Cinder (2022)

Unlimited Cinder - by Marissa Meyer - Cinder, Cinder A forbidden romance A deadly plague Earth s fate hinges on one girl NDER a gifted mechanic in New Beijing is also a cyborg She s reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister s sudden illn Unlimited Cinder - by Marissa Meyer - Cinder, Cinder A forbidden romance A deadly plague Earth s fate hinges on one girl NDER a gifted mechanic in New Beijing is also a cyborg She s reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister s sudden illn
  • Title: Cinder
  • Author: Marissa Meyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
Unlimited Cinder - by Marissa Meyer, Cinder, Marissa Meyer, Cinder A forbidden romance A deadly plague Earth s fate hinges on one girl NDER a gifted mechanic in New Beijing is also a cyborg She s reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister s sudden illness But when her life becomes entwined with the handsome Prince Kai s she finds herself at the centre of a violent struggle between the desires of an evil queen anA forbidden romance A deadly

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  • Unlimited Cinder - by Marissa Meyer
    406 Marissa Meyer

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  1. Why WHY DIDN T I READ THIS BOOK SOONER It was so AWESOME MY EMOTIONS Let me go ahead and get this out of the way I loved this book Why in the world did I procrastinate with reading it I ve had Cinder sitting on my Kindle for a few months now and I continued to put it off over and over again What a HUGE mistake I even had the nerve to go into my local bookstore twice, pick Cinder up, and put it right back down But all that doesn t really matter now because I ve remedied the problem and absolutely [...]

  2. I m sure I ll feel much grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn on In this, my third attempt to read Cinder, I finally made it to the end But I find myself wishing I hadn t bothered Going into this book, I thought it was fair to expect a light, probably unremarkable, but ultimately entertaining read I did not come to this book wanting my mind to be blown with science or to be taken to another world by beautiful prose, but I also did not expect it to be so painfu [...]

  3. wow wow WOW.I went into this book not expecting to like it I m not sure why, but this book completely surprised me

  4. As seen on The ReadventurerLet me first give credit where credit is due A cyborg Cinderella Wow It s a bold premise I applaud Marissa Meyer for thinking this up In this re envisioning of the fairy tale, Lihn Cinder is a cyborg, meaning, she is almost half mechanical she has prosthetic hands and a foot, a big chunk of her internal organs are wired into her body Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing, the capital of the Eastern Commonwealth, a country ravaged by plague outbreaks One day, the heir to [...]

  5. I guess I m on a year end quest to be the last person to read popular series Last week Hunger Games This week Cinder.Or not I hated it No binging this series, sorry, dear friends You may think it s harsh that I give this book one star when there was nothing offensive about it, but considering the hype, I expected far, far than that we were given.Before reading the book, I knew why it came highly recommended to me in theory, this book should have been awesome An Asian protagonist Everyone knows [...]

  6. 4.5 This was amazing Why didn t anyone tell me to read it sooner Just kidding The world and characters are so great, I can t wait to continue on in the series.

  7. mild spoilers Cyborgs squeeaaaal Androids squeeaaaal New Beijing squeeaaaal Cinderella sque uhm, I m of a Beauty and the Beast girl But not bad.Cinder was one helluva ride for me Saying that it was a special one is an understatement Why I call it special Because of the ups and downs it had If you read my Kindle notes for this review you d thing I m suffering of DID Dissociative Identity Disorder.What do you think doctor House Am I sick Can it be treated Yes This book looked so much better in my [...]

  8. Re Read On Audio I love the narrator I m still loving Cinder, Iko and Prince Kai I loved one of Cinder s sisters but the other one and her stepmom Ugggg Cinder being a cybor mechanic is too cool There is a deadly disease going around and it kills so many people They are trying to find a cure by doing some evilness Cinder gets to meet Prince Kai and sigh, I felt so happy for her Then there is Queen Levana from Luna Don t even want to talk about her evilness right now And Cinder finds out who she [...]

