The Reunion (2022)

Free Read The Reunion - by Samantha Hayes - The Reunion, The Reunion They were all there the day your sister went missingWho is lying Who is next Then In charge of her little sister at the beach Claire allowed Eleanor to walk to the shop alone to buy an ice cream Plac Free Read The Reunion - by Samantha Hayes - The Reunion, The Reunion They were all there the day your sister went missingWho is lying Who is next Then In charge of her little sister at the beach Claire allowed Eleanor to walk to the shop alone to buy an ice cream Plac
  • Title: The Reunion
  • Author: Samantha Hayes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Reunion
Free Read The Reunion - by Samantha Hayes, The Reunion, Samantha Hayes, The Reunion They were all there the day your sister went missingWho is lying Who is next Then In charge of her little sister at the beach Claire allowed Eleanor to walk to the shop alone to buy an ice cream Placing a coin into her hand Claire told her to be quick knowing how much she wanted the freedom Eleanor never came back Now The time has finally come to sell the family fThey were all there

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  • Free Read The Reunion - by Samantha Hayes
    210 Samantha Hayes
The Reunion

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  1. My reviews can also be seen at deesradreadsandreviews.wordprThey were all there the day your sister went missingWho is lying Who is next 1996 All thirteen year old Lenni wanted to do was walk to the store by herself to get an ice cream Her older sister, Claire thought it would be fine Her parents were very overprotective Lenni just wanted to have some of the freedom that Claire and her brother had It was just a short walk.what could possibly happen Lenni never came back.2017 It has been twenty y [...]

  2. 4.5 reunited doesn t always feel so good stars .5WOW Don t you love it when a book is even better than you expected it to be This is my first book by, Samantha Hayes and I can guarantee it will not be my last Claire s father has Alzheimer s So to help boost her fathers spirits while coping with this disease and needing to sell his property Claire decides to have a reunion of sorts The beginning of this book introduces us to all the characters who will be coming to the reunion these are also the [...]

  3. The Reunion by Samantha Hayes was a bit of a slow burning thriller read The beginning of the story takes readers back to 1996 when teenage Claire was in charge of watching her younger sister Lenni at the beach Lenni had begged to be able to go for ice cream and never returned.After the initial introduction to what had happened in the past the story jumps to present time where the point of view will begin switching between characters In the present Claire s father has been diagnosed with Alzheime [...]

  4. Well that was a wild ride The Reunion by Samantha Hayes was truly an addicting read I may have sneaked in reading this at a birthday party I had to go to I definitely tend to read a little slower on weekends because of the kiddo but I was determined to finish We get many perspectives in this story, which I m a fan of but I know some of my bookish friends are not So, what s it about Right from the prologue we learn that in 1996, Claire Lucas little sister has gone missing Claire and her brother, [...]

  5. Drama, secrets, deception, twists, turns, and so many red herrings With a little bit of courage, with a little bit of help from someone in the right place at the right time, we can all escape It s only towards the second part of the book that the story picks up momentum and becomes a lot engaging.The plot is Brilliantly written Some of the characters are likeable, others are utterly despicable.The story is told from different POVs, this usually works for me However, in this book, I would ve bee [...]

  6. The Reunion by Samantha Hayes was a excellent thriller that I did not want to put down I really enjoyed the interaction of the characters and the twist and turns in the story Claire s thirteen year old sister Eleanor goes missing while she is looking after her at the beach All the family are devastated when she can t be found Almost twenty years later Claire has a reunion with her family and closest friends at her family home The reunion has consequences that rock Claire to the core and will cha [...]

  7. 1 2 STARSARC ReviewRelease Date 9 2 18So The Reunion by Samantha Hayes, what a ride this was.This is one of those books that once you start there s no getting off and I loved this tale so much.So the Reunion tells the story of thirteen year old Lenni going missing, the year is 1996 and Claire allows her little sister to go off and buy ice cream alone.If you think that s a bit old to be supervised, Lenny herself is described as special, so I think she obviously has some degree of learning difficu [...]

  8. I did not see that coming I really didn t A story of friends and family, of lies and secrets and not small ones wow Claire arranges a reunion of her school friends and close family when he father is diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease Her mother is determined to sell the farm that Claire grew up on and where her 13 year old sister went missing last knew as home.The reunion starts off happy and helpful for her father but then another girl goes missing This book is an emotional roller coaster for a [...]

