Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (2022)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Best Read || [Joanne Fluke] - Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Discover the delicious mystery that started it all No one cooks up a delectable suspense filled mystery quite like Hannah Swensen Joanne Fluke s dessert baking red haired heroine whose gingersnaps Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Best Read || [Joanne Fluke] - Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Discover the delicious mystery that started it all No one cooks up a delectable suspense filled mystery quite like Hannah Swensen Joanne Fluke s dessert baking red haired heroine whose gingersnaps
  • Title: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
  • Author: Joanne Fluke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 179
  • Format: None
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Best Read || [Joanne Fluke], Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Joanne Fluke, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Discover the delicious mystery that started it all No one cooks up a delectable suspense filled mystery quite like Hannah Swensen Joanne Fluke s dessert baking red haired heroine whose gingersnaps are as tart as her comebacks and whose penchant for solving crimes one delicious clue at a time has made her a bestselling favorite And it all began on these pages with

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Best Read || [Joanne Fluke]
    179 Joanne Fluke
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

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  1. Fantastic new series and now they have a TV series with Alison Sweeney Nice It was one of the first cozies I read with recipes and I had to test one or two out More to come on this series I m anxious to finish all 20 books

  2. Ok, so I m officially in love with cozy mysteries, and there s nothing anyone can do about it PI heart this genre so much it walks the tightrope between good old fashioned, small town, hardboiled noir and straight up cutie patootie ness.It s a great break from all the really sad, serious stuff going on around the world and in books, and is a gentle reminder of better days gone by Think summertime, a warm breeze passes you by as you re sitting under a beautiful old oak tree reading a comforting b [...]

  3. I had been eyeing this book for a while, mostly because the cover amused me so I finally picked it up when I was on one of my cosy mystery tears Knowing it had been written in the 80s made the content a little less annoying Unfortunately, the first book is the best of this sad lot.However, having read all but the latest Key Lime Pie Murder, which I am still debating whether or not to read in the series, I have to say that the series is not that great The latter books were written recently and t [...]

  4. The TL DR version This was one of the dumbest things I ve ever read This was a stupid purchase and a stupid thing to read, for that matter, but I did want something brainless in the middle of my Big Giant Fantasy Series I got it It is the first in the Hannah Swenson mystery series, which I didn t know when I started it I eventually caught on as the main character reacted to discovering her very first corpse She said something to the effect of not making a habit out of discovering bodies, and bot [...]

  5. Is it difficult reading No Are the characters the best characters I ve ever read No But what this series does have going for it is that all the books are a fun, light read You could probably start reading any of these books as your first and you would have no trouble understanding the characters or the plots some would find this a plus while others would see it as a drawback, I m sure.Hannah Swensen, the main character, while not as pretty as her sister Andrea, or her mother, for that matter, ge [...]

  6. I am a sucker for the quick, easy, light hearted mystery novels and I really enjoy Joanne Fluke The characters are fun and the whodunits are clever enough Not surprisingly many of the situations the heroine finds herself in are a bit unlikely But it s not meant to double your IQ, just entertain and all of her books do well at that.

  7. Oh HAIL to the NO Did we really stop being monkeys to evolve into reading, thinking beings to read this shit Seriously A monkey could have written a better story.A monkey could have solved this mystery without Idiot 1 and Idiot 2.A monkey police officer wouldn t have made his untrained family member solve the crime for him.In other words, when it comes to this book, we might as well go back to armpit scratching and poo throwing because it is that brain cell stealing dumb Yes, I admit I should ha [...]

  8. I m going to give this 4 stars because Hannah figured out who the murderer was and her brother in law was up for a promotion with the sheriff s office if he caught the killer I am glad it all worked out but I felt like Hannah was doing all the work She needs to be a cop I did like the end, too and hope she ends up with the man I like for her I will definitely read of these books just because they are a nice, light murder mystery to read The characters are believable and easy to like I also love [...]

