Suddenly Forbidden (2022)

Suddenly Forbidden Best Read || [Ella Fields] - Suddenly Forbidden, Suddenly Forbidden I thought he d always be mine even when I was forced to say goodbye We were never meant to let go but it happened anyway Too bad I didn t know someone was waiting to take my place or I would ve hel Suddenly Forbidden Best Read || [Ella Fields] - Suddenly Forbidden, Suddenly Forbidden I thought he d always be mine even when I was forced to say goodbye We were never meant to let go but it happened anyway Too bad I didn t know someone was waiting to take my place or I would ve hel
  • Title: Suddenly Forbidden
  • Author: Ella Fields
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Suddenly Forbidden
Suddenly Forbidden Best Read || [Ella Fields], Suddenly Forbidden, Ella Fields, Suddenly Forbidden I thought he d always be mine even when I was forced to say goodbye We were never meant to let go but it happened anyway Too bad I didn t know someone was waiting to take my place or I would ve held on a lot tighter Two years later we were exactly where we d always planned to be I d kept my promise He d forgotten all about his Not only had he moved on but the peI thought he

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  • Suddenly Forbidden Best Read || [Ella Fields]
    294 Ella Fields
Suddenly Forbidden

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  1. Suddenty Forbidden stand alone Star crossed lovers meet again when their love suddenly has become forbidden Sadness encompassed me, washing over my head like a bucket of ice water as it dawned on me that he wasn t mine to stare at any Suddenly Forbidden stand alone opens up to College freshmen Daisy June Daniels, Dais arriving at school in hopes of meeting up with college student, star quarterback and farmer Quinton Benjamin Burnell, Quinn It was promise they made to each other long ago.It s bee [...]

  2. Suddenly Forbidden stole my heart, and it s still holding it captive I ve tried to tell two different people about this book, and both times, I teared up like a little bitch Let s see if I can make it through this review without a full on sob fest Here goes nothing I m gonna marry you someday, Daisy June Daisy and Quinton, best friends and childhood sweethearts, grew up together, shared every first, and loved each other before they even understood what that meant Life, a known bitch, threw a wre [...]

  3. SUDDENLY FORBIDDEN Is a standalone full length romance novel by Ella Fields I ve read two other books by this author which I really loved so I was super keen to get my grabby little fingers on this book In the Prologue we re introduced to seven year old Daisy and eight year old Quinn Commiserating over a headless rooster that her childhood friend Quinn Burnell was helping Daisy bury was the same day that she realised that Quinn had first stolen a small piece of her seven year old heart She thoug [...]

  4. This thing called love didn t work like that It never played fair A lot of times I talk about my state of mind and how I felt while reading a book I go into the emotional part, with all of my feelings whether it s hurt, anger, frustration, joy, or just plain old love and I lay it out there This story shouldn t be any different right I m going through the emotions as I write this but do you know I feel right now, in this exact moment Fucked the hell up I ve been on a rollercoaster ride for the pa [...]

  5. 3 the moon and the stars StarsWell, I had a huge characters issue with this story and I should admit the writing was really good but still I didn t like any of the characters I didn t like Alexis it s obvious, for what she did was so so wrong but I feel pity for her I mostly hate Quinn view spoiler Quinn knew Alexis is Daisy s best friend, heck they d been grown up with each other He could have chosen any other girl but he chose Alexis to be his new girlfriend And let s don t forget he had a ch [...]

  6. 5 First Love Stars Angst lovers rejoice Ms Fields has done it again It hurts so good A second chance romance that will make your heart race, your emotions go haywire and leave you oh so satisfied Daisy and Quinn were childhood sweethearts But as with life, especially for young people, it got in the way And as teenagers are wont to do, both made decisons that may have seemed necessary at the time but really maybe weren t the ones they should have made Now two years later, they are thrust back in [...]

  7. 4.25 stars Nothing better than an author who gets you to break your own dam rules lol Like I said before I m not a fan of love triangles but once in a while I find myself getting caught by a plot and for me this one definitely got my attention I really appreciate that this authors blurb was so upfront This book grabs you right from the start, the emotions you feel with Daisy and Quinn were so intense There was no doubt how much these two were meant to be with each each other I loved those flashb [...]

  8. 2.75 StarsOverall Opinion I m definitely a minority on this one, as this was frustrating for me The reason for physical separation was understandable and couldn t be helped, but the reason for them not communicating for two years was not understandable for me I was waiting for a big reveal to explain that somehow they were sabotaged and that would explain why both of them just seemed to give up on their epic love, but it never came I always feel like I need that understanding when reading a seco [...]