  9. With 11 and a half months to go in 2018 as I write my review, it s too early to say this but say it I will If you have but one book to read this year, make it this one Yep, it s that good It grabbed my mind in the beginning and didn t let go till the end and beyond the next day as I finish my review I still feel like I ve been run over with a Mack truck.The story begins in 1996, when a teenage girl named Claire is playing with friends and her little sister Eleanor Lenni on the beach near the fam [...]

  10. I try not to use OMG often, because then it becomes overused and doesn t have the same impact, however The Reunion deserves an OMG and perhaps even 2 OMG, OMG Samantha Hayes is BACK and this time she s signed with the brilliant Bookouture who are known for publishing top quality books by top quality authors The Reunion is a brilliantly plotted, well written psychological thriller that kept me glued to the pages from the opening line to the last page.There was so much going on in this book that I [...]

  11. Oohh what a tangled web Hayes weaves in The Reunion This was one of those books full of simmering tension and you just know things will boil over at some point, but waiting for that to happen is part torture and part delicious anticipation and all around addictive.There is quite a bit going on here, plenty of characters and all with some sort of mystery hanging in the shadows It s mainly focused on Claire, who s sister Lenni vanished two decades ago while she was watching her You also have frien [...]

  12. I started The Reunion 24 hours ago and have been hooked on it ever since, reading it at every available opportunity thank you for the Kindle for iPhone app as when I didn t have my Kindle with me I just needed to keep read this book The Reunion is one of those books that never leaves your mind Even when I wasn t reading it, the story was constantly in my thoughts as were the characters as so many different scenarios of what might have happened ran through my mind I am a huge fan of Samantha Haye [...]

  13. Ohh emmm geee Now this is a psychological thriller So full of mystery and suspense I would give it over 5 s if I could I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN So many twists and turns I would absolutely hands down recommend this book I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

  14. Engrossing thriller I read it over two days In 1996 thirteen year old Lenni disappears after going for ice cream Her older sister Claire had allowed her to walk to the ice cream shop by herself while she stayed at the beach with her friends In 2017 Claire has a reunion of her friends to help her Dad remember things he has Alzheimer s There are a lot of interesting subplots going on at this reunion, as well as some things that happen that are reminiscent of when Lenni disappeared What happens at [...]

  15. What a goosebumpy roller coaster ride of a book A sister lost 20 years ago a child lost now a deja vu story Samantha Hayes has done a fabulous job in writing a book which is gripping from the first page Who is good Who is bad Who is lying Who is telling the truth What happened 20 years ago What happened now Why did the girls disappear The only factor that was common to the two girls disappearing were the characters Mom Shona and dad Patrick, children Claire, Jason, Lenni, friends Maggie and Nick [...]

  16. Ooh what a dark and compelling read this is.I liked Claire from the off She is a wife and mother who is trying to keep everything together She has never gotten over her sister disappearing or the guilt that came with it When her dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer s, she throws herself into getting everyone back together.There are so many likeable characters in the story From Maggie, Claire s childhood best friend and Nick, the love interest when Claire was younger They all have a bit of a history o [...]

  17. 4.5 The year is 1996 and after much begging, Claire, who was given the responsibility of looking after her younger sister, Lenni, allows her to go buy ice cream on her own LENNI NEVER CAME BACK The story then takes us to present day, where Lenni is still missing and Claire s father, Patrick, is suffering with Altzheimers disease She decides it would be helpful for her father to set up a reunion of her childhood friends, as Patrick was much like a second father to them These were the same friends [...]

  18. I am a HUGE, and embarrassingly loud, supporter of Samantha Hayes as it was this brilliant author who ignited my passion for psychological thrillers when I read her debut novel whilst on holiday a few years ago So I was over the moon when she signed to Bookouture and as soon as The Reunion was up on I was pressing that pre order button And OMG I am so glad that I did This is one of her best books so far, full of shocking twists with a plot full of red herrings and untrustworthy characters I gasp [...]

  19. The Reunion is a realistic thriller that explores the devastating effects of secrets and lies while playing on a parent s worst fears Sometimes a little white lie isn t so little, and sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons.Summary In 1996, Eleanor, a.k.a Lenni, is given some money for ice cream by her older sister, Claire, and told to hurry back But Lenni s not supposed to be going off on her own because she s different than other kids She s a little slower Lenni never return [...]