  9. Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time,there was an avid reader let s call her K who thought she was very clever but she couldn t be wrong.You see,she d heard about a futuristic version of Cinderella in which Cinder is a cyborg mechanic that everyone seemed to love but she refused to read it,because she was skeptical and a little prejudiced.One day she read the first page but when she came to the part where Cinder takes off her foot she said Ok I tried but it [...]

  10. This is my 2nd read from Marissa Meyer after Heartless and I can finally conform that I d happily read any book written by her because THIS WAS YASOT Cinder is a Cinderella retelling but with a sci fi dystopian twist as the setting is in New Beijing post 4th World War It is also the first book among three others in The Lunar Chronicles series The main female lead, Cinder, is a cyborg who specializes in mechanic Despite peace in the world, a plague known as Letumosis, has hit the center of Beijin [...]

  11. I know this sounds ridiculous The whole point of the book is to create a futuristic cyborg Cinderella, right Meyer is a wonderful writer Her writing is engrossing and I was engaged throughout the entire book But it really takes a certain amount of the fun out of a story when a reader already knows a lot of where the story is going Cyborgs are relatively novel in the YA world Books set in Asia are relatively novel in the YA world I still really enjoyed the book the way it was but I think Meyer co [...]

  12. Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsLet s talk about fairy tales.I was raised on them and I love them My favorite collection was a hardback with Arthur Rackham illustrations It was not your ordinary book of fairy tales It had translations of the original German versions of the stories I d been listening to for years, but were so not the same There were also new stories I d never heard before, like The Seven Ravens I haven t read it in years, but basically it s about a girl whose evil stepmother tur [...]

  13. Well call me surprised Shocker of the century I actually loved this book I could not put it down I was scared starting it due to what I thought would be inevitable romance but it was pretty minor in this one But OH MAN did I wanna throw Adri to the wolves What a terrible human She got my blood boiling so friggin much Also, cyborgs Mind control Moon people Get outta here obviously I m gonna like this book All seriousness it is just well written Cinder is a great character and you find yourself re [...]

  14. You know when peo ple keep talk ing about a book Lah, this is fan tas tic OMG, you have to read this If you don t read this I ll shank you and play hack ey sack with your kidneys The usual This is one of those books I was cru elly declined on net gal ley so had mostly buried it in my TBR pile and for got ten about it until peo ple started ter ror iz ing me with demands to read it.Oh am I so bloody happy I did I loved this book I stayed up most of the night to read it It wasn t per fect, of cours [...]

  15. 4.5 starsCinderella with cyborgs So I m pretty late to be jumping on the bandwagon, but this was really good I know I normally gobble up any retelling, but when this first came out, there were so many iffy reviews that I gave it a pass.Stupid.I should have checked it out for myself.So you have a pretty faithfulish retelling going on here Of course, since it s sci fi Cinderella, there are going to be some substitutions to the carriage and glass slipper.But they were really cool substitutions And [...]

  16. Review after re re reading from Feb 27th to March 1st 2013 Read it again for the third time What can I say, I just love this book So much that I want to marry it Seriously I love Cinder And Iko And Kai And I really want to bitch slap Adri and Queen Levana I swear, every time I read this book, they seem to get bitchier and bitchier.I am now ready to start Scarlet OHMAGERD I M SO EFFIN EXCITED XD.Review after re reading from Oct 3rd to 4th 2012 Oh my stars I didn t think it was possible, but Cinde [...]

  17. Super heavy sigh 1.5 stars is of what I felt for this actually as time passes I dislike this and .There might be some spoiler ish information through here, so don t read the tags if you don t want to know, but I will do my best to not spoil it outside of the tags.I m in the minority when it comes to the lack of adoration towards this book, and I just don t get it There were so many things that annoyed me that I couldn t really focus on the story Cinder is a cyborg version of Cinderella Awesome [...]

  18. Really enjoyed Cinder It s of a 4.35 stars in my book Not 5 because I DIDN T HEAD OVER HEELS LOVE IT, but i m super excited as to where this series is going, I have a full booktallk discussion here youtube watch v xV9x3

  19. REVIEW TO COME TODAY My heart Are you ready to be broken twice by this series Me SSSSSSHHHHHHH, I LOVE BEING BROKEN BY BOOKS I m rereading it I WILL REREAD THIS SERIES THIS YEARFirst Read Review view spoiler I knew this book a months ago because my sister told me,she said this book was awesome and most of people on liked it or even loved it and then checked on about this book and i read the blurb and i was likebut because i didn t have any books to read,i decided to read this book and the story [...]

