How To Be Happy (2022)

How To Be Happy Best Download || [Eva Woods] - How To Be Happy, How To Be Happy None How To Be Happy Best Download || [Eva Woods] - How To Be Happy, How To Be Happy None
  • Title: How To Be Happy
  • Author: Eva Woods
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
How To Be Happy
How To Be Happy Best Download || [Eva Woods], How To Be Happy, Eva Woods, How To Be Happy None

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  • How To Be Happy Best Download || [Eva Woods]
    341 Eva Woods
How To Be Happy

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  1. How to be Happy is the first book I have read by this author using the name Eva Woods, and I was curious to see how it compared to her other works.I found the first half slow, the main characters, Annie and Polly and the 100 days thing failed to move me as much as I felt they should have Even with short chapters, my interest was waning But the second half felt much natural Perhaps the pace quickened, or maybe the point of it all started to hit home, whatever the change was, it worked for me.Eva [...]

  2. Read it in a day, couldn t put it down fantastic characters, so relatable and fun to spend time with Obviously reading this will make you cry, but so many great laugh out loud moments Great story about finding yourself, what it means to be brave, and moving on with your life I think we all need a bit of Polly or Annie in our lives How hard can 100happydays be

  3. A true feel good book about finding friendship, love and forgiveness in unlikely places, I love how the concept of 100 happy days was featured in this book.This book contains every kind of emotion and has the loveable Polly and her menagerie of friends she has collected at different stages of her life who embark on this journey with her.A recommended read that I really enjoyed and that really makes you stop and think about the way you approach things in life and whats really important and why yo [...]

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