  20. She was like a butterfly trapped in a jar This was a carefully told story, the gears slowing turning while each part of the story works it s way in to place The way Samantha Hayes has written this novel entices the reader to keep going Chapter after chapter there s a desire a NEED to piece it all together We MUST know what has happened to Eleanor and who s to blame Eleanor, at the age of thirteen, wants nothing than to be free, to be independent like her older siblings, Jason and Claire After a [...]

  21. Twenty years ago, August 1996, 13 year old Lenni Lucas disappears while walking to get ice cream Claire Lucas, now Rodway, older sister to Lenni, was 18 years old at the time She and her friends were splashing about in the water of Trevellin Bay, a normal day at the beach When Lenni did not return, the Lucas family, their friends, relatives and the police searched and did all the normal things that people do when a child goes missing To no avail The only signs were a dropped ice cream cone and a [...]

  22. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Twenty years after her younger sister Lenni disappeared, Claire organizes a reunion of her oldest friends, who were all present the day Lenni went missing Her father has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer, and she hopes this jump in the past will help him But old secrets begin to emerge, and when another girl goes missing, the truth about Lenni s disappearance start to resurface.The premise of The Reunion sounded great, but [...]

  23. What a little cracker The Reunion turned out to be, when I first started reading this book I admit I had some reservations, there seems to be an abundance of children going missing crime psychological thrillers on the market at the moment, and the pessimist in me wasn t convinced that author Samantha Hayes would be able to put an original spin on a well used subject, but somehow she does.The book begins with the disappearance of teenager Eleanor, whilst spending the day at the beach with her bro [...]

  24. Absolutely loved this one a definite must read A well written, well plotted and extremely well told, The Reunion is an intense, suspenseful read with a subtly dark undercurrent The characters and their responses and actions are believable and engaging, with the author engendering the right level of trust or loathing in each character as the story progresses I truly didn t know how this was going to end up and was shocked and being me delighted at the unexpected ending I flew through this book an [...]

  25. Woah I did not see that coming I am sad, disappointed and pissed off at the end of this book this is a compliment of course This one particular character was always annoying, and now I am just plain angry So, the book begins on a thrilling note Claire s younger sister is missing and it happened on her watch The police are investigating but so far they have found no trace of Eleanor Claire s family is devastated and heartbroken, since Lennie is also a special needs child.The only thing that was f [...]

  26. A completely engrossing thriller that kept me on tenterhooks throughout When teenager Eleanor disappears, her family spend years praying for her return, but decades down the line, they are still no nearer to knowing what happened to her all those years ago Dad, Patrick is now suffering from Alzheimers, and daughter Claire decides that a reunion of friends and family who were there the day Eleanor disappeared could help her dad with his memory issues But then another young girl disappears and the [...]

  27. As soon as I heard Samantha Hayes had a new book out I jumped up and down and said yes please to the blog tour I didn t know the title, nor had I read the blurb that is how much I love this author The first book I read by Samantha Hayes was Until You re Mine and I was absolutely blown away I have devoured each of her subsequent books and find them totally captivating and engaging Each one an intricate tale that has you guessing right until the final pages.My expectations for The Reunion were hig [...]

  28. Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for my copy.Claire organizes a reunion of her old school friend to help her father who has been diagnosed with Alzheimers Her parents are struggling to maintain their farm and her mother wants to sell it Unfortunately this is the home that her 13 year old daughter lived when she disappeared 20 years ago.There is a whole cast of characters here and several of them are unlikeable and downright horrible Claire s husband Callum is a total jerk and thoroughly contem [...]

  29. What a brilliant suspense filled psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns The story line is amazing, I don t know how the author came up with the idea but I m glad she did I read it in two sittings, The ending left me gobsmacked coming as a complete shock, it was hard to put down and highly recommended.

  30. Claire decides to bring her childhood friends together for a week, hoping that the reunion will help her Alzheimer affected father remember the good days But then, a young girl disappears and the similarities to the disappearance of Claire s younger sister, Eleanor, nearly two decades ago, are too striking to ignore The Reunion started off with great promise, had a solid middle, and lost its way at the end It was easy to figure out who was responsible, given that it had to be one of the main cha [...]

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