Murder on the Oxford Canal (2022)

Murder on the Oxford Canal Best Download || [Faith Martin] - Murder on the Oxford Canal, Murder on the Oxford Canal Looking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective MEET DI HILLARY GREENE A POLICE WOMAN FIGHTING TO SAVE HER CAREER Not only has she lost her husband but his actions have put her Murder on the Oxford Canal Best Download || [Faith Martin] - Murder on the Oxford Canal, Murder on the Oxford Canal Looking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective MEET DI HILLARY GREENE A POLICE WOMAN FIGHTING TO SAVE HER CAREER Not only has she lost her husband but his actions have put her
  • Title: Murder on the Oxford Canal
  • Author: Faith Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Murder on the Oxford Canal
Murder on the Oxford Canal Best Download || [Faith Martin], Murder on the Oxford Canal, Faith Martin, Murder on the Oxford Canal Looking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective MEET DI HILLARY GREENE A POLICE WOMAN FIGHTING TO SAVE HER CAREER Not only has she lost her husband but his actions have put her under investigation for corruption Then a bashed and broken body is found floating in the Oxford Canal It looks like the victim fell off a boat but Hillary is not so surLo
  • Murder on the Oxford Canal Best Download || [Faith Martin]
    369 Faith Martin
Murder on the Oxford Canal

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  1. A new author to me he books are being re packaged and re released for a fresh and unsuspecting audience This is fine but from experience faithful readers can get caught out and buying books they have already read Murder on the Oxford Canal was originally published in 2004 under the title A Narrow Escape This is a fine police procedural with a tight plot that is well written by its author, Faith Martin Although written, now some 13 years ago, it doesn t feel dated or out of time, however it lacks [...]

  2. I received a review copy of this novel directly from the author and publisher Joffe Books I have voluntarily chosen to review the book, and the gifting in no way determines my review rating, which reflects my honest opinion Silly me read Book 7 first but I am now reading the series in order So this is where it all began While there were a couple of different characters in this story compared to book 7, everything makes so much sense now I love British police procedurals, there is something so f [...]

  3. DI Hillary Greene is balancing several balls She s fighting to save her career Her ex husband, now deceased, has been found to be corrupt and was has made millions of dollars that hasn t been found Internal Affairs suspect that she was involved in one way or another She has a supervisor who would love nothing than to see her lose her job and be charged with something anything.A body has been found floating in the Oxford Canal It s a young man, suspected to be a part of a drug organization that [...]

  4. I invested 90 minutes in this book and nothing happened It is clearly not for me I m old and can t waste time on things I don t care for.

  5. 4 starsDI Hillary Greene and DS Janine Tyler respond to a body in the water at a canal Janine has a chip on her shoulder and while she likes Hillary okay, she doesn t like working for a woman She s a man s woman you might say DI Greene is under review for the misbehavior of her now deceased husband who was also a police officer She only has the case a little while before it is taken away from her and given to DCI Phillip Mel Mallow DCI Mel is determined to keep Hillary in the case He appreciates [...]

  6. This is book 1 in the DI Hillary Greene series which is being republished by Joffe Books.DI Hillary Greene is reeling from the repercussions of the death of her estranged husband who was a bent policeman She is under investigation by the Internal Investigators who believe she knows the whereabouts of the proceeds of Ronnie s crimes Frank Ross was a friend of Ronnie s and uses every opportunity to get one over on Hillary She is unhappy, living on a boat and struggling to hold on to the only thing [...]

  7. donnasbookblog.wordpress I really enjoyed this book, it was set at a nice and steady pace which really suited the plot, it is a well written crime thriller The characters were great I loved some and not so much for others but they are exactly what the book needs they do work really well together and this helps to carry the plot through right to the end there were twists and turns and it did keep me hooked Whilst it isn t as fast paced as some of the other books I the genre this is still worth pi [...]

  8. An adept police procedural, featuring DI Hillary Greene she is tough, socially isolated as her deceased husband was a corrupt police officer and she is being investigated to find out if she was part or beneficiary of his schemes Interesting in this book is that most of the meaningful looks exchanged by the various police officers are about the sexual attractions going on between them all, instead of messages about whether they think the suspects are lying of how to proceed in their actions.

  9. someone I usually agree with liked this so I tried to read it again go for mehave to note this so I don t try to read it a third time

  10. The first in the DI Hillary Greene series by Faith Martin DI Green is a late 30 s detective in the Oxford area of England The series is typical of British police procedurals heavy on interviewing, checking records, discussion Not so much action, but something does occasionally happens such as Hillary Greene being shot in book 4.Available in Kindle Unlimited.

  11. Felt like reading a crime novel and went for this one since it takes place in England like many of criminal novels that I liked.The book is a very easy read and also enjoyable But it didn t go past three stars which means I liked it by the standards One thing that was a bit annoying was all these cops lusting after each other Feels like high school romance instead of a criminal novel with characters in their 30 s Still it luckily didn t take over the whole book and seems to only have been used t [...]

  12. I m a huge fan of Inspector Morse so I m fairly familiar with the Oxford setting, and when I got offered a chance to read another series set in Oxfordshire I jumped at the chance.The story opens with DI Hillary Green being investigated by a pair of detectives known as the Yorkie bars in the wake of the death of her ex husband who was revealed to be a dodgy policeman.She is thrown into a suspicious death at a lock, the victim is quickly linked to a local drug dealer and all round bad guy Luke Fle [...]

  13. Originally written in 2004, this is the first book in a series being republished by Joffe Books Set in the Thames Valley near Oxford, its main character is DI Hillary Greene The opening chapter makes us wonder what exactly is going on we are not sure where she is and why she is not very happy about it All will soon be revealed I was not sure about Hillary Greene at the beginning of this novel but slowly came to care about what was happening to her To say she is having a difficult time would be a [...]