  20. Somewhere between 3 1 2 to 4 stars I ll probably edit this review later Aside from the fact that this was really predictable and not much of a shocker probably because I read a spoiler, but I m pretty sure even if I didn t read the spoiler I would have guessed it , this was an enjoyable read Some things I liked Kai and Cinder s romance So cute I can t even 3 A cool ass Cyborg girl It was fast paced for me It was a really quick read Prince Kai He was so damn sweet and cute view spoiler Peony was [...]

  21. Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time This book is like eating chocolate and treasuring each page, you are transported into a fantasy world, you want to dance sing, recommend it and so much Maybe it will not be for everyone but alas I am not everyone, and love reading YA books, I love Cinderella feeling you get when reading a book, and feeling like a kid again, so maybe I am still a kid at heart, but anything that takes me away for day to day misery is a winner in my book, a [...]

  22. I ve had this book on my radar for a long time now With all the rave reviews and hype surrounding this book, I had psyched myself out for a spectacular read Unfortunately, I also set myself up for disappointment I liked the story, but definitely didn t fall in love with it like so many of my friends did.A futuristic Cinderella story, Cinder tells the story of a young cyborg mechanic Cinder is forced to forfeit all of her earnings to her guardian, the woman that adopted her begrudgingly years ago [...]

  23. Este era uno de esos libros que empiezas con grandes expectativas y que al final eso juega en tu contra Tengo que reconocer que la portada y la edici n son hermosas y estan muy bien acabadas, pero si me voy a la historia, siento que es bastante floja y que me qued debiendo.El inicio del libro fue bastante lento, siento que la autora se li un poco para explicar el mundo que hab a creado, ya que estaba muy perdida y tard bastante para meterme en la historia Pero luego de hacer el esfuerzo para con [...]

  24. THIS WAS REALLY GOOD Like I totally didn t expect to like it as much as I did I was hesitant about the whole cyborg aspect but I actually loved it CINDER IS MY SWEET FIERCE SMARTASS BABY.This was a buddy read with the YA Book Bloggers squad 3RTC maybe May 14th 2017 Alright guys, I have finally caved and added the book to my TBR I had absolutely no interest in reading it but my dear friend Mandy how do I link to someone s profile again convinced me that it was worth it so here I am D

  25. WrensReads Review I m a sucker for retellings.I am not sure why it has taken me this long to read a retelling that is so unbelievably popular, but hey, I ve read it now and even though I am a little late to the party, I am with the hype.This is a fairy tale meets robots meets futuristic world I have never read anything with that description, but if I ever see anything that has it, I won t pre judge based off of the fact that I absolutely love the setting in the first installment of The Lunar Chr [...]

  26. Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time This is my favorite Cinderella retelling so far I didn t expect to like this book that much This book was addictive and I just put my other books aside and kept reading till I finished it I love Sci Fi and I need to read of it.If you haven t read it yet, GO READ THE BOOK.Plot Humans are living with androids in New Beijing Plague is threatening the population and there is no anti dote for it And Cinder, our MC, a cyborg, lives with her he [...]

  27. This is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles Series I feel that I am one of the last ones to read this book I listened to the audiobook It was done very well This book retells the fairy tale of Cinderella Cinder replaces Cinderella She is a mechanic cyborg named Cinder instead of Cinderella.There is a plague called letumosis that is killing off the population Cinder spends her days in New Beijing doing mechanical repairs to earn money for her very mean step mother Her two sisters will attend P [...]

  28. RE READ Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time Cinder and the rest of the books in The Lunar Chronicles are some of my favourite books I am a lover of fairytales and retellings so a mix of the two is the perfect combination for me Cinder isn t a let down, even in this re read I would usually provide a link here to my first review, but sadly there is no first review I read this as I was just getting into reviewing books, starting uni, moving and the whole thing Funny how in a y [...]

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