The Perfect Nanny (2022)

[PDF] Read É The Perfect Nanny : by Leïla Slimani - The Perfect Nanny, The Perfect Nanny When Myriam a mother and brilliant French Moroccan lawyer decides to return to work she and her husband are forced to look for a caretaker for their two young children They are thrilled to find Lou [PDF] Read É The Perfect Nanny : by Leïla Slimani - The Perfect Nanny, The Perfect Nanny When Myriam a mother and brilliant French Moroccan lawyer decides to return to work she and her husband are forced to look for a caretaker for their two young children They are thrilled to find Lou
  • Title: The Perfect Nanny
  • Author: Leïla Slimani
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
The Perfect Nanny
[PDF] Read É The Perfect Nanny : by Leïla Slimani, The Perfect Nanny, Leïla Slimani, The Perfect Nanny When Myriam a mother and brilliant French Moroccan lawyer decides to return to work she and her husband are forced to look for a caretaker for their two young children They are thrilled to find Louise the perfect nanny right from the start Louise sings to the children cleans the family s beautiful apartment in Paris s upscale tenth arrondissement stays late wheneveWhen Myria

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  • [PDF] Read É The Perfect Nanny : by Leïla Slimani
    195 Leïla Slimani
The Perfect Nanny

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  1. Where do these stories come from They emanate from Louise, in a continual flood, without her even thinking about it, without her making the slightest effort of memory or imagination But in what black lake, in what deep forest has she found these cruel tales where the heroes die at the end, after first saving the world I saw The Perfect Nanny on the Millions Most Anticipated list It s a short book, and my library had it available to read immediately, so I thought why not I had very few expectatio [...]

  2. This is one of this intensely interior novels that are claustrophobic and incredibly engaging and disturbing I was very aware that I was reading a translation and I have no doubt that in French, this novel is a show stopper The translation is good but clunky at times I suppose that is the nature of most translation As a portrait of a nanny who ends up murdering her charges not a spoiler , this novel does a good job of creating ambiguity and never really showing a clear cut why of the crime We al [...]

  3. 4 slower building, but gripping, stars to The Perfect Nanny The Perfect Nanny opened with the what There was a horrific scene to behold in this family s home For the entire book, I was on the edge of my seat wondering the why with tons of ambiguity and build up at a slower moving pace Louise seems to be epitome of the perfect nanny, but people aren t always who and what they appear to be The side messages on class, privilege, and child rearing in France were interesting This had all the makings [...]

  4. 4.726 stars to be released 01 09 18 the fact i read this in under twenty four hrs even though it is short in length, under 250 pages, i still usually take time to read a selection even smaller than this the fact i was reading this deep into the night i cannot remember the last time i ve read at 3 am should tell youi luuved this titleleased two yrs ago in france, this has finally been translated into english and released stateside i am so fortunate these series of events happened as they did bec [...]

  5. The story opens with the horrific description of the killing of two children by their nanny Then the novel travels back in time to the events that led up to that day.We know what happens but what we don t know is the why There are no easy answers, and this book doesn t offer them It was inspired by the true case of the nanny who killed two children in NYC in 2012, and some aspects of the crime are eerily similar Not knowing the why makes it all the horrific.How can the perfect nanny, who is the [...]

  6. Buddy read with Laurie from Cozynookbks You will learn how the story ends on the first page of the novel And my stomach was in knots as I read it.Told in third person from different view points, we learn how the unspeakable ending unfolded So we are basically going back and learning just what transpired before the tragedy The author writes in a poetic way using descriptions that I could visualize, smell and emotionally react too It was creepy at times with a hint of the dread to come.Myriam and [...]

  7. 3.5 starsFor me, this book was originally a solid 4 stars that is, up until the ending which I ll get back to later The opening scene was quite explosive and emotional, hooking me from the start in wanting to find out exactly what happened, why things turned out the way they did, how such a horrific tragedy occurred We are taken back in time to the very beginning where we are introduced to the Masse family parents Myriam and Paul who have two adorable kids, toddler Mila and baby Adam a seemingly [...]

