Just a Bit Wrong (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Just a Bit Wrong : by Alessandra Hazard - Just a Bit Wrong, Just a Bit Wrong Zach Hardaway is one of the best physiotherapists in Europe Tristan DuVal is a young soccer star with a groin injury They despise each other from the moment they meet As far as Zach is concerned Tris [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Just a Bit Wrong : by Alessandra Hazard - Just a Bit Wrong, Just a Bit Wrong Zach Hardaway is one of the best physiotherapists in Europe Tristan DuVal is a young soccer star with a groin injury They despise each other from the moment they meet As far as Zach is concerned Tris
  • Title: Just a Bit Wrong
  • Author: Alessandra Hazard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: ebook
Just a Bit Wrong
[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Just a Bit Wrong : by Alessandra Hazard, Just a Bit Wrong, Alessandra Hazard, Just a Bit Wrong Zach Hardaway is one of the best physiotherapists in Europe Tristan DuVal is a young soccer star with a groin injury They despise each other from the moment they meet As far as Zach is concerned Tristan is a rich spoiled brat who is too used to getting his own way As far as Tristan is concerned Zach is a bossy presumptuous jerk Tristan hates Zach He does The problemZach Hardaw

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Just a Bit Wrong : by Alessandra Hazard
    427 Alessandra Hazard
Just a Bit Wrong

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  1. I recently finished book 1 in this series which I liked and for some reason jumpped straight into this one.ok 4 I just couldn t help myself because the blurb sounded really interesting and I m known for reading books out of order I m very happy that I decided to read this one, because I loved it I liked book 1, but this one was so much better The story felt complete and it had an epilogue.ank god.So.Tristan is a famous soccer player He s Gabe s brother from book 3 He has a groin injury and need [...]

  2. Best book in the series, by far Who knew a relationship centered on hate would turn me on so much I don t even think having this pegged as an enemies to lovers trope would be adequate because up until the end, Tristan and Zach were still hating each other.And don t get me wrong This was so fucked up but I still enjoyed it So Much The emotions that this story incites are completely foreign to me One moment I m annoyed, the next moment I m flushed and turned on by the turnaround of events It was s [...]

  3. DNF 36%I just can t deal with Tristanhe annoyed me immensely Zach unfortunately wasn t much better

  4. 4 Stars This was great The guys had a hateful banter that was very entertaining, not to mention the wild sex moments as in growls but I am a little pissed regarding the way things went down for Tristan at the end.I think he had had than enough in life.Thanks Rosalinda and Vir for tempting me with this series

  5. Me ha encantado El mejor libro, por ahora, dentro de esta serie.S per ameno, me lo he le do enseguida Una vez que empec a leer, no pude dejarlo He dormido tan pocoNo tiene desperdicio, no le sobra nada Y, personalmente, creo que sta es una de las mejores cosas que se pueden decir sobre un libro.Al principio ten a mis dudas porque la presentaci n de Tristan en just a bit unhealthy lo mostraba como un tipo despreciable y no ten a claro qu pensar de l Pero, la verdad es que en ning n momento del li [...]

  6. YAY FINALLY A RELEASE DATE Merged review What are you doing My job I need to examine your groin LOVED this installment to the series Just a bit Unhealthy s Gabe and Jared still hold the top spot loved seeing glimpses of them , but Tristan and Zach s hate me fuck me relationship in addition to their flirty banter stole a piece of my heart All you ever do is criticize me Ever Zach said, his gray eyes flashing with humor We met half an hour ago Much like Gabe, Tristan is a spoiled, attention starve [...]

  7. OMG, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD ARRIVE I m giving 5 stars to a book from the weirdest series I ve ever read Seriously, I m shocked This one is so different from the previous books that for a moment I forgot that it was from the same series It had a major improvement in the plot and even the writing was a bit different God, it was awesome I hated Tristan on the last book, he is an insufferable bastard and he s not very different in here but we get to know why he s that way and I LOVE HIM.He h [...]

