The Feral Detective (2022)

Unlimited The Feral Detective - by Jonathan Lethem - The Feral Detective, The Feral Detective Phoebe Siegler first meets Charles Heist in a shabby trailer in the desert outside of Los Angeles She s on a quest to find her friend s missing daughter Arabella and hears that Heist is preternatura Unlimited The Feral Detective - by Jonathan Lethem - The Feral Detective, The Feral Detective Phoebe Siegler first meets Charles Heist in a shabby trailer in the desert outside of Los Angeles She s on a quest to find her friend s missing daughter Arabella and hears that Heist is preternatura
  • Title: The Feral Detective
  • Author: Jonathan Lethem
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
The Feral Detective
Unlimited The Feral Detective - by Jonathan Lethem, The Feral Detective, Jonathan Lethem, The Feral Detective Phoebe Siegler first meets Charles Heist in a shabby trailer in the desert outside of Los Angeles She s on a quest to find her friend s missing daughter Arabella and hears that Heist is preternaturally good at finding people who don t want to be found A loner who keeps his pet opossum in a desk drawer Heist has a laconic enigmatic nature that intrigues the sarcastic Phoebe

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  • Unlimited The Feral Detective - by Jonathan Lethem
    265 Jonathan Lethem
The Feral Detective

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  1. When I first saw the title The Feral Detective I imagined Humphrey Bogart as a werewolf I guess if I want that book I ll have to write it myself.Phoebe Siegler is a lady from New York who quits her media job after the election of 2016 To distract herself from thinking about the living nightmare that America is about to become she heads west to California looking for the daughter of a friend of hers who dropped out of a school and hasn t been in touch with her mother The trail leads to the [...]

  2. The Feral Detective is a brilliant noir title right down to its misdirection Charles Heist, the mysterious man at the center of Jonathan Lethem s new novel, is a detective of sorts, but he isn t feral He s Clint Eastwood cool, all self contained and aloof, capable of silencing a room with a glance His native wildness hasn t been domesticated so much as chained He also keeps a live opossum in his office, but I m getting ahead of myself.The good news is that Lethem is back in the PI game, The Fera [...]

  3. I generally love Jonathan Lethem Motherless Brooklyn and The Fortress of Solitude are two of my most favorite books I also really, really liked Dissident Gardens So I hoped to like this in the same way Which I didn t But it may have suffered from the comparison.Phoebe Siegler is a New York City girl who has had it with the life of an editorial assistant intellectual She heads west to Los Angeles to locate the disappeared daughter of her best friend She has been led to Charlie Heist, the t I gene [...]

  4. An entertaining read but felt the characters and scenarios felt contrived When a male author writes in the voice of a female protagonist I try to keep that out of my mind and to not read the book through that lens, to be open to the character s and author s voices But throughout this book I couldn t help but have that awareness of Phoebe being a woman written by a man The intermittent insertion of the 2016 election into her internal narrative journey took me further outside of the story and o An [...]

  5. There was a stretch of time that opening a Jonathan Lethem book was akin to discovering a new room inside my own brain Perhaps this was in part due to shared geography Oakland Berkeley Bay Area, Brooklyn , though just as much of his approach of bridging genres or layering the fantastical on top of our realities My mind is racing through so many of his worlds including the one where the poorest people live in their cars caught in an infinite traffic jam or that love triangle with the man, the The [...]

  6. I enjoyed this novel even if it s received its share of so so reviews from a number of hot shot professional critics.Lots of post Trump election angst riddled rants delivered in a first person narrative by a character of the female persuasion a Brooklynite who quits her entry level journalist gig in an act of dumb ass defiance and vacuous protest against the outcome of the 2016 election.We have mostly all suffered through these days o Trump, taking them one outrageous day at a time The lead c I [...]

  7. Even some 20 years after reading Motherless Brooklyn I can still remember the enchantment of reading it Since then I have been a devoted Jonathan Letham reader Despite being in the midst of a couple other books, I dropped everything to read The Feral Detective I was excited than usual because he was returning to the detective genre.When Arabella, the daughter of Phoebe s best friend, goes missing soon after Leonard Cohen s death and the 2016 election, Phoebe, who is at loose ends after Even some [...]

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