  8. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 Stars The baby is dead I m not exactly sure how I ended up with this book I thought it must have been one of the suggestions from the library for the Shelf of Suspects challenge, but I just double checked and it is not Whatever way I ended up with it, I have to say that is one doozy of an opening line I also have to say if you re expecting a story like this As I will freely admit I was, you re not going to find it within the pages of The Perfect Nanny [...]

  9. I only recently heard of Le la Slimani when French president Emmanuel Macron gave her the position of Francophone affairs minister The Morocco born author won the prestigious Prix Goncourt literary award for her second novel, Chanson douce, which has just now been translated into English and given the title Lullaby It is known as The Perfect Nanny in the USA.So I had to read this novel for myself and find out if I could believe the hype And I m pleased to say that this absolutely lives up to the [...]

  10. 3.5 Stars Ugh, from the very beginning, this book was chilling Unsettling It s not a typical thriller, character driven, maybe a character study of sorts None of the characters were likable, but they were fascinating A young Parisian couple, Myriam and Paul, hire Louise as a nanny for their two small children With a good reference from her previous employer, and being somewhat desperate to find childcare, they quickly welcome Louise into their lives Oh, dear Louise seems perfect on the outside, [...]

  11. Roman godine u Francuskoj i dobitnik neke nagrade cccImala sam utisak da citam ne bas najbolji deciji sastav Kao sto rekoh citam i osecam se tupo o.O

  12. The NannyBirdlike, blonde Louise, hardly bigger than a girl herself, is a magician with children At her interview with the busy Mass parents in their Paris apartment, she gently takes the squalling baby Adam from his father s arms, calming him instantly, and entices the toddler Mila out of hiding by pretending that she is a princess who has disappeared Myriam, the children s mother, returns from her first day back at work as an advocate to find that Louise has totally tidied the cramped apartmen [...]

  13. Demaskierung der Perfektion und der GesellschaftDas Psychogramm einer psychisch kranken Frau wird hier peu peu offen gelegt.Myriam m chte nach der Geburt des 2 Kindes wieder arbeiten gehen und sucht deshalb gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann Paul ein geeignetes Kinderm dchen In Louise scheinen sie eine wundervolle Perle gefunden zu haben Sie bew ltigt schlichtweg alles in der Kindererziehung und im Haushalt Immer mit einem L cheln auf dem Gesicht Louise geht es nicht gut Sie lebt in einem sch bigen Appart [...]

  14. Contrairement au titre qui promet et laisse pr sager la lecture d une histoire douce, paisible et po tique, d s la premi re page, une image terrifiante et sanglante d un b b et d un enfant tu s par leur nounou s offre nous Apr s ce chapitre, les fils sont tir s un un jusqu au drame Mais pas vraiment L histoire est celle de Pascal et Myriam, un couple de jeunes parisiens mari s avec deux enfants, Mia et Adam Myriam avait fait des tudes de droit mais a fini par choisir de devenir femme au foyer et [...]

  15. Bon bon bon, comment vous dire Je crois que sur ce coup l , le train est parti sans moi C est d licat de dire que j ai t peu voir pas convaincue face un sujet qui ne peut laisser personne indiff rent Pourtant c est bien le cas Si les deux premi res pages sont percutantes, la suite est un encha nement de descriptions qui se laisse lire mais ne m a pas permise d entrer compl tement dans cette sordide histoire Je n ai pas ressenti cette mont e en puissance dont la majorit des personnes qui ont lu l [...]

  16. Basing a psychological thriller around a nanny who murders the children she cares for makes for a terrifyingly effective sensational story, but where Lullaby by Leila Slimani really excels is in its sophisticated take on classism, privilege and isolation in modern day Paris The novel opens with the discovery of young children Adam and Mila who have been slain by their nanny Louise How Louise came to become an integral part of this family s life and felt driven to this gruesome end is deftly expl [...]

  17. Myriam and Paul are the parents of two small children When Myriam decides to go back to work, a search begins for a nanny.Never did they think they would find anyone as perfect as Louise She s young, she s quite efficient, and she has a way with the children She cooks, she cleans, she goes over and beyond what her duties actually are Myriam and Paul are delighted and can t believe how lucky they are.But there s something about Louise something that bothers the parents She seems to resent the sam [...]