  9. After reading her previous three books Ella Fields still manages to render me speechless and emotional to the core with her flawless and captivating prose and her well developed characters I devoured Suddenly Forbidden like there was no tomorrow I established a connection with Daisy June and Quinton very early on Ella Fields lays a strong foundation for Daisy and Quinn in the first couple of chapters and I was immediately invested in them and their story The switch between past and present was e [...]

  10. Daisy and Quinn were best friends since they were little and they became a couple when they were in high school They were inseparable They were a solid couple and they wanted to be together forever, but then Daisy had to move to a town far away from Quinn s home It devastated the both of them They tried to make it work, but they broke up after a while.A few years later, Daisy goes to the university she and Quinn always planned to go She hopes that Quinn is also going there and then maybe she wil [...]

  11. 4.5 Gut Wrenching Stars You and me like the moon and the stars, we re permanent What an emotional rollercoaster This book wrecked me in a wonderful way and even though I do my best to stay away from young NA books, I m so glad I gave this a chance You know what Sometimes you just need a good book cry Given Ella Fields is a new to me author, I wasn t sure what to expect as far as the quality of writing goes, but I was emotionally invested throughout the entire story As an FYI this book does conta [...]

  12. Daisy and Quinn I tell you These two They were determined to try and break my heart from the very beginning of this story My chest was hurting from around the 5% mark and didn t settle down until the epilogue I absolutely loved every second of this book.Ella Fields totally nailed the NA genre She captured the tummy butterflies, the pain, the confusion, the guilt, the genuinely overwhelming emotion of teenage love perfectly This Story is Wow Simply Wow Daisy and Quinn s love story is everything y [...]

  13. 5 stars and then some This book I m in absolute awe of Ella Field s genius, I really and truly am I cried on and off pretty much all the way from the 20% mark, my god does this author know how to pull the feels out of her readers, my gut was in knots If my hubby said it s only a damn book one time I was going to punch him For reals The feels I get from EF s writing is just I have no words I m sitting here trying to write a review and I ve got goosebumps just thinking about this book, gah I love [...]

  14. First of all I would like to point out that my rating has nothing to do with the cheating as I was well aware it had it Do I feel bad the girlfriend was cheated on Well NO I don t as she was a shitty friend to heroine and I believe in karma My problem with this book was the heroine, she was in my opinion too forgiving too quickly I felt considering how she was betrayed by these two people she should have made him work harder at earning her trust and forgiveness Her falling into bed so quickly wi [...]

  15. 4.5 stars Some facts I don t gravitate toward books with cheating I don t seek out books with love triangles Angsty reads make me nervous as fuck Second chance romances are super dicey for me.Another fact I LOVED this freaking book And yes, it had ALL four of these things.I don t hate cheating, love triangles, angst, or second chance romances, I just haven t found many authors that can pull them off So the fact that Ella was able to combine all four and make me fall so deeply in love with this b [...]

  16. 5 STARSI beta read this book last month, and I m STILL thinking about it My heart literally aches when I think of this love story Y ALL GONNA DIE WHEN YOU READ THIS ONE Just sayin GET READ TO FEEL ALL OF THE EVERYTHINGS DIE ALLLLLL THE DEADS SWEAR ALL THE SWEARS you may even invent some new words AND MOST CERTAINLY, CRY ALL THE TEARS Ella Fields has become one of my favourite authors of all time She s so good at delivering gut punches you won t even know what hit you BLURBI thought he d always b [...]

  17. 3.75 Stars Available on kindle unlimited.The MCs are sweethearts At 16 her family moves away breaking her heart They grow apart He spends a year playing hard and getting drunk until finally he gets in a relationship again With who the heroine best friend.Da bitch had an eye on him the whole time and was only waiting for the right moment to jump on his bones.Three years later, the three of them bump in each other at college The heroine sees da bitch and him together Gone are her hopes to have him [...]

  18. 4.5 Moon and Stars StarsYoung Love, First Love, Forever Lovemetimes love begins to bloom at an early age It s love pure and simple It s love that Daisy and Quinn know will last the test of time.until distance separates them.This story is told in past and present tense in the beginning Daisy, the sweet, quirky girl who loves to draw, and Quinn, the sweet, protector, football star are kids who grow up together They are inseparable and form a forever bond But in present tense, Daisy is a college fr [...]