  14. In this book we are introduced to DI Hilary Greene She is currently under investigation by the internal affairs team, following the death of her now deceased ex husband Ronnie,also a police officer He was corrupt and is thought to have amassed millions of dollars which as yet have not been found.Internal Affairs suspect Hillary of being involved somehow.Her immediate superior DCI Phillip Mallow trusts and respects Hillary and gives her what appears to be a straight forward accidental death on th [...]

  15. Thank you Netgalley and Joffe Books for the eARC.Hillary Greene is a policewoman in Oxford who is being investigated by Internal Affairs for her late husband s crimes He was a policeman on the take, and IA are looking for the millions of pounds he had hidden Innocent, living on a longboat owned by her uncle, and hating every claustrophobic minute of it, she is happy to be called out on a case The body of a man was found in the Oxford Canal, an obvious murder The victim was part of a dangerous ga [...]

  16. Hillary lives on a boat Her ex husband is being investigated for illegal smuggling despite being dead When a body is discovered in a lock she is sent as the SIO When the murdered person has links to drug smuggling , Vice are called in and things take a turn for the worse especially as internal investigations think that Hillary has stashed her dead ex s haul of money somewhere safe for her own use This is an enjoyable read and Hillary is a likeable character A good plot and sound characters make [...]

  17. It s not a terrible book The story is intriguing enough at first, but the ending leaves something to be desired There are quite a few character s that the author tries to develop at roughly the same pace the problem is that it feels as though these characters were already established somewhere else like this isn t the first book in the series and we should already know quite a bit about them.I think the main problem for me is that after you hit a mark roughly a quarter of the way through it just [...]

  18. I wanted to read this book because of its Oxford setting, but it could have been set anywhere with a canal The book has very good pacing and strong characters The writing style is somewhat colloquial My main complaint was that the point of view shifts constantly even within a single scene I don t mind having lots of different points of view within a novel, but I do think it s better if whole scenes are handled from a single POV It s a typical police procedural with its usual crop of bolshie, bel [...]

  19. Hillary Greene investigates the death of a man who apparently fell from a narrow boat into the Oxford Canal At the same time, she is being investigated by the Police Complaints Authority to see if she was involved with her late estranged husband s corruption I liked this story, which I found well written and well plotted The other police officers were fully rounded characters and the descriptions of life on a narrow boat make me determined never to try it.Slightly detracting from an otherwise en [...]

  20. MURDER ON THE OXFORD CANAL by Faith Martin Published by Joffe publishers Hillary had been desk bound since husband s death, and then with hints of his allegations She has a new case a body in the lock Hoping it lasted long enough, for them to stop looking at what her ex had been doing Wanting something to read she picks up her ex husband book by Dick Francis Wonders of wonders, what was she looking at She had vacation time, time off the boat, sun shine and beaches, sounded good An interesting pl [...]

  21. A well paced and engaging read The plot is credible and the police procedure works to support it While I have no difficulty at all accepting the sexism inherent in the system, the contrast between DI Hillary Greene and her deceased ex doesn t make much sense and a number of characters leave me similarly unconvinced It s human to make poor decisions but characters need to reflect, learn and grow rather than repeating a script.While I enjoyed the read, looking at the number of books in the series [...]

  22. DI Hillary Greene due to the illegal activities of her dead police officer husband Ronnie, is under investigation to determine if she had any involvement in his activities.But when a suspicious death is reported a body in the local canal she is assigned this low key case But what does it lead to.Previously published as A Narrow Escape this is a good start for this well written series, with its various characters It will interesting to see how they develop over the series.Received an Advanced Rea [...]

  23. If it wasn t for the black, rubber suited diver below, and the insistent presence of the bobbing corpse, it would be a perfect kind of day Wasn t expecting to like this as much as I did Interesting characters and we get everyone s POV Nicely crafted crime and plenty of side issues to keep the story moving along Might have been useful to place the character list the strangely included description of the main characters and the glossary of English slang for US readers in the front of the book.

  24. I enjoyed reading about DI Hillary Greene and her team and read the book in a couple of sittings I particularly liked the background information and personal aspects along with the nitty gritty of crime scenes.Hillary doesn t have it easy with aggravation coming from all sides but she is determined and her dogeared attitude pushes her on as she realises all is not what it seems I look forward to reading from this author

  25. This was an ok read I enjoyed the setting of the canal boats and wished that had been used a little in telling the story The book starts and ends with the tale of a murder but in between there is work on a vice case and an internal affairs issue Both of which I think we re unnecessary and didn t add to the story As well I am not sure how the author interpreted the words too, heaven, and mine as an anagram of Seven and nine

  26. British procreduralFirst in a series, so there s a fair bit of exposition introducing characters and providing back story Main character is a fortyish woman divorced from a crooked cop, balancing between her own career as a cop and being under investigation as a possible confederate of her husband The characters are the fairly standard group in a police station, but the story is interesting and I will definitely read the next in the series

  27. Enjoyable ReadI really like DCI Hillary Green and her team This is a new author and series for me So far so good I look forward to seeing where the cliff hanger ending leads us I am also very curious about the direction Ronnie and the Yorkie Bars will take I gave it 4 Stars, but not because I didn t like it I wanted a little on the mystery end I really look forward to the second installment.

  28. Thank you Netgalley for this book.I wanted to read this book because of the title I simply adore England and I feel at home while reading a book that is set in England I once took a holiday on a narrowboat and fell in love with them The author has captured the atmosphere very well I liked most of the characters but the plot was a little complicated and not always easy to follow However, I am looking forward to books in this series.

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