis and Evie Harper had a lot to do with my [...]

  4. Mr All Wrong is completely Mr All Right R.C Stephens is a fairly new to me author, but I am loving her and her writing style I read, Halo by her as well and that was a truly phenomenal read.This story is about Colton and Evie who come from different socio economic status, familial backgrounds and academic professional backgrounds Despite these factors, they could recognize some very common similarities as well.Colton is a super sexy, powerful and appears to be a confident man However, he is a fl [...]

  5. Mr All Wrong was perfectly all right for me From the beginning of the story to the end, even with some of the serious conversations, I smiled, I laughed, and I sighed Two people with their own issues, come together and find a way to heal each other while tackling other problems.Colton was a complicated man with trust issues His mother ran out on him, his father is trying to live his life through him, his best friend is a manwhore and the woman with the pie could be the woman of his dreams Oh, h [...]

  6. Mr All Wrong by R.C Stephens is the story of Evie Harper and Colton Mathis Colton is a handsome man who is governor of the state of Illinois He is sexy and dominant He is a good person, considering that his father is not He exudes power, confidence and sex appeal but also what makes him really stand out is his gentler side His father wants him to run for President of the United States but all Colton wants is a simpler life When a pie hits him in the face at a press event, he starts wondering abo [...]

  7. Gemma s ReviewMr All Wrong intrigued me from the moment I read the blurb but I was pleasantly surprised that it was much than what I was originally expecting There was a lot drama then I originally thought would be in the book But there were also some parts in the story that made me laugh which created the perfect balance of drama and comedy in a story which I really enjoy.Evie was a spitfire of a character that knows how to stand on her own two feet not needing anyone to take care of her She [...]

  8. I ve got to start this review by saying that this wasn t my favorite book with this kind of content The plot itself was good but it could use a bit not work but something I have a feeling it was missing a chapter or two to fully understand this complex life that the Colton was living This was my biggest issue Not to the good parts 1 Evie Harper this girl will make you love this book so much I love the fact that she is not perfect She is a single mother not that that is a problem , deaf and love [...]

  9. Mr All Wrong by R.C Stephens is my first read from this author and I really enjoyed it This sexy tale of romance between people from completely different sides of the class scale but who share some similar family back stories grabbed me from the first chapter and wouldn t let me put it down Evie is such a strong female character I couldn t help but fall for her and cheer her on throughout Colton, well he s just swoon worthy and shows when you fall in love that rules don t apply I loved the twist [...]

  10. ellie s 0.02 First of all, this is not a rom con I ve read other review in each the readers are going on based on the cover and or blurb assuming this is a rom con The term schmuck does not equate rom con Whew Got that off my chest That s not to say there is not some humor and some light hearted spots But know what you are picking up.I ve been reading R.C Stephens for a few years now and I feel like this is her shining star book The one that she reveals her capabilities in her writing.R.C wrote [...]

  11. Mr All Wrong was a story set around the political background of Illinois Colton Mathis is the state Governor and an upcoming presidential candidate, only he doesn t want to be This is a man burdened by guilt who lives his life as set out by his father s demands Or he used to.When he meets Evie Harper things start to change in ways he d never have imagined There are a lot of twists and turns in this story, the characters are well fleshed out and the challenges they face than the norm Colt is sex [...]

  12. This is my first R.C Stephens book and it is good Mr All Wrong ends up being Mr All Right after awhile and some misunderstandings This is a great political romance story with some hot chemistry between the two characters Evie is a feisty woman that doesn t take crap from anyone even if he was raised to be the next President of the United States Colton has a lot of family and political issues going on and is always told what to do and when to do it So when he finally finds someone like Evie it is [...]

  13. Review for Mr All WrongBy R.C Stephens Colton and Evie s is that of a fairytale love story Coming from the very different world only to be ripped apart by scandal, and fear But brought back together by true love They live their happily ever after.Review by Jen M.

  14. Mr All Wrong by RC StephensMr All Wrong was a bit of a topsy turvy read for me On the whole I would say this is an enjoyable book to read, however, there were parts that just did not gel for me.I did not always feel a real connection between Colton Evie I think this was to do with the constant reiteration of Colton s ladies man title his defence of it.I disliked Colton as a character yet I didn t think the author did this character justice with the way she gave him such a whimpy, weak personali [...]

  15. This was a story begging to be read From the moment Evie told Colton off and ran away from him, I was hooked Here s this sexy, confident, powerful man being taken down by a fiery little red headed teacher He didn t stand a chance And neither did I, because the surprises just kept coming Once you pick Mr All Wrong up, you won t want to put it down.Every moment we had with these two was spectacular I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of Colton and Evie s story There were so many unexpecte [...]

