One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1) (2022)

One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1) Best Download || [Kelsey Kingsley] - One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1), One Night to Fall Kinney Brothers Do we choose love Or is it something decided by fate To Kinsey McKenna Patrick Kinney was a persistent glob of sticky peanut butter He had been stuck to the roof of her mouth since they were both th One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1) Best Download || [Kelsey Kingsley] - One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1), One Night to Fall Kinney Brothers Do we choose love Or is it something decided by fate To Kinsey McKenna Patrick Kinney was a persistent glob of sticky peanut butter He had been stuck to the roof of her mouth since they were both th
  • Title: One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1)
  • Author: Kelsey Kingsley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1)
One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1) Best Download || [Kelsey Kingsley], One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1), Kelsey Kingsley, One Night to Fall Kinney Brothers Do we choose love Or is it something decided by fate To Kinsey McKenna Patrick Kinney was a persistent glob of sticky peanut butter He had been stuck to the roof of her mouth since they were both three years old when fate seemed to send his family next door to hers All the way from the coast of Ireland to River Canyon Connecticut Over twenty nine years

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  • One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1) Best Download || [Kelsey Kingsley]
    282 Kelsey Kingsley
One Night to Fall (Kinney Brothers, #1)

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  1. One Night to Fall is one of the cutest romances I ve read all year It s a story about childhood sweethearts soul mates, Patrick and Kinsey, that have been separated for a decade finding their way back to each other It flashes back and forth in time from present day to several significant memories from their past Because of that, we are able to experience their whole journey as a couple I usually find it difficult to enjoy novellas that much, because there is such a short time to become invested [...]

  2. You know, when you re reading a book, and it takes you to a place where the world around you ceases to exist That is One Night To Fall by Kelsey Kingsley It s an amazing story of two childhood lovers journey, brilliantly told through memories and current happenings I absolutely loved this book, and can t wait to read from Kelsey Kingsley

  3. Kinsey and Patrick have been best friends since his family came from Ireland and moved into the house next door to Kinsey s family in this little town in Connecticut When they were six they got married Now they re 30 and Kinsey comes back to town after being gone for 10 years.And Patrick is busy being a cop and a daddy to Meghan.Two years later he s divorced and busy trying to get Kinsey to give him another chance.She s not making it easy on the poor guy.We don t know what happened between them [...]

  4. 4.5 Stars What a sneaky way to make me fall in love with this couple Second chance tropes are not really my favorite I ve realized that the thing that separate the couple can be the thing that keeps me from liking a book This might have fallen into that category if the author didn t write in such a brilliant way that makes you fall for this couple long before you find out what happened.I found the Hero, Patrick, to be incredibly charming We get to know him right away and I was charmed from the s [...]

  5. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY 99 CENTSAVAILABLE NOW FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED US a au2zA1E UK amzn 29d6NpQ CA a 5xcBCWpEXCERPT There was a small sliver of hope carrying me through the remainder of my workday I thought there was a chance that Patrick would forget about the money growing and cumbersome in my pocket Maybe he had gotten the unlikely emergency, calling him away from the going out he had insisted on, and when the old cuckoo clock chimed seven without so much as a rap upon the door, my hope sp [...]

  6. Do you ever really stop thinking your first love I feel like they would have a piece of your heart tucked away that no one else will ever have.Kinsey and Patrick fell in love as teenagers and through they had their future all mapped out in front of them Until Kinsey went away to college and started to wonder if falling for someone at a young age meant that both of them would be missing out on other life experiences.Patrick was devastated at Kinsey s change of heart and reacted by making a silly [...]

  7. This book follows childhood next door neighbor sweethearts Kinsey and Patrick, who practically fell in love with each other at first sight Originally, they re presented as two people with a backstory, obviously having had a falling out, but with no real context Somewhere around halfway in, without my realizing it, the author had wrapped my feelings around her little finger I don t know what happened, but at some point between their flashbacks prompted by Patrick s attempts to win Kinsey back , I [...]