  8. Ok I like this DuVal brother s story way than the previous one The first one almost made me stop reading the series and thanks the God that I didn t do that Otherwise, I d have missed my favorite novel in the seriesJust a bit ruthless While Gabriel s story made me frustrated to no end, this was actually a very pleasant story And I really enjoyed reading this one Tristan DuVal, the sweetheart of English football fan Charming, confident and irresistible on the outside, insecure, scared and have a [...]

  9. Disliked the main character I did enjoy this one So far in this series this book is my least likable book As we met the young soccer star Tristan DuVal 21, turns 22 in the previous book, I already knew that I didn t like him And not once did I actually change my feelings for him I just couldn t stand his face The thing is, if his POV was written a little personal, like making us know him deeply, then I might have liked him, but as I could only see a brat, I just couldn t enjoy this book I did [...]

  10. First read on September 17, 2015.Re read on December 17, 2015.2nd re read on May 30, 2016 That s how I feel right nowl giddy and happy What a perfect mix of sexy, angsty, funny and sweet Alessandra Hazard outdid herself with this one.

  11. This is one of those books that everybody loved but me I liked it I waited for this book, I adored the previous book s And I wanted The intro of the book was grand I loved it.The writing style was awesome, I moved pages fast, I love that I also loved the return of Gab and Jared they remain to be my favorite couple I was so tickled pink that they were in this book There was touch of BDSM like bits in this book, and it was HOT If you are not a hardcore BDSM lover, you will love it like me If you [...]

  12. Re read I did notice a couple of inconsistencies the second time through, but this is still my fave of the series, and I LOVE the will they won t they tension, and the enemies to lovers aspect Tristan is such a little shit, but when you find out why, you really can t help but feel badly for him He really tugs on my heartstrings, and the fact that Zach sees the good person Tristan can be and sticks up for him and loves him when seemingly no one else does, I just can t help but love Zach all the [...]

  13. 3 Loving a Spoiled Brat STARS When you love someone, you don t love them for their good personality traits and actions You love them because you love them, with all their flaws and ridiculous insecurities De toda la serie este libro fue el m s divertido.Tristan es tan caprichoso e inmaduro, pero al mismo tiempo es como un ni o perdido Lo ame demasiado.

  14. El que m s me ha gustado de esta serie, lo cual tampoco es decir mucho Una de esas series que me he le do por apuntarme a Kindle Unlimited nuncamaisPero dir que, a pesar de no gustarme el rollo Dom Sub bueno, aqu en su versi n light el libro tiene su punto Lo que viene siendo morbo, en lo que vienen siendo las escenas de sexo, mayormente.

  15. I read the first four books, counting Straight Boy the prequel short story, like they were crack and me the addict so it kind of pains me to say that this was like a 3 for me I just haven t figured out how to do the stars The sex as expected was hot but at the same time felt a little mechanical and I get it that for the most part this was to a certain extent the love story of two people who disliked each other so it was almost like hate fuck However the author makes it a point of trying to show [...]

  16. I have read all the books in this series and really enjoyed all of them.This one I loved even because Tristan and Zach were so explosive and hot together.There is something fascinating about being attracted to a person you don t even like Of course this is only how their story starts I did wonder at the beginning why Zach was drawn to Tristan well apart from his than good looks terrible cover picture if this is supposed to be Tristan btw Of course we soon find out why Tristan is so horrible to [...]

  17. 3.5 stars Basically what we get here is two jerks who fall in lust And it turns out I like that It probably shouldn t surprise me, given how much I enjoyed Bone to Pick But in order for a story about two unpleasant people to win me over, the power dynamic has to be balanced In other words, both guys have to be assholes I m not willing to read about a human doormat.Tristan and Zach are equally matched They meet un cute and take an instant, powerful, and well deserved dislike to each other Hate se [...]

  18. Just a bit wrong is the fifth book in Alessandra Hazard s excellent series Straight Guys We met Tristan briefly in Gabriel s book Tristan and Gabriel are adoptive brothers and we are already aware he is a footballer suffering from a sever groin injury and Zach is his new physiotherapist and they hate each other from the first moment they meet You have the reputation of a nice, down to earth guy I m still wondering where he is Tristan smiled You ve heard of me Wait, are you a fan Hardaway s lips [...]