  18. A sad and disturbing tale of a nanny that slowly loses her mind while caring for two children The first chapter is absolutely brutal and from there we flashback to when Louise is first hired by Myriam and Paul We slowly watch as the cracks develop in her mind until she spirals down into the depths of unrelenting despair How and why could someone do something so awful You won t get that answer here If you are expecting any type of resolution then you will be disappointed You are left to speculate [...]

  19. No wonder Slimani hit a nerve and won the Prix Goncourt with this book She touches on some very inconvenient truths and common societal problems that seem extremely hard to resolve Lullaby talks about gender roles, modern servants, the class system, marital rivalry, and loneliness and not in the cutesie Eleanor Oliphant kind of way in modern France It does not come as a surprise that French President Emmanuel Macron chose Slimani as his personal representative for the promotion of French languag [...]

  20. Myriam gave up her career when she had her two children with her husband, Paul Soon she found herself resenting her children and her husband and needed from her life Given the opportunity to go back to law, she took it With this decision, came the choice to hire a nanny to take care of the children Enter Louise, who seems perfect The children love her and as time goes by, they want for nothing Meals are made, the living space is cleaned, the children are happy but soon resentment, jealous and a [...]

  21. DNF 35% I tried my best to get into this novel, but couldn t.The novel opens with a beautiful written crime scene, it s shocking but written well Then it started downhill for me I couldn t feel anything for Myriam, Paul, Louise, Pascale, or Milla or Adam It felt dry, perhaps due to it being a translated work that could maybe is brilliant in French , but didn t read well in English.

  22. With a gruesome double child murder in its opening pages, one might be excused for expecting a thriller from Lullaby or The Perfect Nanny as it is known across the pond It certainly makes for a shocking and enthralling first chapter But as the story attempts to explain how things have come to this point, it develops into less of a compulsive mystery than an unsettling study of loneliness and obsession.Paul and Myriam live in a Parisian apartment with daughter Mila and baby Adam When Myriam decid [...]

  23. Find my full review here crimebythebook blog 2017 1This is a smart, sophisticated French suspense novel that captivated me from first page to last This is not your ordinary thriller this book begins with a shocking event, but then backpedals it really doesn t involve many shocking events aside from that opener , relying instead on subtle tension and smart plotting.

  24. Flavour of the month novels, especially thrillerish ones, are often a fast food experience for me I read them to satisfy a passing craving, but I lose interest after the first couple of bites I felt that about the best selling, much touted Lullaby It s a Gone Girl type domestic psychokiller novel, but I didn t actually think it was as good as Gone Girl, Prix Goncourt or no Prix Goncourt Le la Slimani s prose may sing in French, but it s only serviceable in the English translation I read The char [...]

  25. Le la Slimani became the first Moroccan woman to win the Prix Goncourt with Lullaby It s an odd little book that seems unsure whether it s a domestic thriller or literary fiction, and peters out before it makes up its mind.It has one of those opening lines I ve come to think of as the literary equivalent of clickbait The baby is dead It only took a few seconds The prologue goes on to depict a horrifying scene a little girl and her baby brother have been murdered the princess rug was soaked with [...]

  26. al cinema li chiamano psycho biddy movies sono i film centrati su donne mature con quell aria un po infantile che gi prelude a qualche sfasamento circa il quale le signore in questione fugano ogni dubbio quando escono di testa una volta per tutte e fanno fuori qualcuno, preferibilmente con ampio spargimento di sangue a i titoli pi celebri del filone e in tre casi su quattro tra i pi celebri della carriera di bette davis, che con quegli occhi da leggero ipertiroidismo i ruoli inquietanti li facev [...]

  27. After what is a horrifying yet gripping opening, a scene of a double child murder apparently by the nanny, we go back to see how Louise ended up in the house and so entwined in the lives of the family whose children she cares for This is not really about the murder though, it s about how class, social constructs, race, backgrounds, loneliness and ambition Whilst I whizzed through the book something didn t click, it almost feels like the author is trying to do everything in one book A promising [...]

  28. Un excellent roman La narration est juste, le propos est percutant, la critique sociale est bien dos e L auteure s appuie sur un fait divers et en profite au passage pour s int resser aux questions de la maternit et de la place de la m re dans la soci t et sur le march du travail ainsi qu au rapport qu la bourgeoisie avec les nounous, entre autres Une auteure dont je suivrai d sormais le travail.

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