  9. I should not have read other reviews of this book, before I did so I was reading along with only a slight nagging annoyance that I couldn t quite put my finger on I m not finished yet, but I will only be skimming the last 100 pages in order to find out who done it, I definitely won t be wasting my time with the other books in this series Don t get me wrong, I love a cozy mystery read lots of em, but why does the main character if she s younger than 35 always fall into one of two types in this ge [...]

  10. this book will definitely leave you craving for delicious cookies mystery was also interesting and engrossing I do hope the other books in the series keep my attention.

  11. Read August 30, 20103 1 2 StarsIn a way, I was hoping to NOT like this book, because I so do NOT need to be starting another series Sigh There goes another wish ungranted, because I really LIKED this book The characters are hilarious, the story mystery is fun and challenging and the recipes are.rdon the pun.DIEfor Hannah is a delightful heroine, and the cast of characters that come along wi6th her and equally delightful AND, I didn t know who dun it YAY YAY YAY

  12. A few months ago, I went to the walk in clinic because I was feeling miserably sick They told me the wait would be at least 3 hours I wasn t about to sit there and read the same out dated magazines for 3 hours, so I snuck out and picked up this book at Walmart I normally don t choose mysteries, but I figured anything with the words chocolate chip cookie in it had to be worth reading I devoured this book just like I would a cookie, because it really was a fun and quick read I had already read 2 3 [...]

  13. The very likeable Hannah, bakery and pastry shop owner, begins her investigative career because she knew and liked the victim It s a plus that it helps her policeman brother in law s actual career All the secondary characters are pleasant making this an enjoyable read Match making mothers provide some gentle humor I ll be reading of this series.

  14. I ve read other books in Joanne Fluke s Hannah Swensen series so it was interesting to backtrack and read book one for the first time Hannah Swensen a tall, attractive redhead leaves graduate school and returns home to Lake Eden, Minnesota for family reasons Hannah decides to stay in town and opens The Cookie Jar bakery and caf Hannah s mom and two sisters live in Lake Eden and often become involved in her amateur investigations This book features Hannah s mom Dolores who owns an antique shop an [...]

  15. Another wannabe detective Another piece of tripe I don t know what I was expecting when I borrowed this audiobook from the library The synopsis should have said it all Hannah Swensen is the most popular baker in Lake Eden Hannah bakes the best cookies in town, and everyone makes sure to tell her this throughout the whole book Not like Hannah needs their compliments, because she thinks she s the Cookie Queen as well She even goes far as to complain about the caterer s cookies at the biggest party [...]

  16. You know what I picked this book up on a whim and I definitely enjoyed it It s one of the first cozy mysteries that I ve read and I loved it If you re a foodie I would recommend picking this up The author includes recipes for all of the food she talks about considering that our main character owns a cookie shop Hannah is a great character I loved her sense of humor and independence She definitely handled her own in this case As far as the conclusion of the case, I didn t really see it coming unt [...]

  17. Oh, what a cute quick little summer read I have been so busy lately, so this part of the summer has been spent reading quick, enjoyable non thinking reads And this was a nice addition to that list Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke is an odorable mystery that takes place in a small Minnesota town where Hannah, a baker and cookie shop owner, stumbles upon a murder behind her shop The cast of characters are delightful, and although it is a murder mystery , it is so cozy and light hearted [...]

  18. The only reason I read the book in its entirety is because I was traveling and had nothing else to read in English Aside from the flimsy plot and even flimsier characters, the thing that irked me most about the book was when the author tried to dress up her writing with mixed metaphors and other weak attempts at plumping up the lackluster text She was going to have a shiner the size of the Grand Canyon, and She looked at the chisel faced anchorman Yes, I know what she meant, but I can t help thi [...]

  19. Really wanted to like this book bought a later one from a used book sale and wanted to start with this first book in the series It started okay and then there was the addition of a chocolate chip cookie recipe a little gimmicky, but okay The characters could have been much likeable The main character admittedly lacks tact, which could be humorous but I found the remarks she was making in her mind about an overweight person distasteful The sister uses her female charms to manipulate others not f [...]