  8. Rate 4,7 5 starsAh, another friends to lovers romance that I adored I swear this month was the friends to lovers month for me.I seriously loved this story It had it all it was funny with lots of funny and cute banter , sweet, sexy and also with its fair share of angst Me love I couldn t help but fall in love with Patrick and Kinsey s story, and yes Kelsey it only took ONE NIGHT Because that is literally how long it took me to read this gem, even though I fell way before it was over I couldn t st [...]

  9. Hey Hi All them stars So, I ve fallen in love and his name is Patrick Kinney One Night to Fall is one of those reads that don t just creep into your heart, it crash lands and makes itself at home It lives there now It s packed full to the brim of a love that spans a life time, or second chances and a friendship that just doesn t quit.And a gorgeous Irish bastard who is SO sweet So cute I now have toothache My full disclosure is that I don t like books that have wives, exes or the H h already mar [...]

  10. Arc provided by author for honest review This is my very first novel by Kelsey I have to say I was really impressed and truly loves this book It makes dig really deep inside yourself and think, can this be fixed, is it even possible And for longest time I battled with my decision who to be angery at Kinsey or Patrick And to be honest I believe they are both to blame You need it and decide for yourself.

  11. WOW What an all consuming romantic journey First loves I remember mine Well, I married mine and this brought up all those strong, crazy, erratic, I can t live without you emotions.Kinsey McKenna and Patrick Kinney s love was fated Written in the stars, destined From the time they met at three years old, their little hearts told them that something was different this time Best of friends through their childhood and inseparable through their adolescents Theirs was that once in a lifetime love, the [...]

  12. I m gonna love you forever, y know that I saw the sincerity glinting in the sea of blue green, and I nodded I know Patrickinney Peanut butter on the roof of my mouth I m SO happy I received an ARC of this novella It was sweet, funny, heart felt, and I never wanted it to end You were right Kelsey it only took one night This friends to lovers story follows Patrick Kinsey over three decades I really enjoyed how well they compliment each other No, their story isn t perfect But that s what makes it r [...]

  13. Some things were better left alone Things like hot Irish accents One Night to Fall was my first Kelsey Kingsley read I was intrigued by the synopsis and the fact that it was a novella, allowing me to try a new author for a quick taste of her work I m happy to report that I really enjoyed her writing style and sense of humor.Patrick is a HotCop being one of only 12 law enforcement officers in their small community And please note that the other 11 didn t draw the female admirers like he did Not o [...]

  14. 5 Cocky Irish bastard stars Sometimes, the story demands to be written, and you just have to write it Kelsey KingsleyI love this short but oh so sweet second chance story I was swooning by the first chapter These two are amazing together We re taught that love is a serious thing, but that s where the teaching seems to stop When we find it, we re left to handle it on our own We re left to question if we have, in fact, found it, because nobody can definitively describe what love really is anyway W [...]

  15. Carla s Five Star ReviewI think no one ever forgets their first love There are some who reflect on that time in their lives with fondness, but there are others who never move on from that love For those people, their first love is in fact their only love.Kinsey and Patrick thought their love was the everlasting love you read about in story books, and, for a while, it was Unfortunately, real life got in the way and changed everything All it took was a few bad choices to totally blow up Kinsey and [...]

  16. You don t want to miss out on this epic love story that will steal your heart in the first chapter Patrick Kinney and Kinsey McKenna are two beautiful people that define the meaning of true love This will be a book that I ll reread forever One Night To Fall has the love, sadness, heartbreak, and second chances From the moment I opened this book, I fell in love I cannot wait for Ryan s story 5 Patrickinney stars

  17. I have found over the last year of doing a lot of reading, that one of my go to tropes is second Chance One Night To Fall has second chance romance completely covered From page one I swooned for Patrick Kinney Oh my stars An Irishman to the core and I can listen to him talk all day He says the right thing every time Kinsey McKenna is the perfect companion to Patrick she doesn t take any shite from anyonecially Patrick One Night To Fall is a beautifully written second chance romance with a swoon [...]