  19. 1.5 Stars This book so did not work for me all Interestingly enough, what didn t work for me had nothing to do with the cheating aspect hero heroine cheat together of the story In fact, that aspect didn t bother me at all I d actually have to care about the characters for that to happen What bothered me was everything else It felt like one annoying New Adult Young Adult clich after another Oh, the redundancy And don t get me started on the spineless hero and doormat heroine I absolutely loved th [...]

  20. 4.5 Second chance Stars Suddenly Forbidden by Ella Fields is, I believe, my third book I ve read by this author Her artistic prose is what lured me in but her storytelling skill is what has made me an auto reader Of the books I ve read, they ve varied quite a bit in tropes One a bit older with a cheating component that I personally love , the next a bit darker and grittier Here, with Suddenly Forbidden, we re gifted with a New Adult second chance romance Quinn and Daisy grew up in rural farm co [...]

  21. 2 stars Quando li a sinopse desse livro, mesmo com o aviso no final, fiquei intrigada porque queria saber como essa situa o se desenrolariaMasssssss, infelizmente essa hist ria n o funcionou pra mim Eu simplesmente n o ca de as pelos personagens, o comportamento deles e atitudes n o me convenceram N o consegui sentir aquele tipo de amor profundo e verdadeiro entre a Daisy e Quinn.

  22. Suddenly Forbidden took me to a rollercoaster ride that rendered me speechless It s just so hard to convey my emotions into words All the FEELS and MORE it s all over me I am in love with this story and I am in love with Ella Fields words She s a brilliant writer and her works is easy to get into Tagline alone and I was hooked, it was so hard to put the book down I was drawn to the feels of this journey I maybe rooting for something sexy, but Gahd I was impressed how Ella managed to captivate me [...]

  23. My dear friends, please bear with me because as I write this review my sanity has left me already I m just a madwoman typing words as raw as my feelings at the moment K, let s do this Quinn Burnell and Daisy Daniels have loved each other for the longest time Everyone around them knows that eventually, they d end up together They have that what some of us call once in a lifetime kind of love something permanent and irreplaceable Until fate decided to screw up the perfection they have Young love m [...]

  24. 4.5 stars You and me like the moon and the stars, we re permanent With her fourth book, Ella created something beautifully heartbreaking I really enjoyed her Surface Rust duo and already knew she had a great talent to touch our hearts But with Suddenly Forbidden she did so much And underneath the stretch of dark skies, we were each other s stars Reading this book was like being in a constant heartache At least I d say for the first 2 3rd My heart broke right at the beginning and continued to st [...]

  25. I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT Say enough wonderful things about this book I finished in less than 24 HRS I could not stop I thought i loved this author before this, but now after Whole other league she s in now Phewwwwew, what a freaking ride I can t even describe the feels and emotions and pretty much every single crazed feeling I could have felt while reading this book LOVED THIS BOOK Addicting isn t even the right word I m so obsessed Utterly It s been hours since I ve closed this book to The End an [...]

  26. DNF 85% It has all the right ingredients for an angsty read First love that is lost Betrayal Miscommunication And Lastly CheatingSo how come I didn t feel anything at all I m actually very excited to read this but as I finished my last book, other books that I m waiting for, released as well I contemplated whether what to read next but this book won me over Hoping it wouldn t disappoint me I was wrong I cannot feel any connection between Quinn and DaisyHow deep their love is for one another and [...]

  27. REVIEW 5 STARS Funny how emotions and lust could blind you and make your focus narrow to only right then Right now Forget what could happen after Pssstyou guys I m telling youif you haven t read Ella Fields yet, you need to She s new, but she s already made a name for herself I am on a mission now to have as many of you grab her books that I can convince Seriously, she needs to be your NEXT read I met her through my blog when she was recommended to me, and I am so glad I got to taste her words N [...]

  28. I really don t believe there is anything Ella Fields cannot write, and that I would not devour with fervour and gluttony, and taste in my memory for days.This story is so different from her previous five star reads and yet she has again nailed the genre, this time of young adult romance, of forever love, with such clarity and finesse, that I am feeling very unworthy of piecing any words together to describe it s brilliance and how it s made me feel Because in a nutshell I felt EVERYTHING I lay i [...]

  29. 3 starsBoy meets girl Promises each other forever Huge miscommunication Broken hearts Boy meets another girl Realises he is actually still in love with previous girl Angst Rinse Repeat.

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