  19. 4.5 stars This well written series hasn t disappointed me yet This is actually book five, if you count Straight Boy book 0.5 and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them The series deals with straight guys who discover and come to terms with their sexuality a bit later, usually with some bits of trauma along the way Like Gabriel in the past book, Tristan Duval s one messed up guy I must admit that I abhorred him in book three While Gabriel was a bit co dependent and obsessive possess [...]

  20. 3.5 stars view spoiler What I liked The epilogue May I say that Yes, I liked the epilogue It doesn t hurt seeing Jared and Gabe once They re my favorite couple in this series 3What I disliked I m so frustrated over this I can t even tag this book with cheaters because of Zach obviously in an open relationship with his fianc Why the hell he does that anyway My stupid brain still can t wrap around the idea Sometimes I feel like I belong to a different era I don t like fu buddy plot I thought if I [...]

  21. God, I need at least two stars for rating this book I loved every single book in this series, but this one takes the absolute prize Goodness, it was so, so good Not onlz it was steaming hot, but the writing the plot, the way it was developped it was simply PERFECT Like PERFECT, like you get what I mean The wow breathtaking

  22. 3.5 starsI m pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Just a Bit Wrong Tristan s a little shit He s prickly and arrogant And yet I liked him Probably because his exterior persona was just a facade, hiding a scared and lonely boy on the inside.Zach is immediately likable He s high handed, but that s just what Tristan needs Zach sees right through Tristan s act.The relationship between Zach and Tristan isn t sunshine and roses These two spend most of the book arguing and being snarky with one a [...]

  23. I found this soft in the middle I thought that things that could ve given depth to this story Tristan s family story and Zach s impending marriage and provided character growth were a bit of an afterthought.This is a nice piece of erotica I would say Hazard does a great job with the is he or is he not teasing in all of her stories This was not my favorite though For me the best in these series are Just a Bit Twisted and Just a Bit Unhealthy.

  24. Because Tristan made me cry and Zach is the only one who can understand him beyond his facade.I loved this couple a lot And I want Zach someday make Tristan officially his Tristan need a family of his own.I can smell from this couple in the near future.Zach is a family man anyways.So.

  25. Yet another amazing, emotional book from incredibly talented Alessandra Hazard Zach and Tristan intrigued me back in Just a Bit Unhealthy I was wondering about the dynamic of their relationship, so of course I started reading as soon as I got my hands on this book It didn t disappoint, as always Tristan is much traumatized than Gabriel, but he s also stronger While Gabriel is openly, desperately dependant on Jared s support, Tristan convinced himself he doesn t need anyone He s cold and harsh, [...]

  26. 5 I hate you so much stars Finally.Finally There is finallya book that i really LOVED since the first page through the end of it I love it i love it i love it i love it No words can describe how much i loved every single second of my life reading it I kinda hoped i got an amnesia so i could experience what i had felt when i was reading it I want to read and feel the happy feeling all over again I couldn t stop laughing while i was reading it I was smiling through all the pages because their bant [...]

  27. If it wasn t already clear from my rating let me repeat I LOVED THIS BOOK Alessandra Hazard is officially one of my most favourite authors and this series is phenomenally good with each book better than the last I mean just when you think that she has encompassed all that she can do to with this theme she produces another miracle.I am sure a lot of us remember Tristan as the pseudo villain in Just a Bit Unhealthy and I know that a lot of us have read books about guys we didn t like so much in an [...]

  28. I absolutely love this series On release day I checked every half hour because I wanted it on my kindle the minute it went live.I was really curious to see where this book could go, Tristan was such an asshole in Just a Bit Unhealthy, I didn t know how I could possibly find any redeeming qualities in him.I should have known better than to doubt Alessandra Hazard s ability to write a fantastic story Tristan has actually become the character in this series I feel the most empathy for, he is such a [...]

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