  18. One Night To Fall is such a sweet, romantic and lovely story I give it stars, because I love friends to lovers books and this one really got me right in the heart Kinsey and Patrick are truly meant to be and I loved how their story developed I m not gonna spoil anything for anyone but I highy recommend you go PRE ORDER IT NOW One Night To Fall releases December 5th

  19. Rating 4.5What if you had one night to get it right One night to right the wrongs of the past One night to fix everything For Patrick Kenny, that was all he had One night One night to get Kensey to fall for him.n After a decade of mistakes, can they make it right in only one night Is it even possible to go back to what was once the greatest love story River Canyon had ever seen I really enjoyed this story I m not going to lie, I was a bit worried as I read the prologue, but I am so glad I contin [...]

  20. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict bookboyfriendaddict A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review We never had a choice, we never stood a chance Our fates were determined the moment I stepped over the invisible line between his front lawn and mine Kinsey McKenna and Patrick Kinney were meant to be together since they were 3 years old and Patrick s family moved in next door all the way from Ireland Becoming fast friends through grade school and developing into [...]

  21. Kinsey and Patrick were meant for each other From the time they were introduced at three years old, they were inseparable Until they weren t Growing up can take a toll on even the best of relationships and distance doesn t help When Kinsey went off to college, the last thing she expected was to want than what she had She felt a need to explore, to see what else was out there That mistake took 10 years from both of their lives, causing them to live miserable, lonely lives I won t go into detail [...]

  22. One Night to Fall by Kesley Kingsley is my first book by this author and won t be my last This book was an enjoyable sweet second chance story that I read in one day because I couldn t put it down.Kinsey McKenna and Patrick Kinney were only three years old when they first meet, first real kiss at twelve said I Love You at sixteen, and everything changed at twenty Ten years later, Kinsey returns to River Canyon and Patrick just needs one night down memory lane with Kinsey to make her fall back in [...]

  23. All reviews originally posted on the blog romancerehab Kelsey Kingsley is super cool as both an author and as a person She has just the right attitude and temperament not to mention the talent to make it to bestseller status Even after I told her that while I enjoyed her writing style, her first book, Holly Freakin Hughes, wasn t my cuppa, she very kindly thanked me for my feedback you d be surprised how many people don t care for my feedback AT ALL I might ve received a death threat or two Just [...]

  24. After reading Kelsey Kingsley s debut novel Holly Freakin Hughes, I could easily tell that Kelsey held a lot of promise in her writing and storytelling As it turns out, I was one hundred precent correct thankfully To put it simply, One Night to Fall is unputadownable I highly advise setting aside a good chunk of time when starting this because once you begin you won t be able to let go It may ve taken Patrick and Kinsey one night to fall, but it took me only one and a half hours to fall complete [...]

  25. This story was a great example of second chances and true love Sometimes you make the wrong choice when you re young but what if you could make it right Kelsey builds her characters beautifully and you fall in love right along with them and they break your heart and build hope all at the same time, and Patrick is such a heartthrob.

  26. Kelsey has done it again I loved her first book and I love this one even I have a big soft spot for childhood sweethearts, and these two couldn t have tugged at my heartstrings any harder I won t spoil anything for anyone, but trust me, you want this slow burn, second chance love story in your collection

  27. ARC Review I really liked this book I loved how well developed the characters were How they connected with each other and how well they knew each other If I wasn t so busy, I would ve knocked it out in one sitting I m super interested in the other Kinney brother s now Patrick is such a sweet heart and I love Kinsey.

  28. Paging PassionFlix, Hallmark, and Netflix Can someone please make this book into a freaking movie now Gah Such a sweet second chance romance that will make you shed all the happy tears, break your heart a little, and make you laugh out loud along the way Ever since Patrick s family came down from Ireland he s had the same best friend Kinsey, is the girl next door and together they were as close as could be Until life pulled them in different directions Now they re all grown up and it s 10 years [...]

  29. A genuine, sweet, second chance romance for childhood friends turned sweethearts Ms Kingsley brings River Canyon to life with Kinsey and Patrick and their romance that spans decades The emotions are heartfelt and the journey true to the ups and downs of life A joy to read Highly recommend.

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