  16. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports.The first time I saw Evie Harper, she threw a cream pie at my face It was like she hated everything I stood for and showed me her opinion with an airborne cream pie Yes, she smacked me front and center on my face The second time I saw Evie I didn t realize she was the cream pie thorwing bandit and she took my breath away in a flowing read gown at a gala Of course, I couldn t resist her looks, so I asked [...]

  17. Mr All Wrong by R.C Stephens is a heart warming story You think you re getting a modern day fairy tale, boy meets girl they fall in love and live happily ever after Mr All Wrong is full of surprises and twists, once one bomb was dropped they just kept on coming A well written story that flowed, characters that were all well developed and likable This is the type of book once you start reading you can t put it down You just have know what is going happen page after page.Evie Harper leads a simple [...]

  18. Seriously With a tittle like this and a cover like that what can I think of this Well I have read wonderful things about this author so I needed to see for myself so let s do it R C Stephens is a new author to me and I really enjoyed her writing She gift us with a simple, intense and funny writing Mr All Wrong explores the lifes of Colton and Evie Colton is a powerful and confident man but that s not only because he s the governor He has a heart bigger than the world but he doesn t trust easily [...]

  19. Colton and Evie s story is the perfect romance It really is A woman with her own life challenges, a privileged man, two different social statuses and one strong as hell connection.When the expected presidential runner and current governor gets a pie in his face at an official event, he s curious Upon meeting her again, and even though is screws up, he s determined When he shows up at her place of work magic happens That s how Colton sees it, anyway.Evie happens to be tagging along when Jake, her [...]

  20. I loved Mr All Wrong by R.C Stephens It was such a charming book It was a bit angsty, funny and sexy The story and characters will pull you right in I loved Evie Harper She was a strong heroine who was independent and feisty I loved that about her She is a school teacher and loves her life simple and uncomplicated As the governor of Illinois, Colton Matis is a man who knows what power is He is confident and sexy But he also hides so much He wants to walk down one path, but his father has a diffe [...]

  21. So fun and unique, I loved it instantly I have read so many books and to still be surprised by one is so awesome to me This book had me laughing, and cheering, wanting romance and wanting the chemistry Colton and Evie comes from two different worlds but somehow find themselves it each others paths What happens when the feisty Evie surprises the political and born into the life of politics Colton Sparks fly, words fly, do clothes also fly Thank you for allowing me to read this and write about it. [...]

  22. Wow I have to mention that this storyline is juicy Entirely too good to give anything away so my review will be short It was surprisingly intriguing and when you realize that plot, the author will have you gasping for air Colton and Evie make any interesting match together They connect on a deeper level because of certain differences Each page captures the reader s heart and shows that some people are capable of being human Review by Sallie

  23. Stephens proves you can have a captivating romance with a little less heat and an abundance of sweet Mr All Wrong mixes heartwarming with emotional and hysterical to create a masterful, modern, hard to resist, fairy tale Colton is a man with a plan Except when the plan takes a backseat to the heart he s ignored for so long All it took was a misplaced pie, a spirited adversary and the courage to follow his heart Colton and Evie are a refreshing work of art.

  24. this is a first read for me by this author and I quite enjoyed it evie and Colton were such a great couple I loved seeing them togther even if they were throwing pies at each other I volunteered to read a copy of this book

  25. The book was written with good intensions.Hero was ok, apart from his manhorish past strong disabled heroine.But too much soap opera drama for my taste OW Safe though.Very sweet epilogue

  26. 3.5 star read for me I was very excited to read this one after reading the blurb but Unfortunately I had a hard time getting into the story I thought I was getting a romantic comedy but it ended up being of a drama with a few funny parts It was definitely a unique story and I did love Evie and Colton eventually but I had a hard time connecting to them.The story was written really well it was just not one to keep my attention.

  27. I wish I had the ability to magically review this with added stars because FIVE simply isn t enough Mr All Wrong by R.C Stephens was exceptional for a number of reasons and my lengthy review will explain all the reasons I loved this bookbut don t read my ReviewBUY THE BOOK Read it right now You will be thanking me for the extra time I saved you to enjoy your next favorite read Mr All Wrong is a standalone book about a man and woman meeting, and fighting for a relationship again and again when li [...]

  28. If you re looking for a sweet, Contemporary Romance, Mr All Wrong might be it It started out as an Insta Love story and it later skirted the boundary of a HEA daytime soap opera Don t get me wrong, years ago I lived for my General Hospital drama filled afternoons and I know quite a few people who still love a little OTT stories While it had a few humorous scenes in it there was a serious subject matter involved and I loved how it was woven into the story line It might just be me, others probabl [...]

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