The Break Line (2022)

[PDF] The Break Line | by ↠ James Brabazon - The Break Line, The Break Line Officially Max McLean doesn t exist The British government denies all knowledge of the work he does on their behalf to keep us safe But Max and his masters are losing faith in each other And they ve [PDF] The Break Line | by ↠ James Brabazon - The Break Line, The Break Line Officially Max McLean doesn t exist The British government denies all knowledge of the work he does on their behalf to keep us safe But Max and his masters are losing faith in each other And they ve
  • Title: The Break Line
  • Author: James Brabazon
  • ISBN: 0718186230
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
The Break Line
[PDF] The Break Line | by ↠ James Brabazon, The Break Line, James Brabazon, The Break Line Officially Max McLean doesn t exist The British government denies all knowledge of the work he does on their behalf to keep us safe But Max and his masters are losing faith in each other And they ve given him one last chance to prove he s still their man Sent to a military research facility to meet a former comrade in arms Max finds the bravest man he ever knew locked Officially

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  • [PDF] The Break Line | by ↠ James Brabazon
    161 James Brabazon
The Break Line

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  1. James Brabazon, award winning war correspondent and filmmaker, has written a terrific action spy thriller debut Max McLean is an assassin working for British Intelligence in a group of like individuals called the Unknown Fast paced, with plenty of plot twists, The Break Line is a great start to a new series for those that enjoy a lot of action Max is sent to Sierra Leone where all hell is breaking loose There is something terrifying going on in the jungles of West Africa Max gets into plent Jame [...]

  2. Almost every day began like that, robbed of clarity by a night of searing dreams It was easier waking up in the war Any war At least I knew where I was then Maximilian McLean has a problem He makes a decision that goes against his orders He lets a target live A woman who does not fit the profile he has been given, but she has seen his face, so by protocol she is supposed to die anyway He lets her live because he doesn t want to knowingly kill an innocent person He has been trained to k Almost ev [...]

  3. Max McLean is a member of an elite group of operatives working for British intelligence, paradoxically known as the Unknown In essence, these operatives do not exist An assassin deviates from the rules, a decision that will come back to bite him Meanwhile, there has been some sort of a horrible outbreak in Sierra Leone Who are the men, and which ones are the monsters Vengeance is being wreaked even as the smell of peppermint wafts in the air This techno thriller started off slowly Max McLean is [...]

  4. This was one of my most anticipated thrillers of 2018 and so I nearly fainted when I nabbed an early copy This is a difficult book to review without giving away major parts of the plot so I will be keeping my review succinct in order to avoid spoiling it for any potential readers who happen upon this I knew this was right up my alley when I came across it many months ago online after the synopsis that grabbed my attention.Wow, if this is what Brabazon can deliver I am super stoked as to what i T [...]

  5. 3.5 starsNow Available The Break Line is a fast paced complex political spy thriller with plenty of action and violence to get your heart pounding There are some gasp worthy moments that could get your adrenaline going or leaving you gasping in shock and needing some recovery time before continuing James Brabazon creates a fascinating character here with our smart, cold and dangerous assassin Max McLean who grows a conscience and starts doubting his orders Max is quite the hardcore character 3.5 [...]

  6. This Rollins esque offering is part Hitman, part archaeological bio tech thriller with some energetically described violence and a big dollop of horror It s fun and a bit silly, though if you ve got no stomach for detailed gore, this definitely isn t for you It ticks a lot of boxes crazy scientists Russian special forces ancient bio hazards infected supermen who just might eat your face etc etc Even so, there s a stiltedness to the language which really stops the flow and some bits t This [...]

  7. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.That was one crazy ride The last 40% was intense, fast paced, and action packed The first 60% not as much There was some action, but it was a slow, slow burn.I probably would have enjoyed this one a lot if the book hadn t pitched to me because of my love of James Rollins novels It was very different from those, but the whole time I was expecting it to involve history, archaeology, tec Thanks to Ne [...]

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