  20. If I could I would give this 2 1 2 stars but since I can t I am leaning to two stars Here s the breakdown for me The Good It was a quick, easy read I didn t know who the murderer was and was slightly surprised when finding it out The recipes look delicious that were added, very cute idea And lastly, it s good to read someone else has the same belief as I do, Chocolate can cure just about anything The Bad The characters are a bit annoying, the story highly unrealistic, the main character lacks s [...]

  21. Hannah Swenson is nothing but a goodie two shoes and I seriously wanted to punch myself in the face if I had to hear about her life any Not only that, but no officer of the law worth his salt would put a civilian in that type of situation Unrealistic Even unrealistic is that a 20 something woman wouldn t have sex for years Hello Even worse, the supposedly hot hearthrob Mike is described as very handsome, but yet has a mustache What the hell year was this written in 1974 Or does Fluke have a thi [...]

  22. Wow Just wow This is such an engaging, delightful read.I didn t think I m cut out for reading cozy mysteries, this book proved me wrong what fun I had from reading this book The writing is solid and strong and the pacing is just right Even though the first murder case comes right at the beginning, the author did an amazing job of developing AND making the plot twisty and complex, I was kept engaged in the story, I read the latter half in one sitting The author s wicked sense of humor definitely [...]

  23. Given that my experience with murder mysteries is pretty much limited to Agatha Christie, I wasn t really sure what to expect with Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder The style was nothing like a Christie novel, but that was okay It was just different definitely lighter and less serious Maybe the target audience was a bit older than myself, but I still enjoyed the book Although, I could absolutely see my mom liking this author s style of writing.Basic premise revolves around a self employed baker that [...]

  24. This book is the first novel in the Hannah Swensen series I thought it was an all around great mystery story It kept me guessing who the killer was right up until the end and left me shocked by the conclusion What can a mystery reader ask for I found the fact that the main character was a baker very entertaining It made me want to run to my nearest bakery every time I read what newest cookie recipe Hannah would be preparing The characters are also very amusing, but of course, Moishe might have [...]

  25. Do you ever get tired of the tense, serious, dry murder mysteries that lurk in the New Hardcovers Paperbacks of bookstores or are highlighted at the Employee Recommended displays of Borders or Barnes and Nobles Yeah, me too.I first learned of this author by seeing someone on the train reading one of Joanne Fluke s books and thought, What a yummy name I wonder what it s about And when I saw that the book was a sweet treat of mystery and home town coziness, I thought it might make a pleasant depar [...]

  26. Not the strongest writing I ve ever encountered, nor are the characters particularly well developed, but one has to remember that this is the first novel in a series There is plenty of time for character development I call it a win if I don t solve the mystery before the halfway point in the story And I didn t soAdded bonus 6 new cookie recipes to try out There are 7 mentioned in the story, but I already have a version of one of them to die for, by the way the Chocolate Covered Cherry Delights, [...]

  27. I loved this book and was finished in a day and a half, it was a quick and easy read At first I didn t think I was going to enjoy reading this book, it seemed like a cheesy who done it mystery in the beginning I was trying out the library borrowing via download onto the kindle and figured I might as well read the book after figuring out how to download it.I am very glad I downloaded this book and stuck through the first two chapters I became sucked in to trying to figure out the mystery as well [...]

  28. Okay, first of all I am a big cozy fan, but this one was terrible I m glad that I picked this book up used because I would be totally pissed if I d paid full price.Fluke s dialogue is unbelievable at best Nobody talks like this Mother, Moshie just spilled his food I have to go For real The cat spilled his dry food and this is an emergency situation that is good enough for a nosy mom to accept as hang up worthy I kept reading only because I had nothing else to read and I do love a good cozy.This [...]

  29. I read cozies for a break from dark mysteries and know sometimes a step from reality is needed.This series has a strong following I just won t be a fan.My problems is with inchapters Hannah seems to be running the investigations instead of the cops, the relationship with her mother was painful to read and the reason for the murder was lame

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